The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hierarchy of Needs

by Pan

Chapter 22

As Ashley licked her brother’s slimy cock clean, she lost track of the time.

She’d spent so many hours like this, her mouth doing everything it could to please her brother…it was so easy to enter a state of flow. She didn’t consciously notice Jacob getting hard again, the way his hips began to writhe as she alternated between taking his cock deep into her throat, and pulling it out so that she could just milk the head with her lips.

Her body responded instinctively; she’d done it so many times, she could have gotten Jacob off in her sleep.

The familiar twitches of her brother’s erection jolted her back to what she was doing. How long had she been blowing him, one hand between her legs, her mind in foggy ecstacy? In the background, she could hear the sounds of her own mouth doing exactly what she was doing now, as Jacob edited the footage of the amazing head she’d just given him.

She was giving him a blowjob while he edited video of her giving him a blowjob. How meta.

Ashley smiled, then focused on the task in front of her. She didn’t care if her mind wandered in the middle of the process, but she wanted her full attention on Jacob’s orgasm.

She brought her mouth down, burying her nose in his pubic hair, and allowed the first wave of her own climax to wash over her as she felt Jacob’s cum beginning to spurt down her throat.

There was nothing she loved more than timing her orgasm to her brother’s.

After a few moments of reprieve, Ashley began once more licking her brother’s softening cock clean. This was a loop she could happily have spent the rest of her life in.

“I’m done,” Jacob grunted, a few minutes later. His sister had lost track of the time once more, but she knew it couldn’t have been too long, because her brother wasn’t hard again. Yet.

And despite his having climaxed twice in the last two hours, Ashley knew it was a yet. Her brother was like the Energizer Bunny; he always seemed ready for more.

She liked to think it was because he found her attractive; maybe not at first, but at least since she’d dedicated the last few weeks to becoming his perfect sexual fantasy…but, she acknowledged to herself with a note of sadness, he probably would’ve reacted the same way to any woman who was willing to blow him any time he wanted.

It’s up to me to change his mind, she reminded herself resolutely.

“It’s ready, sir?” Ashley asked, her voice as soft as she could make it while still remaining audible.

“Uh huh,” he nodded. “We’ll put it up tonight, before your show. After dinner.”

“Yes, sir,” she breathed, and skip-ran to the kitchen.

With the amount of money Ashley was earning, they could easily have afforded a full-time private chef, but there was something so hot about cooking for Jacob. About serving him—literally, serving him food. Serving him by serving him.

Plus, she just plain ol’ liked cooking.

It wasn’t long before one of Jacob’s favorite meals was ready. She brought his plate to his room, and knelt beside him as he ate, staring at him lovingly as he perused Reddit and enjoyed his meal. The meal she’d made for him. They’d tried having her hand-feed him once, but he’d found it more annoying than anything, so now she just watched him eat, naked and collared beside him, ready in case he needed anything.

Ashley had twice now been caught by her father wearing nothing but her collar, but he hadn’t said anything, and she hadn’t even thought to question why. Perhaps she got her lack of curiosity form her parents.

When Jacob was done eating, Ashley took his plate back to the kitchen, washed it (her mother wandered through, but didn’t say anything about her daughter’s state of undress) and then returned to see if there was anything else her master wanted.

“It’s time,” he said ceremoniously, and Ashley just nodded.

As Jacob went through the upload process (she’d given him full control of her accounts; it just seemed easier that way), he made idle chatter. Ashley hung on his every word, in case there was something she could use to please him more than she already did.

She’d do anything to please him.

Flipping through the photos already on her page, he said something of such importance so casually, she wasn’t even sure if she’d heard him right.

“…of course, my eventual goal would be to have my own sex slave. Someone who only lived to serve me.”

For a brief moment, the world stopped spinning, and Ashley had to remind herself to breathe.

That’s what Jacob wanted? A…a sex slave?

Before she could truly process what that meant, or how she felt about it, she realized he was still talking, and forced herself to file the news away deep in her mind, and focus on his words. The last thing she wanted was to miss another truthbomb like that.

“And…it’s up!”

Ashley forced her concentration to the screen. This was it; this was the moment they’d been working towards for weeks. This upload was why she’d started blowing her brother in the first place. It had been at the top of her mind for days straight.

