The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hierarchy of Needs

by Pan

Chapter 25

The video made a killing. Of course it did; after my sister’s first (and only) blowjob video, she hadn’t released anything else, and…well, let’s just say her fans noticed.

When the follow-up was a video of Ashley taking a dick, the site exploded. It literally went down for almost twenty minutes as people tried to buy the video.

The video was scorching hot, if I do say so myself. I’d been prepared to insist on take after take, building up a huge portfolio of my dick inside my sister, a digital spankbank I could enjoy for decades even I somehow screwed things up with my sister…although that possibility was looking increasingly unlikely as time went on.

But the best part was that the video, the video of my sister’s eyes tightly shut as she came again and again, clearly not faking her two dozen orgasms, her skin flushed and her pussy glistening…

The video didn’t even compare to the real experience.

I’d never had sex before, so it’s possible that I was just reacting the way every guy does to his first time.

But honestly, I don’t think that I was.

I doubt many guys have their first time with a sex goddess, one of the top-rated models on one of the most popular cam sites. I doubt many people lose their virginity to someone they’ve been lusting after for years, forbidden fruit that society demands they never taste. A person they’ve fantasized about, knowing with complete certainty that their desires would never come to forbidden fruition.

And how many people get to pop their cherry with someone they’ve spent the last few months molding into their perfect sexual partner, completely dedicated to getting them off? Not just dedicated—obsessed. My sister could cum just at the idea of getting me off.

Yeah. I feel like my assessment was probably pretty accurate.

There was so much to love about it. Firstly, the sex itself, of course. I’d touched my sister before, of course. Even before finding the filing cabinets, I’d helped her run suntan lotion on or whatever. And once we’d started making videos together, I’d touched her pussy, her tits. I’d grabbed her neck for a video of her being choked (it hadn’t sold as well as we’d expected; sometimes you just can’t predict what’ll land, y’know?) and I’d grabbed her hair while she sucked my cock.

But there’s something different about touching someone while your dick is deep inside them. My sister’s perfect, smooth skin felt even better while her pussy was clenching around my cock. I’d run my hands up and down her body, tug on her nipples, pull her hair, or just trace patterns across her back.

She loved it. I mean, she loved everything I did. She probably would’ve cum if I’d just started barking like a dog; Ashley was so utterly thrilled to be used by me.

Then there was how wet she got. It was like her pussy was drooling, desperate to take my cock, working overtime to make sure there was enough lubrication to avoid even the faintest hint of resistance. My sister’s body wanted to be soaking wet, pliable, always ready to fuck. And (in case it isn’t obvious)—it worked.

Not only did it feel great, it was such an ego-boost. Just the sight of me was enough to turn my sister on, to turn her cunt into a faucet. She wanted me, perhaps even as much as I wanted her. Or more.

Another highlight was her expressions. My sister has always been expressive; she has such big eyes, such thick lips. She’s like a cartoon character, but one you wanted to fuck. If my sister had been a cartoon character, she would’ve been more fuckable than even Jessica Rabbit, Lola Bunny, even the chick from The Road to El Dorado.

So I’d give her an order—“get me a water”—and not only would she obey immediately (a perk in and of itself), but her eyes would go hazy for a second, like she was getting turned on just from the instruction. Then she’d get me the water or whatever and come back and just watch me drink it, looking like she’d pleased her god, like she was fulfilling her true purpose in life.

Which I guess, from her perspective, she was. Obeying me, being my sex slave…nothing was a higher priority to her.

But honestly, I think the hottest part—above the sex, her expressions, the way it felt, even the fact that she was my older sister and had rededicated her life to serving me—was the fact that I’d done it.

I’d made it happen. All of it.

If I had never found the cabinet, worked out how it worked, played it safe and smart and pushed when I needed to…my older sister would still just be exactly that. My older sister, someone who liked her brother Jacob but didn’t really think of it beyond that.

It was the power, I guess. The control. And just as much, the feeling of satisfaction.

Just as my sister had ‘Be Jacob’s Sex Slave’ as one of her top priorities, I had ‘Sex With Ashley’ as one of mine. And not only was I doing it, getting to use my sister’s body whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted, fucking her whenever the urge took me…I got to know that I’d made it happen.

I thought of it often as I took her. Moving files around a dusty old cabinet had brought me her, resulted in Ashley’s cunt pulsing around my dick as she climaxed again and again. Even the first time: it had been so hot, watching my sister cum and cum and cum, knowing all the while that if I hadn’t ever found that cabinet, there was no chance this would happen.

My sister had turned from an ordinary teenager to an incest-obsessed exhibitionist slut. No—I’d turned my sister from an ordinary teenager into an incest-obsessed exhibitionist slut. And I’d never felt prouder in my life.

