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This is one of those stories, rare indeed, that demands to be written. For me, in those wondrous moments, it is not about good or bad, nor is it about trying to do something that someone in particular will find appealing. It is, more than anything else, a labor of love. And as such, though many authors, who I will name at the completion of this story, have inspired me, there is one who in particular has brought the joy of writing and of exploration back into my heart.

Thank you Alei, for your love, your support, your enthusiasm, and your inspiration. You have my heart and my love.

- Sara
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* * *

How I Saved the World

by Sara H

* * *


It didn’t start out as anything dramatic at all. There was no special oddity about the late afternoon, nothing special to indicate the change about to occur in my life.

All I did was picked up some spilled groceries for Alexi, my neighbor whose apartment was across the breezeway. Her bag had ripped, and I saw one thing I understood—the look of complete exasperation that crossed her delicate features.

Before that happened, I didn’t even know her name, even though I’d seen her and waved from time to time over the two years I’d lived at Crossmoor Apartments. She always seemed pleasant enough, and always managed to wave back, and even say hi once in awhile before disappearing inside her door.

But that was all.

The only other thing I could have told you about her was that she was one of those women you could hate if she had a drop of meanness in her. She was beautiful in a way that most people are sure never happens outside a camera lens, and I had more than my share of turning a guy’s eyes back in my direction if she came walking through at the moment of a goodnight kiss.

Anyway, my life was kind of in a rut... in between boyfriends, job driving me crazy, nothing much pulling me in any kind of direction. My car was a five-year-old Camry, my world was stuck in “pause”, and I couldn’t find the remote, much less the right button. Between graphic design and home improvement shows, I was pretty much bored to tears. I was in my late twenties doldrums, not wanting to be thirty, glad I wasn’t twenty, and not all that excited by what life was bringing my way.

I didn’t hesitate when she asked if I’d like to come in and have some tea.

I walked in and carried the things I’d picked up to the kitchen counter while she talked in that way that some people do, as if continuing a conversation that had begun some time ago, only now was she getting around to telling me the rest.

“ I said that I wanted to work from home, but they said it was too technical and expensive, but I managed to convince them, and so I’ve been here at home working for almost two months. They were right; it is expensive, but so worth the privacy and definitely worth those three a.m. moments of inspiration.”

“Wow,” I said. “I’ve always wanted to telecommute, but my work is more hands on, and based a lot on teamwork. I have to be around the people putting together the rest of the ad campaigns. I’m in marketing. Graphic designer.”

“That’s great!” she said. “I have an intense interest in graphic design and the underlying psychology of... oh, I’m being rude. Why don’t you go into the living room, Ann? I’ll bring the tea out as soon as it’s made and once I’ve made a couple of phone calls. Feel free to look around. Make yourself at home, watch some TV for a minute, or something. Okay?”

“Sure,” I said with a broad smile. So Miss Physical Perfection was human after all. I walked out to the living room and looked around. There was something different about it I hadn’t noticed when I walked through the first time. I mean, really different, like it had a certain “thing” I hadn’t felt in a room before. It took me a few minutes to figure out sort of what was happening.

The walls were dark purple, with a kind of faux effect in deep reds and lavenders. It made the room dark, but very relaxing and comfortable. I plopped down onto the soft suede couch and took it all in a bit more.

It was like those optical illusions you see that seem to move except for wherever you’re looking directly at them, but it was much more subtle. In the corners of my eyes, it was like everything was sort of liquid, the corners and surfaces of the walls and ceiling and furniture and pictures flowing into each other. And like someone making faces at you behind your back, when I would turn to look, it would all be normal.

The effect was kind of spacey, really. I started playing games with it. Closed one eye, and then the other, then both. But when I closed it out entirely, I almost got seasick from the swirling on the insides of my eyelids. I decided it was best to keep them open and blink only when I had to.

I could hear Alexi talking from one of the back rooms, and although I couldn’t hear the words, it was obvious from her tone that it was work, and it might be awhile before she came out.

