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In Conversation

Sarah Patterson, 44, took the kettle off the stove and brought it out to her sister. She had been surprised that Miranda would turn up, after two years.

“So what were you saying?” she asked as she sat down at the island bench in the middle of her kitchen.

“Doesn’t it seem strange to you…?”


“Sheeesh…. I’ve just been telling you for the past hour!”

“I… I’m sorry…” Sarah said as she poured the hot water into their mugs. “I don’t get it… is this something to do with the car crash?”

“No… Huh? What?” Miranda said, “What are you talking about?”

The car crash… you were in one a week ago…”

“Yes, but no… that’s not what I’m talking about at all…”

“Then what?”



“Don’t you think it’s odd how the world is right now?”

“No” Sarah said as she sipped her tea.

“Look… two years ago you were a university professor”


“And!!?!” Miranda said, “You gave it all up!”

“Yes” Sarah said, “I realised that I couldn’t be a proper wife AND have a career”

“That’s just it!” Miranda gasped

“I don’t understand” Sarah said, “My place is here… at home”

“And you don’t think that’s odd?”

“No” Sarah said. She thought for a moment “Perhaps you’ve not recovered properly from the accident”

“No!” Miranda said annoyed at her sister, “It’s got nothing to do with any fucking accident!”

Sarah was taken aback by her sister’s language

“Look…” Sarah said, “You gave up your career too”

“I know!” Miranda said, “That’s just it… I loved my career… then two years ago I suddenly felt that I needed to stay at home…”

“It’s a woman’s place” Sarah said

“Is it?”

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked, shocked, “You’ve got a husband to serve and a beautiful daughter to raise…”

“I don’t need to ‘serve’ my husband”

“You’re his property” Sarah said, “Lyman is your master”

“I…” Miranda began and decided not to go on with it.

“I’m Mark’s property and I do what he tells me to do” Sarah said as she put down her mug, “It’s my place”

“But.. we didn’t always think that way”

“I don’t care” Sarah said, “I know it’s my place to serve him… and that’s it… and I’m not the only one…”

“Yes, I know”

“You believe the same”

“Believed” Miranda said, stressing it may be about the past.

“You don’t believe it now?” Sarah said, surprised

“I’m… I’m not sure”

“Maybe you’ve suffered some kind of concussion from the accident”

“For fuck’s sake!” Miranda spat. “Just drop it about the accident…”

“Very well” Sarah said. She thought to change the conversation, “So, are you coming to Timothy’s wedding, then?”

“Your son’s getting married?”

“Yes… didn’t Mark tell you?” She felt a small unease “Oh, I do hope he won’t be angry”

“Don’t worry” Miranda said “I won’t raise it”

“Thank you” Sarah said taking her sister’s hand and giving it a gentle squeeze

“So who is he marrying, do I know her?


“Liz? Liz who?” Miranda asked

“Liz! Liz Patterson!”

“Wha?” Miranda gasped

“My daughter!” Sarah said, “I’m flabbergasted that you don’t remember your own niece!”

“Your son and daughter are getting married?” Miranda gasped

“Yes” Sarah said, unsure why her sister was trying to clarify what was to her a rather simple proposition.

“And this doesn’t seem odd to you?”

“She is of age” Sarah added, “And she’s a virgin… she’s perfect for my boy”

Sarah looked at Miranda quizzically “What is wrong?”

Miranda knew that something should seem wrong about this, but a part of her also said it made perfect sense. Her nephew was a handsome man, and her niece had spent two years in finishing school… she knew how to be a home-maker. She should be a good wife.

“I don’t know” Miranda said… “Just seems like something about this isn’t quite right”

“Oh, my” Sarah said, “Look at the time”

“What’s the matter”

“I’ve almost missed all of ‘Cherrie and Jayce’”

Cherrie and Jayce was a mid-afternoon infotainment program that had been started only two years ago. The two women gave tremendous tips from cooking to sex… and they always noted at the beginning of the show that they were there by permission of their husbands.

Sarah turned and grabbed the remote. She had a tv in the kitchen.

