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How To Pay Your College Loans

Chapter 8

Truth or Dare

* * *

Diana gets some members together for a fun game of truth or date.

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of ownership, hypnosis, or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and ownership of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

* * *

Anne had quit drinking alcohol long ago because of the massive hangovers it would leave her with. It was getting in the way of work, but even without her job in the picture, the headaches she would get the morning after a long fun night were agonizing. Her headaches had mostly gone away since she quit. However, even though she didn’t have a drop of alcohol last night, her head was pounding like hell the day after.

She wasn’t hung over, that was for sure. But the massive feeling of regret and shame hit her like a truck, especially when she remembered emailing the school to tell them she was going on a sabbatical, effective immediately. Being tenured meant it wasn’t too big of a deal to her employer. But for Anne, the humiliation of knowing the real reason why she was departing so suddenly was far worse.

As she stood up from her bed, rubbing her eyes, she began to wonder if this is exactly how Clara felt. Did she sign that contract and feel sheer visceral regret the next day? Or did Clara acclimate to her new life in mere seconds after giving up her old one? More importantly, how was that offer so… enticing? Who would want to sign their life away to be an expendable plaything for six months, let alone the rest of their life?

And why to Jasmine, of all people? That was the worst part of all, especially considering Jasmine was a hard submissive for as long as Anne knew her. Hell, Jasmine would always be the one begging Anne to Domme her whenever they were together. Whenever they had time to be together…

It was so weird to Anne to see Jasmine like that. It wasn’t just weird—it bewildered Anne. What had happened to her ex-girlfriend, the woman who begged Anne to make her an obedient thrall? But Anne knew there was no use in agonizing over it. She worked through the headache, put on clothes that made her look slightly presentable, and walked over to the kitchen.

Why was this mansion so big? It was so giant that Anne almost lost her way while trying to reach the kitchen. Did they have to make estates this big? It was certainly one way for the ultra-rich to flaunt their wealth. Maybe Anne was just bitter that business school allowed Jasmine to make way more money than Anne’s doctorate degree could ever bring her to.

Finally, Anne managed to find the kitchen, and set about making herself a breakfast sandwich. Luckily, she wouldn’t have to worry about groceries for the next six months, so she could use all the expensive ham and high-quality cheeses she’d like. And avocado—especially avocado.

It only took a few minutes to make—leave it to Jasmine to have some fancy dish to make the egg filling quickly—but Anne found something much more interesting while she finished it. While looking through various drawers trying to find utensils, she found a drawer filled to the brim with what looked like legal documents. At first glance, they looked the same as the ones that Anne had signed last night. Were these… contracts?

Anne couldn’t resist this new temptation. She needed to sneak around. She knew there must be a lot of dirt she could find on Jasmine—and she wanted to find every last speck of it. Who cared if she was being a complete hypocrite? She was just here to have fun for half a year, after all!

Most of the documents seemed to just be real estate papers for the mansion. Stupid rich people and all these legal documents for their massive properties! Still, Anne knew how disorganized Jasmine was, and how the first employee she hired for her business was a bookkeeper-secretary. She’d absolutely be the type of person to keep sex-slave ownership contracts in with deeds and affidavits.

Anne tried to keep her sharp mind focused on finding anything she could use against Jasmine, sans having to read legalese. However, as she waded through deed after deed, she began to wonder… just what was Jasmine going to do to Anne? It seemed that she was putting all of the girls through various changes. Clara, obviously, had her intelligence flushed down the drain, and was now acting as a ditzy princess. Another member seemed to be going through force-masculinization. Another was a drone with a number instead of a name, and another was a cat girl. It seemed there were a lot of possibilities—and that idea only increased the sinking feeling in Anne’s stomach.

What is she going to do with me? Might as well find something on her before she can do anything too drastic to—

“I see that your weird habit of talking to yourself hasn’t gone away.”

Anne nearly choked on air when she heard Jasmine’s voice, seemingly coming out of nowhere. She whipped around to face her. They were about the same height, but that didn’t make the dominance in Jasmine’s demeanor any less potent.

“Huh,” Anne coughed, awkwardly trying to change the subject. “Didn’t see you there.”

