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HypnoticShort3: Martha’s Story

This story contains depictions of sex, blah blah blah, and mind control, blah, if you are underage or offended by any of this, don’t read it, blah blah. Oh, and just in case you do anything wrong because of this story, don’t blame me, like I always say... I just write these things! Don’t archive or post this anywhere without my explicit consent.

My name’s Martha. I’m going to tell you a story. I’m not writing this of my own free will. How that came to be, well, that’s what this is about. I’m in my early twenties, 22 to be precise, taking architectural engineering in college. I’d love to have a career as an architect, provided my master will let me. Pleasing him comes first, after all. That’s why I’m writing this, because my master commanded me to, and I have to obey him. Ah, it feels great to obey... I’m getting turned on just writing this. I haven’t always been a slave, I know that, but my life before seems so boring, I won’t even recount it. Now, here’s the story of how I became a slave to my wonderful master.

It was my first year in post-secondary education, and I was as nervous as anyone would be. I was a very good student, graduating from high school with honours, and was looking forward to courses in Architectural Engineering, Physics, and English Literature. The first class of the first day was Engineering. I walked into the class and sat in the middle. Only a few other students, roughly my age, I guessed, were seated throughout the room. Only one person was sitting beside me, a young man. I was sure he was older than me, but I couldn’t tell how much. This guy had a dark complexion, dark hair, and dark clothes. Scanning the class, I caught him glance at me quickly, and couldn’t suppress a smile. It wasn’t all the time I had attractive boys giving me looks! I was a bit jittery when the professor walked in. He calmed my fellow students and I down quickly, though, with a light, easy manner. He explained this first class would be an orienteering session to get us used to the course... before we got REALLY disoriented!

That hour went by quickly, nothing important happened, except I caught that young man beside me glancing my way at least ten times. At lunch, I retired to one of the campus’ student lounges. You can imagine my surprise when the dark student from the seat next to me wandered in! He stood at the doorway for a moment, than walked straight to my table, and asked if he could sit down. Of course, I let him. We introduced ourselves, and chatted idly over lunch. He turned out to be an outgoing, engaging person, and I found myself opening up to him more than I, being slightly shy, usually do. He told me he was a musician, and he composed his own music via synthesizer. I gladly accepted the sample cassette tape he offerred me, finding myself quite interested in him. At the end of lunch, my new friend said goodbye. I didn’t see him in the rest of my classes, and he slipped my mind until I got back to my tiny apartment, and found the tape.

I pulled a chair up next to my stereo and plugged in some headphones. The music turned out to be a mix of celtic-sounding instruments, violins, fiddles, harps, and flutes. Quite nice, really. There seemed to be some voice whispering in the music, too, and I strained to hear it. I couldn’t make out anything but a faint buzzing, like static, so I attributed it to feedback. I found my mind wandering as I listened to the music, and soon felt very relaxed and tranquil. I closed my eyes...

My eyes drifted open, and I yawned, feeling like I had just awoke from a nice, long nap. Looking around, I realized it HAD been long—it was four hours since I started listening to the tape! It had stopped on its own, long ago. I got out of the chair and stretched, realizing I felt very good. That was such nice music, I thought, I’ll have to ask him for some more. I quickly prepared dinner, ate, and looked over the notes I took in class. Soon I grew tired, washed up and sunk into bed. Based on its prior effects, I decided to listen to my friend’s tape again. I hadn’t listened to more than five minutes before my eyes became so heavy, and I quickly drifted off to dreamland.

In class the next morning, I found myself sneaking glances at my dark-haired classmate every few minutes. I didn’t know why, I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Luckily, my prof didn’t notice. I left the class confused and hoping I hadn’t missed anything. My friend caught up to me at lunch again, and upon my telling him how much I’d enjoyed his tape, he smiled and handed me another.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t concentrate. All I could seem to think about was that young man and listening to the new tape. Upon returning home, I went immediately to my stereo, dropped the tape in, and pressed ‘play’. This music was similar to the first tape, but slower and quieter. The buzzing in the background seemed more pronounced, but it felt nice, relaxing, like white noise. I soon lost track of time, and felt my mind wandering off. I was staring blankly ahead without realizing it, listening intently to the music, or more specifically, the noise behind it. I was sure the noise was saying something to me, to the back of my mind, something I couldn’t consciously hear. I listened for what seemed like hours, still staring ahead, unable to move, think, or do anything but listen.