“And so…” Jayce said, “When you squirt the soapy water into your asshole you can help clean it out…”

“Makes anal sex more pleasant for your Master” Cherrie added

On-screen was a woman on all fours, naked. Another woman was in a lab coat and she was squeezing a rubber ball, squirting warm soapy water into the first one’s ass-hole

“Shit, I missed the beginning” Sarah cursed. She looked at her sister, and took her hand “Sorry, I’m not blaming you”

“Thanks” Miranda said

“It’s just that Mark’s been fucking me in the ass a lot and sometimes I dirty his cock… not that he’s been bothered… he makes me suck it nice and clean anyway…” Sarah said cheerfully.

An advertisement came on

“Are you getting enough semen in your life?” came the announcement, “Perhaps you are masterless? Why not come to our agency and we’ll find you a proper home…”

Sarah mused “I’d hate not to have a master…”

“Me too…” Miranda said, automatically.

“See…” Sarah smiled, “You’re feeling your old self…”

“Am I?” Miranda said… “It’s just…”

“Not right?” Sarah said, but not in a mocking way

“That’s it”

“And here is Julie’s husband, Peter” Jayce announced as the program resumed. There was applause from the women audience. A nerdy man came out into the studio. Julie was the woman who’d just had her ass cleaned by the soapy enema.

Julie was large, blonde, like a viking—a Valkyrie. She was powerfully built, but in her stance she was totally submissive to her husband.

“So tell us about yourself?” Cherrie asked

“My name is Peter Smith”


“And I’m a computer technician”

There was applause from the audience

“And this is your wife?”


“She’s got a clean ass-hole” Jayce interjected

There was laughter.

“Feel it” Cherrie invited

Peter went over and ran his finer around his wife’s anus.

“Feel inside her” Cherrie urged

“Wow” Peter said as he pushed a finer in “She’s nice and fresh”

“How do you feel?” Jayce asked, putting a microphone in front of Julie

“I feel fantastic” Julie said, “I only hope my Master likes the feel of it…”

Peter unzipped.

The camera turned to the audience. Many women were fingering themselves and others looked on eager, and in anticipation

The camera showed Peter pushing his cock into his wife

“Oh, that feels so good…” Julie said

“How do you feel?” Cherrie asked

“She feels nice” Peter said

“There you have it” Cherrie said bringing herself back in front of the audience, “For better anal sex with your master…”

Behind her as she spoke Jayce had her dress up and Julie was licking her pussy as her husband ass-fucked her.

Miranda looked over at her sister who was casually masturbating.

“Oh, fuck” Sarah gasped, “I wish Mark was here…” she sighed

Miranda was still uneasy.

Two weeks ago Miranda had been in her car—a rare event since she gave up her job. It was probably that which made her a little ill-at-ease as she drove and she ended up misjudging a corner and hitting a lamp-pole.

She had superficial injuries thanks to the multitude of air-bags. And, she was released back to her owner the following day—but not before her husband was given a ‘substitute’ for that night so he wouldn’t have to go without sex. A woman, Layanna was unattached and she worked for Social Services. She was lent out to men on occasions—not unlike that time—to be used for the time that the men were without their property.

Sarah came.

She looked at her sister with a smile. “You didn’t frig yourself?” she asked Miranda


“You still are a little weird…”

Sarah licked her finger. As she did she felt a little sore around the wrist and rolled her compliance bracelet around her wrist.

The small black metal bracelet had been a gift from her husband two years ago. She gave up her career shortly after.

“Do you want to lick me?” Sarah asked

“No” Miranda said

“Do you want me to eat you?” Sarah asked eagerly


“Say” Sarah said, taking hold of her sister’s hand, “Your compliance bracelet is damaged”

Miranda looked at it too…

The metal bracelet—which should have been black, was chipped in some places, exposing a white under-surface.

“I guess it got damaged in the accident” Miranda said as she rolled it around her wrist, inspecting it.

“You ought to see someone about that…” Sarah said

“I should” Miranda said… “Rule #2”

“Never take the bracelet off. Never let it get damaged” Sarah said

All of them knew the rules.

Miranda had the kernel of a thought in her head, but it fought to get through. She countenanced the notion that the bracelet maybe the reason she was feeling the way she was.s

“Do you suppose…” she began

“What?” Sarah asked

“Lord!” Miranda sighed “I wish I could think”

“What good is that?” Sarah laughed, “We’re property…. we just do what we have to do”

“I…” Miranda began and she grabbed the bracelet and began playing with it. A small piece of black broke off

“You’re damaging it!” Sarah said shocked

“I….” Miranda clasped her head. “I’me getting a headache”

Sarah picked up the phone

“Who are you calling?”

