The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hell’s Daughter


The low drone of chanting, the smell of burning candles. Then sulphur smell.

The circle of minions; hooded and robed smelled it with a collective gasp.

Sonja too.

Naked, a virgin, writhing on the altar she sensed the change in atmosphere. When she saw him, she grew wet with anticipation

A goat’s head, but the body of a man, the king of hell stepped forward from a yellow cloud.

His hands were human, but his feet hoofed—making a clip-clop on the ground as he strode forward.

She raised her legs at the knees and spread them apart, offering herself.

His massive cock loomed up, threatening.

Ignoring the throng of servants; the creature from hades climbed onto the altar, eyes on the clean-shaven prize. The slit in his groin opened as his cock pushed up hard out of its pouch.

She panted eagerly. Her body sweated; threatening to make the pentagram sign on her abdomen run wet.

He climber over her. And then he was pressing against her. His cock head pointy, protruding from a groin sheath.

He pushed into her.

“Oooooooo” she gasped in a paroxysm of pleasure and pain.

His tongue lolled out obscenely and she darted her own tongue against his.

Deeper into her vagina, stretching her.

He fucked her and the crowd grew silent.

Some had doubted that such a thing actually would happen; it made no sense. They were in it for the Bacchanalian orgies that they had heard about. To see this master of evil appear was terrifying.

But not for Sonja. Her small body struggled to contain him within her. His hairy flesh pressed against her flat chest.

He rode her, speed increasing.

And then with an inhuman bleat he came in her. She licked his face, and kissed it too. She wanted to hold him and whisper her love. Her body had arched in climatic appreciation as she felt him explode within her—but now he was leaving and she wanted to join him in hell.

But it was not to be.

She sat up, pleading, crying to go with him. His slit eyes told her “Soon enough”

And he vanished.

In the circle Mark stepped forward. Sonja was his sister. His instinct was to go to her and comfort her, but Alexandra, their leader bade him stay back.

Sonja looked down at the wound between her legs. It was gaping; crying black fluid. Demonic semen.

She ached there now. Pain.

But her vagina closed over. It was a wound that healed. And then there was no discernible sex organ at all.

Her stomach suddenly stretched out.

She howled in pain and fell back against the altar. Mark again stepped forward but Alexandria held up a hand. She mouthed a quiet incantation and Mark’s eyes glazed over. He became still, like a comatose statue.

“No one will interrupt me!” Alexandria said. Suddenly the room became quiet.

Sonja’s stomach continued to swell. She gripped the sides of the stone table she lay on.

Another scream and her abdomen suddenly opened up on top.

A few hooded heads turned away in shock. Alexandria grinned at the sight.

Alexandra threw back her cloak. She was naked underneath.

Sonja lay a ruin, but from the ruin a young thing rose.

Alexandra drew the young girl to her.

“Lilith!” she hissed as she helped the bloodied child from the carnage that had been Sonja.

Alexandra drew Lilith to her breast, already leaking milk in anticipation.

As Alexandria fed Mark was released from his comatose state. He ran up to the remains of his sister. Despite the carnage her face looked peaceful.

“What did you do?” he said.

“She did her part” Alexandria said “Be happy for that”

“You didn’t say anything about this…!!!”

“We have our daughter of hell” Alexandria chimed as she cradled the hungry girl.

“You betrayed…” he began

“Be still” Alexandria waved her hand and Mark again was unable to move. As much as he tried his feet were stuck in place. He was silent too, unable to speak. But he could plan his revenge….

Horse Play

‘Lilly’ was tall, but skinny. Only her breasts told her age; a young woman.

She wore a simple one piece dress and nothing else. Not even shoes.

Life was simple for her in the green mountains. Lilly wandered near the cabin but “not too far” as Mark had told her.

Mark chopped wood. He stopped for a moment as Anne-Marie his wife brought out some fresh-made lemonade. Anne-Marie embraced her husband affectionately as he gulped down a glass.

Lilly could hear Mark take up his ax again and swing it powerfully. She stopped to watch him, and for the first time she noticed his muscles. She had never really looked at him before as she was looking at him now. She noticed the sweat forming on his skin. The lines of his body.

