The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Home Farm

by Writer345 ©

* * *

Chapter Three: February 2005 — The Second Phase.

Anna was finding it hard not to fiddle with herself: which is how she thought of it. She had been in the white room for so long that she had lost track of time. She was incredibly bored and being very intelligent, the lack of activity had hit her hard which is how she rationalized her sudden urges to sink her fingers knuckle deep into her pussy and her arsehole. Hell! The rubbing made her feel great but it was also something to do!

When she had been seven or eight, her mother had caught her with her hand under her skirt. She’d only been straightening out an uncomfortable crease but the subsequent tirade against ‘dirty behaviour’ that she had received had had such a negative effect upon the little girl that she had been reluctant even to just touch her ‘front bottom’ ever since. She was even reluctant to let her boyfriends anywhere near her pussy which is why she was never able to keep one for more than a few weeks...

All things considered, the realisation that the sensation that masturbation produced was enjoyable had such a profound effect upon the now twenty-six year old Anna that she found herself close to panic. She really did expect someone, her mother probably, to burst into her tiny room and scream abuse at her. The fact that it didn’t happen did nothing to calm the woman’s nerves or to diminish her high levels of guilt.

Suddenly the music started... Quiet background music... Pleasant, soothing, continuous. It went on and on and on. It was nothing that she recognised but it was gentle and reassuring. It wasn’t classical, or pop, or anything really other than a pleasant background noise: something to listen to. It was the sort of music that they played in supermarkets and shopping centres.

As she played with herself the music seemed to work its way into her into her consciousness. But was it just music or was there something else? A rising and falling hiss, perhaps? Something rather like the sound of the sea washing over the beach: a pleasant sound, one that she remembered from childhood.

Half listening, Anna never realised that the pleasant rhythm of her rubbing fingers was now in-tune with that of the music. Suddenly she found her clitoris when she accidentally flipped it out from under its little hood. Huh???

Thanks to her mother’s intervention all of those years ago, she was unsure what it was that she had found. When she slipped a finger underneath to examine it she received a jolt and realised that an electric shock would not have felt this intense. Wow!!! That was nice!

She rolled it between finger and thumb sort of experimentally. “God! Woo!”

She rubbed it. “Oh, fuck!!” She heard someone shout and then giggled when she realised that it was herself.

From then on, the pleasure became even more intense and the guilt slipped into the background: it was still there, but as time went on it would matter less and less.

Time passed for Anna and her routine became one of: sleeping, waking, feeding, cleaning teeth, playing with herself and showering interspersed with the occasional drink of water or visit to the drain for the other kinds of relief. The music became her constant companion: the music and the gentle play of the waves on the shingle shore. Sometimes she almost heard voices murmuring too her, voices embedded in the music but she couldn’t tell what they said and in any case, she wasn’t even convinced that it wasn’t just her imagination. Every now and again she thought about her friend, Lily, who the nice lady had informed her was in a near-by room. Anna sighed when she thought about her friend, Lily. Perhaps we can play with each others pussies?

She stopped dead... Where had that thought come from? “I’m straight.” She muttered, shuddering. “Girls don’t play with each other: not like that. It’s dirty!”

Dirty like me playing with my own pussy! Then it dawned on her that she no longer cared. She shrugged and carried on rubbing herself.

* * *

Julie had just dropped in to the control room while on the way from one task to the next. She glanced at Anna’s screens and then laughed as she jammed on the headphones and reached for the call button.

“Mistress,” she said excitedly when she received an answer, “it’s Anna, she’s really going at it now!”

Mistress Mary chuckled, although not nastily. “Begin phase two... Normal protocols.”

—And things really began to change for both Lily and Anna.

* * *

Anna was groggy when she next awoke, she remembered feeling sleepy just after she had finished her last meal and now she was, she realised, still tired. She stretched and rubbed her eyes in an attempt to revive herself. Her hands, they felt wrong, what was wrong with her hands?

She gazed at them in surprise and saw that she was wearing some sort of weird gloves. They were black, smooth and shiny but worse still, they had no separate fingers or thumbs. They were some sort of padded mitten that enclosed not only her hands but her arms to well above her elbows. She stared at them and tried to move her fingers but it was no good. Her fingers seemed to be trapped inside something that held them in a partially clenched position and as she moved her hands it was almost as if there was some sort of fluid bathing them inside the mittens. She looked again and saw that there was more: where her palms should be she saw hard thick pads, rather like the soles of shoes.

Her bladder chose that moment to derail her train of thought and as soon as she had finished relieving herself, the serving hatch dinged at her and slid open. As she walked across she wondered how she would be able to hold the spoon, however this eventuality had been anticipated. The serving hatch had opened to reveal something resembling a giant baby’s bottle which she was able to grasp between the soles of her mittens. Swearing to herself she held it up and sucked out the savoury sludge.

