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Hypnotic Short 4: Partnership of Sorts

This story contains depictions of sex, blah blah blah, and mind control, blah, if you are underage or offended by any of this, don’t read it, blah blah. Oh, and just in case you do anything wrong because of this story, don’t blame me, like I always say... I just write these things! Don’t archive or post this anywhere without my explicit consent.

Another long day on campus. Marik relaxed in the shade, watching the women when he should have been studying. It didn’t matter. Marik did well in class without trying, and taking advantage of this had allowed him plenty of free time to try his hand at other things. Subliminal tapes, for one; which he’d used on several occasions to turn otherwise independent young ladies into sex slaves. This plan had worked, in fact, better than Marik ever could have imagined.

He glanced at his watch. Marik knew that Martha, his own sweet little slave, had class for another hour. He had allowed Martha to continue with some semblance of a normal life, even though he had total control over her every action. She had been his for months, and Marik still became erect quickly upon thinking about how obedient his slave was.

Marik had been looking to seduce a few more ladies, and there were enough hot co-eds on campus to fill any man’s dreams for a year. His eyes followed one shapely figure after another, finally hanging on a particular head. Marik of course recognized the long blonde hair and luscious body beneath it, a body that belonged to Rebecca Tuller. Marik and Rebecca had a casual sort of relationship; they went out to the movies occasionally, or stayed in, and made out. They were both quite content with the state of their association, but Marik didn’t see why they couldn’t get along better. Luckily, Rebecca enjoyed music as much as anyone else, and music was Marik’s specialty. Well, he actually put more into what was behind the music: His taped featured subliminal suggestions, that, when used on a progressive basis, could totally enslave a person’s mind. This was what Marik had done to Martha, and the results were more then he could have hoped for.

Marik walked quickly to intercept Rebecca on her way to class. She was walking purposefully towards the nearby building, holding books close to her chest, her long golden ponytail bouncing behind.

“Rebecca!” Marik called, bringing the girl to a halt as he caught up to her.

“Hi, Marik. How’re you?” Rebecca smiled.

“I’m fine. You have a class now?”

“Yeah, Social Science. Talk to you later, okay?”

“Yeah! Rebecca, can you meet me at Sunrise after this class?”

“Sure, Marik, I’ll be there. Later!” Rebecca waved goodbye with her free hand, then turned and walked swiftly into the building. Marik smiled rather wickedly as he returned to his bench in the shade, and continued his observation.

“So, Marik, why’d you want to meet me here?” Rebecca finally brought up the purpose of their meeting, as Marik sat back and chewed a sandwich thoughtfully.

“Well, I couldn’t help but miss the pleasure of your company. I was wondering, have you listened to those tapes I gave you?”

“Yeah. They were a little strange. Not really my thing, Marik, but I think putting music that complex together takes some talent.” Marik smiled at the compliment.

“Well, thanks, it’s just my thing, I guess. I was wondering about something else. Look me in the eyes for a sec.” Marik lowered his sunglasses and Rebecca gazed at him, one eyebrow raised questioningly. “Rebecca, sleep, obey.” Marik spoke the words pointedly, staring hard into his friend’s eyes. Rebecca’s nose crinkled, taken aback, but suddenly her face lost all expression, and her head slumped forward. Marik exhaled loudly, triumphant. The post-hypnotic trigger phrase he’d programmed into the subliminal tapes had worked just fine. Now, he had only to test Rebecca. She should be totally obedient to him.


“Yes?” Her voice sounded normal, if slightly toneless.

“Look up at me.” Rebecca raised her head, and opened her eyes. Aside from the lack of expression on her face, she looked totally awake. In reality, she was lost in a trance, and unable to think for herself. She was under Marik’s control. “Rebecca, follow me.” Marik rose from the table, saying nothing else to his friend-turned-slave. Rebecca rose immediately and followed, getting into Marik’s car as ordered, and she sat facing forward, without motion or expression, until they reached Marik’s apartment.

Martha awoke as soon as she heard the door open. Once her class was over, being unable to find her master, she returned to their apartment. She had turned on the little motorized spiral Marik had set up for her, and had immediately become lost in hypnosis. Marik had been training his slave to become susceptible to very deep hypnosis, and had been experimenting with methods of induction and suggestions. Martha felt a little surge of excitement and pleasure as she contemplated her master’s arrival. Marik stepped into her room, followed closely by a stunning blonde girl who’s blank stare told Martha her master had been successful again. That made her happy. It made her even happier when her master smiled and spoke:

“Glad you’re here, slave. This is Rebecca. Give her a kiss hello.” Martha immediately rose from the bed and embraced Rebecca, locking their lips in a deep kiss. Rebecca made no response. “That’s a good girl, slave.”

“Master, is Rebecca your slave, too?” Martha looked up at Marik with hopeful eyes. He smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

“She will be, slave, for a while. Hm, I may have to start calling you by name again, if I’m to have more than one slave.”

“Call me whatever you wish, Master. What will you do with Rebecca?”

“Oh, I think I’ll see how your little hypno-spiral works on her, then we’ll see.”

“Good, Master, will you allow me to help?”