“Yes, you were very deep in thought as you were rifling through my estate planning papers.” Jasmine stared deep into Anne’s eyes, her face barely moving from its serious look. “Were you looking for dirt on me? It seems like your first day of obeying me one hundred percent isn’t off to a great start.”

Anne chuckled, trying to laugh off the moment. “Oh, come on, I was just—“

Jasmine didn’t give Anne a chance to finish that sentence. Her presence became much scarier as she stormed over to Anne, their bodies now against each other. Even though Anne could feel Jasmine’s warmth against her, she was much too terrified to notice it. Jasmine grabbed Anne’s hair at her scalp, and used her other hand to push Anne’s chin upwards, forcing the professor to look her in the eyes.

“Did you or did you not sign a contract?”

Anne paused. Her brain had somehow turned to mush as she tried to collect her thoughts. “I did.”

“You’re a very smart woman, Anne. I’m having a lot of fun draining Clara’s intelligence, so I’m not going to give you that treatment. But you do know contracts are…“—she squeezed the sides of Anne’s jaw tightly—“binding, yes?”

Anne looked away, then looked back at Jasmine. “Yes.”

“Did you think, by any chance,” Jasmine’s grip on Anne’s hair tightened even harder, “that you would get special treatment just because of our history?”

The sides of Anne’s lips curled in a hesitant chuckle. “Well, you know, it might—“


“No, Anne,” Jasmine growled. “If anything, I’m going to treat you worse after all the very ‘kind’ and ‘gentle’ things you said to me yesterday. What was it that you said? Something about being sorry you couldn’t help me become a good person? Or how you broke up with me because you could see how ‘cruel and manipulative’ I was becoming?”

Anne stilled, processing the painful sudden slap across her cheek that Jasmine had just left. “I’m really sorry,” she responded quietly.

Jasmine chuckled. “Oh, no, I’m not hurt at all. Trust me, it takes a lot more to hurt me than some mean and hurtful words. In fact, maybe I should give you a lesson on how to actually be degrading and insulting…”

“Uh…” Anne blinked. This wasn’t at all the response she was expecting, and it made her feel even less sure of herself. Is that something Jasmine could actually do?

Anne didn’t have a moment to react as Jasmine shoved her up against the wall. Her breath was completely gone in a flash. Maids were walking around, idly tidying up the place and dusting off furniture last used 15 minutes ago. How was Jasmine comfortable with Domming Anne in the middle of the living room where everyone could see? The maids seemed to be paying no mind to the scene in front of them, but that didn’t mean they were okay with it.

Jasmine glanced at the maids for a moment, acknowledging their presence silently. “Oh, and for the record, plaything—no, I have not decided what I’m going to do to you yet. But I have some ideas…”

Before Anne could ask, Jasmine gripped her harder. Somehow, her strength was dragging Anne into a kind of subspace she hadn’t visited in ages. Soon enough, just from the sheer force of being groped and manhandled, Anne found herself becoming a whimpering, visibly needy mess.

“Is… is this okay? Jasmine, people are…”

“Watching? Oh, yes, it’s perfectly fine,” she growled in response, her voice sounding almost feral. “They’ve seen worse.”

Anne nodded, not having the capacity to disagree with her anymore. “And… since when did you… become a Domme?”


“O-ow!” Anne cried out.

“You’ll learn not to question me, plaything.” Jasmine’s breath brushed Anne’s huffing face. “I’ve changed. Maybe you could do well with some change, too.”

Anne tried to muster some sort of glare into Jasmine’s eyes. She was beginning to regret her decision even more than she already did when she woke up. She wanted to push her ex-girlfriend off, to bolt and run away, to burn whatever contract she had signed. But somehow, being pinned against the wall by her—by the same woman who would dress in her best lingerie to beg Anne for a punishment—was a new kind of exhilarating. The loss of control, control that Anne didn’t even know she had anymore… it was so fucking hot. And it was obvious to anyone looking at her, too, from the way Anne’s legs clamped together, the way she bit her lip to stifle a whimper.

“F-fuck,” Anne laughed. “You’re better at this than I ever thought you would be.”

“Careful,” Jasmine spat threateningly. “I already deal with one brat. I don’t have time or patience to deal with another.”

“I’m not bratting,” Anne protested. “I’m just still so curious about what happened.”

