The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hierarchy of Needs

by Pan

Chapter 23

When Ashley awoke the next morning, she felt a sense of deep calm.

It was hard to understand why she’d even felt so conflicted. Jacob had told her that he wanted a sex slave, and for some reason, her reaction had been to…freak out?

It didn’t make sense.

Of course at the time, she’d felt an overwhelming resistance to the idea. She’d wrestled with it for hours, unable to reconcile what she wanted (her brother’s cock in her mouth at every opportunity) with his needs (a sex slave, someone dedicated to his pleasure every hour of the day).

But now, in the light of morning, she knew it couldn’t have been more perfect. He wanted a sex slave, and she—more than anything—wanted to be that person for him.

Ashley wanted to be her brother’s sex slave.

No. More than that.

She needed to be her brother’s sex slave.

As she slipped into the kitchen to make her brother breakfast, Ashley tried to work out why she’d fought the idea so hard. In every way, their needs aligned. Everything he wanted, she wanted to be. Jacob wanted someone submissive, and his sister was submissive to the core. Ashley wanted nothing more than to be demure, soft-spoken, and obedient…and those were three of Jacob’s biggest turn-ons.

So why had she been so reluctant to become his sex slave?

It must have been fear. Ashley had studied psych in high-school; she knew the brain rebelled when it was faced with a paradigm shift. She’d awoken the previous morning not knowing her purpose in life was to be Jacob’s slave, and it was only after hours of reflection and internal debate that she’d allowed herself to accept that fact.

In order to understand her truth, she’d had to fight it. Only then, once she’d picked it apart from every other angle could she accept it. She was going to be her brother’s sex slave.

Jacob was still sleeping when she entered his room. Despite her late night, he must have been up even later. She quietly tidied up, occasionally fingering her collar for comfort as she did.

The previous day, she’d thought of it as a symbol of her submission to Jacob.

Now, it meant something more than that. It meant she was his property.

His slave.

A pang of guilt hit her as she noticed a pair of soiled tissues by his bed. Her brother must have gotten himself off the previous night.

That, she knew, was her role. She existed to serve her brother, to use her body to get him off.

If Ashley had her way, Jacob would never get off by his own hand again. Not while his slave was around.

Her clit throbbed at the thought. His slave. She was going to be her brother’s slave. His submissive, soft-spoken, obedient, demure, sister sex-slave. She would dedicate her every waking moment to his pleasure. She would do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

She would be his property. His fuckdoll. His cumslut. Her mouth existed to blow him. She wanted to be her brother’s sex slave.

She needed to be her brother’s sex slave.

But it wasn’t entirely up to her.

Ashley’s chest tightened at the idea of being rejected. Her brother had mentioned his desire off-handedly, not even really talking to her. He clearly hadn’t considered her as a possibility; to him, she was just his sister. Sure, they were close; they were comfortable naked around each other, masturbating around each other. He helped her with her shows, and she’d managed to convince him to help her make blowjob videos…but that was all it was.

If she wanted to be his sex slave (which she did; more than anything), Ashley was going to have to work hard to convince him.

But how?

She could offer him money. Her bank account contained enough dough to persuade almost anyone of anything…but deep down, Ashley knew that didn’t work.

You bought slaves, you didn’t pay people to take them…and besides, money had never been what motivated her brother. He’d helped her for months without taking a cent, just because she was his sister.

Maybe that was the ticket. She could tell him how important it was to her. That was why he’d helped her cam;: he’d seen how much she cared, and done what he could to help.

But again, the young woman’s gut told her that wouldn’t work.

Jacob had to want to enslave his sister for her, not for outside reasons. Not as a favor. Ashley needed him to see her as the perfect candidate. Ashley had to persuade him to look past the fact that she was his sister, and want her for who she was. Want her enough that he’d let her spend the rest of his life on her knees for him, obeying his every order, fulfilling his every want.

She stifled a groan at the thought.

God, she wanted it so bad.

And there was only one way she was going to get it.

Throwing her brother’s tissues into the trash can beside his bed, Ashley swore that he would never again need to masturbate. From now on, she was going to be his personal cock-sleeve.

By the time she was done, Jacob was going to view her as nothing but a hole to cum in. He’d see how perfect she was for him, how she could spend the rest of her life servicing his needs. And once he stopped seeing her as his sister—stopped seeing her as a person—it would be easy to persuade him that she should be his sex slave.

There was nothing in the world Ashley wanted more than to be her brother’s sex slave.

She needed it.

* * *

I tried to hide my smile as Ashley ‘casually’ brought up one of the comments on her latest video.

It had only been out for a few days, and was already the third-best selling video on the entire site. In less than a week, a video of my busty sister sucking my cock had made more than my parents made in a year. Combined!

No one had any idea I was her co-star. We had hit a level where if I hadn’t been a virgin, I would’ve been worried about an ex-girlfriend finding the video, seeing my sister, recognizing my cock, and putting the whole thing together…but even though my entire graduating class now knew about Ashley’s new celebrity status, it was impossible for anyone to work out whose dick she was sucking.

Mine. My sister was sucking my dick. Each and every night

My sister was sucking my dick, and the world was watching.

I’m not really an exhibitionist (certainly not when compared to my sister) but there was something so hot about knowing that half the world was unwittingly watching Ashley suck her own brother’s dick. My dick.

