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Chapter 9: Two New Partners

* * *

Clara finds two older members of the harem who’ve come back from a trip abroad. They decide to have some collective fun together.

* * *

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults 18+. If you happen to be underage while accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. All characters in this story are of legal age. This story is a work of fantasy; in reality, nonconsensual sex and hypnosis are deeply immoral and illegal, and this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. Please do not repost without explicit permission.

* * *

Clara hummed a random tune to herself as she stood in the kitchen, pouring herself some tea. It was very nice that Jasmine and Diana were only slowly draining her booksmarts, not her social or life skills. Clara was quite awkward before her arrival at the mansion, and she was much more charming these days—not to mention, she didn’t really know how to make tea. So in a few ways, Jasmine and Diana were actually giving her intelligence.

She’d tried pretty much every tea in the kitchen—a feat by no means small, considering the hundreds of teas they had—and, true to princesshood, enjoyed the fruity teas the most. The strawberry and peach teas were her absolute favorite, especially with a teaspoon of honey mixed in… it was the perfect way for her to start her mornings. She’d sometimes throw in a Belgian waffle topped with cottage cheese. It was the perfect complement to teas so sweet.

For the first few months, she wasn’t allowed to use the teacups in the glass cabinet, as much as she wanted to. They were special imports from Belgium that Diana had gotten Jasmine as a gift, so Jasmine was understandably protective of the flowery porcelain cups. Oddly enough, she’d grown to trust Clara enough to use them. Unsurprisingly, Clara took her up on her generosity.

She placed a tea strainer in the teacup, put a tablespoon of tea into it, then filled up the cup with hot water. It was the perfect temperature. As she turned around to go back to her room to study makeup, jewelry, and proper attire, she stumbled back as she almost whipped into an unfamiliar person.

“Whoa!” Clara gasped, almost dropping the teacup. ‘Oh no!’ she thought to herself, a million thoughts of how she’d get punished if she broke it flashing through her mind. Luckily, she saved the cup and tray… but the tea inside it… splashed all over the unfamiliar lady in front of her.

“Aaah! Clara squealed, flinching and curling up into an apologetic ball. “I’m so, so sorry, miss! Oh my gosh, how bad is…”

Looking up, Clara answered her own question before she could finish asking. It was bad. The head maid’s outfit was essentially ruined. A bright peach color completely coated the previously-gorgeous white apron and sleeves. Some of the piping hot tea even got onto her skin, on her legs below her dress. Shocking, she didn’t flinch—this must have happened to her many times as a maid. The lady looked down at the humiliated Clara with a cruel glint in her eyes.

“Excuse me,” she bluntly stated. “You need to be careful… princess.”

“I’m so, so sorry! I’m so sorry! How c-clumsy of me… Please, allow me to grab some towels, and—”

“You think simply cleaning me off will fix this?” The head maid was demanding, but even Clara could tell there was a hint of playful cruelty to her smile. “Please. I’ve been a maid long enough to know nothing just gets ‘cleaned up’. If you drop a glass, damage a couch, or—lord forbid—spill hot tea on your superiors… it’s a long, hard process to undo the damage.”

Clara squeaked, her body tensing up. The way this woman was talking… she was definitely being dominant. She wasn’t actually angry with Clara. Clara had enough ‘people smarts’ to know that. Instead, though, Clara found herself falling head-first into subspace.

“Let’s have the punishment fit the crime, hmm?” She looked down at Clara and smirked. “Get on your knees, princess, and lick the tea off of my skin.”

“Y-yes, um…” Clara blinked. Who was this woman?

“Natalie, dear,” she smiled, eyeing the ground as Clara obediently kneeled. “You must be Clara… Jasmine has told me quite a lot about you.”

“Huh?” Clara cocked her head. “Are you, like, a friend of Jasmine’s?”

Natalie laughed. “A friend? No. She’s my owner, of course. And I presume yours, too.”

“Huh?” Clara blinked. “But you’re a domi… domina…”

“That’s enough questions, dear.” Natalie laughed. “Get to licking.”

“Y-yes, Natal—” As Clara prepared to obey, another person emerged from behind Natalie. This lady looked much, much less dominant than Natalie—in fact, she looked extremely subby, like Clara. And she had ears on her head, like Lisa. But they weren’t cat ears… they were fluffy, soft, white bunny ears that bounced around with the bunny girl.