The sales began pouring in almost immediately. She had been fairly sure this would be her best-selling video of all time, and the early figures confirmed it. When she announced it on her stream tonight, one of the administrators had gotten in contact to congratulate her—there was a chance it would break a site record.

But to her complete bewilderness, Ashley felt…flat.

She should have been on top of the world. This was what she’d been dreaming of for weeks; she should have been excited at the release, the success. She should’ve been ecstatic.

But instead, she felt nothing.

“Pretty good,” Jacob said encouragingly, and Ashley forced a smile to her face and nodded.

“Uh huh,” she replied. “…sir.”

Just like while she was sucking her brother’s cock, Ashley found her body going on autopilot as she cammed. Jacob sat to the side, and she obeyed his non-verbal commands (be more coy, more alluring, show more skin, ask for tips) without question, but her mind was elsewhere.

She’d adjusted her entire life to make that video. Ashley had transformed everything about herself for her brother, to bring him as much pleasure as she possibly could, so that the video could be as great as it could be.

It had seemed so important at the time. Making the perfect video, making as much money as possible—for a time, it had been all-consuming.

But now that it was done, she just felt empty.

Releasing a video, seeing the dollars roll in…it all suddenly seemed so meaningless.

What had gone wrong?

She’d completely upended her life, become completely submissive and subservient, obedient and demure…for something that didn’t even feel like it mattered any more.

Had it all been for nothing?

No. No, even if she didn’t care about the video any more—and as soon as the thought passed through her mind, Ashley immediately knew it was true; she didn’t—she’d learned so much about herself. Her brother had opened her eyes to so many needs she didn’t know he had…and in the process, she’d realized what was truly important to her.

It wasn’t making money, or creating videos.

Discovering her true self. Unlocking her secret desires.

Pleasing her brother.

Maybe that’s what it had been about all along. She’d fooled herself into thinking she was blowing Jacob for her career, taking his direction because it made her more money…but really, she’d always been moving towards becoming her brother’s—

Becoming his…his sex sla—

Ashley put that thought to the side, as she reached for her vibrator. She wasn’t ready to deal with her brother’s revelation. Not yet.

As she started running the vibrator up and down her wet snatch, moaning to the camera, listening to the sound of tips flying in, she resumed her previous train of thought. It couldn’t just be coincidence that every fetish her brother told her was something she wanted as well, could it?

Did she just want it because her brother did?

No. No, as firmly as she knew that making money was no longer a priority, she knew that submission wasn’t something she was taking on just to get her brother off. To her very core, she wanted to be submissive. Obedient. Demure.

It wasn’t something she could fake. She could have fooled her brother, but she couldn’t fool herself.

She needed to be submissive. She needed it.

So if she wasn’t just interested in it because Jacob was, only one explanation remained…

It was genetic.

Ashley moaned at the thought, as she pressed the vibrator against her clit. Her brother was watching, but no matter how badly she wanted to, she knew she couldn’t cum.

She and her brother were completely in sync. Their fetishes lined up exactly because they were related. Because they were of the same blood.

Ashley had been born to please him. Coming together as they had…she’d spent far too much time feeling like she was doing wrong, when in fact the opposite was true.

It was very, very right.

Jacob nodded, and Ashley threw her head back as she came, long and loud. As her entire body tensed with pleasure, she forgot that she was streaming, she forgot about the tens of thousands of people watching her. She tuned out the thousands of dollars her orgasm was earning her, and completely focused on her pleasure.

Her pleasure, and her brother’s eyes.

Watching her.

Watching her cum.

Ashley was uncharacteristically awkward as she stumbled through the end of her show. She thanked her fans, reminded them again to check out her new blowjob video, and as soon as the stream ended, collapsed in exhaustion.

“You okay?” her brother asked, and she nodded.

“Yes, sir. That was a big one,” she smiled in response.

Her brother ruffled her hair, and left her alone with her thoughts. It wasn’t until he left that she realized—that was the first time in weeks she hadn’t blown him straight after a show.

Perhaps he’d noticed that her heart wasn’t in her outro. She’d pushed people to the video of her giving him head, but without the usual exuberance she displayed on every stream. Had he spotted her reluctance, and interpreted it as a lack of interest in blowing him?

