The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hierarchy of Needs

by Pan

Chapter 21

As I’d gotten closer to achieving my goal, I’d found myself using the cabinet less and less.

Think of it like the Moon Landing. At the start of the trip, they needed tons (literally) of fuel just to get off the planet. As they began zipping towards the Moon, they needed big hits of fuel to course-correct…but when they got really close, they only needed to make these tiny little adjustments.

Well, that’s sort of what this was like. At the very start of my journey, the changes I’d made had been huge. Clumsy, almost. I’d given my sister an exhibitionist fantasy, made her obsessed with making money…I’d really had to go in there and mess things around, just to get started.

Once she was camming, the only changes I’d had to make were little things. Tweaking her attraction to me.

I was the Moon, and my sister was the shuttle. Once she was firmly heading in the right direction, I could keep her getting close with a very light hand.

But here’s the thing—to actually get the shuttle down onto the moon? That had taken another big burst of fuel. You can’t land on a planet (or moon) without fuel to slow your approach, or you’ll just go hurtling into it and crash.

I was so close. So, so close. My sister was blowing me every day. Several times a day. And she wasn’t even questioning it; Ashley truly loved giving me head.

I was most of the way there. But to land the shuttle, I’d need to go return to the cabinet and apply the final bursts of fuel.

Takeoff and landing are the most dangerous part of any flight. Jets, rockets…probably birds, as well. Once you’re in the air, you don’t really have to worry until it’s time to land again.

Well, it was time to land.

Time to land, and time to worry.

* * *

Ashley’s eyes opened wide. A dangerous endeavor, considering her face was completely coated in her brother’s cum.

“Really?” she said, her voice a soft gasp.

Over the past month, Jacob had been carefully teaching her exactly what he found hot.



A demure attitude. A soft voice.

The look of lust in a woman’s eyes.

She could barely believe it. Until just a few months ago, her little brother had always just been…well, her little brother.

Then he’d started helping her with her cam show, and something had changed.

No. Everything.

Everything had changed.

It had started when she’d started camming. When her brother had offered to help her make more money, he’d more than delivered. The more she’d listened to his advice, the more zeroes had been added to the end of her bank account balance. With his help, she’d made enough money that she’d never have to work again.

But she’d wanted more. Always more. Her ambition was unquenchable, and so she’d asked him—begged him—to come up with ways that she could increase her earnings even more.

Around the same time, they’d become so comfortable around each other. He’d had to watch her shows, to help her reach her full potential, and it wasn’t long before she didn’t even notice when she was naked and when she was clothed.

She had just felt so lucky, having a sibling she could be vulnerable with. Someone she could trust.

Someone she felt safe around.

It had been a bit of a shock when he’d randomly started masturbating in front of her, but…well, she’d quickly realized that was just where they were at. Jacob watched her get off in front of a crowd pretty much every night; what did it matter if he got off in front of her?

Soon enough, that had just been part of their comfort around each other. He’d jack off, she’d jill off, sometimes they’d even do it together.

And then the internet had dropped out.

Ashley would never forget the day on the bus that she’d had her awakening. It must have been a desire she had buried deep in her subconscious, but she’d been on the bus when it had hit her with the force of a thousand eyes.

She liked to be watched.

She really, really liked to be watch.

Of course she’d always known she was attractive. She’d had creeps hitting on her since puberty had landed (and for Ashley, it had landed hard). But until that day on the bus, she hadn’t realized just how much pleasure she could get from all those eyes on her, how hot it could be to show off one’s skin, to expose your body to the lustful gazes of a crowded room (or bus) full of people…

Stripping had been one way to get her desires out (and make money in the process) but camming had been a thousand times more convenient, safer, and, well, profitable.

And so when the internet had stopped working, she’d felt like a lion in a cage. Ashley had felt so much pent-up need, so much raw sexual power…and no outlet for it.

She needed a release.

Perhaps that was when it had really started. That was the first time that Ashley had started seeing her brother in a sexual light.

Not intentionally. She’d just…god, she’d just needed someone to watch her. She needed it almost as much as she needed to breathe, to eat. And she felt so comfortable with Jacob; she’d tried returning to the stage, she’d considered contacting some ex-boyfriends, but something about it just made her so anxious.

Unlike her brother.