“Oooh, Natalie, are we, like, playing? It’s playtime!” The bunny girl spoke energetically, with a persistent smile. “It’s time for bunny to get her treats!”

Natalie chuckled. She grabbed the roots of Clara’s hair, pulling her back to her feet and away from her cleanup duties. Clara got a better look at the bunny girl. She was shorter, even shorter than Clara, with Natalie towering over her easily. She was a little chubby, with a nice set of tits. Her cheeks puffed red, and she wore an oversized hoodie dress that read ‘BREEDING BUNNY’.

“Not now, Angel. I’m teaching Clara here a lesson about cleanliness.”

“Awww,” the bunny girl pouted. “You said I’d get another treat, Miss Natalie! Are you bullying me again?”

“I’m not, Angel. You’ll get another treat when I decide to give you one.” Angel looked ready to pout or complain again, before Natalie interrupted her. “Play dead.”

Angel suddenly collapsed on the ground, barely able to sit up, her eyes lit up with fear and dread. Unsurprisingly, Angel also looked extremely horny. “M-Miss Natalie, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to disrespect you!”

“There’s a good bunny.” Natalie petted the top of Angel’s hair, gently rubbing her bunny ears to calm her back down. “Up you go.”

Back on her feet, Angel looked over at Clara. She cocked her head a bit curiously. “Huh? Miss Natalie, like, who is this?”

“This is Clara. Seems she’s Mistress’s and Her Highness’s newest plaything.”

Clara waved energetically. “Hi! I’m, um, Clara! I’m a princess, it’s, like, so nice to meet you!” She curtsied with her dress, greeting Angel. “So, like, are you one of the, um…”

“Playthings? Yes, though I assumed that much was obvious,” Natalie chuckled.

Clara hummed, once again oblivious to the way Natalie laughed at her. “But like, you’re so mean, like Jasmine is! How come you, like, um… act like you own me, too?”

Natalie laughed even harder. “I can tell you’d like that, wouldn’t you? I’m above all of you—including Angel here, and Lisa, and the drone girl, and Mx. Tomboy. Not to mention, all the maids and house cleaners here are mine alone… though I tend to leave them to their own devices. I have plenty of fun with you all. The only ones who can order me around, ever, are Mistress and Her Highness.”

Clara stared at Natalie, trying her hardest to wrap Natalie’s words around her poor, feeble brain. So Natalie was… higher than her, but lower than Jasmine? Her eyes remained obviously dim as she attempted to process. “Uh… I think I get it.”

“I’m not so sure you do,” Natalie teased, once again confusing Clara. Angel bounced back over to Natalie’s side, earning more headpats from the maid. “But regardless, me and cutie bunny here just came back from a trip, so we’d like to unwind a little, if you know what I mean.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Natalie scoffed in amusement. “Me and Angel would like to get our hands on you. We’d like to play with you for a bit. Little pink princess doesn’t have anything better going on now, does she?”

Clara’s grin widened, and she eagerly shook her head. “Nope! I’d love to, um, be played with by you!”

“Correct answer,” Natalie smirked. “Now, from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like smarts are your kind of thing. Not that it’s a problem. I’m happy to dumb things down for you.”

Clara giggled. “Thank you, um…”

“Miss Natalie,” she quipped. Suddenly, she grabbed Clara’s chin, glaring into her eyes with a sudden change of demeanor. “Don’t you fucking forget it.”

Clara paled, her body shaking in anticipation. “N-no, I would never forget it, Miss Natalie! I never forget lovely ladies’ names like yours!”

“Why, thank you, dear.” Natalie grinned. “Angel here doesn’t have a lot of smarts, either. So… why don’t we play a game?”

“Hmm?” Clara cocked her head.

“You’ll see,” Natalie grabbed Angel’s wrist and began walking her away. “Meet us in the greenhouse in 30 minutes, sharp.”

Clara nodded, walking away with the same ditzy grin as always. She was so, so excited to spend some time with her new cruel dominant play partner, and that dominant’s loyal bunny girl. She went back into her room, redid her makeup, and tried her hardest not to get off on how horny the two of them had made her.

* * *

Clara got to the greenhouse early, in eager anticipation. Natalie and Angel weren’t even there yet, so Clara sat down in one of the chairs, crossing her legs tightly. Diana had given her vigorous lessons, one after another, on proper princess posture and demeanor. After all, she was royalty, so obviously she would know better than Clara.

