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Hot Blood: Sexiness and Lust in a Silicon Valley Startup

Chapter Two

Office hours were a formality for full professors, but Bernadette’s contract still required them. Getting tenure hadn’t stopped her research, so there wasn’t really a downside. Even full professors needed to return emails and do administrative work. Typically, her teaching assistants handled the students.

Except for this student. Lavinia Ramsey had made an appointment, which also was strange. A lot of the undergraduates came from wealthy families and expected their professors to be waiting on them. Ms. Ramsey making an appointment and treating her professor’s office hours like serious business was in itself singular.

But her physical presence was even more striking.

“Ms. Ramsey?” Bernadette asked.

“Oh, Professor. Please call me Lavinia.”

Lavinia was tall, but not as tall as she seemed to think she was. She sat in her chair almost primly, focusing her attention fully on Bernadette. She’d even dressed up by student standards in black pants, black flats and a rose-hued sweater. She could be someone’s teenage intern. Maybe she wanted to be.

“You’re a second semester freshman?” Bernadette asked. She smiled, softening that reminder of her student’s relative unfamiliarity with cognitive psychology. Lavinia shyly smiled in return.

“Yes, I’m in your ‘Perception and Cognition’ class, but I’m really here because Dr. Melton suggested that I meet with you.”

Bernadette leaned back in her chair. “Oh?” Tony Melton didn’t seem like the kind of man who was swayed by a pair of large eyes.

Lavinia ducked her head, looking at her feet for a moment, then looking up at Bernadette.

“I have an idea.” Her voice was soft, almost breathy, and Bernadette leaned forward to hear her better. “For an app.”

Bernadette nodded. Her non-academic writing had made her a bestselling author. Fame had its price and the better known professors at her university got a lot of sales pitches from students looking to be the next Steve Jobs. Students looking to start businesses usually didn’t come looking for psychologists, but if Ms. Ramsey were wanting to impress a famous name, that made a lot of things about this afternoon’s appointment make sense.

“I take it your app is related to psychology?” Bernadette asked.

“Yes,” Lavinia’s voice was a little stronger now, and she was leaning forward in her chair. “I’ve read your research on human motivation.” She paused for a minute, “I’ve read all of your books. Human motivation is my passion too, I want to help people meet their own goals.”

“There are a lot of apps that say they do that.” Bernadette would know. From hypnosis to subliminal messages, to even a wristwatch that delivered electric shocks, she’d seen a lot of them and performed studies on quite a few, and none of them were effective. If this student were as big a fan of Bernadette’s work as she claimed, she would know.

“Your work says that the average employee spends maybe twenty percent of the work day actually being productive. If motivation technology could get that number even up to thirty percent, the profit implications would be huge. People are going to be at work anyway, it’s not like they’d even mind if they could concentrate better and they found work more rewarding.”

Bernadette nodded along, that part was fair enough, if obvious. “That does make sense. So how would the app work?”

“I’ve been working on meditation sessions that have a mixture of ASMR, language using neurolinguistic programming, and binaural beats. When you get the mix just right, they trigger a deeply relaxing and suggestible state. A daily meditation session, augmented by suggested affirmations and frequent text messages triggering flashes of the meditative state, would mean that every time an employee’s energy flagged, motivation would be waiting on their app.”

Lavinia looked wide-eyed at Bernadette, head nodding slightly, as if begging for approval. Bernadette nodded back. She seemed like a nice young woman. It was going to be hard to let her down gently. Lavinia leaned back as if the nervous part of the conversation over for the moment.

“I have a few concerns. First, there’s the technology itself. ASMR, neurolinguistic programming, and binaural beats are very popular in the self-help community,” Bernadette said, leaning back, thinking about how to phrase this. “But the scientific evidence isn’t there as far as their efficacy.”

Lavinia smiled. “But they haven’t been tested together. The effects are exponentially increased. My theory is that they raise dopamine levels in the strarium and prefrontal cortex.”

Oh, this child. “That’s what you’ve found in your own testing?” Bernadette tried to keep her tone serious.

Lavinia looked down. Bernadette might be imagining her cheeks looking a little pink. Her hair fell forward and she brushed it out of her eyes. “You sounded like you had more than one concern and that the technology working was one of them,” Lavinia said. “If we assume the technology works, what other concerns would you have?”

Bernadette put her glasses up on her forehead. “Well, right now, the ethics of technology that can manipulate behavior is a hot issue. People don’t like to be made to do things.”

“Well.” Lavinia sat up straighter. “I don’t know that we’re making people do things.”

“You may not perceive it that way,” Bernadette said, “But lots of people might.”

Lavinia looked concerned. “What would they be afraid of?”

Bernadette thought for a moment, “Well, if this motivation is as powerful as you say, you have a lot of control over people.”

Lavinia laughed, “I’m not sure about that.”

Bernadette wrinkled her brow “Why wouldn’t you be? If you can raise the dopamine levels in someone’s prefrontal cortex, then you can get them to do just about anything.”

For a moment, Bernadette was tempted to add ‘haven’t you found that in your testing?’ but she didn’t want to be cruel. Lavinia was just a student, and a freshman at that.

Lavinia leaned over, reaching into her backpack. She pulled out an iPhone and a new pair of earbuds, still in the package.

“So, you’re right, I haven’t really tested it. But I’ve made a prototype. Nothing special, just a meditation to help people relax. Would you like to listen to my app?” Lavinia cocked her head to the side, like a puppy.