With ‘Morality’ as such a low priority, it’s hard to say if I should have felt guilty about it. I mean, my sister had more money in the bank than she would have otherwise. She’d never have to work again—neither of us would.

And that money hadn’t been earned by exploiting anyone, or harming the environment or anything like that. In fact, she’d earned that money by putting pleasure into the world. Even if you took me out of the equation, Ashley had been responsible for hundreds of thousands—possibly millions—of orgasms. She’d put countless hours of entertainment into the world.

Before my meddling, that perfect body had been locked away, viewable only by the occasional boyfriend. Now, it was accessible by anyone who wanted to see it.

How could one not see that as a net good?

And now, we’d released what I was fairly sure would—correctly—go down in history as one of the best amateur sex tapes ever made. I have a pretty good body, even when compared to my stunning sister, and her performance, the positions, the camerawork (I’d learned a lot in my time making tapes for Ashley) and, of course, the finish—my sister kneeling in front of me, tears in her eyes as she frantically rubbed her pussy and begged for my cum.

She came again as it splashed onto her tits, falling backwards and twitching in a final shot that could rival Casablanca’s, before opening her eyes and thanking me—her master—for using her that way.

Yeah. I’d watched it back with my sister, getting so turned on in the process that I’d pulled her onto my lap, both of us staring at the screen as we fornicated.

But here’s the thing: even after the release, Ashley still didn’t make a move.

I was stumped. I mean, don’t get me wrong—my sister’s body being available to me every waking moment was pretty freaking great. For three weeks, I had been inside my sister more often than Kramer entered Jerry’s apartment. If the absolute worst-case scenario was that this became our new normal, my sister letting me fuck her anywhere and anytime I wanted…I could live with that.

But I wanted more.

I wanted more, and I knew that Ashley wanted more as well. After all, I’d ordered her priorities myself. Breathing, eating, and then becoming Jacob’s sex slave.

With no idea why she wasn’t saying anything, I’d moved ‘Be Jacob’s Sex Slave’ above everything else, in case she (somehow) just didn’t want it enough.

It hadn’t worked. The only difference was the passion with which she seemed to rededicate herself to getting me off. In my entire life, I’ve never seen anyone so obsessive; every chance she got, Ashley was either fucking me, or trying to turn me on enough to fuck her.

It was hot as hell, but I couldn’t stop racking my brain. Why wasn’t she making a move? Why wasn’t she offering herself as my sex slave?

Part of me wondered if I should be the one to bring it up, but it didn’t feel right. A part of me was still scared that if I suddenly made a move, Ashley would suddenly work out that I was the one behind all the changes she’d seen over the past six months.

Unlikely, yeah, but we were so close to the finish line. I would’ve hated for a last-minute fumble to cost me the game, y’know?

But the main reason, I’m not gonna lie, was that I wanted her to be the one to ask me.

I don’t know if it was nervousness, or maybe ego, but that was what I wanted. My naked, collared sister begging me to make her my sex slave…that was how I’d always pictured it.

Maybe you think that’s dumb, and that I should’ve just taken what I could get. But I knew my ultimate fantasy was within my grasp. If I had the opportunity to make that happen, why not go for it?

The worst-case scenario (aside from somehow messing up and losing everything) was that we’d just keep going as we did. Me using my sister’s every hole for my pleasure, while she obsessively tried to turn me on however she could.

Not exactly the end of the world, y’know?

* * *

After the video went live, and the money started flooding in, Ashley was terrified that her brother was going to stop fucking her. She entered her first post-video camming session with a sort of hyperfocus, making sure not to take her eye off the ball for a moment.

As soon as she was done, she approached Jacob and begged him to take her. She’d worked out that he (unsurprisingly) enjoyed the sound of her soft voice begging him to take her wet hole, to dominate her, to use his property for his pleasure.

Ashley had briefly worried that it wasn’t becoming of a submissive sex slave to ask her master for anything, but her brother seemed to have no such qualms, and would happily fuck her whenever she asked him.

Whenever she begged him.

She was unable to hide her sobs of relief as he fucked her that night, and after the two siblings reached a powerful mutual orgasm, Jacob held her for longer than normal before leaving her alone.

Even though the video was done, Ashley’s brother was still going to fuck her. Maybe he was enjoying their sexual relationship as much as she was?

Part of her was tempted to beg Jacob to make his sister into his sex slave, but she held back. She couldn’t. What if she’d misread the situation? Immediately after the video broke the first-day sales records she’d set with her previous release, he’d started talking about the next video they were going to make.

What if that’s all it was to him, a business? After all, that was how it had all started; it made sense that he’d never left that mindset. Everything they’d done had been within the framing of making more money camming; she’d never told him how she really felt, how much she wanted to be his, to belong to him.

Ashley needed to be her brother’s sex slave. And if she couldn’t, she didn’t know what she’d do.

* * *