Jasmine’s hands moved to Anne’s neck, choking her just enough to temporarily end her inclination to back-talk. “What happened is, I tried new things, I found out I liked Domming better, I realized I was fucking good at it, and now I live in a mansion with 6 women who signed their lives away to be my loyal playthings forever.”

Jasmine didn’t leave Anne a moment to compose her thoughts, and it would have been futile for her to attempt to respond. The way Jasmine’s breath was brushing Anne’s ear, the way she exhaled so ferally… it was a massive turn-on. She didn’t protest when Jasmine moved one hand down to undo the knot of Anne’s pants, shoving them down to her knees as she fingered Anne’s cunt through her panties. Within seconds, Anne was gasping in pleasure, her body arching. She ached for this, she needed this. Jasmine didn’t give her even a millisecond of reprieve, going in to finger her roughly and making her soak her panties. Anne was sure Jasmine would make her walk around in her drenched panties all day, or even longer. Not that Anne cared in the slightest.


Jasmine removed her other hand from Anne’s neck and slapped her in the face again. “O-ow!” Anne cried out, now that her airway was free. “W-what was that for?”

“Oh, nothing,” Jasmine smirked. “I just felt like doing that. You don’t mind, right?”

Anne didn’t mind, but she couldn’t form a coherent answer. She kept getting fingered, her hips rocking against Jasmine’s fingers, begging for release, pleading for an…

And then it stopped. Jasmine took her hands off of her, wiping them off on an expensive silk handkerchief. Anne looked at Jasmine, desperate, wondering what the hell she was doing.

“If you want to finish,” Jasmine started, turning away, “take that as a lesson to watch your tongue. If you speak back to me again, though, you’ll deeply regret it.” Jasmine paused, as if she were internally debating adding something else to that sentence. “And… you will refer to me as your Mistress from now on. Understood?”

Anne bit her tongue. “Yes, Mistress.”

She was going to hold Jasmine to that promise, though.

* * *

Clara was oblivious to all this. Then again, she was oblivious to everything these days. She sat in front of her vanity, expertly doing her makeup—the lessons from Diana had paid off, what with her being actual royalty herself. She was an expert in princess-like makeup, after all. Diana had bought Clara all sorts of eyeshadow palettes, and most of them were quite massive. Clara could have sworn they were made out of literal diamonds. Were diamonds even safe for makeup? Clara didn’t know. Probably, right?

She had never used makeup in her life before moving into the mansion, and she had no idea why. After all, it made her so happy! It made her look pretty and dainty, too, and that was what really mattered. Besides, Jasmine and Diana were happy when they saw Clara taking hours on her makeup and outfit. So that was good, too!

She was almost done with her lips, her favorite part by far. She just had to perfect her lipliner, and… done! She looked at herself in the mirror. Her outfit was a silk, fluffy pink dress with a lilac cardigan, and white booties. Her makeup was full of similar colors. Maybe Diana would reward her when she saw how good her makeup was!

Just then, Clara heard a loud knock on the door. Before Clara could even answer, Diana walked in, making Clara remember that her owner didn’t need permission to enter anyone’s room. Out of habit, Clara stood to greet her graciously.

“Good afternoon, Your Highness,” she said enthusiastically with a small curtsy.

“Good… afternoon,” Diana said, narrowing her eyes to look at Clara’s makeup. “You just did your makeup?”

“Yes, Your Highness!” Clara grinned, flashing her shiny lipstick. “What do you think?”

Diana studied her sub’s face closely, as if examining a fine piece of art at a museum. Clara’s heart sank. Did Diana not… like it, for some reason? Panic overwhelmed her at the thought of upsetting her royal highness.

Noticing the worry in Clara’s eyes, Diana shifted her face into a soft smile. “It looks quite nice. I love your sharp wings and eyeshadow blending.”

“Really?!” Clara shouted enthusiastically, making Diana wince. She instantly calmed down. “I mean… I’m so happy you like it, Your Highness.”

Diana hummed. “I need you for something.”

Clara cocked her head to the side. “Huh?”

“You’ll see.” She grinned mischievously. “Be in the greenhouse in five minutes. I think you’ll enjoy it.” Before Clara could ask any follow-up questions, Diana had left the room and gone back into the hallway. She seemed to be in quite a rush, like she was excited for whatever she had planned. Well, if Diana was excited for it, it was probably going to be fun for Clara too!

