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Title: Hot Blood: Sexiness and Lust in a Silicon Valley Startup

When I heard about this story, first I checked to see if there was the obvious hypnofetish parody to this obvious story about hypnosis femdommery playing out in real life. Then I tried to convince my two friends who write hypnofetish porn (you know who you are) to write it. Now I’m giving up and writing it myself.

Fellow hypnofetish writers, I beg of you. When pop culture gives us a layup like this, we must take the shot.

With affection,
Ask Jeeves


Henry Packard prided himself on always being prepared for meetings. But there’s no way he could have been prepared for this.

Lavinia Ramsey, founder and CEO of Motivos, did not dress like a typical executive. Her black dress pants were professionally loose at the ankles but clung tightly to a rear end that spoke to the efficacy of her product. Henry Packard was the kind of man who was comfortable in a suit, and it made him shift around to look at her, particularly when he noticed how tightly her sweater clung and how the dark pink color set off her pale skin.

He looked over at Don Grice, VP of Finance, who looked similarly frustrated. Slim Support’s other executive in the room, Peter Daly, VP of Marketing seemed to be focusing on the presentation well enough. Henry sniffed. Of course he was. Peter wasn’t a lady’s man.

Henry’s assistant Betsy had found him some articles on Lavinia, so he’d known that she was Silicon Valley’s latest star, a pretty woman who had dropped out of school at nineteen because she’d discovered a method of tapping into human motivation. She’d begged some venture capital, recruited some distinguished psychologists to her board, and founded Motivos, a sexy new startup.

Henry had known that Lavinia was young, beautiful and smart. But she was also short on capital. So she’d decided to make workout videos and come to Slim Support for financing.

Lavinia stood in front of the picture windows of the conference room, New York sitting spreading behind her like wings.

Naturally, she was telling the Slim Support executives how good the deal would be for Slim Support.

“You may wonder why your company would need to change at all. After all, Slim Support has a high market share in the first place and I don’t need to tell you that weight loss is, conservatively, a 60 billion dollar industry,” she was saying, her voice soft and soothing. Henry appreciated how she did not rely on slides. All he had to do was follow her voice.

“That is conservative,” Peter said, breaking Lavinia’s rhythm. She looked at him, blinking her large gray eyes slowly for a long moment before she continued.

“That said, every industry has been revolutionized by technology. If I could show you how technology could revolutionize yours, would you be interested?” She seemed to stop and think for a moment. “True, Slim Support has an app, but even if you’re mining the data you have on who tracks what and the weight loss that results, which you’d have to be crazy not to be,” she looked up and gave a little shiver to illustrate the insanity of letting good data go to waste. Don shook right along with her. Had Henry done so too? He didn’t think he had, but he was no longer certain.

She leaned across the glass conference table and looked Henry straight in the eyes. “If you were to introduce a product that could give immediate gratification for exercise, you could have a bigger share of that enormous industry.” It wasn’t a question and Peter didn’t interrupt again. Henry and Don nodded. Peter frowned and looked down at his notepad.

As she talked, Henry looked into her eyes. Her gaze seemed to find him every time he looked away. It was a little invasive, but he found that as she talked, he got used to it. He squirmed in his seat. There was something so compelling about her voice.

“Even better, if they needed to maintain a Slim Support membership to access the app that provided the motivation they’d grown to need.”

Lavinia’s assistant dimmed the lights and the projector screen lowered behind her.

A handsome man with a lot of muscles popped up on the screen.

“Hey there, are you having a good week?” he said, pausing for a moment to allow for a theoretical response. “This week, I’d like to start with some wall-pushups. That ok?”

His voice was soothing, like Mr. Rogers with big muscles. There was no music in the background, though when Henry concentrated, he thought he could hear a soft clicking. She lifted a hand and paused the video, though oddly the clicking continued. Maybe it was in the air conditioner.

“This is Patrick” she said, pointing at the man on the screen. “He’s one of our semi-interactive personal trainers. We don’t have a camera hooked up but if the user has their cell phone enabled, he can respond to a lot of simple commands. He can provide interactive personal training for people at seven different fitness levels. The first three levels of training are body weight and don’t require any additional equipment. The next four levels require resistance bands and weights that could be produced and sold by a corporate partner.” She let ‘such as Slim Support’ go artfully unsaid. “Our five-year plan includes a partnership with a gym for level eight, but we think that’s going to take another jump in our motivation technology.” She winked. “The engineers aren’t there yet.”

Don and Henry nodded.

“Ladies are going to like him” Don said. Peter didn’t say anything. He was just watching Patrick, frozen in mid-motion pushing himself away from the wall.

Lavinia’s giggle was playful “In Silicon Valley, we don’t assume everyone is straight or responds best to someone of the other gender. Riley, could you give us an image of Lisa?”

“Sure thing,” Lavinia’s spiky-haired assistant said. The screen split and Motivos’ female trainer popped up. She had long wavy hair, large brown eyes and tennis-toned muscles of her own, though more subtle than Patrick’s. Peter’s research team had found there was a certain kind of woman Slim Support’s customers aspired to be. She had to be in good shape, of course, but not so young or so thin that Slim Support’s customers couldn’t imagine themselves looking like her. Lisa was already a Slim Support woman, maybe one who had done more dancing than most. She would sell a lot of memberships by herself.

Lavinia clicked a button. “Hi there! I’m so glad you want to work out with me” Lisa said, looking earnestly at the camera. Lavinia paused her. “Customers have only the option of Patrick and Lisa at the moment. Our market research suggests that our next set of trainers should be more forceful and demanding as there’s a large segment of the customer base that would appreciate being whipped into shape.” She gave a coy smile. She had Don’s attention.

