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Humiliation Of A Vampire Slayer

October 2008
Classifications: m/f male dominant, mc, humiliation,


About a vampire slayer fom the Czech Republis who travels all the way to Budapest, Hungary hunting down a master vampire. As the vampire slayer searches for him a sleazy stripper-bar, he traps her first with his hypnotic powers and changes her from a vampire slayer to a stripper/prostitute, entertaining the horny male customers of that stripper-bar.


It was a cold night in Budapest. Hungary. It was after midnight. The streets were empty. The only lights were coming from the large street lights, the moonlight up in the sky and from the night clubs. Bouncers stood out the doorway. One woman walks alone in the street pavements. Men passed her by often gave out their crude wolf whistles. But she had no time to bash them up. The woman wore a long black latex jacket. She wore dark glasses. She had long black spandex suit on as if she was some character out from one of the X Men or Matrix Trilogies. She wore large black boots and had a utility belt around her waist. She stood at 6 feet; had short black hair and was pretty pale. She resembled Carri-Ann Moss too. Her name was Joanna. She was a vampire hunter. Right now she was looking for a vampire…in Hungary. Her home city of Prague was not that far from it. Joanna continued walking until she saw a sleazy bar. On top of it was neon sign hanging, saying in Magyar, “SILENT WOLF.” The bar she was looking for. The bar where her target was last seen. Joanna walked towards the front entrance. There was a very tall bouncer standing in front it. He was a skinhead who was very muscular. As she tried walking in, he put a hand on her right shoulder. “I want to come inside. I am a customer,” Joanna replied in Magyar. “Only invited guests are allowed. I need to see your pass. Hello,” the bouncer said. Within moments the bouncer landed against some trash cans nearby. Joanna pushed through the doors to get inside the SILENT WOLF.

Joanna saw lots of tables and could smell local beer aroma. Men were sitting and drinking while naked women were dancing for them. There was also a stage with strippers dancing while men threw their money at them, making disgusting comments. The men were all looking at Joanna, making their perverse comments like how they would like to fuck her right there and right now …on the spot. Three tall and muscular bar men were rushing towards her, telling her top get out but before any of them could lay a hand on her, she used her speed and martial arts to skill to sending them flying around the air, falling down on customer’s tables. Joanna looked all around her. She screamed at the dancing women, “You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Go get yourself decent jobs and get outta here.” The strippers stopped dancing their bodies and quickly ran out of the bar. The customers who paid good money for them were all angry. At Joanna. They started shouting at her. She just shouted back, “Anyone dares to touch me I would send you all flying like these bastards here.” She was pointing at all the top three muscular men she easily beaten up. As Joanna walked towards the bar, there was a fat man serving drinks. He only wore a white singlet and had balding grey hair and grey eyes. “What do you want?” the bar tender was wiping a glass with his cloth. Joanna took out a photo. It was of man in his early thirties with long black hair and black eyes but very pale. “I am looking for this man,” Joanna showed the picture right in front of the bar tender’s eyes. The bar tender pointed right behind her. Joanna turned around. The man she was looking for stood just five feet away from her. He was smiling. She quickly removed her jacket, revealing the sword she carried on her back. As she was pulling it out, the man starred at her. He was the vampire she was after. He killed many people all over the Czech Republic. But he was no ordinary vampire. He was a master. And he was looking straight at her eyes. She was under his power already.


The strippers were once more dancing by the tables of their drinking customers. “Without you this bar would not survive,” the bar tender said, as he sat on a table with the vampire. The vampire was Count Raoul, a thousand year old Hungarian vampire. “Of course. I bring you the girls who will bring you money and I use your place to conduct certain operations of mine.,” Count Raoul smiled. The girls were ones he kidnapped and forced into prostitution if they did not want to die,. He eventually chose one or two of them later on for blood sucking. They were all afraid him because he was a vampire. Joanna stood by next to the sitting count. The bouncers and other barmen were continuing to work. “Slave sit down,” Count Raoul pulling a chair for Joanna. She obeyed, saying, “Yes master.” She came and sat down next to him. “These vampire hunters are annoying. I put up with them every generation. I manage to kill many and many more pop up. I sometimes think killing them is like answering their last prayers,” Coutn Raoul looked at Joanna in disgust. “And how long is she in your power?” the bar tender asked. “As long as I want her to be or if someone throws ice cold water on her face or let her smell; garlic. But until then she would be under my control for as long as I live and as she lives. Bet you she was trained by that Order whose members I nearly wiped out,” Count Raoul spat on the floor. “Say count. I have a better idea. A much better one,” the bar tender said. Count Raoul smiled.