Ashley felt so incredibly comfortable around her brother. She’d never expected that to be the start of…well, attraction.

She’d denied it at the time, but now she saw the truth. That was when she’d started to think of him in a distinctly non-familial way.

At the time, she’d only wanted his eyes, but that had been the first step down the path she was now happily sprinting along.

Ashley had masturbated beside him, as she had a dozen times. But when he’d glanced over, when he’d made eye-contact with her…that was when she’d cum.

That was when she’d cum, writhing in orgasm as her brother watched.

It hadn’t been long before she’d danced for him. Ashley had told her brother—and herself—that she was rehearsing, keeping herself fresh, making sure that she didn’t forget anything.

But on some level, she’d known that she just wanted to dance for him.

She wanted to show herself off for her brother. For Jacob.

And when he’d groaned, when he’d given that first indication that he was attracted to her…she’d cum.

She’d spontaneously orgasmed, just at the sound of his arousal. Ashley had been so starved for attention, so pent-up, she’d cum from nothing more than the sound of her brother’s lust.

If the internet hadn’t returned the next day, she didn’t know what she would have done next.

Because it had always been her. Jacob had just been trying to help out. Ashley had told him how important this was to her, and he’d done everything he could to help her make money.

She was the one who’d turned it weird.

It hadn’t been easy, to convince him to start making videos with her. And it had been even harder to convince him to star in them…but it had been worth it.

Not just because of the sales. That had been less of a priority, over time. As her savings had built…and as other things in her life had started to take focus.

No, it had beenn worth it because of how good it had felt, finally getting to give her brother the same pleasure he gave her.

Because of how right it felt, to take Jacob’s cock in her hand, in her mouth. To get him off.

To get him off, again and again and again.

Ashley got wet every time she thought about it.

To her dismay, even as she jerked him off, even as she sucked his cock every day, several times a day…Jacob maitained a completely professional attitude.

He hadn’t let things get weird between them, which she appreciated…but he’d also done nothing to indicate that he reciprocated her feelings.

If it wasn’t for the one moan he’d let out when she danced for him, and the look in his eyes when she sucked the cum out of him, Ashley would’ve bet her entire savings account that Jacob didn’t see her as anything but a sister.

He let her get him off because it was good for the show. He accepted her offer to blow him any time because it was good practice. But while he had become the central player in her every sexual fantasy, to him…she was just Ashley. Just his sister.

It was healthy. Far healthier than her own sick, incestuous desires. He wanted nothing more than a familial relationship with his older sister, even as he filmed her masturbating, got her off with his hand, and let her suck his cock several times a day.

Even after all that, he wanted to keep things normal. He wasn’t attracted to her.

Well, she had a plan to fix that.

To her delight, Jacob had given her a roadmap to what she wanted, completely by accident! Ever the perfectionist, he hadn’t been happy with the series of blowjob videos they were making together. He’d suggested that she learn his turn-ons.

It had been all Ashley could do not to jump for joy at the suggestion. He’d had no idea what he was doing.

She was going to learn what her brother liked. What he lusted after. Ashley was going to study his every desire, become the walking embodiment of all her brother’s fantasies.

Even if it took her a year, she was going to become everything her brother wanted, and more. She would become his perfect slut.

His perfect sister slut.

And so with each tip Jacob offered, his sister moved closer to becoming his perfect woman. He got turned on by submission? She would become the epitome of a submissive woman. He found a demure attitude sexy? She was going to walk around looking shy twenty-four hours a day. Her brother enjoyed the sound of a soft voice? She would’ve had vocal cord surgery, if that would get her even half an inch closer to what he desired.

He wanted to see the look of lust in her eyes? That was the easiest of all. Ashley had been holding back, trying to mask how attracted she was to Jacob.

Now, every time he glanced at her, she practically fucked him with her eyes. She’d glance across the room, and her eyes would all but push him down onto the kitchen table, take his dick out, and get him off.

God she wanted him. She wanted her brother more than she’d ever wanted anyone. More than she’d known you could want someone.

She knew that some people would consider it ‘wrong’, feeling this way about one’s brother, but Ashley didn’t care.

All she cared about was pleasing Jacob.

It was one of her highest priorities.

Two things had surprised her, as she’d learned what turned her brother on. Firstly, her brother’s kinks. He’d always been such a quiet kid, so well-mannered.

