The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Home Farm

by Writer345 ©

* * *

Chapter Two: February 2005 — The First Phase.

Although Lily and Anna regained consciousness at about they same time, each was unaware of the other’ plight as they awoke in separate but identical little rooms. On reflection it would be debatable if the spaces in which they were confined should actually be regarded as ‘rooms’ for they were more like large windowless cupboards.

When Lily slowly realized that she was very stiff. she groaned and tried to shuffle into a more comfortable position but it was no good: the bed was far too hard. She grunted in displeasure and this time stretched like a cat in a vain effort to get comfortable but everything ached.

This was the first realization that bubbled to the surface of the woman’s groggy mind.

Everything aches!

Head aches...

Legs ache...

Back aches...

Neck aches...

Everything aches!

Lily rolled onto her back: the second realization struck her despite her eyes being closed, light blazed beyond her eyelids. Why is it so bright?

She forced her bleary eyes open. White! Everything is white! Bright brilliant dazzling white!

The walls were white, the floor was white, the ceiling was white. Everything was white and brightly lit as the very ceiling itself seemed to glow. She sat up, shuffled backwards until she was leaning against a wall and looked around at... Well, very little. The room seemed to be a seven foot cube with a floor and walls that were padded: who ever it was that had put her in here didn’t want her to hurt herself, which was a good thing, wasn’t it? The woman frowned as an unwelcome conclusion bubbled up to the surface of her mind.

Perhaps they are afraid that I will want to injure myself? Needless to say, this was not a comforting thought.

The next thing that struck her was that she was quite naked, no clothes, no undies, no shoes. She gasped and terrified, she looked around the empty room. Why am I naked? Suddenly she realised that she wasn’t quite. There was something around her neck. Her hands flew up and she felt a collar: a collar without a catch or a buckle.

She sobbed. Why am I only wearing a collar?

“Hallo?” She shouted. “Is anyone there?”

There was no answer and because of the padding, even her own voice didn’t echo and sounded very flat. She listened to the sound of silence which seemed to make her ears hurt more than loud noises would. She screamed and screamed and screamed and ended up with a sore throat. The screams descended into sobs and the sobs into silence.

Why was she here? She wondered and then remembered the drive home across the moors, the storm, the diversion, the cattle truck blocking the track, the woman and finally waking-up here—wherever here was!

“Oh good! You’re awake.” The woman’s voice called out to her.

She looked up again but there was no one there. “Hallo?”

“Hallo, Lily!” The voice replied, it was a friendly voice, a reassuring voice.

“You... You know me?” Lily asked uncertainly.

The voice chuckled pleasantly. “Of course I know you—you and your friend Anna Prescott.”

The voice was gentle, friendly almost, although this did not make Lily feel any easier and suddenly she was concerned for her friend’s safety. “Where’s Anna, what have you done to her? Where is she?”

Lily could almost hear the woman’s smile as she answered in her oddly reassuring way. “Don’t worry, Anna’s fine. She’s just down the corridor, safe in a room just like yours.”

“Please let us go.” Lily said, dismayed at how whiny her voice sounded.

The woman sounded sympathetic when she answered. “I’m very sorry, Lily, but I can’t do that. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to everything and will come to love it here. My girls always do.”

Lily shuddered. Girls? There are others? Suddenly she became much more frightened and her voice quivered slightly as she asked.. “What do you want with me?”

There came another friendly chuckle. “I want to look after you, so just relax. The room can only be opened from the outside so there’s no point in trying to get out.” There was a pause. “Now pay attention! What I am going to say will make your life a lot easier.”

With rising terror Lily listened as the woman pointed out that there was a drain in one of the corners over which she should relieve herself. That the pipe sticking out of the side wall was a drinking fountain, all that she had to do was take it into her mouth and suck. The small square next to it was a serving hatch: when there was food available, it would slide open and a bell would ring. When she had finished she was to replace the dish—she wouldn’t be fed again unless she did. Other things that she needed would be delivered the same way and the same rules would apply.

Finally the jolly voice informed her that there were sprinklers in the ceiling and she would be given a shower every-now-and-again. “We must look after your hygiene, you know!”

The voice fell silent.

“Hallo?” Called Lily. “Lady? Hallo?” But there was no answer.

Lily sat propped up against the wall for what seemed like hours, but probably wasn’t. When the boredom became too much, she lurched unsteadily to her feet and began to explore her cell: for cell was what it was. She sucked experimentally at the water pipe and received the promised water which she drank greedily, not realising how thirsty she actually was. The serving hatch was a foot square line in the wall just to the right of the pipe from which she had just obtained the drink of tasteless water.

A puzzling thought struck her. Why are the pipe and hatch only eighteen inches from the floor?

Next she found the door but like the serving hatch, it was a mere outline scored into a wall with no way to open it from her side. Somehow she was not surprised. But what did puzzle her was the second door in the wall opposite. Or at least she assumed that it was a door although it was only about two foot square. She knelt and examined it... Weird!

