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Home Farm

Just a few points: firstly this story is written in British-English so the spelling and grammar may well differ from that of the particular dialect in which you were educated, I am also dyslexic, which may account for the randomness of the spelling.

Secondly, this story is fiction and all characters portrayed in it are fictional also. However, most of the organisations that play a major part as the story develops are, or were, real!

Thirdly, inspiration: I have drawn upon the ideas found in other writers’ work which I have developed and hopefully given my own twist. I would particularly like to thank Half Shim and Bed Head whose recent work “Education in the Basement” gave me the impetus to finish writing this story, which I began in 2019.

* * *

Chapter One: February 2005 — Acquisition.

It was a Saturday night in late February 2005 and as usually Anna and Lily went out clubbing. They were both in their mid-twenties with faces that were best described as ‘nice’ or ‘pretty’, rather than beautiful. Both could also be described as having fuller figures as neither was fashionably emaciated. They were both brunettes and while Anna wore her light brown hair shoulder length, Lily’s black hair was dyed a rich chocolate and cascaded down her back. Lily was also of Chinese decent and her ancestry showing most noticeably in her face.

Both women taught at the same village school and to save money, shared a flat over the local sub-post office. They had both joined the staff at Pratt’s Bottom Junior School at the start of the autumn term some seventeen months earlier and had become good friends since the flat share began. Although they were both were straight, Lily had begun to harbour certain guilty thoughts regarding her friend and sometimes found her eyes lingering on Anna’s ample breasts.

At the time that they had set out from home to drive ten or so miles to the night club in the near-by market town, the sky had been overcast. Unfortunately they hadn’t listened to the local radio, for if they had they would have known that there was a ‘yellow-weather warning’ in force and that people were being advised to stay at home and not cross the moors unless their journey was absolutely necessary. The girls did, however, wonder why the club was less than half empty.

Now, in the early hours, the weather warning had been upgraded to ‘Red’ and the sky wasn’t just overcast, it had mutated into that of a dark, stormy night. As they drove home across the moor the wind howled through the trees causing them to sway and rustle menacingly. Anna peered through the streaked and smeared windscreen in an attempt to make out the road ahead. It was difficult as the wipers were barely coping. The one on the passenger side was torn causing an eight inch strip of black rubber to go ‘flap—flap—flap ’ as it flopped around ineffectually keeping time with the rhythm of the wiper arms but achieving little else.

It had been a good night at the club and Anna and Lily had left when it closed at two, although the weather had come as a surprise as they made their way through the sheets of driving rain to the car park. For a short time the soaking wet girls had just sat huddled in Anna’s car hoping that the storm would die down, but as it didn’t seem to be doing so Anna tentatively started the engine and nosed out into the sparse traffic, heading out of town and over the moors towards the little village where they both lived.

At least, once out into the open country, Anna knew that in this weather they would have the road to themselves: or so she thought. A few miles into their journey, the road through Blackdyke Forest proved her wrong. With a wary eye, Anna slowed to about twenty miles an hour as she followed the road as it wound through the trees.

“Why you slowed down?” Lily asked doubtfully from the gloom to her left, her voice miserable as she felt cold despite the car heater being on full.

Anna shrugged. “There could be branches or trees across the road... Don’t want to hit one.” She answered. She knew that she was over the limit so the last thing she wanted to do was to explain to a keen young copper why she had run into something. She could imagine what would happen when he ‘invited’ her to blow into his little black breath-box.

She slowed even more after she was forced to swerve to avoid the branch that was halfway across the carriageway. The branch, a sizeable one, would have done a fair amount of damage if she had collided with it. She breathed a sigh of relief as she manoeuvred around it.

“Oh, wow!” Shouted Lily. “Go slower! Go slower!”

The blue light was another matter, Anna saw it flashing through the trees a minute or so before she rounded the right hand bend at Wytches Bottom. The police car was completely across the road, blocking it. Her lights shone on the figure of the copper who seemed almost luminous in his green, high-vis jacket and trousers. He was holding up his hand to signal her to stop.

After Anna had brought the car to a standstill the copper walked over to them and she wound the window down. “What’s up?” She asked him hoping to high heaven that he wouldn’t smell her breath.

Only ‘he’ was a ‘she’. “Sorry, Ma’am,” the policewoman said, “there’s a culvert got washed out and its left a twenty foot gap in the road.”

“But we’ve got to get home to Pratt’s Bottom!” Anna pleaded.

The copper ducked her head in through the open window and grinned. She looked to be in her forties and had shortish grey hair. “Okay, I shouldn’t be telling you this, but there’s a turning to the left, just past my car. It’s only a forestry track and it’s pretty rough but it rejoins the main road after about three miles, it will get you past the obstruction. Okay?”

Anna nodded and thanked the woman.

