The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hierarchy of Needs

by Pan

Chapter 20

Humans have pretty bad imaginations.

I guess that’s not entirely fair. We probably have the best imaginations on the planet. I know that dolphins are pretty smart, but I’ve never heard of one writing a novel, or coming up with…I dunno, dragons, or fairies, or unicorns.

Well, they have narwhals, so I guess they don’t need to invent unicorns.

But considering that the human imagination should be limitless, we’re pretty crappy at it. We can’t really picture anything too far away from our own experiences.

A year ago, my wildest fantasy probably would’ve been something like getting to see my sister naked. Maybe jerking off onto her tits, or both of us getting super drunk and fucking one time. A one-off that we’d regret for the rest of our life.

Before I found the cabinets, before I found a literal door to my sister’s mind, I never ever ever would’ve imagined what my life would become. I never would have imagined my sister offering—no, begging—for me to come and find her any time I got hard.

And there’s no way I could have dreamed up a situation where Ashley would not only get on her knees in front of me any time I asked, but where she’d then thank me for it.

Over six days, I’d gotten fourteen blowjobs. And honestly, it could have been more…but at the beginning, I didn’t want to push things. Sure, my sister had said that I could come find her whenever, but I wanted to play it safe. Slow and steady fucks the sister, as the saying goes.

I’d tried not to let it interfere with her camming. I always got hard when my sister had a show, obviously—that’s kind of what she’s going for—but I’d always managed to avoid her figuring that out. And so I hadn’t felt comfortable asking for head after her show each night

At first, anyway.

After that morning in the kitchen, I’d visited her room about half an hour before she went live. Our parents were home, but thanks to my efforts with their cabinets, they never visited us any time after dinner. Ashley and I basically had half the house to ourselves.

We could’ve invited a biker gang over and neither Mom nor Dad would’ve batted an eye.

I checked our parents’ files regularly to make sure they weren’t suspicious of what we were doing. And, to be safe, the more suspicious stuff we got up to, the more regularly I checked. So far, there hadn’t been any issues. Mom and Dad’s curiosity had been nerfed so hard, they wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow between them if we’d both dyed our hair bright pink.

Ashley had been getting ready for her show (doing her makeup, one of the few things I left firmly in her hands) but at my stammering request (which I’d rehearsed extensively in my room beforehand) she’d put down her mascara pen and immediately dropped to her knees.

Eight minutes later, she was sitting back at her desk, carefully applying her makeup while my hot cum slid down her throat.

The next day, I’d only asked once. Again, my request had been met with no hesitation, not even a hint of awkwardness.

Like I said, the human imagination is so limited. I would never have even dreamt up the casual way my sister had just completely, one hundred percent adapted to taking my cock in her mouth any and every time I asked.

I’d scoured her cabinet that night, making sure that nothing new had appeared. I don’t know exactly what I would’ve done if “stop Jacob asking me to suck his cock” had appeared somewhere in her drawer—I guess moved it to the back—but I liked having a warning system of sorts.

Just the presence of a change like that would’ve told me that I’d done something wrong, y’know? That I’d made a misstep somewhere along the line.

But that’s not what I found. In fact, I’d found almost the exact opposite.

Yeah—in the two days she’d been blowing me, “Give Jacob more head” had appeared as one of Ashley’s newest (and highest) priorities. When I’d seen it, hearts had all but appeared in my eyes.

And after that, I was unstoppable.

The next morning, I was in Ashley’s bedroom almost as soon as I woke up. She was still mostly asleep when I’d entered, and—emboldened by the new desire I’d found in her files—told her I was hard.

There’s something weirdly sexy about getting a blowjob from your half-asleep sister. I mean, even beyond just the fact that I was…y’know, getting a blowjob from my sister. She just accepted my cock in her mouth so unquestioningly. Her blowjobs are truly masterful when she’s awake, but there was something so hot about the unfocused way she blew me, something so sexy when I came down her throat as her bleary eyes stared up at me.

As I left, she sleepily thanked me as I left for waking her up so deliciously.

We were watching a movie later that day—the actress on the screen wasn’t even that hot, but I pulled my dick out (as I typically did whenever something on the screen was even a little sexy). Ashley glanced at it but didn’t say anything…

As soon as the request left my lips, however, my sister’s warm mouth was wrapped around my cock. We didn’t even pause the film; I just kept watching as Ashley slowly, luxuriously blew me.

