The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Hose Virus

Chapter 6

Vermin Unite!

Mrs. Thompson’s miniature poodle Hans was wakened by noises in the kitchen. Yapping madly he dashed in to find a large rat with its head buried in the trashcan. Hans enraged by the invader and seeing an opportunity to bully something smaller then he was lunged for the rat. As his jaws clamped down on its body he felt a satisfying crunch in his mouth. Expecting the coppery taste of blood the poodle instead was greeted by a pleasant warm silky liquid which filled his mouth. Hans released the rat’s corpse which allowed a thick black substance to drool out of his gaping mouth. The material clearly visible against the bright fur wove its way in rivulets towards the poodles back half. Hans began to shake his head as if to clear it already experiencing the conversion. The dog quickly succumbed and rolled over onto his side in the dark kitchen. The rat’s body lay where Hans had dropped it. The host now dead and no longer feeding its parasite was now completely covered by it. The parasite was salvaging any useful material from the host body to continue its replication. Once finished there would be little left of the rat to prove it had ever existed.

Martha Thompson a retired school teacher loved sleeping in now days. At 70 she’d enjoyed the retired lifestyle for a long time. Other then her dog Hans she lived alone. She’d heard the poodle barking in the middle of the night but was well aware of his high strung nature and had simply gone back to sleep. She was in the process of tossing yesterdays coffee grounds in the trash under the sink when she stepped into a puddle. Her face twisted into a disgusted expression as she examined the offensive spot. Martha expected to see something Hans had thrown up or worse a deposit from the other end but this was completely different. This looked like tar but how tar, especially such a large amount of it got in to her kitchen was a mystery to her. Worse rather then sticking to the floor it was now firmly affixed to her foot. A great deal of it had even squished between her toes. As she was pondering the mess and its origins Hans finally made his morning appearance. Her planned reaction to seeing him was swiftly altered when she noted his predicament. Apparently he’d somehow gotten into the mess himself last night and rolled in it. Hans was covered from just below his ribcage to the tip of his tail with the strange material. Even his hind legs were filthy.

Martha now thoroughly confused looked back down at her own leg. The material defying gravity was rapidly flowing up past her knee. Hans having noticed her presence growled and leaped for the other leg. Rather then biting her though his front legs clamped around it he began humping her leg forcing his erect penis to rub against her shin. Hans almost immediately ejaculated thick gooey syrup onto the previously unaffected leg. Martha disgusted by his attack kicked him off sending him skidding across the floor. Hans now spent wandered off in search of food leaving Martha to her own means. While effective the sudden movement caused Martha to fall hard on to the linoleum. Her legs weak, knees shaking all she could do was track the progress of the nylon up her legs. Her fears became rapture as she was penetrated in both holes simultaneously. For the first time in decades Martha experienced sexual bliss but this was so much more. Lost in the pleasure Martha’s cares were erased. The parasite finding her withered body incapable of supporting its needs didn’t stop covering her when it reached her mouth. It poured into her throat and nostrils snuffing her life and breaking the body down to wait, dormant for a more suitable host. One that was sexually mature but not quite as mature as Martha had been.

James and Susan generally enjoyed their first floor apartment but unfortunately the plumbing had been out for the last three days. Neither the handyman nor the landlord was returning any calls and to make matters worse for James, His wife was apparently suffering through the worst period in history. Tired of being without water she’d told James in no uncertain terms that he’d fix the sink today. James, his head buried in the cabinets heard Susan approaching no doubt to ask him for the fifth time how much longer it was going to take. The pliers slipped off of the hose connection he was loosening bashing his knuckles into the wall behind the cabinet. The sharp pain in his knuckles was the last straw. “Shit!” he cursed.

The noise also startled a cockroach that made a run for it heading out into the kitchen. Susan had just been preparing to berate James for his lack of discretion when she saw the roach scurrying toward her. Terrified of bugs she tried to leap out of its path but her reflexive action proved just a little too slow. The roach darted up her leg and under the hem of her sundress. Frantically she swatted at her legs trying to kill the offensive insect while James struggled to extricate himself from the cabinet. “Help me!” she demanded just as the roach managed to wriggle his way through the leg of her panties. It made its way across the cotton panel and slipped silkily into her vagina squeezing past the tampon. “Oh Shit!” she squeaked. James finally pulling himself free replied “Oh, I See. I curse it’s a big deal but its ok if you do?” Susan didn’t reply, her eyes merely widened and her mouth instead of unleashing a torrent of insults dropped open forming an O. James had never seen anything shut Susan up. James, starting to get concerned for his wife heard a wet sounding plop. Susan’s tampon covered in thick black liquid fell out and landed on the floor. A rush of the same liquid poured down the inside of her legs as he watched in amazement. Rather then forming a puddle at her feet it wrapped around them covering her in a smooth black pair of pantyhose. The tirade of shouts he’d been braced for finally began but they weren’t what he expected at all. Screaming her orgasm to the world she fell, landing hard on her ass with her hands tearing at her clothing. The flimsy dress was no obstacle for her violent outburst, her bra and panties quickly followed. Concerned for his wife now lying on the floor thrusting her hips and unbelievably, fingering herself James scampered towards her on his hands and knees.

He’d no sooner begun then a horde of roaches came running out from under the sink. James felt the first one run up his pant leg and managed to crush it between his knee and the floor. He leapt to his feet feeling them streaming up the leg of his slacks he fought valiantly to stem the tide of invaders. Every one he crushed weakened his resolve a little more as the corpses shed their parasitic masters onto his body. The battle was finally lost when one of the roaches slithered between his cheeks and slipped easily past his sphincter. It died quickly but its body would not be wasted by the parasite. Its payload delivered directly to his prostate James joined his wife on the kitchen floor. As if to expedite his domination James frantically shredded his clothing as his wife had before him. He thrust two fingers into his pulsing asshole forcing copious amounts of black liquid out that formed a bubble before bursting and devouring his scrotum and cock already rigid and twitching in time to the frantic pounding in his anus. Reduced to animals by their sexual needs neither James and Susan interlocked their bodies, rubbing themselves against each other while their parasites formed the familiar pantyhose like forms locking them forever in a cycle of orgasmic symbiosis