She checked her glamorous pink watch every 30 seconds. Where were they? Clara just wanted to get down to it. Her panties were soaking, and she had just changed them maybe 10 minutes ago. Maybe a bit of touching wouldn’t hurt—after all, it’s not like Natalie or Jasmine or Diana were there to tell her not to…

Just as Clara’s hand began reaching down, her back instinctively arching, she heard a booming voice. “Princess!” Natalie’s voice scolded her as she and Angel trotted over. Clara whipped her hand away, her face beet red in fear of the consequences. “You obviously should know better than to please yourself without my permission!”

“Eek!” Clara squeaked, shrinking in her chair. “I’m—I’m sorry, Miss Natalie!”

The faux anger washed away from Natalie’s face, and instead, she started laughing. “I understand, plaything. Your one brain cell held onto the more important thing—me and my name.”

Clara sighed in relief. “T-thank you, Miss Natalie.”

“You’ll know better than to do it again,” Natalie reassured sternly. Angel popped out from behind Natalie. The next thing Clara noticed was the way their clothes had been swapped. Natalie—Miss Natalie, rather—had swapped out her maid dress for one that wasn’t stained with peach tea. This one was made out of sleek, shiny latex. In lieu of the other dress’s black and white colors, the folds and cuffs of this dress were hot pink, and the rest were a deep amber red. Natalie also wore latex gloves and heels that must have been almost half a foot high. Angel, on the other hand, was dressed much, much more lightly. She wore a crop top with ‘CUMDUMP’ written in black sequins, and pants that looked more like panties with the way they showed off her ass. She still wore the bunny ears, and had added a tail. By the way it shoved her pants out of the way, Clara immediately realized the tail was a butt plug.

“Oh, don’t look at us like that,” Natalie teased. “I’m sure you’ll get a fair share of my discipline, and you’ll get to dress like Angel soon. Trust me, princess.”

“Oooh, I’m so excited,” Clara grinned with glee.

“Let’s play a game.” Natalie walked up to Clara, grabbed her hair, and pulled it up. Clara didn’t need to have her hair pulled too hard to get the message—she knew to stand. “Why don’t we call it… hmm, I’m not the best with names. Brain-Ball. Let’s call it Brain-Ball!”

“Um, how do we play Brain-Ball, Miss?”

Angel asked an innocent question, before gulping and realizing. “M-Miss Natalie! I meant Miss—”

“Yes, you did,” Natalie smirked. “A suggestion’s a suggestion, though. Enjoy your next orgasm being ruined.”

“Noooo,” Angel pouted. Natalie did her the favor of ignoring her.

“Brain-Ball is where one of you holds this ball—” Natalie pulled out a green, malleable stress toy— “and whoever’s holding it gets to have the last strand of their intelligence back. The other one of you will be an idiotic, dumb, horny moron.”

Clara gulped. That sounded ominous.

“O-okay…” Clara nodded slowly. “So, how do we feel… the brain-ball? Do we, like—”

Clara blinked. What had happened? It felt like lots and lots of time had passed. The light in the room changed slightly from daylight to mid-afternoon, not that Clara could tell the difference. She suddenly felt a lot more tired, like she was just waking up from trance. She turned to Angel, who looked just about the same. “What just…”

“There you go,” Natalie chuckled. “The suggestion is in now.”

“Whoa, just now?!” Clara gasped, waking back up to full attention. “Miss Natalie, you’re, like, soooo good!”

“Isn’t she?” Angel giggled. “Once she spent all of a dinner fractio… fract… um…”

“You know what she’s trying to say,” Natalie laughed at her. “Well, who wants it first?”

“Me, me, Miss Natalie!” Angel hopped up and down, and Natalie graciously bestowed the ball unto her.

Clara instantly felt her intelligence drain away. She felt like the last 50 to 100 words in her vocabulary were now completely gone, drained down to five or so words. Whatever words she retained were words of obedience, pleasure, and service—not that she’d know any words as big as those three. She barely spoke, her mouth drooling as she desperately tried to claw the braincell out of Angel’s hands. Angel held tightly onto it as she began taunting Clara.

“You think you get to have everything you want, princess? No, this is mine, and I’m holding onto it!” Angel began to walk back, sneering at Clara. The smirk on her face was playful. She was clearly enjoying this game and enjoying the chase, like any good bunny should.

