The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hierarchy of Needs

by Pan

Chapter 24

Ashley’s entire body began to vibrate as her brother’s cock slid inside her.

She couldn’t believe it was happening. It was really happening.

Her brother was going to fuck her.

No, not going to. Her brother was fucking her.

At long last, Jacob’s cock was sliding inside his sister’s bare pussy. When she went on-camera in just a few hours, she’d have her brother’s cum inside her. Dripping out. Squirting out as she came. Maybe her audience would be able to tell. Maybe they’d see the slimy sperm of her sibling dribbling out from her cunt, and know that she’d just been fucked.

They wouldn’t know it was her brother’s, but she would. She’d know.

Ashley was tempted to cancel the stream and convince Jacob to spend the rest of the night fucking her, but she knew that would be foolish. She’d only persuaded him to fuck her by telling him it was for a video. To make money.

If she cancelled a Saturday night stream, she’d reveal the truth:

Ashley wanted her brother to fuck her for its own sake.

She wanted it just to feel his cock inside her. To feel him throb with need—just as he did in her mouth—in her cunt. Despite only being nineteen years old, Ashley had been fucked before. She’d had great sex before.

But it had never felt like this.

She could’ve cum just from the feeling of her brother’s body on top of hers, physically dominating her, just as he would soon dominate her entire life.

That was the other reason she wanted it, the other secret need she had to hide from her brother: letting him take her like this was the first step towards submitting to Jacob completely. To having him treat her as nothing more than a sex doll, as a hole to take his dick.

But for now, she just wanted to feel her brother entering her.

He didn’t disappoint.

The naked teenage girl was bent over her bed while Jacob stood behind her. Ashley knew that her brother had never actually been with a woman, and so she’d decided to make it as easy for him as possible. Her large breasts were mashed against her bed linen, and she was letting him control the pace as his cock slid inside her for the first time.

As his erection entered her, she shuddered with pleasure. It was everything she’d been dreaming of for so long. She was truly submitting sexually to her brother, letting him use her.

For the first time, she let herself believe it. She was going to be his sex slave. It was really going to happen.

With a grunt, Jacob completed his thrust. His entire dick was inside her, filling her up, making her hole feel whole. As he began to withdraw it, the experience overwhelmed her, and the naked young woman began shaking.

She was cumming.

Just one thrust in, she was cumming. Ashley was getting off as her brother fucked her, getting off to the fact that her brother was using her.

“Please,” she managed to gasp. “Please, sir…don’t stop.”

Jacob’s hands were on her waist, and he pulled back until the head of his cock was the only part inside his sister’s twitching body.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he gasped, and Ashley’s eyes rolled back at the lust that she could hear in his raspy voice. “Oh, god…”

With one strong thrust, her brother’s dick was entirely inside her once more. Ashley could feel her pussy dripping onto the bed; Jacob was making her so wet, she was literally leaking.

Her orgasm faded, but it wasn’t more than a few thrusts before she jerked with pleasure as another one overcame her.

I’m his sex doll, she mentally reminded herself as she stayed still on the bed, letting her brother’s cock do all the work. I’m nothing but a little fucktoy for Jacob. For my brother. I’m…I’m my brother’s fucktoy…

She shivered as another climax hit her. The experience of finally being used by her brother was so intense. It was almost too much. She wanted to cry out in pleasure, to tell her brother how much she loved him, how much she loved being used by his cock…but she remained silent.

Even greater than Ashley’s desire to scream with pleasure was her need to be her brother’s good girl.

She was his good girl.

It had only been a few minutes since Ashley had coaxed a load of cum from Jacob’s balls, but it still wasn’t long before he grunted a warning, letting his sister know that he was going to fill her up.

“Do it,” she gasped. She hadn’t stopped cumming the entire time her brother had been fucking her, each orgasm rolling into the next. Ashley knew that this was her purpose in life. She had been born to serve her brother. She had been born to be his sex slave. This was what she needed, more than anything else in life. “Please, sir…”

She needed to be her brother’s sex slave.

Ashley had never felt so complete.

“I’m cumming,” Jacob groaned, and Ashley’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt it, a warmth between her legs.

He’d done it. Her brother had cum inside her. He’d spilled his seed inside his sister sex-slave. He’d filled her with his froth. He’d unloaded inside her, turning her into the cum-recepticle she so desperately yearned to be for him.

Ashley’s entire body began to rock as a final orgasm overcame her, as large as the previous few combined. This was why she existed. This was why she’d been put on earth. To please her brother. To please Jacob with her body. To be his fucktoy.

To be her brother’s sex slave.

* * *

When Ashley opened her eyes several minutes later, her brother had a goofy grin on his face.

“That was pretty good,” he said, almost shyly, and she nodded.

“That was amazing,” she agreed without hesitation. “Please, sir…we can do that again. Anytime. Whenever you want to, uh…have another rehearsal, just do it. Please.”

And he did. For the next few days, it was rare for more than a few hours to go past without Jacob finding his sister and using her body for sex.