“Yes,” he added. “Some customers need that kind of thing.”

Henry felt the more subtle approach was likely to be more successful. Patrick and Lisa already looked like they’d been designed by a marketing department. He had trouble imagining a bossier personal trainer being an improvement. Still, the whole thing was brilliant, and he didn’t even know how the motivation part worked. Lavinia kept talking about market share, technology and the psychology of motivation, but Henry didn’t need to hear more. He leaned back in his chair. At one point, Peter started to shift around and ask questions again, but Lavinia gave a demonstration of one of Patrick’s higher-level workouts and Peter calmed down.

One thing their market research had shown was that Slim Support’s customers had a negative attitude about exercising. Currently, Slim Support got around that by encouraging customers to get workouts by walking and shopping and playing with their kids. As a matter of dietary science, adherence to the nutritional plan was more important to weight loss, anyway. But Henry had the sense that Motivos had answers there, too. If she could design a food tracker that clients wanted to use, everyone in America might be a customer.

Lavinia was concluding her presentation.

“You don’t have to invest in our technology today, but I want you gentlemen convinced that our product works, so I’ve arranged a surprise. When you get back to your offices, you’ll find that my team has set each of your personal assistants up with an intensive session on Motivos. I think you’ll find they are extra motivated after having had a good workout!” She smiled.

Henry thought about his assistant Betsy in the same pose Lisa was on the screen. He liked that. Even more, he thought about the implications if Motivos could be used for employee motivation. If he wasn’t already stiff from watching Lavinia and Lisa, the idea of major corporations offering free Slim Support as part of their insurance packages would have done the job.

Could Motivos really do that?

He shook Lavinia’s hand and thanked Riley as he headed out of the conference room. Don stayed behind with more questions, but Peter and Henry had seen all they needed to. He couldn’t wait to see how Becky had liked her workout. Their elevator ride up to the executive suite was silent. For a moment, Henry imagined the elevator getting stuck, he and Peter being trapped together. For hours maybe, after that presentation had left them so motivated. He remembered the curve of Patrick’s bicep and this one strange night at his college fraternity house. He looked over at Peter, who was trying not to look at him.

The elevator doors opened and the two men stepped off without further acknowedging each other.

Peter’s assistant, Ramon, was in the reception area, bent over a computer. Henry didn’t look too hard at him, either.

Betsy was sitting on the couch in Henry’s office. He’d only ever seen her in suits, but she was wearing black gym pants and a dark pink tank top with “Motivos” on it in white letters.

“That’s quite a product they’ve got,” Betsy said. Henry set his laptop down.

“The CEO’s presentation was impressive,” Henry said. “But I didn’t know they were going to do anything for you.”

She stood up. “Ramon and Carrie did it too. They said it would be a surprise.”

“I’m surprised,” he said.

“It’s very effective,” she said. “I’d really like use it again.”

He smiled, God she looked good. “I’d like to watch Lavinia’s presentation again.” He admitted. He took a step closer to Betsy.

“I met her while her assistant was setting up the Motivos demos for us,” Betsy licked her lips “She’s as hot as she looked in that magazine article.” Betsy was usually so professional. But he liked this new Betsy.

“She’s hotter,” Henry said, taking off his suit coat. “And that pink looks almost as good on her as it does on you.”

“So… whatever Motivos did to me,” Betsy said, sneaking a look at the crotch of his pants, “They did to you?”

“They must have,” Henry said. He’d only watched the videos of Lisa and Patrick for a few seconds, but he couldn’t deny what he was feeling. Motivated.

Betsy took down her pony tail. “Good. Because I don’t want to be the only one who wants this.”

Henry looked back at the office door.

“You shut it,” she said, following his gaze. She touched his arm and he shivered.

“Maybe you should have locked it,” she said. But her touch made him realize he wasn’t worried about someone walking in.

He was kissing her then, and her kiss back was just as forceful, making a low noise that was almost a whimper. He pulled her body up against his and he knew she could feel his cock pressing up against his suit pants.

She sat down on the front edge of his desk, spreading her legs wide. She held up a dark pink condom.

“They made us feel this,” Henry said. That Motiovos had even supplied a condom gave him the strength to fight the urge for a moment. Their manipulation was so blatant. He wanted to be angry, but he couldn’t feel anything but need.

“I love this feeling,” Betsy said, “I want more.”

She reached for his shirt collar and pulled his mouth to hers again and he knew she was right. Those gray eyes of Lavinia’s might as well be watching him, but it didn’t matter. His desire was too strong. He clumsily found the strap of her tank top and pulled it down. He didn’t want to fight it or think anymore, he just wanted to relieve the pressure in his cock.

She squirmed out of her leggings as he took down his pants. It almost hurt to let her go long enough to take his clothes off.

But her pussy was as warm and wet andwanting as her mouth. She leaned back a bit and spread her legs, inviting the thought of how good she must have looked working out. Henry reached around and held her lower back, guiding himself into her. He felt like each thrust took her deeper and deeper. “This is amazing, you’re amazing” he mumbled, pushing into her, wanting to please every centimeter of that beautiful pussy.

“So close,” she whimpered.

“I feel like I’ve been close for hours,” he said.

“Fuck yes, me too,” she said.

Henry was thrusting furiously now, giving a little grunt with every stroke. He stiffened again and then he groaned, cumming deep inside her. A moment later, she was bucking and shivering and begging him for more.

Her pussy clenched around his, trying to pull anything else he had to give, but he was spent. He sat up on the desk too, and they put their arms around each other. They sat there for a long moment, suddenly relaxed.

“Is Slim Support going to invest?” Betsy purred.

“Do you think I want to be that woman’s competition?”