“Why of course, Martha, you can start by undressing your new playmate...”

At Marik’s suggestion, Martha and Rebecca made love repeatedly. Martha needed no coaxing to do as her master said, and Rebecca was unable to resist any suggestion Marik gave her. He enjoyed the scene for some time before deciding to join in. If Marik had ever wondered what real pleasure was before, now he knew. The contrast between Martha’s delicate, petite body and Rebecca’s comely voluptuousness was balanced by the fact that they were both incredible lovers, and the three pleasured each other for hours.

Finally, Marik started up the motorized spiral, and instructed Rebecca to concentrate on it intently. Rebecca sat on the edge of the bed, still naked, and did as Marik instructed. Marik held Martha in his lap, stroking her breasts, as she cooed and kissed him. She joined her master in watching Rebecca, and found her gaze drawn to the whirring spiral. Marik felt Martha suddenly go limp in his arms, and looked down to find her staring wide-eyed at the black and white spiral, completely hypnotised. Marik laughed, and disentangled himself from his slave, leaving her to follow the spiral into trance. He approached Rebecca, and spoke to her softly.

“Rebecca. You are staring deeply into the spiral. It is pulling you in, drawing you deeper. You can feel your body relaxing, as your mind follows the spiral deep, deeper... Do you feel it, Rebecca? Do feel yourself relaxing?”

“Yes... Relaxing... Deeper...” Rebecca’s voice was slurred and faint, and Marik could tell she was swiftly becoming hypnotised. Her eyes had gone from expressionless to glassy, and her body had become slumped over, lips hanging open. Marik decided to get right down to business.

“Rebecca, do you know anything about hypnosis? About how it feels to be hypnotised?”

“Yes... Feels good, relaxed... Like when you were hypnotised...” Marik leaped to his feet with a start.

“What? What did you say, Rebecca?”

“Feels good, relaxed... Like when you were hypnotised...”

“When was I hypnotised, Rebecca?”

“When I hypnotised you, last week, at my house...”

“I don’t remember anything happening last week, Rebecca. We went to your house, had a few drinks, then we made out. Then I left.”

“No... We had a few drinks, then I hypnotised you... You fell into trance as I suggested...”

“What did you suggest, Rebecca? How did you hypnotise me?” Marik’s brow was bent in concern as Rebecca continued her testimony.

“I told you to look at the light... sparkling on the wine glass... I relaxed you and put you in a trance.”

“What did you do next, Rebecca?”

“I turned on the camera...”

“Camera? What do you mean?”

“I turned on the video camera, and...”

“You mean you have a tape of me hypnotised?”

“Yes... I taped it...”

“Where is this tape?”

“At my house...”

“Rebecca, I want you to keep looking into the spiral, keep letting it pull you deeper. Into hypnosis, Rebecca, into a deep trance. Let everything else fade away, Rebecca, and fall into a deep, deep trance. When you hear my voice, you will follow every instruction and suggestion it gives you, as your mind will be gone, deeply hypnotised... Do you understand?”

“Yes...” Marik left Rebecca falling into the spiral. Martha sat in a similar position, and he left her, too, knowing she’d go through her induction routine, and the other suggestions he’d programmed into her. Marik went through Rebecca’s purse, found her keys, and ran to his car.

Marik watched, entranced, as he watched himself entranced. The camera focused on his body, lying limply on Rebecca’s couch, limp except for the prominent bulge in his pants. His face looked tired, slack-jawed, and his heavy eyes were focused off-camera, probably on Rebecca. Her low, droning voice played in the background.

“You are falling deeper Marik, deeper under my spell... Your body is so heavy, your eyes, so heavy... You have to close them, Marik. Close your eyes. Close them and fall completely under hypnosis, fall under my control. Close your heavy, heavy eyes...” Marik’s drooping eyelids closed, and his head lolled to the side. “Marik, you are deeply hypnotised, deeply under my control... You cannot resist, can you? You are so deep... You can’t resist me, Marik, can’t resist me...”

Marik watched, not believing. He didn’t remember any of this! He continued watching as Rebecca began intoning her commands...

“Marik, you must stand up now, stand up. Good. Now, you’re feeling very horny, aren’t you, Marik? Why don’t you show me. Take off your pants and show me how turned on you are at being under my control, Marik.” The hypnotised young man, eyes still closed, obediently unzipped his jeans, and pulled them down around his ankles. The extremely prominent bulge in his briefs projected just how turned on he was. Rebecca’s voice came again. “Now, Marik, remove your underwear. Good. Ooh, that’s such a nice, big cock you have there, Marik. It’s so big because you’re so turned on, isn’t it?” Marik saw his entranced self reply.


“Oh yes, Marik. You’re so horny, so big and hard because you’re under my control. I want you to do something for me, Marik. And something for you, too. I want you to take your big cock in your hand, and stroke it for me. That’s right, start stroking that delicious shaft of yours, and fall deeper under my control as you do. It feels so good, doesn’t it? The better you feel, the deeper you fall. The deeper I control you, the better you feel. You know I am taking over your mind completely now, don’t you Marik? You’re giving yourself to me by getting off at my command.”

