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Hocus Pocus

Chapter One

“Are you really into this?” Jan scoffed as the lights dimmed on stage.

“Shhh” Carol nudged her. She turned to her husband Bob, grabbing his arm excitedly as the sound-system announced

“The Amazing Jefferson”

The club crowd applauded. Jan did so, only out of politeness. There was a certain buzz in The Cocktail Club that evening.

Jan hated all this Hocus Pocus. But she and Carol had been friends for over twenty-years and Carol had insisted. Bob and Carol were a great couple, but sometimes over-bearing and with Jan’s divorce from Terry they seemed to try and smother her with love.

She looked at them, and not the stage as they held each other. Both still very much in love, but Carol, who confessed everything to Jan had said that she found their love-making a burden. She still loved her husband but she had lost interest in that kind of physical union.

Jan could have mentioned that she’d sucked Bob off, but that would have destroyed their friendship.

On stage the tall dark man in bright colours performed some very hokey magic tricks.

“I’d like to introduce my assistant….” he announced, waving his hands about with flare. “Tiny Tina…” he said.

Out of the wings came Tina, a woman under 5ft tall, Asian. She wore a spangly, sparkly one piece. She bowed.

Jan almost jumped as he felt a hand on her knee. Bob still held Carol’s arm, but with his free hand he was playing with Jan.

She opened her legs obligingly.

“I’d like a member of the audience to volunteer!” Jan heard the Amazing Jefferson announce. And then Carol was on her feet.

Tina stepped into the crowds and made her way to their table. Jan closed her legs.

“Your name?” Carol Vordemeyer” Carol said into Tina’s hand-held microphone.

“Now, Carol” the Amazing Jefferson said, “I’d like you to think of a number between 1 and 100”

“Close your eyes” he continued

“I can’t feel a connection” he added

“Let my assistant help” he said

Tina moved around behind Carol and placed her forefinger on Carol’s temple.

Suddenly Carol went stiff.

Jan chuckled, thinking this was still all an act.

“54” Tina said

“54?” the Amazing Jefferson said, and he pulled out of his coat pocket a card with 54 written on it.

The audience applauded.

“Amazing!” Carol said

“Pffffttttt” Jan laughed

“I think we have an unbeliever!” Tina said looking at Jan

“Shall we try with you?” the Amazing Jefferson said

“No” Jan said, shrugging them away

“Please, try it” Carol said

“Are you afraid?” Tina said, scoffing Jan. Jan felt stung. She rose to the challenge

“Alright then” she said

“You’re willing to open your mind?” the Amazing Jefferson said


“You need to say it” Tina whispered

“Okay!” Jan said annoyed, wanting to get this over with “I’m wiling to open my mind”

“Cool” Tina said and moved around behind her.

She touched Jan’s temples.

Jan saw a flash of light.

“Jan!” Carol asked, shaking her friend, “Are you okay?”

“What happened?” Jan said, waking in another room…. “Where am I?”

“You passed out” said a man standing near-by, “You’re in my office”

“Wha… where… ?”

“You were watching the show with me when you passed out” Carol added, “The manager of the Club had you brought back here”

“I…” Jan said, managing to sit up with some difficulty…

“She’s alright” the manager said to a group of people gathered around.

“She needs some water” Carol said

“Okay” the manager said. “Let’s go get her some water then”

Someone raced out to get a glass of water.

“How long was I out?

“Twenty minutes” Carol said.

“Twenty minutes?”

“I’m afraid so”

“Where’s Bob?”

“He’s gone to fetch the car”

“This is so weird” Jan said

“Just sit and relax a bit” Carol said, “When Bob comes we’ll take you straight home”

“Noooo” Jan said struggling to get up… “I want to know what he did to me…”


“The Amazing What’s His Face…” she said feeling a little woozy.

“The Amazing Jefferson?”

“Who else?”

“Look you can barely walk…” Carol said as she watched Jan wobble over to the office door.

“Should you be moving?” the manager asked

“Leave me alone” she said as he put his hand on her arm.


“Get the fuck off me!” Jan said.

The manager backed off

Carol apologised for her friend’s obvious irrational behaviour “She’s upset…”

Jan went down the hall towards the dressing rooms.

She burst in.

“What the fuck?” she gasped.

Bob was lying on the floor, naked. Tiny Tina was on him, also naked, riding his cock.

Tina turned around and saw Jan, before looking back at Bob, and continuing as if Jan wasn’t there.

“You’re awake!” the Amazing Jefferson said.

Jan hadn’t seen him there… he was sitting on a couch, masturbating as he watched his assistant fuck Bob.

Carol appeared suddenly beside her

“Come in” the Amazing Jefferson said, “Join us”

Carol pushed past Jan and stepping over her husband she began to undress.

“Carol?” Jan gasped

“She can’t hear you” he smiled as he stood up, still tugging his cock. Jan suddenly noticed that Carol seemed to have a blank look on her face. She mechanically took her clothes off, showing no emotion whatsoever.

“What? Carol?” Jan cried.

Just then Tina began grunting as she came. Bob’s back arched a little as he emptied into her tiny pussy.