“G…give it… me…” Clara gasped out, her eyes dim and vapid,yet greedy. She pounced on Angel, being careful not to drop her onto the concrete, and began trying to pry the ball from Angel’s hands. Angel pouted and moaned, holding onto it tight. Suddenly, Clara got another idea, a better idea. Her hands reached away from the ball, grabbing onto Angel’s tits. They were small, but soft and malleable—just like a stress toy. Angel gasped out, panting and moaning, as Clara began to fondle her. Clara, who could barely understand her pleas, just began fondling her hard. After all, Angel was a pet, a toy, a plaything—just like Clara.

Angel gripped onto the ball tight. Clara’s hands moved around, one hand still circling around Angel’s left breast, the other grazing the side of her hip. Angel’s hips bucked forward, wanting more of Clara’s touch, and still wanting to hold onto the ball. Distantly, Clara could hear Natalie moaning through her smug grin, beginning to touch herself through her panties as she watched the fantastic display. Clara didn’t process it fully—she couldn’t process anything with no brain cells to spare. She just cared about the ball. About Angel. About fucking, and getting fucked hard. About being used, being treated like a plaything, belonging to someone.

And then, as Angel moaned and groaned through Clara’s touch, Clara managed to grab the ball. “Gotcha!” Clara declared triumphantly, as she pried it out of Angel’s hands and stood up rapidly. She could feel her three or four braincells coming back.

Angel’s face immediately contorted into a possessive, determined look, much like what Clara must have looked like just a few seconds ago. Her jaw went slack with a dopey smile, Angel’s eyes looking as empty as her head must have been. Angel began advancing on Clara, and Clara immediately knew what was going on.

“Mine… be mine… give me… mine!” Angel was speaking like a stupid, brainwashed zombie. Clara couldn’t retreat far as Angel grabbed onto Clara’s hips, shoving one of her hands into Clara’s crotch. Clara moaned out, trying her hardest to hold onto the stress ball. Her legs slowly gave out as Clara collapsed to the floor, weakly holding onto her braincell. Angel kneeled down with her, fingering Clara through her soaked panties like a machine. Clara had brought herself to the edge while Angel had been holding the ball, and now she contorted and shivered with every touch, every movement. Her brain wasn’t full in the slightest, but she knew she needed more. And yet… she still needed to hold onto the braincell…

“Mmmm, mine!” Angel cried out as she successfully grabbed the ball out of Clara’s hands. Clara’s eyes widened with dread and anticipation as she realized what was about to happen. Within moments, she again became a mindless zombie, thinking about nothing, just wanting to fuck and be fucked. Angel walked away, and Clara followed her, almost running to catch up. She grabbed onto Angel. She realized she didn’t care about the ball anymore—who wanted to be smart when they could just be a horny idiot?

Clara dragged Angel’s body up close to her, beginning to once again get her hands all over her. She began groping Angel’s tits and ass, moving one hand up to Angel’s face and shoving two fingers into Angel’s mouth. Angel began sucking on her fingers. Neither of them cared about the ball anymore. Angel dropped it on the ground, moving her attention—or lack thereof—onto Clara. They needed to be dumb together, and fuck each other.

“Good job, you two!” Natalie suddenly stood up and clapped, physically dragging them apart. “You both failed! How about that?”

“We… um… won, right?” Clara moaned, drooling out her mouth.

“Nope. You lost,” Natalie teased. She raised her fingers, snapped, and spoke, “Release.”

Clara blinked as she felt the rest of her intelligence come back. It wasn’t nearly at the level her brain was at before joining the harem, to say the very least, but it was still nice to know more words than “cum” and “horny”. Angel seemed to feel the same thing too, though it was almost as if her bunny ears had drooped.

“Awww,” Angel pouted. “I liked being dumb and horny. Can I go back soon, Miss Natalie?”

“Oh, what would you go back to? You’re already dumb and horny, both of you. Though…” Natalie put a finger to her chin, pondering. “I do wonder… Oh, I’ve got an idea for our next game!” Clara looked on eagerly as Natalie reached into her bag, and pulled out two pads of yellow lined legal paper.

“How do you both feel about writing? You can still write words, right?”

“Um, yeah! Of course, I can write, like, real words!” Clara giggled. “I did it a lot, like, in coll… cool-leg. I was, like, real good!”

“You were?” Natalie smirked.

“Yeah! I did this big paper on like, plants and stuff, and it won, like, a bajillion awards!”

Natalie laughed mockingly. “You think you can still write that well, you ditzy, dumb, moronic princess?”

“Like, yeah! Of course! What’s changed since, like, since then?” Clara couldn’t even begin to understand the sheer irony in her statement.