I ‘awoke’ several hours later, and oddly enough, had the tremendous urge to masturbate, an urge I don’t often have. I was overwhelmed. Almost crazed, I pulled off my shirt and bra, and pinched my nipples furiously. This never failed to get me off, so to speak, and I could feel fire building between my thighs. I hurried quickly into my bedroom, discarding clothes on the way. Naked, I lay on the bed, arousing myself helplessly. I couldn’t stop for minutes, until I was finally wracked by one of the most intense orgasms my limited sexual experience had ever provided. When I stopped moving, I realized how tired and heavy I felt. Almost before I could think about it, my eyes were closed and I was fast asleep.

At lunch the next day, my friend came into the room and sat across from me, as usual. I had been aroused all day, and it got much worse when I was near him in class, and again here. I almost couldn’t think straight. He spoke to me, but I couldn’t even concentrate on what he was saying. He got up from the table, and I realized I had to follow him. I didn’t know where we were going, but, still unable to think straight, I was soon following the object of my arousal down the halls. He led me into a small room, which turned out to be a janitor’s closet. We stood close, and fell into a deep kiss. Passion overwhelmed my mind, and soon we were both naked, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. At his command, I knelt on the floor and took him in my mouth. I’d never done anything like this before, but sucking this man gave me the best feeling of release I had ever known. He trembled in my mouth and came. I swallowed what I could, and orgasmed myself. I pulled myself up my lover’s body, and he pushed right into me. I take back my previous statement—this was the best feeling I’d ever known. I wanted him inside me forever, and it almost seemed that long before he finally came again. His orgasm drove me over the edge, and I shook in his arms uncontrollably for long moments. After making love several times, we dressed and left the closet. As I followed my newfound lover down the hall, my mind cleared a little. I found what we had done a little strange, but it didn’t seem wrong, and I had to admit that I’d never had it so good. In the front hall of the building, he kissed me again, and handed me another tape. I knew I would listen to it as soon as I could.

Strangely enough, I put off listening to the tape until after dinner. At eight o’ clock, I put on my walkman and lay back in my chair. My mind went blank seconds after I hit ‘play’, my consciousness filling with the buzzing voice.

My apartment was dark when my eyes opened. I felt strange, like I wasn’t even there, and I was watching my body through my eyes, but not controlling it. There was a knock at my door. I rose from the chair without willing myself to, and opened the door. He stood in a dim pool of light from the hall. Still unable to control myself, I knelt before him, thighs together, calves tucked under my body. The way he wanted me to kneel. I looked up at his dark, handsome features for a moment, then knew that I had to look downwards in his presense. More than anything, I began to feel a tremendous sense of ‘rightness’ with what I was doing, and I felt control seeping back into my body. The other thing I knew was obedience. I had to obey my dark-skinned lover, and master.

“Stand, slave Martha.”

“Yes, Master Marik.” I replyed instantly, and stood at attention. I knew that Marik, my classmate, friend, and lover, was now my master. I knew I was his slave, and would only want to obey him. My master came close, and brushed my lips. Everything he said and did felt so good. We made love all night, and I obeyed his every command, as I knew I always would.

That night, and so many others, I have been Marik’s slave, in every sense of the word that I can think of. I only called him by name that once, since then, I must call him Master, but he was allowed me to refer to him by name at least once here...

My master has plans, I know, but he hasn’t told me what they are. All I really want is to serve him, anyway. I hope my master introduces more slaves to his control, as he has said he will, for I’d love some new ‘experiences’. I don’t know when I started wanting sex so badly, but I could make an educated guess...

Ah, now my master is touching me... Stroking my hair, and my back... I’m naked, as always. Oh, now he’s squeezing my breasts... And my nipples, I... I’d better stop, it’s getting hard to think...

Well, that’s Martha’s Story. I’ve been rethinking how to do stories, and come up with some new ideas. Hopefully, it won’t take as long as this to write, and you’ll be able to see them soon!