“I’ll just ease my car back so that you can get past.” The copper said conspiratorially.

After she had done so, she got out of her car and smiling to herself, she watched Anna’s Ford Escort leave the road and pass between the trees and vanish into the side turning. She waited a few seconds before lifting the blue light off the roof of her car, she turned it off and tossed it onto the front passenger seat. Within about a minute she was following the little Ford along the forest track.

The track proved to be rougher than anything that Anna was used to driving on as after about a hundred yards, the broken tarmac surface gave way to one of crushed rock and gravel. She glanced at her speedo: ten mile an hour! But even at that leisurely pace, the trees seemed to rush past at a break-neck speed. The occasional bush made a scraping noise as it brushed against the windows and the sides and the woman could swear that she could hear the shriek of branches and thorns scratching the paintwork.

The main beam lanced into the darkness illuminating the crushed grey limestone and puddles that made up the track, Then there were the menacing trees that seemed to thrash angrily in the wind. From somewhere behind she thought that she glanced car lights... But no, it must have been lightening or something as there was nothing in the mirror.

She sobbed: the frightening wood seemed to stretch out forever in front of the car as she drove along the narrow track that wove and twisted its way between those belligerent trees Blackdyke Wood was haunted, or so they said, but Anna had scoffed at the old wives’ tales. She was a big-city girl from Manchester. She knew that woods weren’t haunted by anything... Only... Only... Well the way that the shadows twisted and moved... She just wasn’t sure any longer and there could be anything lurking in the darkness.

Lightening flashed. The deep woods lit up eerily. Lily squealed. “It moved! That tree! It moved!”

The rumble of thunder, when it came several seconds later, caused her to scream again.

The track seemed to go on forever: twisting, winding but at least it seemed to be heading in the right direction, or at least Anna prayed that it was: for she had long since lost all sense of which way was which. Still, it has to end sometime. She thought. But it didn’t: not for them!

Ahead, where it curved away to the right, the headlights picked out the crumbling remains of a small stone cottage and standing beside it was a dark, shadowy figure that seemed to wave and gesture menacingly at her. Anna saw it and shuddered and then it was gone. As the car rounded the bend red lights blazed out of the darkness right in front of her and she jammed on the brakes pulling up some ten feet behind a large cattle wagon that was blocking the lane completely.

As she sat there frozen in place and wondering what to do she became aware that there was someone standing by her car. The dark figure motioned for her to wind the window down but Anna shook her head vigorously.

The figure shrugged and then walked forward slowly until it stood behind the truck where, illuminated by the Ford’s headlights, Anna saw it reach up and throw back the hood of a dark rain jacket. The long blonde hair and face so revealed, were those of a woman.

Anna heaved a sigh of relief and pressed the switch to lower the window.

The woman walked back to the side of the car. “I tried to flag you down, but you just drove past. I was hoping that you were from the garage.”

“Sorry,” said a much relieved Anna, “we’re teachers, not mechanics.”

“What’s wrong?” Called Lily from the passenger seat.

The woman, who looked to be in her forties, grimaced. “Engine died on me, I think rain water’s got into the injectors. Anyway she won’t start. Bloody nuisance!”

Anna, who taught the reception class of five-year olds, hadn’t got a clue as to what ‘injectors’ were or what they did, nodded sympathetically. “Anything we can do?”

The woman shook her head and then leaned in through the open window. “No, the garage are on the way. Shouldn’t be too much longer.”

Anna was about to speak when she noticed that the woman was holding something in her hand. Whatever it was, it ‘cracked’ twice and Anna felt something sharp sting her thigh. She yelped at about the same time as Lily and gasped when she saw the dart sticking out of the muscle of her upper leg and the last thing that she remembered was feeling very sleepy as the world spun away into blackness.

A few seconds later another car rolled to a stop behind Anna’s Ford and the woman in the hi-vis suit climbed out and asked. “Any trouble, Mistress Mary?”

The blonde laughed. “It all went like a dream, Julie, they’re both sleeping like tiny babies.”

Julie walked over and expertly appraised the sleeping pair, gently squeezing Anna’s full breasts as she did so. She nodded appreciatively. “Better than we thought, your daughters can have her pick of these two!”

With well-practised easy movements, the women manoeuvred Anna into the back seat of her car and after Mary had lowered the tail ramp of the cattle wagon Julie drove the Ford, with its two sleeping occupants, inside, Expertly the woman chained it to the floor of the truck. Then after a break for coffee and for Julie to get rid of her hi-vis police gear, Mary climbed up into the cab of the cattle wagon which, needless to say, started first time. She drove off into the night with Julie, now dressed normally, following along behind in her own car. It had taken less than twenty minutes to acquire the girls who were now being driven off to whatever fate awaited them, and although they couldn’t know it, neither of them would ever set foot in a classroom again.