“Okay, perfect! In that case…” Natalie handed a pad and a pen to each submissive. “Let’s do a writing exercise, shall we? Something simple, so simple that even you two can write about it.”

“Oooh! Can I write a love letter to you, Miss Natalie?” Angel giggled as she paged through the blank notepad.

“Not now, plaything. Though I would love to see you write one in the future.” Natalie sighed happily, her stance slacking a little as she began to think.

Clara was about to ask a question—and then she blinked once again. What happened? Had Natalie given them another suggestion, one that happened so quickly Clara couldn’t even react? Clara began to wonder just how experienced of a hypnotist this Natalie—who she’d never even met before—truly was. “Let’s see… Clara, you write what you like about being a princess. Angel, you write what you like about being a bunny. Sounds fair, huh?”

“Okay!” they said in unison, beginning to put her pen to the paper.

Clara blinked. How to start an essay… surely, she learned that in college, right? Somehow, some remnants of it stayed with her. “Being a princess is so great,” she began to write, speaking out loud as she drooled onto the page. The words began to slowly cum—come—to her. She got to wear pretty dresses, and put on nice makeup, and—


Clara blinked. “Uhhh…” What was she writing? Something about makeup, right? Um… what was… makeup… it was the thing she did with the powder and liquid, right? On her face? “I… I get to make my lips all sparkly, and—”


She felt even more dizzy than before. What was…

Sparkly… her lips were all sparkly… what were… sparkles? They were the shiny dots, right? Clara furrowed her eyebrows. Why couldn’t she remember? Words were becoming increasingly hard again, not so much as before, but—

Clara looked up at Natalie inquisitively and saw a smug grin on her face. “Oh, you’ve figured it out? Didn’t think you could at all, let alone after three of these.”

“T-three of what?”


Before Clara could realize what was happening, another strand of her intelligence was gone. She could feel a burst of giggles arise in her. “What’s, like, going on, Miss Natalie?”

“Focus on your essay, dear. I’m sure you can do at least that.”

“Um… essay! Yeah!” Clara giggled. Why was this so hard? Why was it so fun? She kept trying to write, forgetting how to spell even the shortest of words. Her ‘M’s had three hoops, and some ‘E’s were written backwards. The more Natalie snapped, snapped, snapped, the more of her thoughtful brain would shut down.

“Before I was here, I studied… che… chemistry…” Clara furrowed her eyebrows. That didn’t sound right, did it? What was chemistry?

“Chemistry?” Natalie tutted her tongue. “Oh, no, dear. That’s way too complicated of a word for you.”

“It is?” Clara frowned, looking back down. It was properly spelled, right? “But… I think—”


“No, dear, you don’t know what chemistry is!” Natalie teased. “That’s a thing for smart people. Smart, talented people with a great brain. Unlike you, you ditzy, ditzy princess. Isn’t that right?”

“Uhhhh…” Clara drooled, trying her hardest to think. “Um, yeah, that’s right!”

“You didn’t even spell it right,” Natalie pointed out. C-h-e-m-i-s-t-r-y. That was right, wasn’t it? “Why don’t you erase it and try again.”

“Okay…” Clara erased the word quickly. “Let’s see, che—”


“Che…” Clara shook her head. That wasn’t how it was spelled! “K-e-m-i-s-t-r-e-e… Yeah, that’s it!”

“Good princess,” Natalie chuckled. “Finish it up, not much time left in my day.”

Clara kept trying up until the very end. Her handwriting was nearly illegible by the 20th or so snap; the content of her essay had become unreadable long before that. It was abysmal—not that she’d know that word—and her ‘essay’ was practically an affront to the English language. But she tried. Natalie snapped her fingers one last time as Clara tried to write her name.

“Time’s up!” Natalie sang, grabbing the papers from her dumb sluts. “Let’s see—Angel, how about I read yours first!”

Natalie grabbed the first paper, reading it aloud. “’My name is Angel’—good start. ‘I am a dumb bunny who likes to be bred.’ That’s true, isn’t it?”

“Mhmm,” Angel giggled.

“Let’s see… oh, here’s where it starts! ‘Bunny likes to be bred. Bunny likes her cunt stuffed with cum.’ My, my, bunny! I didn’t know you know such crass words!”

“Um…” Angel tilted her head. “Crass?”