She’d never expected that underneath, he was so…dominant.

The surprise somehow managed to turn her on even more.

But the bigger shock had been how much she found herself enjoying what Jacob liked. Even if he’d suggested something she hated, Ashley would’ve obliged. Pleasing her brother was so incredibly important to her; she would’ve walked over hot coals if it would get him hard. She would’ve done anything, no matter how wrong it felt.

But it had been the exact opposite. Every time Jacob had told her what he liked, it had felt so, so right.

One of Ashley’s ex-boyfriends had suggested a dom/sub dynamic, but she’d refused. She was a feminist, and the idea of submitting to a man (even in a bedroom context) just didn’t hold any appeal.

But the morning after Jacob had told her that he was turned on by submission, Ashley had realized something: it wasn’t just sexy to her, it felt…right. She was more than comfortable with it; she wanted it.

She needed it.

Just like that day on the bus, it was like she’d suddenly been awakened. Just as she was an exhibitionist, she was a submissive.

She wanted to submit to her brother.

She needed to submit to her brother.

Ashley spent that entire afternoon researching the lifestyle. Her new lifestyle. Even if she stopped camming, even if—God forbid—she stopped needing Jacob’s help, Ashley knew that she’d always be a submissive.

It was who she was now.

Perhaps it was who she’d always been, and her ex-boyfriend just hadn’t been dominant enough to make her see it.

Not that Jacob had forced it upon her; quite the contrary. He’d hemmed and hawed for almost half an hour before finally confessing his secret desire to Ashley. (And her initial reaction had been one of acceptance, not excitement. It hadn’t been until the next morning before she’d realized how much she, too, wanted it. It must have just taken time to sink in.)

When Jacob had come into her bedroom, she’d abandoned her research and dropped to her knees, eyes to the floor. It felt so right. So natural.

This was how she wanted to spend the rest of her life. On her knees, in front of her brother.

In front of her brother.

He’d commanded her to look at him, displaying a level of dominance that she’d never seen from him before (and which had lit up her pussy like a Roman candle). She’d looked up at him, pushing her chest out, trying to show with every inch of her that she was his good girl.

“What do you want?” he asked, and she’d answered without hesitation.

“I want you to collar me, sir.”

His eyes had widened at how quickly she’d answered, and Ashley wished she could suck the words back into her mouth. He’d probably expected her to ask if she could suck his cock or something.

She hoped she hadn’t scared him off.

But a smile had appeared on his face, and he’d nodded.

The next day, she’d asked him—begged him—to tell her what else he found sexy. “Obedience,” he’d eventually confessed, and again—her intial reaction after hearing it had been indifference. She’d been excited to hear his fetish, to better know how she could serve him, but outside of its relationship with submissiveness, ‘Obedience’ itself held no particular erotic thrills for the young woman.

And again, Ashley had woken up the next day with complete knowledge that she too wanted it. No: needed it.

Being obedient was more than just something she’d do to please her brother. It was something she’d do for herself.

Each of his subsequent desires followed the same pattern. She didn’t even know that one could need a soft voice, but she did. The need to show her lust in her eyes…Ashley couldn’t even imagine what would happen if, for some reason, she wasn’t able to.

And once she completely took on a demure attitude, Ashley knew she could no longer beg her brother to share his other secret wants. If he happened to tell her, she’d do everything she could to obey, of course, but it would be up to him.

But she didn’t mind. Her need to be demure, to obey, to be submissive…they were what truly mattered to her.

That was now who she was.

Her brother coughed, and Ashley’s eyes widened.

“Really, sir?” she corrected herself. She couldn’t believe she’d forgotten to show her master the respect he truly deserved; she’d just been so, so excited.

“Mm-hmm,” he nodded. “That take: that was the one. Now I just need to edit it.”

Ashley could feel tears springing to her eyes. They’d worked so hard on this video, and it…it was finally ready.

After almost two weeks of constant rehearsals and reshoots, the first video of her blowing Jacob was ready to go live.

“I can start editing it now,” he said, nodding to his desk. Ashley moved quickly to beat him there, crawling under his desk.

As her brother sat down and began editing the video they’d recorded the previous day, she sighed with happiness as she moved his cum-coated cock into her mouth.

She was exactly where she was meant to be. She was doing exactly what she needed to be doing.

* * *