“Yes... Giving myself...” Marik felt a distinct stirring below the belt as he watched his hand run over his own member. He could remember what it felt like.

“Now, Marik, you need to come soon, don’t you? When you do, you’ll go into such a deep hypnotic state that I will control you totally. Even more deeply and completely than I do now. After you come, you will kneel before me and lick my sweet clit. I’m already wet with anticipation, Marik, come on now...” Marik soon shuddered and moaned loudly as he came, shooting across the room in Rebecca’s direction.

As soon as the orgasm left him, Marik, obeying Rebecca completely, walked over and kneeled before her. Having removed her skirt and panties beforehand, Rebecca pulled Marik’s face into her pussy, letting out a little moan as she felt his tongue against her sensitive lips. Minutes of devoted licking and sucking brought Rebecca to an intense climax, and she fell into Marik’s arms and onto the floor. After lying still for a moment, Rebecca commanded Marik to lick the cum from her thighs and his face. Without hesitating, he did. Marik was commanded to get dressed, and he did this also. Once Rebecca had Marik seated on the couch again, she told him to look into her eyes, and she spoke.

“Marik, you’ve done very well under my control, and I know you’ve enjoyed it very much. So I’m going to let you fall under my control anytime. All I have to do is say the phrase ‘My slave Marik’, and you’ll immediately surrender to my deep control. I’m going to snap my fingers in a moment, and when I do, you’ll awaken, feeling relaxed and very content. You won’t remember being under my control, or anything we did or said while you were hypnotised. You’ll only remember drifting off for a minute...” Rebecca snapped her fingers, and Marik’s eyes snapped into focus.

Marik turned off the tape and the TV. He had to think about this. How could he keep Rebecca from controlling him? Marik smiled as another though drifted into this head. He really didn’t mind Rebecca hypnotising him. He remembered now how good it felt. But he wanted to stay in control, he had his own plans that he didn’t need his golden-haired hypnoteuse interfering with. Marik had the perfect idea.

Rebecca and Martha were still sitting naked on the edge of the bed, wide, empty eyes still directed at the little whirring spiral. While Rebecca merely sat in a trance, Martha was running her palms in quick circles around her breasts, muttering quietly the suggestions Marik had placed in her mind.

“More... And more... Pleasure... All the time... My nipples, so sensitive... Always more sensitive... Under hypnosis...” Martha moved her hands down to the soft, slender expanse of her thighs, rubbing up and down her creamy skin. “Skin so sensitive... So much pleasure... Won’t cum, no matter how much pleasure... Always more pleasure... Feels better and better... Under hypnosis...” Marik reluctantly stopped watching his slave, and moved to stand next to Rebecca. The entranced girl had obviously been affected somewhat by Martha’s provocative ramblings; her nipples were stiff and dark with blood, and the slightest scent of arousal rose from her soft blonde tuft.

“Rebecca. Can you hear me?” Her answer took a while in coming; she was obviously very deeply hypnotised.


“What will you do when you hear my voice?”

“I will follow every instruction and suggestion it gives me.” Rebecca replied, repeating exactly what Marik had said earlier in a soft, robotic voice.

“Good. Rebecca, I know you can hypnotise me with a phrase, and I enjoy being hypnotised by you. But from now on, if you ever want to hypnotise me, you will ask my permission before you use that phrase, and you will not use it if I refuse. Do you understand?”

“Yes... I must ask permission.”

“That’s right. You know that whenever I say the phrase ‘Rebecca, sleep, obey’, you will become my slave, wanting only to obey and please me, just as Martha is my slave. Even when you’re not my slave, though, you will want to be hypnotised by me frequently. You enjoy being hypnotised by me immensely, and you’ll want to experiment with it in many different ways. You will want to experiment with hypnotising me, as well, but you won’t give me any suggestions that you will control me outside of hypnosis. Do you understand all this?”

“Yes, I do...”

“Good. Then I want you to awaken from hypnosis when I shut off the spiral, and it ceases to spin.” Marik clicked the switch on the spiral, and it slowed to a stop. Martha moaned as she was suddenly shaken by orgasm, and she flopped back on the bed. Marik remembered that she was programmed to have an orgasm as a reward for practicing her hypnotic script. Meanwhile, Rebecca was sitting on the edge of the bed, still looking blank, as she was still under Marik’s control: He had brought her out of hypnosis, but hadn’t freed her from his subliminal phrase. Marik was anxious to see just what Rebecca would do now that she would want to hypnotise and be hypnotised by him. He knew they would have a lot of fun together. And the idea of her practicing her new-found interest on Martha gave Marik quite the thrill.

Marik decided he would begin training Rebecca to become a willing partner in his quest for women to control, a sort of apprentice and accomplice that would work along with Marik, but still under him. Yes, Marik felt good about his actions, and he prepared to take the next steps in the addition of Rebecca to his little game. First, however, he had a few things he wanted to try out, to see how willing Rebecca was when she WASN’T his slave.

“Rebecca, when I snap my fingers, you will return to normal, no longer my slave, and you will remember only my inviting you to my apartment to show you something. When you awaken, you will be extremely aroused, and you won’t mind Martha assisting me in meeting your needs at all...”