The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Hose Virus

Chapter 5

Nothing is Spared

John was ready to head out the door to go to work. As he opened the door his hands occupied carrying his keys and a lunch he was greeted by his next door neighbor Jessica. John had always failed at striking up a conversation with her. From the hungry look in her eyes and her state of dress talking appeared to be the last thing on her mind. She leaped at him knocking him back against his couch. Frantically she clawed at his belt and pants until she finally exposed her prize. Pushing him down onto the floor she straddled him the inner thigh of her lingerie rubbing against John’s groin. He snapped instantly to attention his cock straining, aching with need, the veins hugely dilated. Jessica lowered herself down onto John her nylon lined vagina slipping easily over his engorged shaft. John already overwhelmed by her behavior barely noticed the unusual texture. It wouldn’t have mattered if he had noticed. It was already too late. The nylon material had detached a layer from Jessica’s vaginal walls and now coated his penis. It had already begun crawling into his urethra and was beginning to cover his pelvis underneath her ass.

John cried out passionately as the most unusual orgasm of his life began. Rather then starting as a buildup in his balls and exploding outward it started at the tip of his cock and worked its way inside. It didn’t abate either after the customary first few seconds. If anything the intensity just kept building. The warm sensation was spreading throughout his pelvis, down towards his buttocks. John, lost in the most pleasant moment of his life felt something silky and delightful push through into his rectum. Every other experience faded into mediocrity. A million tiny fingers massaged his sphincter and prostate. His orgasm was literally being pulled out of him both from behind and through his cock. The material had finished its trek up his urethra and reached the source of his ejaculation. From this point on John would never know what it was like not to be orgasmic. His new master would ensure it as a reward for his service as a host. Jessica in her own throes of enhanced passion squeezed her engorged breasts together. A hot black stream of liquid splashed on to John’s chest joining the puddle that had already begun his conversion expediting the experience. Jessica, content that the job was done stood up, allowing John’s rock hard dick to pull out of her nylon infected depths. John still on his back pulled his knees to his chest rubbing himself through the material as the pool of material slowly flowed down his legs to lock him forever in a pair of ultra silky parasitic pantyhose.

Ignoring her conquest as he writhed on the floor in ecstasy Jessica began searching for a source of food. The host’s physical hunger was now the primary need. She shambled into the kitchen finding very little in the way of nourishment. She quickly consumed the contents of the refrigerator including a bottle of ketchup. The pantry housed little in the way of edible material Except for a box of stale cereal. She snatched the box down intent on its consumption scattering roaches in all directions. Most of them disappeared into the crevices but a one clinging to the box attempted to escape ran down her arm as she upended the box. As the roach hit the nylon sheathing her torso it stopped dead in its tracks, fell off the swell of her breast and landed at her feet. Its legs kicked madly as if dying but within moments its simple physiology was converted to the purposes of the nylon parasite. The conversion complete the roach maneuvered through a cracked baseboard and followed it’s brethren into the walls of John’s apartment. There in the dark recesses of the building the vermin would soon become an army of converted thralls.