I couldn’t help but grin.

I’d never again have to watch a film without being inside my sister.

But that night was the next big step. Her show went well, as it always did. She’d really become a pro at teasing the hungry fans, milking them for every token she could.

We always ended each show with a brief notes session. Just a sort of rundown of the show; what had worked, and what hadn’t, stuff to consider trying the next night. There wasn’t really much that needed to change, but we didn’t want to get sloppy.

Well, not that kind of sloppy.

That night, she’d tried something we’d seen a lot of Asian girls doing; a sort of “girlfriend roleplay”. If you tipped a certain number of tokens, Ashley would use your name and ask how you were going, how your day had been, that kind of thing.

As she got more naked, the number went up. Turns out guys were much more interested in hearing my sister inquire about their lives if she was groaning with lust as she did, her perfect nipples on display for the world to see.

So we discussed that a little, concluded it was worth trying higher prices, but most of the meeting had basically just been me complimenting my sister for how well she’d done that night.

“And the way you timed your twitches to the sound of tokens coming in, that was really hot. Great work.”

Ashley smiled at the compliment, her perfect white teeth flashing in my direction. She was still naked from the show. Nudity was barely something either of us even noticed any more.

Her nudity more than mine, I guess. I could probably stroll naked into her room without a problem, but I rarely did. Comfort With Nudity Around Jacob was a high enough priority for Ashley that I’ve no doubt I could get away with it, but I’d rather have focused on pushing certain other boundaries.

“Thanks,” my sister said, her face still flushed from the long, loud orgasm she’d finished the show on.

“Really hot, actually” I repeated, then paused slightly. “How about some head?”

I’d love to say that was the moment of truth, the point at which everything changed forever. It had required a bit of courage for me to bring it up; like I said, I’d been careful to never link my sister’s show and my own arousal before. Even appearing like I was into characters who looked like her had caused a little friction in the past.

But I was moving forward in leaps and bounds, and if ever there was a time to insinuate that I found my sister attractive, surely it was right before a blowjob.

It would probably be more dramatic if I’d claimed that the world stood still as I waited for her reaction, that everything went silent and a look of tension appeared on her face as she fought a silent conflict within herself.

Sorry to disappoint, but none of that happened. I asked my sister for head, and her eyes immediately lit up.

“Mm-hmm,” she replied in a satisfied hum, falling straight to her knees and pulling my throbbing cock from my pants.

Watching my sister’s show always got me so worked up, it was only a few minutes before Ashley was swallowing my seed, her blue eyes looking up at me adoringly as she did.

This was the fourth time she’d given me head, but the first time she’d done so naked. You can use many words to describe my sister, but ‘shy’ isn’t one of them. She didn’t cross her arms across her huge tits, or do anything to hide her body from me.

I’d become an expert in a few things since the start of the year: how the filing cabinets worked, the ins-and-outs of camgirling…and, perhaps most delightfully at all, the way my sister’s body reacts to sexual stimulus.

So maybe I got off so quickly because her entire body was on display for me as she blew me, or because I’d just watched her cum on camera for thousands of fans, something she would never, ever have done without my influence…or maybe I reached orgasm so fast because for the first time, I knew for sure that getting me off was turning Ashley on.

Whatever it was, I knew that it was going to happen again, and again, and again, and again…

* * *

“Cut,” I said, making sure to sound exasperated.

It had been five more days, and countless blowjobs. I mean, I probably could have counted them, but there was really no need. If my sister’s reaction hadn’t been enough, her filing cabinet confirmed it.

Ashley really, really, really liked giving me head.

Anytime, anywhere. I could probably have taken her to the mall and gotten her to blow me in a changing room. Hell, my sister was so exhibitionistic, she probably would’ve gotten off from it.

But as confident as I was in my sister’s reaction, I still didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks. I mean, we were going to release a video of my sister sucking me off, to be viewed by potentially millions. I figured we were playing with enough fire; there was no need to go out and invite even more potential trouble.

So rather than push boundaries unnecessarily, I ‘settled’ for getting head from my sister in basically every room of the house. We watched another few movies together, too. I’d always get her to start going down on me in the first half-hour, and nut right as the end credits started to roll (like I said; I was cumming often enough that I was pretty easily able to control how long it took me to cum). Whenever my sister walked into my room naked, I’d immediately ask for head.