She felt a funny feeling between her legs.

She turned and ran, not knowing what it was she felt.

Down at the paddock Chester the station caught her scent.

As she approached she noticed his ill-ease.

“Whats a matter boy?” she cooed as she sensed his mood.

She approached. He was frothing at the mouth.

Chester’s cock lolled out.

She patted him down his side and she noticed it.

“Oh, my” she gasped.

It was brown and pink, and large. And it intrigued her.

She reached under Chester and touched it. Chester whinnied appreciatively.

On her knees, she felt it. Held it in her hand, And she felt his excitement

Suddenly he shot white fluid.

Some onto her arm

She tasted it

Her mouth moved against the tip of Chester’s penis just in time to catch another load of horse cum. She lapped it up and as she did she found her mouth unhinged. It was not painful. Her jaw dislocated and she was able to open up wide and take in the cock head. And then she took more in.

It felt unusual, a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt as she sank down more. The cock widened her throat. And then it was in her stomach. More than 15 inches of thick horse cock were in her.

Then something else happened. Her body seemed to convulse and then suddenly she was sucking. It was like her whole body became a suction engine. The horse bucked and whined but she was fastened to it, like a leech.

Chester came again, only harder and Lilly’s whole being became a cum receptacle.

When she finally was able to release him she stood up. “Wow!” she gasped. And she looked at Chester. He was emaciated. He looked like he’d aged.

Lilly’s stomach was distended now; full of sperm.

She burped.

She laughed at that. What a high she was on. The buzz; having never known this was possible; in fact it wasn’t except for her….

Dog Days

Lilly felt strong. She felt like electricity was coursing through her body. Suddenly she felt like running. She was full of energy and she burst into a sprint.

Lilly ran.

Lilly ran some more.

Soon she was at Peak’s Ridge, 10mi away from her farm. What? She thought. It had taken her no time to get there. “Wheee!” she gasped, twirling around. She was so alive!

“What are you doing here!” Buzz McHattie said, breaking her out of her daze. Buzz had a shotgun and was accompanied by his Alsatian Rex.

Lilly realised she’d strayed close to Buzz’s land.

“I…” she began apologetically… but then realised she was still on state land “What’s it matter to you?” she said defiantly.

“You don’t trash mouth me…” Buzz said

“Shut the fuck up!” Lilly said even more defiantly

“I could use this here shotgun and no one would be the wiser”

“Stupid old fool” Lilly said “You can’t see well enough to aim!”

“No… but Rex here has perfect sight” Buzz said, holding his growling dog at bay. Buzz only wanted to scare her.

“Stupid fuck!” Lilly laughed

Buzz got really angry and he bent down and unclipped Rex’s collar. Rex flew off at Lilly and suddenly Buzz realised too late what might happen.

Lilly turned and ran.

Rex leapt over the wooden fence and chased her.

Remarkably for Lilly she found herself able to outrun Rex enough that he could not close the gap.

But then, she grew tired.

She realised Rex had more staying power and that he would soon be upon her.

As she ran she gave off a scent that Rex could follow.

When Lilly got to the end of her surge of power she fell to her hands and knees. She simply waited for the inevitable.

But Rex as he got to her stopped and sniffed her buttocks.

Without thinking Lilly lifted her dress up, revealing her ass.

Rex leapt onto her back. His pink pointed cock pushed up into her.

Lilly reached under between her legs and fingered her clit as Rex fucked her.

His rutting came to an abrupt end as he squirted dog seed into her vagina.

Lilly spun around and her lips were met with Rex’s kiss. She harassed and scratched him “You’re mine, now” she smiled “Aren’t you boy?”

She rolled him onto his back and threw a leg over him. She straddled his still hard pink cock and sat down onto him. Lilly rutted Rex. And when he shot another load into her she ran her hand down between her legs, wetting her hand with shepherd sperm. She licked it off her fingers.

Half an hour later Buzz, still upset about what he’d done was confronted by Lilly now standing with Rex.

“You stupid old man!” she spat. She turned and looked at him. His eyes met hers. He obeyed his new Mistress and turned and snarled at Buzz.