Ashley always tried to recreate the experience of the first—she would remain totally docile and let her brother fuck her like she was a store-bought item. She wanted to be used by her brother, to be his fuckdoll. When Ashley had sex with her brother, when she let him fuck her, she didn’t always experience the same rolling orgasm as she had the first time—she always came, but not always as powerfully as their first time together.

Either way, however, she always had that same feeling of completion. Whenever her brother’s cock wasn’t inside her, Ashley felt like a lonely jigsaw piece, looking for her fit. When Jacob was filling her up, when she was bringing him pleasure with her cunt, she felt like she’d found it. Her calling. Her purpose. Her primary objective in life.

Except for the start of her stream or when she had to go out, she spent as much time as she could naked, available, ready for her brother to take him. On the rare occasion she was dressed, it was always in a skirt or a dress—clothing that would give her brother complete access, allow him to use her however he wanted.

But one morning, Ashley woke up with a strange feeling. She realized there was a need inside her that wasn’t being met. Being used by her brother for sex was incredible (the most incredible feeling of her life) but…there was something missing.

She wanted to be more active during sex.

No, not wanted. Needed.

It hit her with the same certainty that so many revelations had; she needed to be her brother’s sex slave. She needed to be submissive, docile, obedient.

And she needed to be more active during sex.

The next time Ashley’s brother approached her with an erection, she sat on his lap and rode him, gyrating her hips and letting him suck on her nipples while they fucked. A few hours later, she lay him down on the bed and rode him reverse cowgirl, giving him an incredible view of her bleached asshole clenching as she came.

After that, it was a mix. Sometimes her brother would grab her by the back of the neck and bend her over, and she’d know that he wanted her to be nothing more than a hole for her to fuck. Sometimes, he’d lay back and let her ride him, or fuck her doggystyle, moaning in pleasure as she pushed back against him, building a rhythm that brought both of them as much pleasure as was humanly possible.

No matter what, though, Ashley was just happy that he was fucking her. She was always ready; whenever Jacob got hard, Ashley was there to pleasure him with her body.

After a week of near-constant fucking, Jacob told her that he was ready to make the video.

The young woman’s heart sank. She’d almost completely forgotten that was the reasoning she’d used to convince Jacob to start using her every hole (he’d taken her ass for the first time a few days earlier) for his pleasure. Truth be told, she’d hoped he would forget as well.

Her goal had been to completely normalize sex between them. Ashley wanted her brother to treat fucking her like he did getting water from a tap: a handy option that was always available, to the point that he couldn’t imagine living without it.

She tried to put her heart and soul into the video, but even before her brother told her, she knew that her performance had been relatively flat. Ashley had cum long and loud, but hadn’t focused enough on the camera. She’d seen enough camgirl porn to know that it wasn’t about a genuine union of bodies; it was about exhibiting the female form.

Her focus had been too much on getting Jacob off, and not enough on performing for the camera.

“Perhaps we need more rehearsal, sir?” she asked, still coming down from the powerful orgasm she always reached when her brother came inside her.

Over the next ten days, Ashley’s pussy coaxed more cum out of her brother than her mouth had in the past month. She dutifully focused on what they’d do for the camera (she wanted to be obedient, after all) but even as she did, a feeling of dread grew inside her.

She had no idea if her plan was working. Her brother was impossible to read—it was obvious that Jacob enjoyed fucking his sister, but would that be enough for him to want her as his sex slave? On the rare occasion her body wasn’t wrapped around his or performing for the camera, she was trying to serve him in every other way possible. She cooked for him, cleaned for him…she would’ve wiped his butt after he went to the bathroom if he’d asked.

Finally, they shot another video.

“Looks like all that rehearsal paid off,” Jacob said with a smile, when they were done. “I think we got it.”

“Sir??” Ashley replied, her soft tone unable to mask the panic she felt. “On the second take?”

Her brother had never approved the second take of a video. Either his standards were slipping…or he was looking for an excuse to stop fucking his sister.

She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what she could do. She was obeying his every command, trying desperately to predict his needs. Ashley knew the sex was great, but…god, why hadn’t it worked?

Being her brother’s sex slave had become an overwhelming need. Aside from basic biological urges, everything else in Ashley’s life faded into the background. She would have done anything—anything—to make it happen. She got off not only on the feeling of her brother inside her, not just from the obedience, the submission, the feeling of total fulfilment…

No, more than anything, Ashley got off on bringing her brother pleasure. Getting him off was what got her off. She loved it. She was hooked. And she didn’t want to give her up.

But for some reason, her brother just didn’t think of her the same way. To Jacob, she was just his sister. Even as she offered her body to him at every opportunity, allowed him to use her every hole however he pleased, she couldn’t shift his image of her. She was nothing more than his older sister.

Unlike her, Jacob didn’t want more. He seemed to be completely happy with their relationship.

It was the question that constantly haunted Ashley: how could she make him see how much more she could be?

* * *