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Going Home



By the end of that fateful weekend, the organization known as FRAGTD aka Feminist Rights Are Going To Dominate, ceased to exist. The members of the organization mo longer cared about their former version of feminist rights, but instead, decided to live a life more dedicated to pleasure in all its forms instead. Many of them had taken, or had been taken as lovers, playthings and/or sex slaves by many of the people present.

All of the “rebels” present took in and “adopted” at least one of the former FRAGTD members, as lovers, sex toys or sex slaves as they chose and many of them eventually married them after some time. Most of them swapped with others from time to time and orgies broke out all the time but none of them again equaled that fateful weekend. All of the former members of FRAGTD preferred their new lives to their old ones because they forgot the bitterness that drove them to join FRAGTD in the first place. Their new lovers and masters were infinitely kinder than their former husbands, boyfriends or partners and even when they were eventually given their freedom so that they could return to the normal lives they had before, none of them wanted to. They were all much happier in their new lot in life.

Ramon Garcia took his own mother as his de facto wife, he legally couldn’t marry her but in their own hearts, they weren’t mother and son anymore but husband and wife. Ramon never called Maria mother again and Maria never looked at Ramon as just her son either, each one happily would spend the rest of their lives with each other. This didn’t mean that they didn’t have other lovers from time to time, as more and more of Springfield was converted by “The Gas”, (more on that later), swinging became more and more commonplace. Even so, no matter who Ramon and Maria slept with, they would always return to each other

Each of the Matthews family members took on their own woman as a lover.

Mark, the youngest Matthews son decided he liked to fuck older women, none of his lovers that he slept with on a regular basis was younger than 40, he occasionally slept with younger women, but only if they happened to be a mother-daughter combination.

Billy Matthews liked women of all ages but his favorite sex act of all was threesomes or more. He loved to fuck more than one woman at a time an even more so if one of his partners was his own mother.

Marie stayed as faithful to her husband and family as anyone was in the new way of like that Diane Carlton introduced to Springfield, but like everyone else in town, she enjoyed other lovers as well

James Matthews kept rotating through the female population of Springfield but, except for Marie, all of them were no older than 25 years old.

Mayor Sharon Jackson soon left office as soon as her term was over, never to return to politics again. She soon had other things to do.

After Sharon left office, Rick was elected as mayor in a landside vote. He eliminated crime in Springfield. After his election, with the help of Diane and people in Sherwood, he devised a way to expose the whole town of Springfield to “The Gas” whenever they congregated together. Every time people met for an indoor music concert, sports events, movie theaters, plays, churches and so forth, the event soon turned into a massive orgy as everyone’s morality was re-written into a new way of life. The crime rate plummeted to zero as people soon found other things to pass the time than kill, steal or do drugs.

Maggie Barker also left the police force. She married Rick Hunter and became his one legal wife. Maggie Hunter would stand by her husband for all of his future endeavors. Maggie Hunter gave him a beautiful boy and girl that, like their sister before them, would make a respectable family portrait come election time

Tina Weston also left the police force. She had found a better way of life. She would come to work for Rick Hunter as his maid to start out with until she was appointed by Rick for other duties as a staff member in his run for office. She would secretly bear him 2 children, a boy and a girl.

Abigail Hunter returned to her ex-husband’s home as his cook, to start out as. Like Tina, she too became much more to him later on. She would go on to bear three girls secretly

Amy Hunter went off to get a degree in political science in college before she returned home to eventually become her father’s political manager when he decided to run for governor and US senator. Amy never married but she would have 3 children out of wedlock, she never revealed who their father was but many people remarked how they looked just like their grandfather

Sharon never wanted to be anything more than Rick’s servant and lover, She and her fellow “harem” members would work for him during the day and sleep with him in one huge bed at night. For appearances sake, they each had their own rooms as master bedroom, daughter’s bedroom and servant’s quarters but none of those rooms were ever used on a daily basis.

When Rick decided to run for governor and later senate, Sharon, Tina, Abigail, Maggie and Amy went with him as his staff members. In fact all of his political staff was female. Every so often, someone would come to his office to complain about something or other, if it was a valid complaint, he would address it as quickly as he could, but if the petitioner was an attractive woman, they invariably became members of his staff, quitting their old organizations to work for him. His all female staff was unusually loyal to him, always refusing offers from other politicians to come and work for them no matter how much more money they were offered.

As he became an influential senator, Rick decided to introduce a new legislation into law. This bill would make consensual incest and polygamy legal in the United States (and make his home life more legitimate). As expected almost every politician in Washington opposed this bill and he was decreed a monster in the media. But strangely enough, as more politicians met with Senator Hunter to talk him out of this foolish idea, each of them started backing it for some strange reason as they met with him and his staff in behind closed door negotiations. The media, who were practically calling for his head to be presented to the public on a pike, started to back him up as they each met with him off the record calling him a visionary for a new age.

Even the President of the United States, said he planned to veto it if it ever crossed his desk, met with him in his office, along with the First Family, to appeal to him on moral grounds, soon wholeheartedly supported the idea.

In the end, the new family bill was the first bill ever unanimously passed by every member of congress as well as the President and was signed into law as the newest amendment to The Constitution.

Life couldn’t be better for Senator Rick Hunter, who was now, some twenty years after his first meeting with the Carlton women, was content in his life with his five wives, eleven children and four grandchildren. Not to mention the various others who came into his life now and then.

What could be better than this? He thought to himself as he drove up Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rick looked out the car window to the grand old three story building with the marble columns and thought to himself quietly…

As to what happened in the lives of Anita and Diane Carlton?

Well that’s another story.

The End