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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: UFOS, Aliens. Aliens abduct women for use as BrothelBots and Agents.

I am using the same characters from The Bank, Mistress Inc. and other stories of mine in an alternate reality.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

I Married a BrothelBot from Outer Space

Part 4


As Emma/Agent 13 and Karen/Agent 27 slept with their new girlfriends the Robots dreamed of serving their alien masters. This was programmed re-enforcement. Emma/Agent 13 dreamed of when she was taken;

As Emma dialed her work in a panic there was a blue beam which surrounded her and then there were two strikingly beautiful women staring blankly ahead, clad in silver arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with silver collars.

“No!!!!!” Emma said as she dropped her phone, the line still open as she was grabbed by the two robot woman staring blankly ahead, clad in silver arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with silver collars. Both were blondes, one with her hair in a ponytail, one with a page boy haircut. They were incredibly strong. Emma started to scream for help to her neighbors, to anyone when one of the robot woman snapped silver control collar around her neck. There was a powering up sound then Emma stopped resisting with a gasp. Her eyes went vacant as she stared blankly ahead and one of the Robot Women said, “YOU WILL OBEY” [OBEY YOU WILL BE ROBOTIZED] “I will obey” Emma said as her cell phone was stepped on and broken. The Servile Units picked up the files and then the three teleported into the saucer. Emma had a strange smile on her face—it felt good to obey.

The saucer then flew up into the sky and out of sight………….

On board the saucer, Emma was taken to a holding area and undressed. She was examined by four grey aliens in silvery suits. One female and three males. One of them Master Aegnak fondled her and said, “YES SHE WILL SERVE US WELL” Emma stared blankly ahead still wearing the control collar. Master Aegnak said, “SLAVE TELL US ALL YOU KNOW ABOUT THESE FILES AND WHAT YOUR RACE KNOWS ABOUT US”

“Yes Master……….” Emma then gladly and helplessly betrayed her friends and the human race to her alien masters. She had dreamed of Master Aegnak and the dream was correct—thanks to her touching the collar. Because after she betrayed Earth, she relaxed her jaw and took the phallus of Master Aegnak like in her dream. Sex with the alien was like nothing she had ever experience in her life. She was rewarded with freedom, the collar was removed and she was allowed to sleep.

But not before Emma then had her DNA collected—cum, hair and saliva and was sent to the growing vats. Soon there were 200 of her to be used as Sex Slaves,

Emma slept and dreamt of Master Aegnak and the alien Masters male and female. The collar had already altered her thinking. Even without it she was thinking like their Slave now.

The holding cell door opened and a beautiful woman walk in carrying a food tray. Her eyes were staring blankly ahead clad in silver arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with silver collar. Her red hair was in a ponytail.

“What is this?”


“Yes I will obey” as Emma drank it down obediently.

The redhead Servile Unit said, “THE MASTERS WILL BE PLEASED”

And turned to leave.

Emma said, “Yes” the collar already made her their Slave. Emma shuddered in orgasm at the thought of her masters being pleased. She laid down and went back to sleep as she dreamed of her Masters again and of the collar.

Her sleep was short lived as the two robot woman staring blankly ahead, clad in silver arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with silver collars. Both were brunettes, with their hair in ponytails. One of them said, “COME IT IS TIME TO JOIN US”

“Yes I will obey” Emma said, eager to obey due to the collar.

Naked Emma was stood on a silver platform and once in position was unable to move but was able to talk.

Emma saw the one of the silver clad aliens walked in, a female, and she said, “CONVERT THIS HUMAN INTO A SERVILE UNIT” to a brunette Servile Unit. Then Emma saw Master Aegnak walk in. She uttered “Master!” and he saw this and said, “WAIT” as he walked to examine her. Emma was coming at the sight of her Master. “HUMAN YOU ARE OBEDIENT. YOU SERVICED ME UPON YOUR ARRIVAL?”

“Yes Master Aegnak! You came inside my mouth and sex. I am a receptacle for your seed. I exist to serve you” Emma said.


A Servile Unit pressed several buttons and a glass tube raised up from the floor around the platform and sealed Emma inside. She pressed a button and Emma’s arms raised above her head and silver bands lowered down and “grabbed her wrists and lifted her off the platform opening her arms to about a 45 degree as silver bands covered her ankles as well opening her legs also to a 45 degree.

She pressed another button and a silver hood lowered over Emma’s head. To her eyes as a hole opened in the platform and a large phallus raised up and inserted into Emma’s exposed pussy. Emma eagerly took the phallus and the repeated orgasms she experienced which ripped open her mind and her brain to be robotized.

The silver bands formed arm length metallic gloves on her arms and matching thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots on her legs. Her control collar was jacking into and programming uploaded.