I picked up the remote, almost expecting it to writhe gently in my hand. It didn’t... and I turned on the TV. The screen jumped to life, covered in red and purple swirls. I don’t know how to explain this really, except the effect was instant and dramatic. It was like a small explosion of seeping pleasure that made my whole body feel... well, very good. So good that I didn’t even think of changing the channel to something real.

Truth is, within seconds, I wasn’t even thinking about the television at all. Looking back, I’m not sure I was thinking about much of anything other than how good—how delicious— I felt.

I tried to sit up, but found my back had turned to rubber.

I was zonked.



Thoughts moved around my head like so much molasses... it was so hard to put anything together as everything moved to slow motion, including me. But the contentment was so... so... it was beyond words. When I’d had surgery, I had realized how people got addicted to narcotics as they prepped me into near-oblivion, but this was... so much deeper, so much more... such bliss...


How do I explain? Looking back, remembering... and remembering so vividly, even now, that I can still feel it inside me... I might have been scared but I was so peaceful, so content, so perfect... that there was simply no reason to be concerned, to worry. It was all I could do to experience it, much less think about what was happening, or why, or how, or whether it was a good idea. More than anything else, it was what was.


I managed to move my head toward the voice. The voice of... who?

“Ann. Look at me. Come on, sweetness. Look at me.”

My eyes found another set of eyes. Striking. Blue. Steady.

“Ann. Lock your eyes with mine.”

My eyes... well, it was more than looking. They locked. Locked with capital “L”.

“Good, Ann. Very, very good.”

The word good sent a hard ridge of pleasure showering down through my body from the crown of my head. Eyes locked. Good. Very good.

“Ann, your life has just changed. It will never be the same.”

Now, you may think she was telling me something I didn’t already know. But I did. I was in total bliss and total serenity. My eyes were locked. I was very good. My life had just changed and I would never be the same. I was very happy she could see it, too. I would have been happy if she couldn’t see it. What the hell, I was just happy. Happy.

“This room, this apartment, is what I do. I have discovered a lexicon that speaks to the part of the mind that lies dormant, unused in most people. It is accessed through visual stimulation, aural supertones and filtered harmonics brought together in focused cohesion. You could not have resisted this even had you known. Your new mind is an open vista, an entire world where I can write whatever I wish. It is like you have been living in a cardboard box all your life, and I just introduced you to New York City.

“But in this case, the city, the world, your world, in completely of my design, my architecture. I am the creator. I am the truth. I am the source of your new existence.

“Everything I say is true. Everything. Every truth you have learned before was a guidepost to me. And now, you have found me. But it’s no mystery, is it? I was here all along.”

Why she was saying things so obvious, I’ll never know. It wasn’t like I didn’t see. She was the creator, my creator, the origin of truth. But I didn’t worry about telling her, or questioning. She was right to say these things. She knew best. She was the truth I had been searching for all my life, after all.

And my eyes were locked to hers. I was in a place beyond heaven.

“For now, these things will be secret from your older mind, the mind that will take over when I return you to your little box. When it is time, there will be no more secrets, but at this time it would only confuse you. You’ll be drawn to me, though, and it will feel quite natural because it is natural.

“Before you go back though, it is time to begin your education. I have spoken true things, things that resonate so deeply you cannot find their source inside you. That is because I am the source of all true things. Now, you must learn and know many more true things.

“Listen, learn, believe and know... there is no morality but the morality I give to you. There are no ethics but those you find in your new world, the world I have made and control.

“Listen, learn, believe and know... there is nothing more true than my laws, and every word I speak is my law, and nothing is more important to you. I own and control your new world and everything in it. The old rules of what cannot be breached do not apply here.

“Listen, learn, believe and know... your little cardboard box world is part of your new world. You are part of that world. Therefore, I own you and control you...”

There was more after that, endless words of revelation that somehow seemed to have been there long before she ever said it. Once or twice, it seemed that it what she was saying hadn’t been there a few moments before, but that didn’t make sense, so I set it aside for what it was... forgetfulness and lack of self-discipline.

And it was so important to be disciplined and obedient. Those things were the cornerstones of my life, the source of every pleasure, every gratification. Without them, my life was empty and painful. But I’d always known that, deep into my earliest memories. It was why my life had been empty and without meaning prior to acknowledging Alexi’s wisdom and truth. I did manage to wonder why I’d always turned away from her before...