The final discovery was the drain in the corner to the left of the small door... She used this to empty her bladder.

Lily flopped onto the floor in the opposite corner and sat back against the wall with a dull thump! Worry gnawed at her and questions flooded up: why was she here? What did they want? Who was that woman? Finally there came a strange one: why am I so relaxed? Oddly enough this was the most frightening thought of all!

Shortly afterwards her thoughts, such that they were, were disturbed by “Ding!!!

Lily looked up and watched the panel covering the serving hatch slide open somehow. She shuffled over and saw that a bowl and a spoon were inside, she removed them and sniffed at the bowl of warm brownish sludge. It smelled much better than it looked... A bit like savoury mince.

She used the spoon to hesitantly taste it. Not bad! Actually it was like a cross between chicken supreme and minced beef. The taste made her realise just how hungry she actually was and before she knew it she was scraping the last traces out of the bowl. Which, being a good girl, she immediately replaced in the servery which closed as soon as she did.

It ‘dinged’ again a few seconds later, sliding open exactly as before only this time it revealed a tooth brush and toothpaste. She chuckled and proceeded to clean her teeth over the drain... The woman certainly wasn’t joking about looking after her!

About half an hour after settling back against the wall and beginning to doze, it began to rain. Lily squeaked and jumped to her feet and realised that she was receiving the promised shower, which went on for about five minutes and was followed by gusts of warm air that blew both herself and the room dry quite effectively. The latter puzzled her as there didn’t seem to be anything for the warm air to blow out of.

This then became the routine: sleeping, waking, feeding, cleaning teeth and showering interspersed with the occasional drink of water or visit to the drain. Not a whole lot to break the monotony or stir her out of the lethargy that had descended unnoticed. Day and night? They ceased to exist as the lights never wavered in their intensity and the only things that she had to record the passage of time were the meals, the showers and her own bodily functions. Needless to say, she soon lost count.

What was there to do other than play with herself? And much to her surprise, she was doing just that before she realised that she was actually rubbing her pussy. She’d just had a shower, the fourth or fifth or possibly the seventh and there was some time to kill before the next meal... She wasn’t really sleepy but seemed to slip into some sort of blank state none-the-less. Without realising it, her right hand developed a life all of its own. Well it had been resting on her tummy to start with and just seemed to have wandered off and gone exploring all by itself.

The sensation was, well, nice and it was this sudden jolt of pleasure that snapped her back to reality. What am I doing? I never do this, it’s dirty!

She frowned. Well actually she did do this: but not often... She realised guiltily. But why now?

Something doesn’t feel quite right. Definitely not wrong, just different, somehow. Hesitantly she examined her fingers: they were wet and sort of slippery. She sniffed them: they were pungent and smelled sort of nice. Curiosity piqued, she bent forward until she could see as much of her pussy as she possibly could... odd! It seemed to be all puffy and there was something leaking out and dripping onto the floor.

I’ve wet myself! But almost immediately she knew that she hadn’t, or a least not in that way. She used her hands to gently tease her pussy open and two things struck her: firstly, she really was wet and secondly there was the scent of her own arousal—just like that on her fingers, only much, much stronger.

Once more she sat back against the wall with the same loud thump! “Fuck!” She heard herself mutter. “I’m really turned on!”

She sat there for several minutes, surprised, astounded, shocked: call it what you will but the young woman was genuinely puzzled. “Why am I so horny?” She asked no one in particular. And although she was overheard, silence was the only answer that she received.

She frowned again and decided to sit quietly and wait for the next meal. After all, there is nothing else to do is there?

No doubt her right hand thought otherwise because a few minutes later Lily realized that it had resumed its previous shameful activities. She gave a sigh that was half exasperation, half contentment but didn’t interfere as her hand clearly had a better grasp of what she really needed than her brain did. Better let it get on with what it’s doing!

* * *

Not far away, the grey-haired woman who we know as “Julie”, smiled at the bank of monitor screens that she was watching. There were three sets of four . The first set showed a tiny but completely empty and pristine-white room. The next set showed Anna slumped in a corner of a similar room doing precisely nothing. The third set showed...

Julie moved rapidly, her left hand hitting the call button.

There was a pause until Mary’s voice sounded in Julie’s earphones. “Yes, Julie?

“Mistress,”Julie chuckled, “Lily’s masturbating.”

There was a pause. “How about, Anna?”

“Just sitting there, Mistress.”

There was another pause. “Okay increase the stimulant in her food. I don’t want to move to the next phase of the processing until they’re both ready.”

Julie acknowledged this and broke contact before returning to the row of monitors that depicted Lily. She reached over an operated a couple of controls and was rewarded by the camera zooming in on the girl’s activities. Then, without taking her eyes off the golden-brown hand dancing across the engorged pussy-lips, Julie unbuckled her own jeans and slipped a comforting hand inside her own panties. She smiled and relaxed—life was good!