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How I Saved The World

by Sara H

* * *


I woke up into a kind of sleepy haze, but feeling better than I had in ages. The evening before seemed distant, unreal and covered with gauze... such a wonderful moment, a soul-shattering, ground-shaking kiss like no kiss had ever...

My eyes snapped open.

The kiss of a woman. It was something I’d never considered, never wanted. But my sweet soul, it was so hot. It wasn’t what I was supposed to feel, what I should have felt, but there was no denying that it... it felt like what kisses were meant to be. It felt like all kisses dream of feeling.

The passion, the soft and demanding essence of her flesh pressed to mine as our bodies moved together almost as one, without thought... It was making me wet again this morning, and my fingers ached to return to the silky folds of my pussy, to rub the swelling nubbin of my clit.

I bit my lower lip, fighting the inner yearning that was making my hand move up and down across my belly, traversing the distance between denial and surrender again and again. There was no way I could make it in to work feeling like this. I would be a mess all morning, unable to concentrate, to even think of anything else.

Oceans waves swelled to become perfect breasts... pictures of velvet curtains in my mind became the shadowy form of feminine beauty, and then transformed into the folds of a flowering pussy, a hot portal that beckoned me, called me, my fingers, my tongue, beyond all reason. I’d never had thoughts like this, so erotic, so vivid, so present.

I was overwhelmed by what I felt... confused, aroused, and unable to stop.

My thoughts turned without hesitation to her cunny, her... cunt.

Alexi’s cunt.

I was at the phone before I even realized I’d made the choice. My fingers dialed the office number, but in my mind I was touching her, feeling her humid wetness. I was trembling with desire and lust... it felt so right, and yet I could not understand its source inside of me.

“Roberto?” I said when he answered the phone. “Listen, I need a favor. I’d like to take some flex time today.”

“Ann, we have several projects right at deadline...”

“Roberto! Please... it’s important.”

“Ann, are you okay? You sound like you’re out of breath or something. Is everything all right?”

“Yes... just... something has come up that I really need to take care of. Personal matter.”

“Well, okay. I’ll get Phoebe to fill in today for you on the Meyerson project. But hurry back, Ann. We need you.”

“Phoebe’s good. I’m sorry about this, Roberto, but I just... I... I really have to. I’ll be in later today even, if I can.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I am. Listen, I appreciate this. I mean it. But I’d better run...”

“Okay, at least call if you can, Ann.”

“I will. Bye...”

I hung up the phone and nearly came. My excitement wouldn’t subside regardless of what I tried to do to distract myself. Visions were flying through my mind—visions of Alexi... pulling her close as her hands roamed my body, my willing flesh heating to her touch... memories of seeing her as I sat outside with boyfriend after boyfriend, having to pull their eyes away from her. But I got to look. I got to see her eyes smoldering, burning into me.

For some reason, I’d never put it together, never seen her lust for what it was, but now it was more clear than a mountain sky, and my own desires were answering. Shouting. Moaning.

My thoughts were racing through my mind so fast that I couldn’t keep up with them or the hot flashes of arousal they brought me. I tried to go through my regular routine, but it was no help. She was in every movement I made, every ritual of my morning.

Brush my teeth. Alexi. Go to the bathroom. Alexi. Shower. Alexi. Rub. Caress. Alexi. Pinch. Roll. Alexi. Cum. Oh, yes, oh my fucking holy... oh, Alexi...

The next thing I remember, I mean really remember, was watching my hand lower from the middle of her door where I had knocked, noticing the brush marks in the colonial red paint, shaking as I stood, waiting for her to open it.

I was still in my robe, my hair in a towel. I knew there was something I should be seeing, that this was something I outside of my normal behavior... at the same time it was so, so natural... I mean, it was just so hard to think right then, and... and I could hear footsteps approaching. Her footsteps.

Alexi’s footsteps.

The door swung open in slow motion, or it seems now like it was slow, like remembering the moments just before a crash on the highway, or the walk up to the podium to receive my degree.

And there she was, even more beautiful than I’d seen in my mind all night and morning. She was dressed in a loose silk navy blue blouse and electric blue spandex biker shorts that seemed as if they were painted on. She didn’t say a word, but looked at me in an amused kind of way, her eyes giving the slightest hint of a question.