* * *

The front stage was empty. All the men sat up front were staring at it. The bar tender spoke over the micro phone, “Tonight gentlemen we are going to have a very special entertainment. Her name is Joanna and she is a vampire hunter. Earlier tonight she ruined your fun. Your party. Now she is ready to make amends for what she had done. Now if you will all give her a second chance please let’s hear it for Joanna.” The men sat down up in front started clapping their hands. Joanna walked up the stage, still dressed up in her spandex costume and black jacket. Joanna was looking at all the men in front of her. She knew that she was under the Count’s cruel powers. She was aware of she was and what she was about to do. But could not do nothing about it. She knew that the Count intended on humiliating her. This was the bar where she told the strippers to go home. Now she was going to be one of them. The moment the music started playing the moment she started dancing to the beat.

The men were shouting crude comments. She understood them and if she had her will again none of them would be sitting there smiling wickedly and saying those things. She was shaking her body, dancing like how she once saw strippers all over Western Europe dance. She was putting her hands behind her head while shaking her lower body like some kind of mind controlled cobra. She then raised her body again and slowly pulled away her dark glasses. She had cold blue eyes. She chucked the glasses away. She then started untying her right boots, getting off them and throwing them away. She then untied her left boot, getting out of them and throwing them away too. She then started getting out of her jacket, instantly throwing it away. The men started throwing more and more of their money. More male customers were entering the bar, sitting up front, they too started throwing their money on the stage, bills and coins. “Come on baby take it off. Take it all off,” shouted one skinhead. Joanna was dancing slowly to the beat. She unhooked her belt and threw it aside. She then turned around for them, revealing her sword scabbard. She grabbed her sword by its handle, slowly pulling it out and then moved it quickly towards the floor. Her blade’s end tip penetrated the stage floor, making it hang there. She then took off her sword-holding strap-on and cast it aside. She then started unzipping her spandex costume from behind, very slowly. The cheers grew louder and louder. Joanna finally stripped out of her. She would have been totally naked if not for her black bar and black panty. “Take it out. Take it out,” the men started cheering, throwing in even more money. Joanna pulled out her bra, revealing her large white breasts and pink nipples. She then slowly turned around for them, standing up straight and pulling down her panty, showing her pale ass to the audience, shaking them too for their joy. Joanna was now fully naked and while she was naked, she then moved her body towards the dancing pole,. Holding in onto it and started dancing her body, touching its cold steel. She continued to dance and dance until she heard the announcement, “Ok Joanna you can stop now.” Joanna stopped dancing and just walked up front the stage, revealing her naked body and black pubic hair. “The fun has not stopped yet boys. You have seen her dance. You have seen her stripped. Now for some more money she will do some performance for you.”

One young guy got up from the front crowd. He was an aggressive looking short stocky guy. He took out his money, shouting to the rest, “Remember when she came here earlier tonight and spoiled our fun, ruining it for the rest of us.” Some supporting cheers came from around and behind him, he continued, “I say we make her squat-fuck on one empty bottle while continuing to fuck her pussy with all the bottles we give her and make her suck on them.” the cheers got louder. Oh no, Joanna thought. The stocky man placed a bottle up on the stage. Joanna took it and slowly put it below her legs. She then squatted over it. She pressed her asshole cheeks on top of the bottle, managing to get her ass impaled by its end. She squirmed and screamed a little the men just laughed at her. Customers were passing by bottles to the stocky man. He placed them in front of the stage, close enough for a squatting Joanna to grab them and fuck herself with. “Here fuck that smelly pussy of yours with this,” the stocky man handed the empty beer bottle to Joanna, who took it and said, “Yes sir. Anything you say sir.” She slowly moved the front top of the bottle up her cunt, as if it was a dildo,. She started fucking her pussy with it while squat fucking. “Now remember everyone. All you have to tell her to go faster is to say FUCK FASTER. Now if you want her to suck another bottle you tell her SUCK NEW BOTLE,” the bar tender announced. The men started ordering her, “Fuck Faster. Fuck Faster.” Joanna was squat fucking as fat as possible while fucking her pussy very quick./ all this was hurting her but her training as a vampire hunted combined with the mind control allowed her to do all this, even if it hurts her. Then she heard a new order, “Suck new Bottle. Suck New Bottle.” She pulled out the bottle she was fucking her pussy with and started using that hand to put it on her mouth, sucking on it while using her other hand to grab another empty bottle and fucking her pussy with it. all three holes of hers were now being used. She was drinking her cum from the other bottle, while her cunt was being made to entertain another bottle and her ass getting hurt from the same bottle. Her tits were bouncing up and down. The men were cheering at her flopping boobs.