* * *

Clara made it into the greenhouse right on time. She didn’t see Diana, but she did see two other familiar faces she hadn’t seen much of lately. Kae and Lisa sat on two of the comfortable garden chairs scattered around, seemingly bored and trying to occupy themselves. They didn’t seem like they didn’t want to be there, at the very least.

“Oh, Kae and Lisa! Hi!” Clara waved enthusiastically. They looked upwards, smiling at her—Clara couldn’t tell if they were genuinely happy to see her, or if they were jealous of how excited she was.

“Hey,” Kae waved. “Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Yeah! Um, like, where have you all been?”

Lisa shrugged, and leaned back in her chair. “Sleeping in bed, mostly. Thank god Jasmine let you stop brainwashing me, though. No offense, but I don’t think being particularly hypnotic is in your skill set.”

“Oh. Well, it was fun!” Clara smiled obliviously, sitting down in another garden chair and leaning forward.

Kae looked at her, crossing their arms. “You look real different.”

“Thank you! Diana just got me this new palette. Isn’t it, like, so pretty and sparkly?”

“Sure is,” Kae smiled. “Gotta admit, even though I don’t understand how you’re so into… this, it’s pretty cute to see you this happy. You were so unsure in the beginning—understandably—but it’s kind of sweet to see you like this.”

Clara held her hands to her blushing cheeks and giggled. It was nice to be praised like this! Kae was one of the first people she’d met, and they were always really nice to her. Even Lisa seemed to have toned down her anger a little, at least towards Clara. Huh, maybe Clara was naturally likeable like this!

“Hey, we should go on a date sometime!” Clara said to both Lisa and Kae.

Kae blinked, and tilted their head. “A… date? Huh?”

“Yeah! I mean, with both of you. Or like, one on one. Y’know. I dunno,” Clara giggled again. Why was she so happy? “You two are really nice. We should, like, go to dinner, or see a movie!”

Silence hung above them—it wasn’t necessarily awkward, though, just filled with obliviousness on Clara’s end and bewilderment on Kae and Lisa’s.

“I mean, maybe?” Lisa said curiously, and Clara could almost see her cat ears perking up. “If, y’know, they say it’s okay. Sounds kind of like a fun break.”

“I’m down,” Kae agreed.

Before Clara could respond, they heard the door to the greenhouse open, and Diana walked in elegantly. She had swapped out her dress for a more casual one, one that was well suited for walking around in. She walked past the group, sitting down in the last chair and opening a pack of cards.

“Hi, Your Highness!” Clara greeted.

Diana nodded to her, then to Kae and Lisa. Kae bit their lip and nodded back. Lisa stuck her tongue out in response, and it was surprising to Clara that she didn’t get punished right then and there.

“I want to play truth or dare,” Diana said. “Are you all interested?”

“Yes!” Clara immediately responded, before fully understanding what was happening.

Kae shrugged. “I don’t have anything better to do, so why the hell not?”

Lisa piped up. “Do we have a choice?”

“Mm… I mean, I guess you can say no…”

Lisa hummed. Clara could tell she was weighing the pros and cons for a minute, but Lisa finally responded, “Okay, I’ll join.”

“So, let’s each take turns,” Diana started, “and if you need ideas, I have these cards.” She flashed the deck of cards in her hand—Clara saw that each card had a truth prompt on one side and a dare prompt on the other. “So. Since I’m queen, why don’t I start?”

The others nodded in approval—not that they had much of a choice, probably. “Hmm… Kae.” Diana tilted her head towards the fuckboy in progress. “Truth or dare?”

“Mmm,” they rolled their eyes up, thinking. “Truth. I’m not feeling up for a dare yet.”

“Alright.” Diana pondered what to ask, looking over at the deck of cards a few times. Eventually, she decided just to ask her own question. “What’s your favorite part about being a fuckboy?”

“Oh, I see how it is,” Kae smirked. Clara stared at them with wide eyes, curious what they were talking about.

“That’s not an answer,” Diana retorted.

“Fine, fine.” Kae fell silent, thinking. “I guess trying out a new clothing style has been fun. I like baggy sweaters and baseball caps more than I ever thought I would.”