Buzz shit himself as Rex leap at him bearing his canines.

Lilly lifted up her dress, and drew it up over her head “Oh, don’t worry old man” she said, “Rex won’t harm you”

“What are you doing?” Buzz said

“You want me” she smiled as she stepped forward

“Go away”

“You want me” she said again.

Buzz’s cock pressed up hard against his over-alls.

“No, go away” he cried. He tried to look away, but he couldn’t and then she was there beside him, beautiful and naked.

“What are you?” he pleaded

“I don’t know” she smiled, “But I know I want this…” she said as she undid his overalls.

Buzz almost cried as he felt helpless. She lay him down and was atop of him. Despite his fear she felt wonderful inside….

Father Daughter

Lilly whistled as she skipped along the path, Rex at her side.

“You’re a good boy” Lilly smiled

Rex wagged his tail as they went along their way.

Soon they passed the Samuelson’s Goat Dairy. Lilly stopped at the gate. Something drew her in. She leaped over the tall gate and Rex pushed his way between wooden planks to follow her.

Lilly came up to a pen where a lot of milking goats mingled with their new kids. “Lilith” a voice came.

Lilly turned and saw a male goat; a buck standing there by itself not in any enclosure.

Lilly turned around still looking for where the voice had come from.

“Lilith” the voice said again. Lilly turned to see the buck again.

This time it stood up on its hind legs. It seemed to transform, almost into a man.

Lilly stepped back

“Lilith” he said

“No…” she said “I am Lilly”. She turned to Rex but he cowered away.

“No.” the buck said “You are my daughter Lilith”

“No… I’m Lilly, My dad is Mark.”

“Listen to me!” he said angrily, his voice sounded like a million burning souls in agony, “You are my daughter Lilith. You were stolen from me”

Lilly didn’t know why, but she now believed him.

“I mated with your mother to bring you into the world to torment men’s souls. But you were stolen from me and brought here.”

“Father” she said, bowing

“Yes” his voice boomed “I am from hell. You are hell’s daughter”

“How did you find me?”

“Your evil… I could sense it once you started rutting. I knew your nature would come through, once you came of age.”

He stepped closer to her. She did not back away. Instead she leapt into his arms.

“Father” she said, hugging him.

As she did she felt his cock press hard against her stomach. She looked at it.

“Yes” he smiled, sensing her question. He lifted her up and her legs spread, wrapping around him. His cock was abnormally big but her body was made for sex.

As she sank down onto him her hot vaginal lips spread easily over his girth as her legs were girt around him.

Her whole body trembled with a spasm of bliss as she was connected to her hellish father. She had her arms around his neck as she rode up and down on his cock.

She began to growl with pure sexual delight as wave after wave of hot orgasm ran over her.

He came inside her, and she quickly moved up a notch; a more intense orgasm than she had ever felt. They kissed, long obscene tongues invading each other’s mouths and slowly she eased down in her pace.

She was lowered to the ground. Her legs wide apart.

Rex ran forward and sniffed her and then lapped at the cum dripping down from her open snatch.

“You are to be a curse to men” he said to her “You can rule their minds and ruin their souls”

“Yes, Father” she smiled.

“You are Lilith, my daughter”

“Yes, Father” she said.


Lilith returned to her home. Mark was there. He saw Lilith approach. With her she had her dog-lover Rex.

“Lilly?” he asked as if something was wrong

She approached quickly, her eyes boring into his.

Mark did not, could not break eye contact. His cock loomed up hard against his overalls.

She could see the patterns of heat in his body and saw his cock grow turgid.

She smiled, and unbuttoned the brace holding of his over-alls

“What are you doing?” he asked, even as she did the other button.

The over-alls fell to the ground. She lifted herself up on her toes and slid a leg around his waste. her vagina mouthed its hunger as she pressed it forward.

Mark was unable to resist her gaze.

Mark sighed as he felt her hot wetness kiss his cock.

And she mounted herself onto him.

As she rode him, still eyes fixed to him she fed on his soul.

His knees buckled.

She stayed with him as he fell back onto the ground.

She rode him, and took him whole.