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Hot Blood: Sexiness and Lust in a Silicon Valley Startup

Chapter Four


Having an off-campus apartment senior year had been Riley Friedman’s dream and it had taken a work-study job and most of the money they’d made over the summer to afford it. So they tried not to hold it against Lavinia when they found out she was a Freshman. Riley had been worried their new roommate would be loud, drunk, or just immature. Lavinia was none of those things, and cleaned more than her share. She even earned her share of the rent working in a lab on campus. That was weird. Riley was a sociology major, but they thought you had to be some sort of genius, or at least a grad student, to work in a lab at their school. But Dr. Day had hired Lavinia personally like a month into her freshman year. Maybe it was that startup idea. Riley didn’t get the technical side but it sounded good to them. They wished Lavinia could motivate them to get back to work on their senior thesis.

The Wednesday before fall break, Lavinia was in their kitchen making one of her weird juice mixes when Riley got home.

“Want some?” Lavinia trilled. “This one has avocado for texture.” She tilted a glass at Riley. It looked like a green milkshake.

“I’m good,” Riley said, putting their backpack down on the couch. “You sound happy.”

“I am,” Lavinia said. “I had a great day in lab.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Dr. Day has me working with this amazing PhD student, Jaiyana Amari. She’s doing work on motivation.” Lavinia paused for effect.

“Like you want to do with your app,” Riley said, playing along.

“Exactly!” Lavinia loved to tell people they were right. Riley was never sure if it was an endearing quality or not. “Anyway, Jaiyana’s work is on user interfaces that invite certain interactions. Really groundbreaking stuff. She’s brilliant.”

“So, like, when she graduates, Google is going to offer her a wheelbarrow full of money to come work on Chrome,” Riley guessed.

“Maaaaybe,” Lavinia cooed. “Or maybe I can convince her to work for my startup.”

Lavinia worked on her startup like most California college students worked on their tans.

“I don’t know,” Riley said.

“So listen,” Lavinia stirred her green drink with a straw. “Do you have a class with Daphne Brewster?”

Riley rolled her eyes. “Yeah, she’s in the 101 class I’m TAing for Dr. Franco.” Daphne was a freshman, exactly the sort of eighteen-year-old she had been afraid Lavinia would be as a roommate. Riley was already anticipating last-minute study sessions to help her get through the final. “What about her?”

“I want to meet her,” Lavinia said. Riley found Lavinia difficult to read, though she was very aware that the reverse wasn’t true. Right now, Lavinia’s face showed something like lust. “Can you invite her over?”

“I guess?” Riley wasn’t sure exactly what the rules were on TAs inviting freshmen over. But then, they did live with a freshman. Riley put a piece of bread in the toaster. This did not make sense. They looked at Lavinia. “You’re seriously into Daphne?”

“Sort of,” Lavinia said, raising the green drink to her lips again. “Can you keep a secret?” Riley had only lived with Lavinia for a few months, but they both knew the question was rhetorical. Riley wasn’t much of a talker, and Lavinia tended to get what she wanted anyway. “I’m not into Daphne at all. She’s stupid. But I want to get invited to her house for Thanksgiving because her dad is a venture capitalist. Like, the BEST venture capitalist. Professor Day found out he gave a big donation just to get Daphne in here, so he has the cash to fund my startup.”

Riley smiled. Now that sounded like Lavinia.

Nate Brewster hadn’t come to California to be surrounded by pretty women, but it was a real benefit. After making his first couple of million in technology sales, he’d put the rest into venture capital. Shorter hours and more money, both things he appreciated. He bet his ex Michelle would have appreciated the money too, though she had divorced him while he was still in his sales days.

Nate had always had a talent for getting what he wanted, but he’d let Michelle go as long as his daughter got to visit on the holidays. This visit, he found himself avoiding Daphne, though. He was justifiably proud of his ability to persuade and negotiate, but Daphne was always talking him into a new car or a paid off credit card. He’d done his best to not even notice the girl she’d brought home with her for Thanksgiving.

Daphne’s friend Lavinia was quiet and polite and told him she was a psychology major when he asked but didn’t volunteer much else. Mostly Daphne did the talking and Lavinia looked at Daphne like her every word was fascinating. Lavinia made a mean savory sweet potato dish for the Thanksgiving table, though the rest of the meal was catered, of course. Lavinia followed along when Daphne went shopping and to the tanning salon, though she seemed to wear the same rose pink tops and black pants everywhere and always looked a little pale. Daphne had never had a weird friend before and Nate thought it was kind of funny, but he didn’t bother his daughter about it. Maybe that expensive school was teaching Daphne something after all.

He was that much more surprised when Lavinia showed up in his office Sunday night.

“You lost?” he asked cheerily, which was ridiculous; he lived in Atherton and even he couldn’t afford a house big enough to get lost in there.

“No,” she said. “I was looking for you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Well, you’re a venture capitalist. That seems like a cool job and I wanted to talk to you about it. I think I might like to get into venture capital some day.”

Nate smiled. That might be the most Lavinia had said about herself all weekend. “It is a very cool job. But I had to make my own capital first, so unless you’re rich, it can’t be your first job.” He knew he was talking down to her, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Well, yeah. I have a plan to make capital. Now, you wouldn’t normally invest in a company that a nineteen year old is starting?” She smiled, then, and her smile relieved the tenseness in her face.

“I don’t know,” Nate said. “I invest in all kinds of things.” He leaned back.