And Ashley, of course, would immediately oblige.

On top of that, my sweat-covered sister would swallow down my cum after each and every one of her shows, her eyes fluttering with pleasure as she did. I don’t know how she felt about the fact that I was turned on by her camshows, but if it bothered her, she hid it pretty well.

I guess ‘Maintaining Normalcy’ was enough of a priority that she didn’t want to do anything that might make me feel weird.

Almost two weeks after the first time my sister blew me—the first time anyone had blown me—I raised the topic of the video again. I honestly don’t know if it had been on Ashley’s mind or not; she seemed to be pretty happy with how things were, spending her days as a blowjob dispenser for her brother.

And don’t get me wrong—I was pretty into the situation myself.

But I had a goal, and I wasn’t going to stop working towards it. No matter how many times I came down my sister’s throat, I knew there was more to strive for.

“I feel like we’ve gotten pretty comfortable with things,” I said, and Ashley nodded. She was naked; I think she’d realized that whenever she came into my room naked, I’d ask for a blowjob. Though even if she hadn’t consciously worked it out, it was probably a Pavlovian thing.

Y’know: Bell—food; nudity—head.

“We can try the video before your stream tonight, if you like.”

I could tell my sister was excited, I guess because her plan had worked. Her plan really being my plan, of course. Plans within plans...maybe Christopher Nolan would be interested in the film rights of our story.

“Yes please,” she said, but when we went to film the video, it wasn’t quite right.

Well, no…if I’m being honest, it really was. I’ve said many times, my sister is an amazing performer. I’ve done enough research into camming to know you can’t just have an amazing body and an exhibitionist streak, you need charisma. Timing. Star power. The X-factor.

And believe me, my sister has it all.

But if I’d told Ashley that our first attempt at making a blowjob video was perfect…well, she might not have wanted to practice any more.

Rehearsal. What a wonderful word.

“What’s wrong?” she said, in response to me turning the camera off. I was tempted to keep it rolling, to record the entire conversation.

I’d never recorded notes before…but my sister’s face had never been coated in my cum while I gave them. It felt like a special occasion, of sorts.

“It’s hard to say,” I replied thoughtfully. I was tempted to just leave it vague, tell her we just needed more practice…from her reaction over the past few days, I doubted she’d have any objections.

But I wanted to keep moving forward. I was all-but-there, and paradise—the final destination—was surely just a few steps away.

“I think the problem is that I’ve seen you get off hundreds of times,” I said slowly. “Like, I know exactly what turns you on.”

“Okay…” she responded, confused. I scanned her face for any red flags, but she didn’t seem suspicious. Just…worried. Listening intently.

Ready to please.

“I think we need to get you more accustomed with my orgasm. I know you’ve seen me get off before, but it’s not quite the same. We need to approach it more…professionally, I guess.”

“That makes sense,” my sister nodded. “So what does that look like?”

I shouldn’t have been surprised, I guess—the last few months had told me that Ashley was open to pretty much all feedback. But I still took a moment to appreciate what was happening—my sister was sitting naked in front of me, my seed all over her, unflinchingly agreeing to my suggestion that she get even more familiar with my orgasm.

“I guess I could give you notes when you blow me,” I said. “Tell you what I like, what I don’t.”

My sister’s perfect smile spread over her cum-coated face. “Jacob, you goose,” she said with a laugh. “You should have been doing that already.”

“I guess,” I grinned in response. “I just didn’t want it to be…I dunno, weird.”

The smile disappeared from her eyes, and was replaced by an earnest gaze.

“It won’t be,” she said softly. “I promise. Nothing you can say would be weird.”

“Good to know,” I replied. “I’d suggest we start now, but…well, y’know. Your show starts soon”

I gestured to my flaccid cock, and a flirty look appeared in my sister’s eye.

“Well,” she said hesitantly. “You said I need to learn what kind of stuff you’re into. Maybe…maybe we could start on that now.”

I gave her a confused look, playing dumb.

“Tell me what you like,” she said, so softly I could barely hear her. “Tell me what turns you on, and I’ll do it. Whatever it is. If we work together, I can get you hard and get you off again before my show.”

I raised my eyebrows, hoping I looked shocked.

“Well,” I replied, scratching the back of my neck. “I mean, if you insist…”

* * *