“You... said it might be a good idea to talk, to take the time. I, um, called in and I thought you said today, and I just came over and I hope you don’t mind because I really do think that I need to figure out what’s happening, why this feels so right when I know...”

She put her finger to my lips and I stilled, looking at her, feeling my brow furrow and then relax.

“Yes, Ann, I wanted you to come. Come on in. I have coffee brewing already.” She took my hand and I followed her in, unable to think, to speak. I relaxed at her touch, my heart calming, my mind returning to something approaching normal. Mostly, I was relieved that she really did want me there.

I had a strong sense of Deja vu as I followed her to the kitchen.

“Did you have a good night?” she asked as she opened a cabinet and got out a plain white cup. If only she knew what she was asking, I thought.

“Well, yes, Alexi. It’s part of what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh, really? Well, then... along with what I asked last night, it should really be something.” She walked over to the coffee maker and filled the mug. As she brought it to the table, she continued, “You must have been in a hurry, Ann. You didn’t even fix your hair. But it does look kind of sexy.”

“Okay,” I said, and took a sip of coffee, trying my best to hide my spike of arousal. This was so strange, and I felt the tiniest thread of discomfort. It was becoming natural, this odd dichotomy... it wasn’t at what she said, but something nagging about what I might have —even should have—been feeling.

Yet something about the way she took it all in stride was stirring something old and deep in me—at least it felt that way—as I became much more settled and moved past any worry... worry that felt less and less dramatic with each passing second.

I was sitting sideways to the table, and leaned over a bit as she walked past me. She turned, came up from behind and pulled the towel from my head, letting my hair fall to my shoulders. I shivered hard from the unexpected gesture, from the intimacy of it.

She combed her fingers though my hair, lifting it and pulling back. It was wonderful, to just allow her to do that. I let myself sink into the feeling of being cared for. I felt another pleasant shock of intense arousal pass through me as she lifted my hair to her nose and breathed in deeply.

“Mmm. Tropical Paradise. I like that shampoo, too.”

She paused as if thinking about something. “You know, you really ought to see how you look, Ann.”

“I don’t know... I saw myself all morning, and it’s just me, Alexi. I really should have dressed,” I said, feeling the color rise to my cheeks.

“Don’t be so modest, sweetness. You weren’t looking through the right kind of eyes. Listen. You have a lot to learn, to believe, to know about yourself, and about me. After all, that’s why you came back this morning, right? So let me start by showing you how you look to me. I promise, you’ll understand a lot more.”

She held out her hand like she knew I was going to take it... and she was right.

I followed her like a shy lamb back the hallway towards what I was sure was her bedroom. My legs were turning to jelly at the thought, and I felt like a teenager with a crush, with every moment becoming more breathtaking than the last. My pussy was wetter than I could remember and I could feel the wetness on my thighs as every step brought another level of desire home to roost.

I was wrong, though, about where she was taking me. It was more like a small study, with dark paneled walls, a desk, and two very comfortable easy chairs. Although there was a large, flat monitor on the desk, the room didn’t feel businesslike all that much. Like most of her decorating, it had a kind of organic feel and motion, like what Feng Shui was trying to accomplish but could never quite manage.

She gestured, I sat, and she said, “Be right back. Don’t go anywhere!”

I laughed a little... like after coming this far, and being this close to something new... no, something I’d always wanted... wait... was it that or was it...

“Here we are.” The sound of her voice pulled me from my thoughts and I looked up to see her. Instead of her though, I saw a large mirror on rollers moving into the room with two bare feet padding beneath and behind. It was built into a kind of rectangular box... a little taller than I was, and her, too, and very wide.

“What in the world...?” I said, breaking in mid-sentence.

“Magic mirror,” she said. I would have laughed at her joke, except that she didn’t sound like she was kidding.

“Really,” I said. I figured the least I could do was humor her. I really wanted to get to what I’d come over for, to talk to her about my feelings, my confusion, and to set my mind more at ease.

And I needed it... I was becoming much closer to just walking over and taking her into my arms every minute, to feel her body against mine, to touch her lips with my own, to surrender to the lust that was seeping into every crevice of my being.