Or worse…now that the video was out, had he concluded that there was no reason for them to keep on ‘rehearsing’?

Ashley’s stomach turned at the idea.

No. No, no matter what…she had to keep blowing her brother. From the bottom of her heart, she…she needed it.

She needed it.

More than camming, more than making money, more than making videos. More, even, than her newfound desire for submission, Ashley needed to blow her brother. It was one of her top priorities in life; she needed it more than she’d ever known one could need physical intimacy.

God, if he didn’t let her, she’d…

She didn’t know what she’d do.

Ashley considered going after Jacob, bursting into his room and begging him to let her suck his cock. Why hadn’t she offered, straight after the show? She’d grown so used to him asking—no, demanding. She hadn’t thought that there was any chance that he’d leave before she got the chance.

She would have skipped the show if it meant she got to suck his cock again.

Taking a deep breath, Ashley tried to calm down. She couldn’t intrude on his space. It wouldn’t be demure. But even more importantly, if he knew how much she needed it, if her brother knew that she needed his cock in her mouth almost as much as she needed food…he might freak out.

He might cut her off for good.

No, if she was going to keep getting her fix, she needed to play this smart.

They’d made the video. She could suggest they make more, but that would only get her so far. Eventually, he’d want to stop.

She needed her brother to want her blowjobs for reasons other than just work. She needed Jacob to want his sister, to want her as much—if possible—as she wanted him.

Over the past two weeks, she’d made huge strides towards becoming his perfect sexual fantasy. She had comes so far…but there was more that she could do. Right now, Ashley was soft-spoken, submissive, obedient.

But he wanted more than that.

He wanted a…a…

The naked woman closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Her brother wanted a sex slave.

Someone to wait on him hand and foot, to sign her life over to him. To control every aspect of her existence. Ashley had read about this, when she’d been researching the submissive lifestyle.

It was hot, in the abstract. It was like submission, taken to the next level. On some level, she found the idea erotic.

But…it wasn’t her.

She wanted her brother. She wanted to please him. She wanted to spend the rest of her life in submission, sucking his cock and obeying his every command. But to give complete control of herself over like that…

With a sigh, Ashley lowered her head.

If it was the only way, the only way to keep her brother…she knew she’d do it. But it didn’t sit right with her. She enjoyed being submissive, but she valued her freedom.

She’d happily have spent the rest of her days with her brother as her master, but Ashley knew she didn’t want to be a slave. Playing submissive was all good and well, but she couldn’t spend her entire life that way.

Unless it meant not getting to suck her brother’s cock.

Throwing herself down on the bed, Ashley felt tears springing from her eyes, and slowly rolling down her face. She was so close—so close!—to her perfect life. Sucking her brother’s cock all day, performing by night, being submissive and obedient and soft-spoken and demure…why couldn’t that be everything Jacob wanted? Why was there this one, singular point at which their needs differed?

Ashley lost track of how long she spent lying on her bed, occasionally sobbing with frustration. Her mind wouldn’t stop buzzing with thoughts, and long after she would normally have gone to sleep, she was still trying to solve the dilemma she’d found herself in.

For a moment, she thought she heard someone in the corridor outside, followed by the sound of a door opening. If Ashley had been just a mite more curious, she might have left her room to see what was happening, but she felt exhausted and confused and overwhelmed and much more interested in remaining beneath the covers with her thoughts.

She had just begun to go over her options (stop sucking Jacob’s cock? Not on the table) when it struck her.

She…she wanted to be her brother’s sex slave.

No, not wanted.


She needed to be her brother’s sex slave. All of a sudden, it was an immutable truth.

Ashley needed to be her brother’s sex slave. More than anything. More than she needed to show off her body, or suck his cock.

As if someone had reached in and adjusted her priorities, Ashley had a new mission in life: to become her brother’s sex slave.

All of a sudden, her mind stopped turning over. The naked blonde closed her eyes as fatigue hit her: her dilemma was solved, her priorities clear.

Drifted off to sleep, wearing the smile of someone who knows exactly what she wants in life, Ashley didn’t even hear the sound of someone quietly moving back along the corridor.

* * *