“Mm,” Diana hummed in understanding. “I thought you enjoyed having more power over other people. Y’know, like most guys do,” she chuckled.

“Wouldn’t say I have a lot of power here, that’s for sure. Although it has been fun to explore my toppy side,” they admitted.

“So that’s two things,” Diana grinned. Her grin was much softer than Jasmine’s, but there was often still at least a hint of deviancy in it. “You do like being a fuckboy, now!”

“Well, I didn’t say that…”

Diana’s grin widened. “But… you kinda implied it…”

“Oooh, me next!” Clara interjected. “I want to ask a question!”

Diana shrugged. “Sure.” She handed Clara the deck of cards, adding, “I’m not sure you’re smart enough to think of a question on your own, though.”

“I’m not that stupid!” Clara protested. She wasn’t actually fighting back; she was aware of how stupid she’d become, but she just didn’t have a care in the world about it. She loved being the dumb, darling, ditzy bimbo that Jasmine and Diana had made her. It’s so much funner this way!

Diana rolled her eyes. “Just pick a person and a card.”

“Alright… I pick Lisa!”

“Hm?” Lisa perked up, rolling her eyes. “Surprised you’re picking me first.”

“Well, yeah! You’re, like, super cute and nice,” Clara giggled. It was like she had completely forgotten about how she’d spent weeks brainwashing Lisa. Lisa, of course, hadn’t forgotten. “Uh… so, like, truth or dare?”

“Eh, fuck it,” Lisa shrugged after a bit of thought. “Dare. I’m curious.”

“Oh, cool!” Clara rubbed her chin contemplatively, deep in thought. She then remembered she had a set of cards she could pick from, and glanced through them. She dug out a random one from the deck, blushing a deep red as soon as she saw the dare. “Oh! Oh… um…”

“Come on, princess,” Kae urged teasingly. “What did you get?”

“It’s… it’s um…” Clara hid her face with her hands, blushing up a storm.

Diana sighed, exasperated. “Is it more embarrassing than getting punished again, or having to brainwash Lisa into being a good kitty?” She didn’t wait for Clara to answer or protest, instead ripping the card from her dear princess’s hand and reading aloud the dare.

“‘Make out with the asker for 60 seconds’,” Diana read out loud. “Since Clara here has apparently forgotten how to read.”

Lisa smirked. “So let me get this straight, Clara—brainwashing me and stuffing my head full of hypnotic suggestions and mantras isn’t humiliating, but making out with me is?”

“L-listen!” Clara protested. “I just… um… do you want to?” She revealed her face a little; seeing it all beet-red must have been hilarious to the other three.

“Of course I do.” Lisa stood up and began walking over to Clara. Somehow, the way she was standing over Clara was intimidating—not that Clara was opposed to feeling even more weak and helpless. Clara looked up into Lisa’s eyes, her face quivering with anticipation.

Lisa broke the tension by grabbing Clara’s hair, bending down and dragging her into an intense, passionate kiss. The submissive princess froze in shock for just a quick second before leaning into it. The harder Clara kissed, though, the more furiously Lisa returned it. They were locked in a passionate kiss, neither of them really keeping track of the time as Lisa growled into Clara’s whimpering mouth. The make-out session got longer, and hotter, and both of them needed more… more… more…

“Time,” Diana suddenly called, dragging Lisa and Clara out of the moment. Lisa broke the kiss, with Clara barely wanting to or even registering that the time was over. “Though, please, keep going if you want to,” Diana added with a grin. She clearly enjoyed it as much as they did.

Lisa didn’t even care that Diana called the time. She just kept looking smugly at Clara, who looked like she was about to melt right then and there. “So, I’m up next then, huh?”

“Y-yeah…” Clara said, finally remembering how to breathe. “Um, do you want—“

“I don’t need them,” Lisa rejected the offer for the cards as she sat back down. She turned back to Diana, crossing her arms. “I take it we get to ask you questions, too… Your Highness?”

Diana sipped tea out of her elegant porcelain cup once again. She took her time answering Lisa’s question. “I am part of the game, so yes.”

Lisa smirked with one of the most devious grins Clara had ever seen. “Alright, sure. Your Highness—truth or dare?”