The earbuds were pink and looked cheap-looking but Bernadette was charmed that Lavinia had brought brand new ones, just for this demonstration. What could it hurt? Bernadette smiled. “All right,” she said.

“It’s easy to open your mind when you’re relaxed,” Lavinia said.

Bernadette opened the earbuds and put them in.

“Close your eyes?” Lavinia asked. Her expression was so sweet. Bernadette sighed but she went along with it. Bernadette imagined Lavinia’s gray eyes looking down at her.

Lavinia hit some controls on her phone.

The music was so loud it made Bernadette jump for a moment, though she quickly got used to it. There was a regular clicking, almost like the tracks underneath a fast train, almost impossibly fast. Bernadette felt her body relax. She didn’t understand how something could be so loud and so restful at the same time. The clicking continued. Bernadette let her thoughts slide away as the sound surrounded her. She noticed how comfortable her office chair was and wondered if Lavinia were wearing perfume.

Then she didn’t think anything at all.

A minute or two later, the music clicked a final time, then clicked off. Bernadette sat there in silence, collecting her thoughts. If nothing else, Lavinia was working with a good composer. That music had left Bernadette feeling relaxed, if a little dizzy.

Bernadette opened her eyes and pulled the earbuds out. Lavinia was looking at her attentively.

“How do you feel?” Lavinia asked.

Bernadette smiled. “I feel great.”

Lavinia stared at her “So you’ve got a lot of dopamine in your prefrontal cortex.”

Bernadette laughed. That wasn’t exactly how it worked. But it was easier just to go along, wasn’t it?

“Yes,” Bernadette said.

Lavinia nodded, “Like you said earlier, dopamine is very powerful. Someone who controls it can make you very suggestible. People will do anything for…pleasure.”

Bernadette agreed. She thought about how last night, she’d relaxed with her vibrator before bed. For a moment, she imagined someone else controlling it. What would she do for someone who controlled her pleasure?

Bernadette shivered. She’d never thought about someone else controlling her pleasure before. But that thought was so good! Bernadette’s cheeks got hot. Lavinia was studying her. Had there been a flicker of a smile? Oh, God. Bernadette’s shiver was even deeper.

She wanted to be scared.

She wanted to want to kick this woman out of her office.

She wanted to hear Lavinia say the word “pleasure” again in that soft, sweet voice. She wanted that most of all. Just thinking about it made her pussy clench. Wait, that wasn’t right? She wasn’t supposed to feel…

“You understand now,” Lavinia’s voice was soft. “My app can use pleasure to motivate. There are so many applications for this powerful technology. Don’t you agree, Professor?” Bernadette did. She was inclined to agree with anything that kept this feeling coming.


“You’re a smart woman,” Lavinia said. “If I tell you that thinking about obeying me feels good, you know what that means.”

The older woman widened her eyes. “Thinking about obeying you makes me feel good. I feel good so I think about obeying you and the more I think about it the stronger my neural connections between the ideas grow,” Bernadette croaked. It was all true. The rush of feeling and thought made her so dizzy.

“That’s right,” Lavinia said. “You’re so smart. And smart brains make connections even faster. You’re going to discover so much pleasure. And then you’re going to help me fund my startup. You’re going to be on my corporate board. You’re going to tell everyone I’m a genius and my technology is a breakthrough.”

“But…” Bernadette said.

“Obeying me feels so good that you’re going to happily do whatever I want,” Lavinia purred. Bernadette gasped. God it felt good to think about herself, a pleasure-filled puppet, saying whatever Lavinia told her to.

Bernadette looked up at Lavinia. “How did you..?” She managed. But her thoughts were so fast. Why was the idea of her mind adapting itself to obey this girl so hot? Why was she so easy to manipulate? Why had she ever used a vibrator when obeying Lavinia felt so much better than that?

“It’s so confusing,” Lavinia said. Bernadette’s head spun. Oh, it was. “Must be hard to even sit up straight. You’d feel so much more comfortable sitting at my feet.” Bernadette imagined herself sliding to the floor, just to keep her balance. She imagined herself on the floor. At Lavinia’s feet. It would feel so right to sit at Lavinia’s feet. The oriental carpet on the office floor looked so inviting.

“Your feet?” Bernadette asked. She imagined Lavinia must have very pretty feet. She wanted to rub them and kiss them and maybe…

“Sit at my feet,” Lavinia said, “and take off your clothes. When you’re naked and at my feet, you’re going to play with your pussy and we’re going to talk about what you’re going to remember about this meeting and what you’re going to forget. You’re going to make yourself cum over and over again while you think about obeying me and forgetting anything I tell you to forget. I’m going to stroke your hair and tell you all about the neural connections you’re going to build and how well you’re going to hide that I’m controlling you. Do you like the idea of obeying me and letting me rewire your brain?”

“Yes,” Bernadette mumbled. And then she shook. It felt so good to say yes. She said “yes” two more times. Lavinia leaned down, stroking Bernadette’s cheek.

“When you’ve cum nice and hard, over and over, you’re going to put your clothes on, sit back in that chair and we’re going to talk about what you can do to help me start my company. There are going to be so many ways for you and that powerful brain of yours to obey me and every one of them is going to feel so good, Professor.”

Bernadette’s hands were clumsy on her buttons.

She felt so good, but not as good as she was going to feel.