Slowly, my awareness shifted outward... from her eyes, to the face around them, to the long blonde hair sitting softly on shoulders covered with shiny, sexy spandex covered in swirls of purple and red.

“Do you take lemon in your tea?” she asked.

“Hmm? No, I... like my tea with a dollop of petroleum jelly and a dash of paprika” I said, stirring. I’d had no idea I was tired enough to fall asleep on her sofa, but I wasn’t embarrassed, really—more amused at my own faux pas.

“Oh, then I’m sure you’ll like this,” she said, handing me the cup.

I smiled at her. Something in her simple self-assurance made me know that I would.

I took a sip. It was lukewarm, slightly acrid, salty, and with a familiar bouquet that I could almost name. “Delicious,” I said after draining the cup. “What is it? It’s not tea, exactly...”

“No, it’s something I make myself, every day, several times. My own special recipe. More?”


We sat and talked for what seemed like only an hour, but when I looked at my watch, it was almost eleven. “Oh, my God,” I said, “look at the time! I’m sorry Alexi, but I really do have to go. I have to work early tomorrow, and I have some things to get done tonight.”

“Oh, in a minute will be fine. I have something I want to ask you first,” she said.

I thought I saw the hint of a smile on her lips. A minute surely wouldn’t hurt to see what that was about.

She looked at me a moment, and then said, “Do you have a boyfriend? Girlfriend?”

I laughed, wondering why she would want to know such a thing. “No, I’m really not involved right now with anyone. And it would be a boyfriend—I’m not really interested in girls that way.”

“I see. Well, seeing as how there aren’t any men in your life, maybe you should think about it. A woman, I mean.”

“Oh,” I said. It was all I could say. Not from embarrassment, but from the images suddenly taking up all my attention. Tongues licking hot, wet pussies... lips glued to nipples, suckling... the soft tender touch and kisses that only a woman would be able to give me... a woman who would only understand the same kiss and passion and fire burning in my loins that I offered...

I was shocked. Not at the images... but that I wasn’t shocked by them. I mean, my pussy was tingling like I had a vibrator taped to it... I could feel the squish of wetness and a shiver ran through me. I’d never seen... never known...

Alexi was all eyes, just watching me, watching my reaction.

“What?” I said, trying to pretend I could still hide my excitement.

“You need to tell me what you’re feeling, Ann.”

“I’m worried that I should be feeling worried about what I’m feeling, Alexi.”

“And you are feeling...” she answered, lifting her eyebrows.

“Like... like I’ve really waited way too long to feel a woman’s arms around me,” I said. “But I don’t feel strange about it. It feels natural. I just don’t know why.”

For just a second, she seemed to look at me like I wasn’t really there. As if talking to herself, she said, “Hmm. A few more layers than I thought at first...”

I listened, trying to figure out what she meant, but then she was smiling at me and every thought flew from my head.

“Well. Maybe we should get together to talk about it some more. Tomorrow? Why don’t you call in to work and come over for the day? It would be fun and, well, I could use the company. Your company.”

“I... I’ll...” I said, stammering. I wasn’t sure what to feel. It made so much sense, but I knew somehow it shouldn’t. “I have to work. So much to do.”

“But you are so much more important. You need to take time for yourself, to figure out the mysteries inside you,” she said, stepping closer. I could feel her breath on my face. I was trembling beyond my control to hide.

“M-maybe I...” My words were cut off by the feeling of her arms around me and the hungry kiss as her lips met mine. So help me, I couldn’t stop... it was like... finding everything I’d ever dreamed, all at once.

And then I was outside, walking to my own apartment, unlocking the door, climbing into bed, not knowing each moment how I had gotten to the next moment.

I really didn’t feel like I could go into work the next day, but I’d completely forgotten why.

I just knew I’d come up with something.

It was a mystery. It was important.

I pulled the vibrator from my nightstand and turned it on full, pressing it brutally against my swollen clit.

And when I came, when I exploded and my world fell apart into shards of exquisite lust and pleasure... for some reason, all I could see was Alexi.

* * *