“So, the comment said…”

I turned back into my sister’s soft-voiced suggestion,

Ashley is an okay actress, but I can read her like a book. In fairness, I was definitely helped along by the fact that I could literally read her filing cabinet like a book…and it certainly didn’t hurt that I’d written several pages myself.

As soon as her video had released, the hollow look in her eyes had told me everything. I’d shifted both Short-Term Wealth and Making The Perfect Video way, way down in my sister’s priorities (right beside ‘Save The Turtles’, which is apparently a vague priority for her) I could see that it wasn’t until the moment the video launched that Ashley realized how unimportant it was to her.

That night, after dropping a hint about wanting a sex slave, I’d put that in right at the front. Still behind Eating and Breathing and all that junk (I didn’t want her to be so fixated on serving me that she collapsed of hunger or anything like that), but above literally everything else in her drawer.

And then…I’d waited.

My sister’s a smart cookie. I can tell you from experience: if she wants something, she’s not shy about going for it. I’d made Short-Term Wealth a priority, and just a few months later, my sister had enough cash that she could’ve bought not only our house, but probably half the street as well.

I’d considered putting a scheme together, leading her from step to step to step, but honestly? I had full confidence that my sister would come up with a plan of her own. And it would probably be smarter than anything I’d think of.

And so I’d just moved the files and sat back to see what would happen next.

The morning after I prioritized ’Be Jacob’s Sex Slave’ (a folder which hadn’t existed until I’d suggested it…and even then, had been so far towards the back, it had taken me nearly forty minutes to find), I’d woken up to find Ashley in my bedroom, cleaning up. She’d greeted me with a warm breakfast and a smile, and knelt by the bed to watch me eat.

God I loved my submissive sister. Is there anything better than a busty blonde, completely dedicated to servicing your sexual needs?

Before my meddlings, she’d had zero interest in being dominated; now, it was practically her defining feature. If Ashley from a year ago could see herself now, she’d be truly horrified. Not just at her attraction to me, her little brother, but at her new submissive, demure, obedient personality. It just…wasn’t like her.

That shouldn’t have turned me on, but it did. My sister was a physical goddess, but her new-and-improved personality? That was all thanks to me.

When I was done eating, Ashley surprised me by speaking up. The ’Being Demure’ folder hadn’t existed either, until she’d heard that I wanted it. Turns out, she’d wanted me so badly, every time I suggested something it appeared in her cabinet—and then it was mine to adjust. But now that it was a high priority for my sister, she was pretty happy for me to take the conversational lead.

Except this clearly outranked that one, because she told me that she’d been thinking about it, and since the first blowjob video had been such a hit, she definitely wanted to do more…and that she was nervous about falling out of practice before we next got a chance to record.

I twisted my mouth and spent a few seconds trying to look like I was thinking it over, before nodding, and letting my sister crawl under my blankets and take my morning wood in her mouth.

That’s one thing better than a busty blonde dedicated to serving you, I guess. A busty, dedicated-to-serving blonde who gives great head.

After that, Ashley was relentless. It was like she’d sworn an oath to never letting me cum outside her body again—every chance she got, she was on her knees in front of me, sucking the cum out of me like a milking machine set to max.

I’d just finished cumming on her chest (she’d pulled me out at the last minute, smiling lustfully up at me as I spurted onto her huge, naked knockers) when she brought it up.

“Right, yes, the comments. Go ahead,” I said, and finally managed to concentrate as she said her piece.

“What do you think, sir?” she concluded, biting her lip.

This one was the hardest to resist. So far, nothing seemed to have triggered Ashley’s suspicions even slightly, but I still wanted to play it safe.

After all, what kind of brother would immediately agree to having sex with his sister?

“I don’t know if you need to record a PIV video,” I said flatly. “I mean, you haven’t even done a second blowjob video yet, and there are still more sales to be made from the first one.”

“Please, sir,” she said breathily. God, nothing got me hard again as fast as my sister’s new porn-star voice. She sounded like she was constantly on the verge of orgasm. It was incredible. “That’s what makes it such a good idea. No one will see it cumming…”

“This is a bad idea,” I said firmly. I figured if she didn’t push it, I could always capitulate later…

But Ashley continued. Like I said, relentless.

When there’s something my sister wants, she doesn’t let anything stand in her way. Not even—as was the case here—who she wants.

“It’ll make so much money, sir,” she pleaded, her eyes blazing with lust. I knew she didn’t care about the money, not any more…but the idea of letting me fuck her was so important to her, she was using her genuine passion about it to push something that was no longer a priority.

Ashley knew how much I liked seeing how turned on she was. And so I decided to fold, just a little.

“What if someone recognizes us?” I replied thoughtfully.

“We’ll be careful,” she urged, replying quickly pushing her advantage. “We can stick to a POV camera. The only part of you that will appear on camera, sir, is your…y-your cock.”

The need leaked through her voice on the final few words, and the body-part in question twitched.

My sister smiled. I think she knew she’d won.

“Ash…” I sighed. “I don’t…I don’t think it’ll work.”

Her face fell at my words. “Sir?”

“You know I’ve never…”

I gestured broadly to my cock, as if that was enough of an explanation. Which I guess it was, because Ashley’s eyes lit up, and she stood up, gently moving one hand to my cheek. I could smell her pussy on her fingers, mixed with the smell of my own seed.

“It’s okay, sir,” she smiled. “I already thought of that. We’ll just have to do it the same way we did with the blowjob video.”

Her eyes flashed with what I recognized as pure, unadulterated need.

“We’ll just have to do a lot of rehearsing.”

* * *