“Never mind,” she chuckled. “’Bunny has ears, and they—they fury?’ Not ‘they’re furry’. ‘They fury’. Angel, dear, why did you ever think you’d be able to write a good essay?”

“I dunno?” Angel giggled. “You’re like, so smart, and you told me to.”

“Well, at least you’re obedient. Then your essay just says ‘breed, breed, bunny, dumb, breed, bunny, cum, cum, dumb, bunny’. Well, it may not be the greatest essay I’ve ever read, but it sure is the dumbest essay I’ve ever read!”

“Oooh, yay,” Angel grinned. “Does that mean y-you can… y’know… to me?” She twisted her legs together. Even Clara knew what she wanted.

“Needy breeding bunny,” Natalie laughed. “Your hands and mouth ought to be used for something better than writing this drivel. And begging for it after I’ve humiliated you, too!”

“What’s drivel, Miss Natalie?” Angel cocked her head. “Does that mean you’re going to—”

Snap! Clara could feel the effects on her even though it was directed to Angel. “Idiot bunny. I don’t think I should explain definitions to you. It’d be a waste of breath, considering you couldn’t hold onto them for more than a few seconds.”

“What’s a… definition?”

“Exactly,” Natalie chuckled. “Clara, princess! You’re next.” Natalie whipped out Clara’s essay, clearing her throat and beginning to read. “’Being a princess is so great. You get to dress in frilly, pink dresses and talk to nice people all day.’”

It wasn’t a terrible start, Clara thought. So why was Natalie still laughing at her?

“Not what I’d expect from someone with an advanced degree, but who can say surprises are bad? Let’s see. ‘Makeup is so fun. I can’t believe I never used it before.’ It’s nice to see your sentence structure is still good, but—oh, here’s where it gets good! ‘I get to make my lips all—’ then you cross out the word ‘sparkly’ and write ‘shiny dots’, and then your writing just pretty much becomes illegible. Like, I can’t even read this. The only words I can barely make out are ‘princess’, ‘obey’, and ‘pretty’. This is laughably bad, Clara… at least you’re amusing.”

“Thank you, Miss Natalie,” Clara giggled.

“’Thank you, Miss Natalie,’” she mocked. “Alright! Now, here’s a very difficult question… which essay was worse?”

“Mine was worse!” Angel insisted. “Mine was much, much worse!”

Natalie stared at Angel, then burst out laughing. “Yours was worse, Angel? At least you remembered how to write the letter ‘M’.”

“Yeah, that makes it worse!”

“Sure it does,” Natalie chuckled. “On the other hand, Clara didn’t just write the same three words over and over again. Sure, it was illegible, but at least it wasn’t sheer nonsense!”

Clara grinned. Who was winning? She had to know!

“Buuuut, since you insist your essay was worse… Angel, your essay was terrible, so you ‘win’!”

Angel cheered and started jumping up and down, as if she won some kind of award or high praise. “Yaaay! Thank you, Miss Natalie! Um… what do I get?” Angel’s legs twitched again, and everyone knew she was once again thinking the same thought as always.

“Well, I’m not quite in the mood to use and dispose of you like a fleshlight, but I am in the mood… for this!” From her maid outfit’s belt, Natalie pulled out a black heart-shaped flogger. “Hands and knees, Angel. You know the rules.”

Angel enthusiastically got on her hands and knees. Natalie touched the flogger to her ass, preparing to go at it. The first slap elicited a yelp of pain, as if Angel somehow weren’t expecting it. The sting was so loud, Clara could almost feel the flogger on herself as well. It happened again, each slap somehow getting louder and harder, until Angel was tearing up and shaking all over.

“There. See? Now you’ll never have to write again,” Natalie laughed, putting away the flogger. “Let’s see, what shall we do next?”

“Ooh, I know—” Clara tried to pipe up, but Natalie silenced her again.

“I wasn’t asking you, idiot,” she teased. “I was musing, thinking to myself. Y’know, something you forgot how to do.” Natalie clicked her tongue, her eyes circling back and forth between Clara and Angel. She was thinking. Thinking hard of what other fun sex game she could put them through. It was like looking intensely at Clara and Angel was giving her ideas.

Natalie grinned. She had decided. “I’m going to do a little personality swap on you two.”

Clara blinked. “Personality… swap? What’s, like, that?”

“Personality swap,” Natalie giggled, “is when I make you each act like each other. Clara, you’re going to learn how to be a bunny, and Angel, you’re going to dip your toes into princesshood.”