“Do you want to join us?” the Amazing Jefferson smiled, Invitingly.

Jan backed away. She saw the manager and others approach, all looking blankly. She turned the other way and ran down the hall.

A woman stepped out and blocked her way. Jan bowled her over and got out the door.

Terror; adrenaline gave her strength and speed.

Chapter Two

The phone rang. Jan woke. She fumbled around for her phone and found it in her coat pocket.

“Jan, honey” Carol chirped


“Yes, it’s me” Carol laughed “Who else?”

“What…? What happened to you…?”

“What do you mean?”

“Last night?”

“Last night?” Carol asked confused.

“Yes… you and Bob?”

“Oh, we made love…” Carol confessed, “It was so wonderful… we’d not done it in such a long time…”

“You…? No! I’m talking about last night!”

“What do you mean?

“What do you mean ‘what do you mean’?”

“Look” Carol said now a little angry “I don’t think this is funny”


“Yes!” Carol said annoyed “I ring you up just to talk and you’re fucking acting so weird!”

“I just wanted to ask what happened to you at the club…?”


“Hello?” Jan asked

“Hello? Carol?” she repeated. She looked at her phone and realised the call was disconnected.

Jan was really worried about her friends. What power had come over them? What was it about the so-called Amazing Jefferson….?

She got onto her computer and looked him up. There was an advertisement by him, for his services—entertainer.

A lot of glowing testimonials.

One stood out… a woman said she had been hypnotised to cure her of smoking and it had worked… and now she was cured her relationship with her ex improved so much that they remarried.

A different testimonial also hinted at a changed relationship.

Jan got the feeling that people were being mind-controlled … women were being mind-controlled and the husbands were beneficiaries of this changed behaviour.

Jan continued to surf the internet. She found that the Amazing Jefferson was really Rex Jefferson, of Idaho. He’d been a second-rate magician till he’d gone on a tour of south-east Asia and returned with a new assistant… Tiny Tina. Rex seemed to have been a 38 year old loser; Tina was listed at 40, but she looked way way younger.

Jan thought about what she could do… call the police? No. That seemed insane. She’d seem insane if she went to the police with that.

Her phone rang. Unlisted number.

“Hello?” she asked

“Hello, Jan” came the man’s voice. Jan immediately recognised it as Rex Jefferson, the not so Amazing.


“You left rather early last night” he said “There’s plans for you…” he continued, “You’ll enjoy your new life… there’s no fighting it”

“Fuck off!”

“You will serve!”

“I said…” then she changed her mind and ended the call

Moments later the phone rang again. She looked at it. It was Carol.

“Carol?” she asked

“Carol is now a slave” Rex Jefferson said.

“What…?” Jan gasped, “What are you doing with Carol’s phone?”

“I’m here with Carol and Bob now…” Rex chuffed.

“Put Carol on…”

“Carol doesn’t want to speak to you… she’s now a slave… you’ll be a slave too”

“Leave me alone!”

“I’m watching Carol and Bob fuck now…” he said, “So good to see a husband and wife back together again”

“Leave me alone!” she said before disconnecting the call.

Moments later the phone rang.

Terry was trying to call her.

‘Why would he be calling me?’ she asked. She hit ‘connect’


“It’s me, Jan” Rex laughed “There’s no escaping it…. Terry wants to be back with you…”

“Nooooooooo!” Jan threw the phone against the wall.

She sat there sobbing for a while.

After a few minutes she took a deep breath of air and tried to calm herself down.

She went to her chest of draws and drew out her 9mm. She took some ammo and filled the clip. She found an extra clip.

She tucked the 9mm into her belt and went down to her car.

The drive—one of determination. She would not be the victim.

She went up to Carol and Bob’s front door.

Tina opened it before she could get to the door.

Tina was naked.

She saw the determination on Jan’s face and stepped aside, lest she bear the wrath of a woman scorned.

Jan stormed in.

Bob was on his wife, in the middle of the lounge room.

Terry stood by, also naked, his cock rock hard.

Rex Jefferson was there naked too.

“So you’ve come to be enslaved!” he grinned.

Jan drew her gun out and aimed it at Rex and fired.

He stumbled back, bleeding “You’ll never make me your slave” she screamed at him as he looked up at her, pale.

“Not me…” he grinned wearily

Jan turned around

Tina’s eyes seemed to glow.

Jan was caught in the warmth of the gaze

“Put the gun down” she heard in her head.

She dropped it. As she did Carol rushed over to Rex and examined the wound; lucky it was just a graze. She looked back at Tina, and nodded in obedience. She and her husband picked Rex up and carried him to another room

Jan looked down at her own hand that had just obeyed someone else’s command

“You will obey me…” Jen heard the words in her mind. She felt her whole body relax.

Tina turned to Terry. He stepped forward

“We both serve, now” Terry smiled.


Jan returned to Terry. They were so happy to be together again.

Bob and Carol often visited them. They shared each other, they met other couples too.

Their love-making, sharing each other.

Tina always attended the orgies. Sometimes with her ‘partner’ Rex. He obediently drove her about town.

Tina spread the love.

The End