The way Lisa always said ‘Your Highness’ and ‘Mistress’ always carried a hint of sarcasm to it. Clearly, Diana and Jasmine must both be used to it if years of obedience training on Lisa hadn’t fixed the problem, though Clara could imagine Jasmine had gotten annoyed by it more than a few times.

“Hmm…” Diana took a long, contemplative sip of her drink and then answered haughtily. “Truth. I’m sure you all would like to know more about me.”

“Alright,” Lisa leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. “Are you really actual royalty?”

Kae sputtered out their drink. Even Diana raised an eyebrow at Lisa in bewilderment. Lisa, of course, seemed to enjoy her little power move. Clara’s blank stare broke for a second, flabbergasted that something like that would ever come up. Diana was royalty, of course! She had a crown and everything! Why would Lisa waste their question on something like that?

“Of course she is!” Clara protested. “Why would you ask—“

“Clarie, dear,” Diana cooed to her in an amused tone. “It was my question, not yours. Though…” Diana giggled. “You defending me is cute.”

“But…” Clara sighed and slumped back in her chair. She didn’t deserve to get that kind of question! Then again, she supposed games of truth or dare were always on the meaner side. Clara did play a few of them in college, after all.

Her mind wandered a little through her old memories—gosh, being a college student sounded way too hard now. How did she ever get through 4 years of tests, essays, and projects? Come to think of it—that was how Clara got into searching the dark web, right? Through what was supposed to be a fun game of truth or dare. Her head hurt. The more she thought, the worse her headache got. Her headache reminded her that she might as well forget about all that. It felt so much better to be dumb and ditzy in the present.

“Yes, of course I am,” Diana finally responded. “Why would you think I’m lying?”

“I don’t think you’re lying,” Lisa challenged. “I just want to hear more! We’re your playthings, so we’d like to learn more about your life, hmm?”

“Well, you already asked your question, though it was a pretty boring one, I have to admit,” Diana teased. “Lisa, why don’t you go again? You seem so eager to cause problems on purpose.”

“As always, Your Highness,” Lisa chuckled. “Kae, you’re up. Truth or dare?”

“Oooh, picking on the fuckboy again, aren’t we?” they cackled. “Sure. Dare.”

“I dare you to take out the strap-on and have Clara pleasure it for three minutes.”

Clara nearly spat out her own drink. Once she was done coughing up what went down the wrong pipe, she spoke with a shocked gasp. “H-hey, you can’t do that!”

“She can’t?” Kae challenged with a smirk, glancing over at the shocked Clara. “And why not?”

“Be… because it’s not my dare, it’s yours!” Clara protested. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to pleasure Kae—in fact, the thought enticed her probably more than it did Kae—but, “that’s not fair!”

Kae laughed. “You don’t seem to understand,” they started as they began unbuckling their belt buckle. “You’re at the bottom of the food chain in this mansion.”

“Uh…” Clara’s defiance washed away with a confused glance. “What’s a… food chain?”

“Exactly,” Kae laughed as they whipped out the silicone dick of their strap-on, a deep yet bright navy blue with ample bumps and curves. Clara felt herself salivate and drool just looking at it; she wanted to lick, suck, deepthroat it and drool over every last inch of it. It wasn’t small, either, and though Clara still struggled with her gag reflex despite all the training Diana and Jasmine had given her… she wanted it in her, as much of it as her poor broken body could take.

“I… um… uhhh… what was I talking about…” The more words Clara spoke, the more drool dripped out of her mouth. She couldn’t remember why she had any objections, and she couldn’t think about anything else.

“Oh, you were just talking about how horny you were and how much of an oral slut you were,” Kae laughed at her, and Lisa and Diana joined in as well. “Well, how about it? We’ll set a timer for three minutes, and you’ll get to have all the fun you want…”

“Yes! Yes yes yes!” Clara begged, crawling over to Kae’s crotch. “P-please, I need it!”

“Alright…” Lisa pressed a few buttons on her watch. “Three minutes, go!”

Clara immediately got to work, not wasting a single millisecond. She used her hands to steady the strap-on, putting the tip in her mouth. Even just the tip was an inch or two long, and poor Clara was already struggling to put more in her mouth. But she needed more, her body shuddering in arousal as she went down further and further. She used every part of her mouth to pleasure the strap-on, and she either didn’t care or enjoyed the fact that Kae and Lisa were laughing at her. Kae was also getting visibly hornier as Clara continued toying with them, bucking their hips and thrusting the dildo further into Clara’s mouth. Every time, she choked a little and then readjusted to take their length further into her mouth.