That wasn’t the kind of easy I’d had in mind earlier that morning... or it was... I really couldn’t remember very well. I licked my lips in nervous... what? Awkwardness? Anticipation? Desire? It was all beginning to feel the same... all beginning to make me relax my legs so that they fell open a bit, aching to feel more.

She stepped from behind the mammoth mirror, and took a plug over to the wall, pushing it into the receptacle. The mirror sprang to life, lit from inside with a soft, golden glow.

She stood and walked over to it again, turning it just a bit, looking at me, then a bit more. I know I had a puzzled expression on my face, but she didn’t seem to notice. Instead, she walked past me again and leaned down and over me from behind, her face beside mine, looking at our golden reflections in the mirror.

“There,” she said. “See yourself.”

I could feel the glow from it. It radiated something, like heat, like warmth, but without raising the temperature. My skin felt tingly and soft and wonderful. A wave of gentle euphoria swept through me, leaving me limp as jelly in its wake.

“Now, sweetness, why don’t you tell me what you came over to say,” she said. She was so close I could feel her jaw moving against mine as she spoke.

“Oh, it’s all silly, really. I just... well...” I stammered. It wasn’t embarrassment that caused my lack of certainty, but the fact that I was having a very hard time thinking at all.

“Are you uncomfortable?” she asked.

“No... no, I feel really nice,” I said, and it was the truth.

“Well, I have something to help you put everything together, then.”

She reached behind the chair and pulled out something that looked like a dull silver ring. It was flexible, and hung limp in her hands. There were wires coming out of it at one place, but I couldn’t see where they went. She placed it on my head, and I could feel the weight of it bearing down, as if it were a tube of fabric filled with wet sand.

“Senso-Ring,” I quipped in Prymaat Conehead monotone, the words coming out of my mouth before I could think.

“Nothing so mundane,” she said. “I’m taking you to heaven, and in heaven, you get to wear a halo. You like halos, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered, with some effort. My mind seemed to be disconnected from my body, all of a sudden... lost in the golden glow, the connections harder and harder to keep...

The mirror grew. The room shrank. Something. Didn’t know what. Didn’t care. Her face. My face. My eyes open. Pupils dilated and wide. Vulnerable. Open.

Words came into me from everywhere and nowhere. Her words.

“See how beautiful you are... how sexy... how hot...”

I looked and saw... such beauty... such perfection... I had never known myself to be anything but plain old Ann Wallingford, but the face, the body staring back at me was, well... me. I tried to pry my eyes away, but found that I had now lost all control of anything in my body. I could only stare in awe and wonder.

I could still feel. Heart beating. Lungs taking in air, letting it go. My bladder released and a tiny bit of warmth covered my thighs... or was it my... I realized I couldn’t tell where anything was now, that it was all sensation, only sensation with no place to focus... everything I felt was becoming part of everything else, even my thoughts, my emotions.

All one... all one molten mass of beautiful emotion and love and hate and fear and pleasure and itching and stinging and need and ache and pissing and orgasm and shitting and singing and stupidity and longing and seeing and brilliance and listening and... above all, love and blissful joy as all... as everything clicked together in sudden resolution like the pieces of a lifetime puzzle I had never even known I was trying to solve.

I was transfixed. The beauty before me was overwhelming... it was my hot slut princess wetness, my purity in deviant need, my love as I loved every second of everything. My mind imploded, and I forgot everything... Alexi, her apartment, the chair I was sitting on. There was nothing in my world except it was everything, and all of it... all at once.

I was a goddess, a slave. An angel and demon of lust... of delirious, heated passion and wanton, unholy desires. Of purity and sacrifice. Of unquestioning obedience. Of knowing the deep, sacred pleasure of being.

And there was something more, something bigger than my mind could wrap itself around... it was her, she, other, guide, revealing to me who and what and how all this... the creator of...

Collapsing. Further and deeper. Resolved into a tiny, dense, powerful white-hot dwarf star of existence. I remembered. The night before returned and became clear to me. She had said it would be like moving from a cardboard box into New York City. She had been too humble. I was moving into an entire Universe. A Universe devoted completely and unalterably to her.

To Alexi.