She sat in the corner afterwards experimented with the gloves. The top parts, although flexible, seemed to be sealed to her skin, she tried nibbling at them but didn’t seem able to make a mark. When she bit into one it felt as if she was biting her own skin and gave up in frustration. She tried rubbing her pussy and found that she could still masturbate if she used the edge where her thumbs should have been and yes, the thumbs were still there trapped inside the infernal things.

She tried again after the shower and found that her hands were now much less effective as she no longer had anything to push into her pussy or up her arsehole. But when she tried rubbing her breasts with the back of the left glove she found that the sensation of the smooth rubber, or plastic, or whatever it was against the engorged nipples was fantastic.

Still, she couldn’t complain and had managed to bring herself off a couple of times before the serving hatch ‘dinged’ again before presenting her with another oversized baby’s bottle.

This time there was no toothbrush, how could she hold it? She was just pondering the point when it happened again! Five minutes after the meal she felt sleepy and felt herself folding down onto the floor in very short order. The next time that she woke up she found a new change.

She rolled onto her side... Toothpaste! She could taste toothpaste! Someone had cleaned her teeth while she slept. Well she wasn’t going to complain about that! She rubbed her eyes with the backs of her hands: the damned mittens were still on, worse luck! But it was only when she tried to stand that she realised what they had done this time. Try as she might, she couldn’t straighten her knees.

She examined them in horror and saw that she was wearing some sort of knee braces. The rubber seemed to be the same shiny black stuff that the gloves were made of except that a tube of it encasing each of her knees, starting at mid thigh and extending down to mid calf. She felt it with the backs of her hands and yes there was some sort of frame embedded in it. A frame that allowed her some movement but locked her knees when she tried to straighten them. There were also thick soles attached to the restraints just below her knees.

She shrieked in horror and then shouted. “What are you bastards doing to me?”

There was, of course, no answer to her shouted question or to the heavy sobs that followed it. But once again it was her bladder that reminded her that she needed to move. Responding to its call, Anna knelt on the floor, looking somewhat like a giant meerkat, before making her ungainly way on all-fours across to the drain.

The ‘day’ followed the pattern of the previous two and saw her fall into a deep sleep just after her second meal. Walking on all-fours proved to be easier with practice although she was more than a little concerned about the way that her ample breasts hung down and flopped around if she moved suddenly. She fervently hoped that this wouldn’t damage the connective tissue that was there to prevent them from sagging.

When she awoke she was already expecting something to have changed but was still surprised at what she discovered. When her eyes opened she found that she was staring up at the ceiling as usual... She had slept on her back as usual, despite her braced knees.

The ceiling... Why is it so close? The realization that the room was now only about three feet high stunned her. She would still be able to sit up but could no longer kneel due to the reduced headroom.

She tried to call out but couldn’t or not in words: all that came out was an inarticulate moan. It was then that Anna realized that there was something in her mouth.

“Where am I?” She tried to shout, but all that came out was a rather pathetic. “Uh-oh-uh!”

She tried to explore the inside of her mouth with her tongue and found that there were several things actually in her mouth and also, she realised, around her lower face. First off, there was a ring in her mouth, just behind her teeth: she tried to open her mouth, but her mouth wouldn’t open. She raised her hand to find out why and realized that she was wearing some sort of bridle, she could feel it as she rubbed the back of her glove against her face. She could neither open her mouth nor close it. Worse still, there was some sort of projection running back from the ring that limited the movement of her tongue. She rubbed at the bridle again and came to the conclusion that it was more like a mask that covered her face from above her nose to below her jaw. Her mouth was thus locked into a single position, neither open nor closed. She rubbed against the mask again, but it was no good: the straps which she could feel running over the top of her head and around the back of her neck were secure—really secure!

The water pipe fitted perfectly but when the serving hatch ‘dinged’ she noticed that there wasn’t one, instead, there was a new tube protruding from the space where the sliding door had been ‘yesterday’. It was no surprise to discover that this one also fitted the hole in her ring-gag perfectly.

* * *

Somewhere close by, Julie and Mistress Mary were both sitting in the control room eagerly gazing at the screen. Mary had already noticed that Julie was rubbing herself through her tight clothing: she smiled gently, but didn’t say anything. After all, Julie had been hers for more than twenty years and she was more than happy to let her have extra little freedoms.

“Ready for the final phase, Mistress?” Julie asked enthusiastically, as she examined the two women displayed on the screens.

“They seem to be adapting very well, don’t they old friend?” Mary answered without looking away. Both Lily and Anna were on the second feed of the day, the one loaded with sedatives.

“Only thing now is to cure them of the last two of their bad habits.” Julie grinned.

Mary nodded her agreement without taking her eyes from the screen. Then after a long pause she continued. “Once the final phase of the basic procedure is successfully concluded then the livestock will be ready for utilization.”

It was Julie’s turn to nod. On screen the two young women were slumped on the floors of their respective cells: Anna lying on her back and Lily on her side. Yes, they would soon be fully modified and conditioned...