“Submission Services” Sarah said


“Your bracelet is damaged”

“But… what if…?”

“Hello?” Sarah said into the phone

Miranda lunged at her to grab it.

Sarah parried her away and sprung to her feet…

“Emergency Protocol Alph-Plus” she said like an automaton as her sister tried to grab the phone again

“3839A Pheasant Avenue, Winston Hills…” Sarah said

“What are you doing?”

“You need to be helped” Sarah said


“Hi, mom” Timothy said as he came in the door, holding Liz’s hand

“Hi, mom” Liz said

“So… what’s happening? Timothy said as he went to his mom and embraced her… as he did he took a huge grab of her breast. Her mouth hung open, hot “Ohhhhh” she sighed.

“You aunt here is not feeling well”


“Look I think I should go” Miranda said

“Her compliance bracelet is broken” Sarah said

“We can’t have that then” Timothy said

Miranda sprung up and made a leap for the door. Timothy ran after her, followed by his wife and his sister-fiancee

“Nooooo!” Miranda said as she was tackled “Let me go”

“Submission Services are on their way” Sarah said as Timothy wrestled her. And, Liz dutifully helped.

“Please, this isn’t right” Miranda said. She scratched at the bracelet damaging it further… each time she’d damaged it more, she’d felt more of her old self.

“Please…they’re controlling us” she pleaded

“They’re our masters!” Liz snorted, “They are meant to control us!”

“Noooo….” Miranda cried.

In the background there was a siren

“Nooo” Miranda cried again. She struggled but now Sarah helped hold her down.

The siren grew louder

“Please, don’t do this to me”

“You’re not feeling yourself” Sarah said

“I want to be free again”

“You won’t want to in a short while” Timothy said

The siren stopped as the van drew up. There was a knock on the door

“In here!” Timothy called

Two men and two women entered, all wearing lab-coats. The two women had bracelets on.

“Is this her?” one man said

“Yes” Timothy said

“Please nooo….” she cried

One of the women prepared a syringe “You’ll be better soon, I promise”

“Nooooo” Miranda whimpered

They held her and the syringe was applied

“Nooo” she continued to cry and her voice petted off as the injection worked

“Such a shame this thing happens” the other woman said, “A woman who isn’t a slave is lost”

“I know” said the first woman

“Okay, let’s get her up” one man said

“I’ll help” Timothy said

“What’s wrong with her, mom?” Liz asked, upset as they lead her away

“I don’t know” Sarah said, “But I’m sure that they will be able to fix her”

* * *

Liz kissed her new husband, her brother Timothy on the lips. People there cheered.

Lyman walked up to congratulate the happy couple.

“How are you?” he asked

“I feel so happy” Timothy said, “She’s so beautiful” he said as he squeezed his sister’s bare ass.

“Thank you, Master” Liz grinned a little embarrassed.

Sarah and Mark walked up to congratulate their children.

“Congratulations” Sarah said, as she hugged her naked breasts pressed against her daughters.

“Thank, mom” Liz smiled

Mark hugged her, “Now you be a good fuck for your brother”

“Of course, dad” Liz grinned

“So, where’s your property?” Sarah asked Lyman…

“Oh, Miranda’s here…” Lyman said. He turned “Miranda!”

“Yes, baby” she said running over, her naked breasts bouncing as she trotted over.

“How are you?” Sarah asked after they embraced

“I’m very happy for you…” Miranda said, “You must be so proud”

“We are” Mark interjected

“We’re glad you could come” Sarah said, holding her sister’s hand affectionately

“I’m glad my Master let me come…” She hugged Lyman and he brought his arm around her naked waist.

“We’re family” Lyman said, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world…”

“Say…” Miranda said, leaning in to whisper into her sister’s ear…

“What?” Sarah asked

“Do you record that program on anal sex?”


“Good” Miranda smiled, “My master wants to do me in the ass”

“Does he?”

Miranda smiled as Lyman pushed his finger into her anus

“Oooo!” she jumped a little “I think maybe he wants to do me now…”

Sarah smiled as Miranda and Lyman moved away. She turned to look at her kids, and was so happy and proud for them…

The End