And I wanted to fuck her so badly I could taste it. I would do anything, was everything and all of it hers. Her pleasure, her well-being was not my existence. It was not my purpose. It was not anything so insignificant as to be defined in such paltry, small-minded terms. She was the fabric of my life, the source from which everything personal and communal, inside and outside of me, physical and metaphysical, natural and supernatural, came.

She was my... my...

I didn’t have a word to even describe her.

“Call me Alexi,” she said, her voice speaking from inside and outside my head, knowing my thoughts. “And I will call you Ann. And when I call you Ann, you will feel all that you are. Tell me what you are. You know. I’ve told you.”

“I am...”

“Yes, I see it in your eyes. You know. Simply say.”

Of course I would. Why would I ever do anything else? My mouth opened and I spoke.

“I am of you.”

“Yes. You are of me. Now you know, like many others that know. You are of me. You are one of many. You are one of all that I am, and what I am is in you now, is that which you serve and follow because it is what you are.

“And yet I am more, and you are a part of the ‘more’ that I am, but not all of who I am, and I am all and only she of whom you are. You have much growing to do, and all of it as a part of me, of my desire, of my will, of my existence.

“There is only one thing happening, which is me, of which you are part and parcel, which is everything.

“Come and pleasure me, Ann.”

I stood, my robe falling from my shoulders, the smallest part of my mind registering that I could move again. I floated over to her, and was captured by her embrace as our lips met in a heated, frenzied storm of kisses and tongues dancing. Every motion, every tingle I created in her reflected itself and grew in me as I writhed against her.

I felt her leg at my crotch, her thigh begging to touch my hot, molten pussy, and I opened. With a long gasping sigh I pressed my cunt down on her bare leg and began to slide up and down in short, gentle movements... feeling the slick flood of my essence coat her, the friction taking the pleasure in me higher and higher.... not only more... but giving in to it... letting the pleasure take over, savoring the obedience to her that was invading and conquering even more fully my mind, my heart, my soul as my humping grew to a frantic, uncontrolled pace.

She pushed me away, and I saw lust in her eyes that was the lust in my own, irresistible, as her bruised, wet lips moved under the tongue she used to gently lick them in beckoning seduction.

Her hands moved to her nipples as she stepped towards me again, twisting and pulling as I moaned from the feeling in my own. I looked down and saw my hands following her movements. Even they were obedient to her leading, to her wanton, unashamed desire.

Her hands found my shoulders and she pushed me, unresisting, to the floor. I wanted her more than I’d ever wanted anything in my life. I wanted her more than I wanted to breathe. The need swelled and I moaned in a voice that shook the walls.

And then her cunt was on mine, grinding, hips moving in circles. I gripped at the rug, my body taut as I learned her dance of communion, of irresistible lust and need beyond my spirit, beyond my farthest imaginings. Faster and faster our hips rolled and shook, my fluids dripping into the crack of my ass, teasing and tickling my asshole as she moaned. My pussy pressed and rubbed against hers in a wet, burning kiss of womanly lips that only two women could share... a kiss of lust in me that would only belong to her, just as I myself was owned.

Drool fell from my mouth as I lost myself in animal grunts and howls, lost in the pleasure, soaking in obedience, in the new fabric of existence, each explosion of my voice telling of and creating wave after irrepressible wave of ecstasy.

I didn’t even feel my orgasm come. It was as if it had already been happening... I went from pleasure into climax like the rising of light at dawn, and before I knew it was approaching it was upon me, burning through me, losing all conscious thought as we melted together... as I became bound to her beyond anything human, anything known, anything but the unearthly pleasure of bliss and lust and love.

And still, it continued, head thrashing in inescapable pleasure, body convulsing in arrhythmic abdominal spasms, changing my body, my mind, my heart, my soul, burning into me a new and permanent reality of life and purpose... the pure, terrifying, indomitable, wondrous, all-encompassing obedience and adoration of the woman who was now more of who I was than I had ever been before she made me hers.

As I came to my senses, I knew that I was a new woman, a woman I had never known but would forever be... and as Alexi began again to speak to me, to whisper into my mind as the hours passed and the afternoon became the evening once again, I listened.

I learned.

I believed.

I knew.

And soon, very soon, others would know, too.