“What?” Clara pouted. “But I like being a princess! And Angel, like, likes being a bunny, right?”

“Yeah!” Angel pouted with Clara. “Why do we have to switch?”

“Because. I. Said. So.” Natalie glared down at the two of them. “You want to obey me, don’t you, playthings?”

The looks on their faces changed to mindless, happy obedience. Their heads bobbed up and down, eager to serve and do as Miss Natalie pleased. “Good. I thought so. I wouldn’t want to punish either of you anymore. Now... let’s see... Oh, I know how to do this!”

“Know how to do—”

Clara started to ask once again, before she heard another loud snap. Time had passed again, she could tell. And she could tell she had been put back into trance by how tired her body felt once again.

She felt... tired, as if she had come out of a deep sleep. But something else felt different. She didn’t feel as need to conform to social niceties and serve her superiors. No. Clara felt like she had to move. To bounce around, pounce on others like a needy, begging toy. She jumped up onto her feet, hopping a bit in place. She felt... like a bunny! Why had she felt any hesitation? This was so fun, so exciting! Not to mention, she still couldn’t think of words with more than three syllables.

And she felt something else. A warm flush filled her cheeks as she found herself feeling... unfulfilled.

She needed something in her. Stuffing her. Filling her with seed. She needed to be bred. It was a visceral need that overtook her, a compulsion as strong as the one she usually felt act like a fragile princess. Clara sat back down on the chair, grinding her cunt against it in desperation. “I-I-I...”

“Oh? I see you’re already feeling it, Clara,” Natalie teased. “How does it feel? To be a dumb cum breeding slut?”

“G-g-good... c-can you please... um...” Clara felt just about ready to pounce on Natalie. Why was Natalie still waiting? Clara had needs—needs, and a cunt, that needed to get filled—fulfilled!

“Oh, I know what you’re going to ask. You’re even more obvious than Angel,” she chuckled. “For the record, though, no, not until you prove yourself worthy. “Angel, dear, how are you doing?”

Angel tried to sit cross-legged like Clara was always taught. Despite the new transformation, she still had her previous conditioning intact. Clara could tell that Angel still wanted to spread her legs, to be bred. “I-I’m fine, Miss Natalie! Um... may I be of service to you?”

“Good princess,” Natalie grinned. “As a matter of fact, you may be of service to me! Or rather... to that bunny over there.”

“Huh?” Angel tilted her head. “I can serve... Clara? Um, Miss Clara, what do you need me for?”

Clara shrugged. “I, uh... yeah, M-Miss Natalie, what d-do I need to do?” Her desire, the way she needed to be filled, was taking over her body and speech. She shivered with anticipation, hoping that every second got her closer to that.

“Well...” Natalie grinned innocently. “Oh, I have an idea. One moment...” Natalie put her bag back down and reached into it, pulling out two exquisite vibrators. One of them was a magic wand encrusted with gemstones and gorgeous rubber. The other was shaped like a large dick, and already had fake pre-cum dripping from it. Clara drooled looking at the second one—it was obviously usually made for Angel. Luckily, Clara could see that both toys must have been cleaned and sanitized beforehand, based on how shiny they looked. Natalie turned both toys on, and the way they buzzed and moved around in her hands entranced Angel and Clara further. “You’re going to edge each other repeatedly. The last one who cums wins a prize! You get to be overstimulated for an hour.”

“Yay,” Angel grinned. “I-I mean, thank you Miss Natalie, what a lovely prize!”

“W-what about the one who cums first?”

“Oh, that?” Natalie grinned. “They don’t get to cum again for three days.”

Clara paled. She really had to do well.

“Well? I’m sure I don’t have to ask you which one you each want. Grab your toys, and get to it. Now.”

“Y-yes, Miss Natalie.” Angel advanced on Clara, slipping the toy into her. Clara steadied herself, trying not to cum in the first five seconds. She started using Angel’s toy against her. They edged, over and over and over again, until their minds went even blanker than they were before.

* * *

Much more time passed, and nightfall finally arrived. Angel had finished last, which almost made her tear up. Clara enjoyed the overstimulation... for the first 30 minutes or so. The last half was like the best torture she’d ever faced. Of course, Natalie had switched their personalities back to normal before they stopped. Clara wished the two of them farewell, the three all promising to play together again. Clara grinned as she walked back to her room, faux cum still dripping from her.