Clara could swear that there was a puddle forming with all of her drool dripping off of their strap-on. She got her hands involved too, touching around Kae’s thighs—a sensation they clearly enjoyed. Kae couldn’t stop moaning either, just from how good Clara was making this, and from the sheer power rush. Before she knew it, she had the entire length inside of her, and she needed more and more and—

“Time!” Lisa called out as the timer went off, beeping incessantly. Clara moaned around the strap-on, not wanting to take her mouth off of it yet. The ditzy princess still needed more. As horny as Kae also was, though, they were somehow much more willing to adhere to the rules than Clara was. They grabbed a fistful of Clara’s thick, well-styled curled hair and pulled her head away from them.

Clara let out an adorably pathetic whimper, a “nooooo” moaning out from her lips. Kae just laughed at her harder.

“This is what they mean, Clara,” Diana said smugly. “You’re at the very bottom. Even if there’s a clear official hierarchy here, where I own Kae and Lisa—you’re everyone’s plaything. They have complete free access to you. And your job is to submit to everyone who wants to dominate you. How does that feel?”

“G-good,” Clara answered. She didn’t even really know what she was being asked, but it hardly mattered. Everything felt good as long as she was being used and abused by everyone around her. She was a plaything. She was a ditzy service-subby princess, and that was exactly what she wanted to be. Why would she ever want brains or smarts or anything else?

“You know what, princess?” Lisa spoke deviously. “Why don’t you go again. You look like you could use a bit more… well, use.”

“Ooh, yay!” Clara lit right back up to her usual brightness. “Dare! Dare, please!”

Lisa snickered. “I dare you to disobey Diana.”

The excitement drained from Clara’s face. “W-what?”

“You heard me.” Lisa turned to Diana. “Come on, Your Highness, give our princess an order so she can follow through?”

“Hmmm…” Diana hummed contemplatively, her haughty look breaking into a thrilled smile. “Well, Clarie. You’re not allowed to disobey my orders. You’ll get punished if you do, of course. But you’d be disobeying me if you refuse the dare. How does that feel?”

“I… I… then what do I do…?” Clara’s face paled.

Diana shrugged. “I dunno. Figure it out, princess. And as for my order…” Diana thought to herself. As soon as she decided, a spark went across her eyes. “You seem to have gotten quite good at using your mouth for things more important than talking. Why don’t you pleasure me, now?” Diana lifted up her casual frilly dress, pushing aside her panties to bring her cock out. She was quite hard and dripping through her panties.

“Mmm… I… um…” Clara began advancing on Diana, her eyes fixated on her dick. I want it. I want it. I want it.

“Ah-ah,” Diana teased. “You’re supposed to disobey me, aren’t you?”

I want it. I want it. I want… huh? Clara began to see through the thick pink fog, remembering that there was… something else she should be doing. What was she doing here? Why was thinking so hard? Clara put a hand to her head, the headache overtaking her. Where was she? Why was she…

Before Clara could get too lost in her thoughts, trying to find any strand of intelligence left in her, Diana picked up Clara by her chin. She brought Clara’s ear to her lips, and—

“Pink, pink, pink.”

Clara dropped once again, falling back into that peaceful, blissful state of trance. No thoughts, no resistance, no silly feelings that she might have been smart at one point. Just a brainless bimbo princess with a complete inability to think about anything but being pretty and obedient. Diana wasted no time letting Clara sit in her trance. She used two fingers to open up Clara’s mouth—she was still conscious enough to let out a moan around her owner’s fingers—and made Clara begin mindlessly pleasuring her dick with her mouth. Despite being deep in trance, Clara happily obliged. She was being put to use for other people’s pleasure—her Queen’s pleasure. She was a plaything. She was loved like this. She was loved when she was a trancy, drooling mess around other people’s junk.

Diana clearly loved this, too. She gasped and moaned with every movement she made Clara perform. When Clara was this deep in trance, she didn’t have any sort of gag reflex or anything. She was a toy—everyone’s toy.