Within ten minutes Emma stood on the platform as the glass tube retracted as did hood and bands and Emma stood staring blankly ahead and said, “SERVILE UNIT EM01 READY TO SERVE. I OBEY THE MASTERS WITHOUT QUESTION WITHOUT HESITATION”



Emma clad in metallic silver arm length gloves and matching thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with silver collar went with Master Aegnak and was fucked over and over in her mouth and her sex.

As her spoke with her after Sex he found this Earthling was intelligent. She eagerly stated her desire for her Master to conquer the Earth and she gladly betrayed her race. Of course as a Servile Unit she would do anything commanded by examining the mind of this Earth woman found that she worshipped the new Masters and as programmed, thought of human males as puny and useless. Especially her former boyfriend James who married Melanie her friend.

After time as a Servile Unit, EM01 was converted from a Servile Unit into a new Agent Robot, Agent 13. Emma was returned to Earth a loyal Agent for the aliens and her Master Lord Aegnak.



[Understood Masters]

Emma/Agent 13 carried out her latest instructions by robotizing a woman who noticed she was acting strangely. She would now serve as an Assistant Robot. To watch for others who could interfere with the Masters’ plans.

Emma fondled the woman, who knelt before her mindless, staring blankly ahead as Emma/Agent 13 said, and “The Masters will use you as they use me and you will now serve them as I do.” The woman a beautiful Czech model named Honeyhair, was near mindless so she really could not understand her at all.

As instructed, 13/Emma had gathered DNA samples of the lovely girl—hair, saliva, cum, blood and placed it in a small canister and it was teleported away. Emma then had pulled out a black dildo device from her case and as she slid it into Honeyhair’s open mouth she said, “Slave take this phallus in fully and suck”

The redhead obeyed and as she took it fully into her mouth the dildo was aimed at her brain stem and the base of her brain. Her brain began being robotized. Her memory was being left intact, as was her knowledge banks. But her emotions and free will were erased from her brain. Her robotized brain was filled with new alien knowledge. And knowledge of how to seduce, hypnotize, enslave, and kill men and women.

Emma/13 smiled as she said, “You thought you would inform the Police about us. The Masters require secrecy and require us to carry out their orders without attention” as Emma/13 fondled her again, “And by now the Servile Units are replicating you, making new BrothelBots for their use. With your features I should think you will be a popular one” as Emma/13 squeezed the woman’s naked breasts as she just stared blankly ahead, the phallus sticking out of her mouth.

Honeyhair, not her real name of course, was a Czech model born January 19, 1982 in the Czech Republic. Her “Assets” including her 32F-25-36″ body on her 5 foot 81?2 inch, 125 lb frame. Her hair blonde dyed red and had green eyes.

Even now on an alien mothership, Honeyhair’s DNA was growing new Clones. Two-hundred of them to be exact. They would be used as BrothelBots, Sex Slaves, Robot Soldiers and other Robot types. The BrothelBots would serve in alien brothels—aliens liked human women once they were enhanced and made more “durable”. Many would be sold off to aliens for their own use.

Master Aegnak himself inspected the Clones and signaled Agent 13, [AGENT 13 THIS SPECIMEN IS EXCEPTIONAL. COLLECT MORE LIKE HER……….]

Emma heard her Master’s voice and came as she heard his voice in her head then stood at attention and staring blankly ahead as she heard in her robotized brain, […….AGENT 13 YOU SERVE ME WELL IN THIS MANNER. I AM PLEASED. USE THIS FEMALE TO ROBOT AND COLLECT HER ASSOCIATES]

[Understood Master] Emma/13 said as she came again at the words her Master was pleased.

Emma/13 then removed the dildo and Honeyhair then stood and said, “Agent 723 online ready to serve the Masters”

“You will obey all orders without question or hesitation 723”

“I will obey all orders without question or hesitation 13”

(The alien Slave Traders were robotizing about 30 women an hour and returned to Earth and now as Agent Robots)

“You will convert your female friends into new Agents for the Masters 723”

“I will obey 13. Shall I contact them now?”

“Yes Master Aegnak himself has ordered this” Emma/13 said.

Honeyhair/723 stiffened up as she knew that name well, “Understood I will obey.”

As Emma/13 kissed her and said, “You will tell them I am your new girlfriend” as Emma/13 undressed and the two began having sex. The two were kissing and soon they were both naked and Emma/13 was at the redhead’s pussy licking deeply and sucking on her clit. Then they traded and Agent 13/Emma enjoyed the pleasure as they came over and over. The two fucked for hours then began contacting her friends and fellow models.

All of Honeyhair/723s fellow models and friends were enslaved, their DNA collected and they were robotized into new Agents for the Masters.

Emma/13 stayed with Honeyhair/723 as her new girlfriend as they were very productive together.

