The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Hose Virus

Chapter 4

Breakout at Jessica’s

Charles the apartment buildings handyman was finishing up a call to repair a faulty light switch in one of the tenant’s bedrooms. He knew the entry door was unlocked but was still surprised to hear it opened. A middle aged man Charles had no illusions as to his chances with the beautiful resident but it never hurt to dream. Hoping not to scare the resident, Jessica he called out “Hello Ma’am its maintenance. I just finished up with the wiring and was getting ready to head on out the door.” As he gathered his tools up a shadow fell over him. “If you need anything else just let me know.” he said to the figure. Charles turning to leave was surprised to see not Jessica, whom he knew lived in the apartment but an unknown woman dressed in some sort of form fitting black lingerie.

Sputtering Charles managed to fumble out an apology but the strange woman didn’t seem perturbed by his presence in the least. She grabbed him by the belt releasing it and forcing his pants down around his ankles. Charles, not believing his fortune dazedly kicked off his shoes before stepping out of his jeans. The woman pushed him backwards on to the bed before following crawling toward him like a cat in heat. She swung her feet up into his lap, grabbed his manhood firmly between her feet and began stroking him with the silky soles. Charles immediately fell in love. Not with the girl but the overwhelming sensation of nylon on his swollen member. She grabbed his legs pulling their bodies closer and stripping off his socks while continuing to swirl the head of his cock seductively with her toes. The nylon goddess shifted again pressing his feet against her hot sex. Charles began rubbing her silky slit with his big toe. To his surprise the nylon gave way allowing the toe to enter the woman. She grabbed his heel urgently pulling him in even farther until half his foot was encased within the depths of his passionate lover. Lost in the exquisite sensations of nylon on bare skin Charles let his head fall backward. The nylon seemed to wrap itself around him kissing the underside of his shaft and even tickling his scrotum. A warm, tingling sensation began running up his legs as if an orgasm was rushing all the way up from his feet to join the one already building within his balls the stimulation proving too much for him He exploded, shooting jets of semen on to the seductive feet.

Jessica had just ascended the stairwell after a long day at work. Exhausted, she was unprepared for the sight that greeted her in the hallway of her apartment building. Carl’s door was ajar and his collection of trash had spilled out so far she had to step over an empty bottle. “What’s wrong with him?” she complained. Carl had kept her up most of the weekend. She couldn’t image a woman could spend a whole weekend with the man let alone have sex with him but judging from the moans, screams and the sounds of things breaking inside his apartment Carl had met one hell of a freak.

Jessica had just bypassed Carl’s mess when she noticed her own door had been left open. She became aware of unintelligible grunting emanating from within her apartment. Unwilling to determine the source of the noises she backed away afraid that if she made any sound she’d alert the intruders. Unfortunately she failed to remember the trash behind her. She steeped on the bottle, lost her balance and fell through the doorway into Carl’s demolished apartment. Shrieking in terror she landed on her back knocking the wind out of herself. Dazed she rolled over painfully pulling herself up onto her hands and knees.

As surprised as she had been from the fall that was nothing compared to the shock she had in store for her. Two people, both men were dressed in dark pantyhose apparently engaged in a sexual tryst. They were rolling around together on the floor grunting and moaning as the rubbed their nylon covered bodies together. Her jaw gaping at the sight of them engaged in their lustful depravities. Still recovering her breath all she could manage was a faint squeak as they took notice of her, stopped their disturbing union the men one of whom she recognized as Carl approached her. Finally, recovering a little she opened her mouth to scream a protest. Rather then a scream her mouth was instead filled by nylon sheathed penis. She tried to bite down on it but it seemed to have no affect as it slipped easily down her throat.

She’d given her share of blowjobs in her lifetime but this was very different. Usually it was nothing more then a chore for her. She had never enjoyed giving a guy head before but something about the silkiness of this mans cock made the job not only easier but extremely erotic. Her tongue took on a mind of it’s own as it danced across the satiny smooth head before her cheeks sucked inward to pull the marvelous cock as deeply into her throat as possible. The more contact Jessica could get with the nylon the more she needed. Mewling with desire she felt hands roughly grab the waistband of her slacks from behind. The thin material tore down a seam exposing her luscious ass now barely protected by a thong. The second attacker unperturbed by the barrier pulled her panties aside and buried himself to the hilt in her soaking wet pussy. Jessica had no experience to compare with the stimulation attacking her form both ends. As her assailants thrust heavily into her the hose like material pulsed erotically in her throbbing holes stimulating not only Jessica but the men as well. In very short order she began climaxed so intensely her entire being was lost in the pleasure. It was centered not only on her cunt but in her throat as well. Her screams of pleasure would have been deafening had they been able to fully escape past the invader slipping in and out of her throat. Both men came shortly after she did blasting a thick black liquid deep into Jessica’s throat and womb. The liquid far from signaling the end of her pleasure caused it to escalate even higher. Liquid nylon drooled out of her mouth and gaping sex. It began spreading out across her chest as well as down her legs and into her buttocks sliding pleasantly past her sphincter. Every inch it covered was on fire as the nerve endings screamed pleasure to the brain. Like Linda before her the hose settled into what resembled a strapless cat suit. She rolled over on her back during the conversion fingering her clitoris and rubbing her legs and breast together obscenely no longer having any concern for modesty. Eventually as was it’s nature the parasite sent a probe up in to her brain to destroy her reason converting her forever into a host. Her mind, now blown as thoroughly as the cock that had so recently vacated her mouth she was overwhelmed by hunger.