Walking back to her room, Clara felt her stomach rumble. She realized that she had been so thrilled for the attention that she hadn’t even remembered to eat dinner. Clara reluctantly accepted that she wouldn’t be able to sleep without food—as much as her body ached with soreness and just wanted to be done.

Clara made her way down the kitchen, walking past Natalie’s room as she did. She was fully expecting them to be asleep as well... but, to her shock, they weren’t.

Natalie’s and Angel’s voices were muffled behind the door, but Clara could still make them out.

“Still, though,” Natalie spoke with a dreary tone. “I can’t believe Diana and Jasmine hid this from us.”

Hid what? Clara shuffled closer, trying to be as quiet as she could. What was going on?

“Yeah,” Angel sighed. “Like, I know they have their secrets, but this is a big one! I can’t believe they’d hide something like that from us. Like, I know we’re their playthings, their property, but... we’re their partners, too. We didn’t get involved with this mansion to be lied to.”

“I feel like lying is the least bad thing they’ve done. But, more than anything... this hurts.”

What lie? What were Diana and Jasmine keeping from them? Clara wanted to hear more, but the two slowly quieted down and changed the topic. Clara wanted to look more into it, but if she made her presence known, she’d definitely get punished. And not in the fun kinky way.

She resumed her walk down the hallway to the kitchen. Her few brain cells would eventually forget what she’d just heard, anyways.

* * *

“Group meeting in five, main lobby.” Jasmine knocked on Clara’s door, shouting to startle her awake. “Don’t keep us waiting.”

“Mmmhuh?” Before Clara could respond to Jasmine’s face—at least, behind the door—Jasmine was gone. Clara wasn’t ready in the slightest, but she assumed Jasmine and Diana wouldn’t scold her for not being able to do her usual routine in five minutes. Clara threw on a bright dress, put some foundation on her face, and slipped shoes on. She walked downstairs, seeing Kae, Lisa, and Felicity on the way. They seemed equally as confused as she was.

“Hey, Kae,” Clara whispered to her friend, the trashy frat boy she was supposed to go on a date with. “Y-you, um, know what’s going on?”

“Beats me,” Kae shrugged. “Sounds serious, though.”

Kae’s suspicion seemed to be confirmed as Clara and the others were ordered into a single file line, standing in front of Jasmine and Diana. They were all in their inspection form—though none were getting inspected. Jasmine had a certain glint to her eye. She seemed less nervous than pensive. And stern, more so and in a different way than usual. Diana, on the other hand, carefully avoided people’s eyes, looking either down at the floor or at her perfectly manicured nails. Clara tried to get a read on either one of them, to see if she could figure anything out before they started talking.

“Do I have everyone’s attention?” Jasmine started, after clearing her throat.

The group all nodded and murmured ‘yes’ as answers.

“I’m sure you all remember Natalie and Angel, the ladies we sent on a business trip for a while. They came back yesterday, and I heard—” her cruel eyes glanced towards the meek Clara, “they had some fun yesterday. Correct?”

“Uh…” Clara hesitantly nodded. “Y-yes, Mistress.”

Jasmine inhaled deeply, then exhaled.

“Because of unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstances, they will no longer be living here.”

“What?” Clara exclaimed, then clamped her hand over her mouth. Jasmine glared at her, silencing the question she was about to ask. Clara could hardly believe what she’d just heard. Concerns rampaged through her small brain. Why were they suddenly let go? Did Clara do something wrong? Did… they do something wrong?

Something else clicked—was this about what they’d learned? What had they learned, anyways?

“Do not be alarmed for their wellbeing. They are alive and safe. Their belongings have already been moved out. You all are not to attempt to contact them. That is all.”

“Wait, why is—” Lisa started to pipe up, uncaring of the consequences.

“That is all,” Jasmine seethed through her teeth. “No questions. End of conversation.”

Clara slumped as she continued trying to process the information. They were gone. She had no idea why. They weren’t going to play together again. She wasn’t going to see them again… ever.

“Diana and I will be busy today, taking care of…” Jasmine’s eyes glanced towards the weary Diana. “Things. You are all dismissed.”

The other members shrugged and began walking away. Clara stared at Jasmine, somehow expecting to get more answers… but, unsurprisingly, finding nothing.

And then Clara looked at Diana, and noticed her puffy, red eyes. Had she been… crying?

Asking more questions would get her in trouble. Diana had Jasmine. She had all the help she needed. Clara slumped away back to her room, plopping her body on the bed and waiting for the guilt to pass her.

* * *