“So people are always telling you about their startups and trying to convince you to invest.” It wasn’t a question.

“Oh yeah,” Nate said.

“Getting constantly pitched must be boring.” Lavinia’s expression was focused.

“It can be.”

“They must all sound the same, I bet it’s easy for words to slip by.” Lavinia purred, her voice like a late night radio DJ. Now he was curious. What she was doing was working. But he could pretend it was working even better than it was. He let his jaw slacken a little bit. Her eyes flicked just a bit; she’d seen it. “I bet it’s easy to relax at this point, after all. You know all the tricks. If someone were trying to get something by you, you’d notice. You’re too experienced for anyone to talk you into anything you don’t want, so you don’t even have to pay attention when someone is pitching you.”

OK, that was working a little too well. Nate decided to shift gears. “Oh, Lavinia, I listen carefully when someone is pitching me. I don’t like to miss details,” he said.

“That’s right,” Lavinia said. “It’s important to focus on what I’m saying, if I’m trying to pitch you. You want to catch every detail.” He wanted to laugh. This wasn’t any regular scheming teenage friend of Daphne’s. He indulged himself with a scan of her body. Oh, yes, she was enjoying what she was doing to him. He felt his cock stir.

This woman—he wanted to think of her as a woman now—enjoyed persuasion, and she was very good at it. She was Daphne’s age and probably the best persuader he’d ever had in his office.

Except, of course, for him.

“You look tired, Lavinia,” he said. “I know you think you want to try to stay awake and try to tell me about your startup, but you’re saying some strange things. It’s almost like you’re falling asleep and your words are starting to get away from you as you drift off into dreams.” Lavinia’s expression was soft and she gave a long blink. He felt his cock go stiff. Persuasion was always hot, but this was something different. “It’s late, Lavinia. Maybe you should go to bed.” His mouth was dry.

Lavinia’s eyes opened all the way and she looked straight at him.

“Maybe we should both go to bed,” Lavinia said, slipping her body all the way into the room. Her chest was heaving just a bit and Nate wasn’t sure if he was matching her breathing anymore or if she was matching his.

“You’re very good at talking people into things, aren’t you, Lavinia?”

“Yes, I am.”

“So good that some old guy couldn’t possibly talk you into anything you didn’t want to do. So if you’re thinking about doing something, you must want it very much.”

Lavinia drew in a breath. “You’re the experienced venture capitalist. You’ve already agreed that you’re a hard trick. If someone were trying to take control of the conversation, well, you’re way too good at this for me to get you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Nate stood up. His pajamas did nothing to disguise his erection. Lavinia was transfixed and took a small step for forward.

“Come and join me,” he said, sitting down on the couch. “I want to talk about how good at this you are, how you’re able to get just about anyone to do what you want them to do.”

She walked into the room slowly, as if she were aware what every step brought her closer to. When she sat down, her bathrobe slipped down, revealing more of her body. “I’ve never met anyone as good at persuading people as I am,” she said. For the first time, there wasn’t any artifice.

Nate smiled. “I might be better.”

She smiled back, relaxing into the game again. “Oh, you are. If I were to do something ridiculous like trying to control you, you’d really be controlling me the entire time. You’d only be doing what I told you to and feeling what I wanted to because it was really what you wanted.” Nate just let that pleasantly sink in.

“Finding out that I’m as good at this as you are must have been exciting,” Nate said. “I bet you’ve never had someone as good as I am.”

“I’ve never even met someone as good as you are,” Lavinia said.

“This is the first time I’ve ever met anyone as good as I am.” Nate reached up and stroked her collarbone. He was telling the truth. It was strange to be near someone who could do what he could do, strange and so fucking hot. “Persuading feels good,” he said.

“It’s so exciting,” she agreed, her voice almost a whimper. “I love how much pleasure I can give people just by making them do what I want.”

“You don’t take any pleasure for yourself?” Nate asked.

“Usually, the pleasure they get obeying me is all the pleasure I need. I don’t usually liked to be touched,” Lavinia admitted. Nate stroked the muscles on her neck. They were so tense. “But this is different.”

“Yes,” Nate said. “This is very different.”

“I’m not controlling your mind,” she said, reaching for his cock and beginning to stroke it through his pajama pants. She was clumsy at it but he didn’t care. There wasn’t anything he could teach her about persuasion but he could teach her that.

“You’re not controlling my mind,” he moaned, tenderly putting his hand on hers and guiding her into a smoother technique, “even if I’m doing exactly what you want. You’re interpreting my words exactly the way you want to. If you’re controlled, you must be controlling yourself.”

He gave the back of her neck the lightest push and he was kissing her and she tasted like dry white wine and she was stroking and pulling at his cock and nothing had ever felt like this.

She broke the kiss. “You must have wanted to give up control like this,” she mumbled. She never stopped pushing. Good. He didn’t want her to. He didn’t want to either.

“Fuck yes,” he said. “It’s so exciting to let the mind rest and just give the body what it wants.”

“That’s right,” Lavinia said. “I know what my body wants.”

Nate fumbled for his wallet and pulled out a condom. One of the best sex workers in San Francisco had put one on him with her mouth, and it wasn’t as hot as rolling one down his cock while Lavinia watched, fascinated.

“You did this to me,” Nate said. “My body is responding to your control.” She spasmed at that, like he’d touched her deep inside. Like he was going to.

She climbed up on top of him straddling him and looking deep into his eyes.

“We’re going to make so much money together,” she said.