Joanna had finished fucking her three holes (mouth, cunt and ass) and was stood up, as an exhibition to the audience. Her mouth was full of her own cum, as well as her pussy, mixed with cum and beer liquid. She had never felt so inferior and self-humiliated. She could not live with herself like this. This was worse than death. Her pubic hair was wet from her cumming and the end bits of so many beer bottle foams staining her pubic hair. “So what is it that you want her to do next,” the bar tender announced. Another guy came up front. He was a tall and muscular skinhead. “She has got pubic hair. I say we make her use her own sword to cut off her own pubic hair.” Many more cheers came. “I say she can do it because she is a trained vampire hunter and knows how not to cut off her own pussy by accident,” the skinhead laughed. The skinhead collecting money and throwing I on the stage. “We want you to cut off your own pubic hair with your sword,” the skin head commanded. “Yes sir,” Joanna walked towards her sword and pulled it out from the stage floor. The beer foam made her pubic hair stand out and so it would not be too hard at all. Joanna managed to make her legs squat and then move her back towards the stage floor. She spread her legs while holding her sword downwards. Its blade touched her pubic hair. She used her martial arts training to guide her sword. She was able to make her sword do the trick. Its blade was slicing off her pubic hair, even down to the pussy skin level. She could her pussy bones feeling cold from the blade’s cold feeling. After her pubic hair was finally cut off, she moved her sword upwards into the air and then used her skills to press the blade on the floor just four inches away from her head. She heard clappings.

As Joanna lied her back down, Count Raoul came up on stage. “Ok the other girls are feeling left out. Joanna is about to get off stage. Joanna get up,” Count Raoul commanding her while looking at the customers staring at him in front. Joanna got up and stood naked next to her true master. “For about €300 she is yours for the night.” The men were eagerly checking out their wallets of they still had enough money. Only one guy managed to hand Count Raoul a €300 bill note. A short fat red-haired English guy with freckles. “Now if you will please follow me,” Count Raoul leading the fat guy and the naked Joanna away from the stage and towards a narrow corridor. On the corridor were strippers standing and smoking and there were also bedrooms where one can see strippers and hookers putting make up on. Count Raoul finally led them to one bedroom. He pushed the door open and showed a large bed and the lights on were red. “She is all yours. For an hour,” Count Raoul closing the door behind them. “I always wanted to fuck a nice East European beauty like yourself. Now I also know that vampire hunters do exist. If I can’t fuck someone like Buffy or Faith, you are my closest choice,” the short red-haired guy was fondling with her pale ass. If she wasn’t under mind control she would have kicked his balls already. The fat guy took off his clothes and walked onto the bed, climbing on it. Joanna followed him. “I always wanted to fuck a vampire hunter,” the fat guy simply got on top of Joanna instantly shoving his cock up her pussy. She screamed. He was fucking her pussy, kissing her lips by force and squeezing both her breasts with his chubby hands. Squeezing and groping.

After an hour the fat English customer was walking out the doorway. The door was opened. Joanna remained naked on the bed. Spread eagled. Her mouth, tits and pussy were filled with English cum. She continued to stare at the ceiling. On the background, she heard her master say, “She is yours for an hour.” Joanna’s heart broke. She was changed from being a vampire slayer to a stripper-whore servicing customers in a bar-brothel. She always wanted to know what Hell was like and now she knew. She was living it and probably going to continue living it for the rest of her mortal life. She managed to turn her face rightwards to take a glimpse at her new customer. It was tall and muscular skinhead, same one who made her shave off her pubic hair right in front the audience. He slammed the door behind him with his right hand while his left hand was carrying a bag. “I am going to play rough with you….for an hour.”