“H-hey, you two,” Diana gasped out to the silent and amused Kae and Lisa with a glare. “Don’t just stand there. Kae, go fuck Lisa like the horny frat boy you are.”

Kae grinned. “What about truth or—”

“That’s an order,” Diana hissed. Lost in her own blissful fog, thinking was clearly becoming hard for her, too.

Kae had no more objections, and neither did Lisa—aside from her usual bratting. Lisa’s bratting, of course, meant she really wanted it, though this wasn’t a surprise to anyone. Kae whipped the strap-on back out and held the bratty cat down by her head. The catgirl kept laughing at Kae, challenging them to fuck her harder and to treat her rougher than they already were. Kae, meanwhile, kept going as hard as he could, pounding straight into Lisa’s ass.

Diana kept rubbing Clara’s mouth all over her crotch, almost using her as a vibrator against her leaking dick. Diana made sure to get as much of her precum as possible into Clara’s mouth, though she couldn’t lie and say she didn’t enjoy the sight of some dripping across Clara’s face. Even in trance, Clara knew that she should put at least a bit of effort into her job. She used her tongue to glide across Diana’s cock as Diana pulled her head around it. She felt it twitch on her cheek, against her lip, and inside her mouth. She needed it. She wanted more, more, more. The sounds of Diana’s moans, and the sounds of Lisa begging for more, and the way Kae brat-tamed Lisa… Clara needed to be here. Why would she need to be anywhere else?

No one was paying any attention to their silly game of truth or dare anymore. All that any of them were thinking about was fucking or getting fucked. At least, that’s what Clara cared about—she knew that everyone else in the room was too smart not to have other thoughts.

Diana forced Clara’s mouth to the base of her cock, Clara’s lipstick smearing across it, and began thrusting Clara’s face up and down until she climaxed into her mouth. Her cum sprayed into her mouth, and as Diana pulled Clara’s face away, she continued finishing all over Clara’s face. Diana laughed at Clara as she came all over her, admiring the view and admiring how dumb and slutty her plaything was. In the distance, Clara could hear the sounds of Lisa climaxing as well. The sounds of people finishing all around her made her want to finish, as well. Of course, she wasn’t allowed to—but she was allowed to grind herself against Diana’s leg for as long as Her Highness was okay with it, and that was good enough.

* * *

Clara awoke to the sound of Kae calling out her name. “Huh?” Clara slurred, unaware of what had happened. She must have blanked out from the pleasure. “Uh… Kae? Like… What’s up?”

Kae sheepishly looked at the princess before extending a hand to help her up. “I figured I should check on you.” As soon as Clara steadied herself, they handed her a black-and-blue handkerchief. “Here. You should clean up the cum on your face.”

“O-oh!” Clara stammered, realizing she hadn’t yet cleaned herself up. “Um… thanks…” She took the handkerchief and began wiping the cum off. Part of her wanted to keep it on, like it was a prize or trophy of some sort… or a crown of her own. But princesses didn’t walk around wearing other people’s cum, no matter how much she enjoyed the thought. “That was… fun.”

Kae chuckled. “I liked it more than I thought I would. You really brightened the mood… in more ways than one.” Once Clara’s face was completely clean, Kae gently put their hand under her chin. Clara blushed and giggled, their fingers tickling her face slightly. “I’m shocked you like it as much as you do. I’m even more shocked you got Lisa to at least pretend she enjoys being here. I mean, you saw her the other week, right?”

“Mmm… yeah,” Clara giggled. “But like, Lisa is super nice! Of course she’d like being here. Wasn’t she just having a bad day or something?”

Kae laughed under their breath. “Boy, what I wouldn’t give sometimes to be as stupid as you.”

Clara giggled again. It was so funny to be called dumb and stupid. It’s what she was, after all! But it was still so funny that it cracked her up every time. “Oh, yeah! Didn’t we, like, want to go on a date sometime?”

Kae blinked out of their good humor. “You… were serious?”

“Uh, yeah! You’re, like, super cute and nice and funny. Besides, you remind me of this frat boy I dated for, like, two weeks, who was super hot.” Clara paused, waiting for Kae to answer her. “So, like… what do you think?”

Kae smirked, looking at Clara sympathetically. “Sure, yeah, that sounds fun.”

* * *