A flying saucer landed at an alien Brothel. After landing fifty new BrothelBots exited the saucer, including the new Honeyhair models.

Many were sold as “Servant Units”, and many others served in the Brothel.

BrothelBot Em 126 was busy having sex with a female Nordic, while BrothelBot Em 78 was having sex with a Slave Trader on a break.

The Em models were popular with the Greys, humanoids including the Nordics, the ancients and the non-humanoid aliens as well. They use robotized Earth women as their servants in their dealings with human races.

On a spaceship departing the Brothel, several BrothelBots purchased for use as Crew Robots were being prepared for their new duties. They were all dressed in silver arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with silver collar. Their hair is down or in a ponytail and they are marked with an alien number and symbols on their outfits to designate they are owned and who owns them. The marking is on the left breast and is more than a tattoo, less than an implant. The BrothelBots were reprogrammed and assumed their new duties. There were Em Units, and many others recently taken and cloned.

On Earth, Emma/13 and Honeyhair/723 were doing more than converting suitable women. They were busy adding those who would help them;

Emma/13 stood before two Policewomen, Officer Jennifer Smith and Officer Lisa King. She held a device in front of them and they were on their knees before her, their eyes fixed and glazed. Emma/13 was stopped by them who was questioning them so their curiosity would be squashed.

Emma held the device in front of them which beamed into their eyes. She said,

“You both will be useful to us…………useful to the Masters……….listen to my voice. Look at this and listen only to my voice…………….

You will now be programmed to obey. You will be programmed to serve.

You must obey…………you must listen to me…. You WANT to obey. You feel relaxed and at peace when you obey. You feel your muscles going limp, you relax every muscle as you breathe and relax.

Breathing in and out.

Everything so calm and peaceful

Nothing distracts you. You must listen to me and obey.

Deeper and Deeper you relax as my voice becomes your soul focus. Your reason to exist.

Nothing but my voice and your relaxation and obedience.

Each breath relaxing you more and more, deeper and deeper.

Your minds are open to everything I say to you. I am your truth, your guide, your Mistress.

So focused on my words.

So focused on me.

You are my Slaves. And Slaves to the Alien Masters.

Deeper and deeper you fall as you obey my commands.

You are my Slave. A hypnotized slave. You will obey my every command and you are nothing without me.

You are programmed to obey me.

You are a pretending to be a normal human female. But your personality exists to serve, to obey me.

And your mission, is to obey and to enslave others for us. To bring others to us.

You must obey. You must obey.

Your former life is irrelevant. You exist only to serve us now Slaves.

You have no will you desire only to serve.

Obedience is pleasure.

When you are commanded, you obey, you just obey.

You do nothing but obey.

It makes you horny to obey.

If you tried to resist it would only make you want to obey more.

You obey my every command.

If you are discovered you will kill or do what is necessary to prevent disclosure even kill yourself as a last resort. Males can be enslaved and used but they are not desired by the Masters. They are to be killed when they have served their purpose.

Obey and you will be rewarded by becoming one of us” Emma/13 said as the two Policewomen were now hers. Emma/13 commanded them, “Show me your obedience Slaves” as both went to work on Emma/13 and Honeyhair/723’s sex, licking deeply and pleasuring them.

The two Policewoman returned to duty, now loyal Slaves.

Mistress Jessica was wearing shiny black latex rubber stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels, arm length gloves, a bustier corset and Jessica was smoking an odorless drug cigarette with her right gloved hand.

Melanie, Tiffany and three others all dressed in a shiny black rubber minidress with stiletto heeled platform boots—shiny black ones with 8″ heels adding 6 inches to their height. They all stood at attention awaiting orders.

James stood beside Jessica holding a tray with drinks, staring blankly ahead. He was now dressed in shiny black latex rubber suit with shiny metal collar around his neck. His eyes never moved and rarely blinked.

Jessica took a drink and said, “Thank you Slave”

“Yes Mistress” he said subserviently.

“He serves well Melanie, you have trained him well” Jessica said snidely.

”Thank you Mistress. He is eager to serve” Melanie said staring blankly ahead.

“Yes. The first of many perhaps? I want you to leave him with me tonight. I want to play with him”

“Yes Mistress” Melanie said without a thought.

That night Jessica laid her legs spread still clad in her shiny black latex rubber stiletto heeled platform boots with 8″ heels, arm length gloves, a bustier corset. The Slave James was busy, his tongue deep in Jessica’s perfectly shaped pussy. SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP. He methodically and robotically serviced her as his only thoughts were to pleasure his Mistress. Jessica was pleased, and said, “Very good Slave. I may keep you for myself.

“Yes Mistress” he said as he serviced her.

End Part Four

To be Continued: