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In good hands

Chapter 2

It took a full twenty minutes after Chayenne had gotten the last droplets from the shower dried off and some fresh clothes on her body (really just a random shirt and shorts, she was in a hurry) before she knocked on the door of Wesley’s room the next morning.

Her cousin didn’t respond. Good. Shit. Why? Or for that matter, why was she hoping he did?

It didn’t really matter, did it? She was fine, after all. Not to mention she was happy he wasn’t around. Even though she had half a mind to ask him for another massage. Whatever he’d done with her body last night had been terrific! But it’d take more than that to make her seek him out. Sure, on paper they were living together until her parents and aunt returned from traveling around the globe. But that was it. Did she really have to try and set his head straight for not yet having outgrown his puberty mindset?

No point, she reasoned. Nor any harm done, really. It had been just a movie. Okay, an erotic movie. Dirty pornographic masturbation material. But in the end, that was all it had been. She didn’t need to blow this out of proportion. Boys would be boys and as long as he was more mindful of it from now on there was no reason to make things weird between them.

It wasn’t like she were a stranger to sex, really. Far from it. So was it really appropriate for her to lecture him about natural curiosity? No. Keeping it to the privacy of his room was a must, of course. But beyond that… Her eyes rested on the handle of the door. Was that why he didn’t respond to her knocking?

Was he watching porn in there right now?

She shook herself out of her stupor and turned around. Neither had disturbed the other’s room so far. And Chayenne really wanted to keep it that way. Bad enough that they had no choice but to put up with each other for well over another week. Or that she had cut his privacy short last night. He had arguably been alone in the house until she’d returned. And if other than him nobody was present, was there really a point on insisting he’d coop himself up in his room for anything? There wasn’t. She just made a tiny thing way bigger than it had to be.

The ringtone of her phone brought much needed distraction. “Hey babe,” Levin’s voice washed over her as soon as she picked up the call, “I miss you.” “Me too.” “Telepathy?” His lame joke made her roll her eyes. “I’d want more than your voice, Levin.” “How soon can you be dressed?” “Wait, really? You mean you’re coming back?” “At your door in ten?” “You’ve got yourself a date, mister.”

Changing into a much more presentable shirt and ditching her shorts in favor of the skirt he’d gifted her for her birthday she ran outside just in time to see him open the door for her, inviting her into his car. “How come you’re back already?” “Your calls yesterday. I snuck out since today will be the least busy day. They can handle things without me for a few hours.” “Only that much?” “Sorry, I want to be back for good too. But that will likely take until the weekend.” She pouted, only to concede: “I guess as your girl I just gotta be happy with the money you rake in.” “I knew it,” he lamented in badly acted horror, “you only want to empty my pockets!” That act changed into genuine surprise moments later when her hand grabbed his crotch, rubbing his dick over his pants: “This pocket certainly could use some relief. Why don’t you drive us somewhere quiet so I can help with that?”

Somewhere quiet turned out to be right outside town in a small forest. She wasn’t objecting, however, because what the location might be lacking in originality he more than made up for with sheer devoted skill, his fingers coaxing orgasm after orgasm out of her body.

And right after he even produced a large cloth and heavy basket, filled with sandwiches and salad. “Awfully prepared, aren’t we,” she grinned to which he smugly answered: “Of course. I never know when I have a chance to seduce the woman of my dreams, after all.”

Seduction or not, however, reality caught up to them much, much too fast for her liking. As inquisitive mails from colleagues began to pile up on both their phones there was no choice but to go back. “It won’t be long now,” he encouraged her before with a kiss sending her off to her job, “Just three more days, then I’m back and all yours.” “I’ll hold you to that.” It wasn’t fair how easily he made her swoon. But she could see in his eyes that if anything, his thoughts were similar. So she reluctantly saw him off before getting back in work mode.

Only to curse her own immature passion as after the sun had long since sunk she fought just to fish her keys out of her bag. Every single muscle pulsed in the memory of his car’s seats and hood. More painful than romantic with the benefit of hindsight.

Worth it, of course.

But painful all the same. Finally finding her keys for a terrifying moment she expected to be hearing voices and panting from the living room. But nothing aside from silence greeted her. Daring to hope she made her way into the house. The idea to walk straight up to her room had to go, however. No way was she gonna crawl up the stairs like this. A hot bath on the other hand sounded like heaven!

Except it was locked. Why in blazes was her bath locked? “Wesley?” “Chayenne? You’re back from work? Sorry, I’m under the shower right now.” “Then get out of there!” “And reek like a wet dog? Not happening. I’ll hurry up, promise.” He seemed to be mumbling something else, but the running water paired with the wooden door made it impossible to tell what. Probably more along the same vein as his promise or whatever.

She growled, begrudgingly waiting in the kitchen until he’d wrap up what he was doing in there. In passing an oddity caught her eyes. An unknown pair of shoes standing by the entrance. Plain ones. Had he been out buying a new pair for himself? Not like it mattered. She only hoped he’d been so thoughtful to do the groceries at that opportunity as well. Bath or not she’d be too exhausted to do those herself for at least a couple more hours. And after yesterday’s mishap that was the least he could do in her eyes.

Yesterday’s… events. The thought made her pause. He was blocking the bath at the moment. Who knew for how much longer. It could easily get late before she’d even have any water in the tub, let alone got out of the bath. Later than she liked. On the other hand, that massage of his had been amazing. More than that, even. In mere minutes it had cleared away all that plagued her. It couldn’t hurt to have him do that again, could it?

It was a massage. Forget hurting, it’d help. And her back sure could use some helping hands.

She heard the door open and close as someone walked through the hallway.

“Hey, sorry for the delay. I’m all freshened up now, so the bath is yours if you want.”

“I was thinking…”


“Can I trouble you to do that trick again?”

He raised a brow and looked like he gave it some thought. “Is your headache not gone?” “Oh, that. Don’t worry, it was gone. Though I’ve got a new one picking up where the old one left off. But I was thinking, maybe… well, it felt pretty soothing.” Overwhelming. That was the word. Mind blowing would be a good fit too. But no need to feed his ego.

Unless that’s what it would take to make him agree, perhaps.

“It might help ease up my back too?”

“Nah. It’s a trick against headaches, not a cure-it-all.” Too bad. “But I know something that does do that as well.”

She hoped it wasn’t glaringly obvious how elated she was to hear that. “As long as it gets the job done, I suppose.” He accompanied her over to the much more comfy couch in the living room. “It will, trust me.” The confidence in his voice almost led her to miss how his fingers moved up to her head.

“Will you be… ” Fuzzy. Just like yesterday whatever was going on in her mind got scrambled the moment his fingers found the right spots on her head. And damn, was it the right spots! She’d thought it was good before, but it seemed even easier for him to shower every nerve in her body with pleasure. As lost as she was about their conversation, as much was she aware how the sensations his fingers produced trickled from her scalp all the way down, soaking every muscle until all she could do boiled down to a deeply satisfied sigh.

She had no idea how in the world anyone could do this with just their hands. In the rare instances where his touch did slow she wanted to tell him, wanted to let him know how miraculous and divine it felt. Wanted to compliment and flatter him. Wanted to say whatever he wished to hear. All of that and more only to make sure he’d never stop.

He didn’t.

He was taking his time today. Not like she had enough desire left to move and check the clock or anything. But that had to be it, how else was he finding even more spots to prod than last time? It was like a weird and tantalizing kind of music. Except without notes, in their place he hit nerves she had not even believed existed in ways that knocked any belief right out of her to replace it with pure, undiluted euphoria.

Chayenne didn’t ignore him on purpose, but even while he kept talking to her she just slurred a vague “Uh huuuh” or something to that same effect and hoped it would mask that none of his words reached her brain.

Even when after what felt like a far too short eternity he decided: “Okay, now your back.”

For the fraction of a second she began to feel curious wonder at how he was intending to even reach there. Right away however he answered that in his own way. By firmly and efficiently using the pressure of his hands to guide her into a more suitable position.

A dizzying image flashed through what tiny parts of her brain had not yet fully suspended function. Her, being operated by his hands like a strange variety of helpless video game character. The idea made her giggle involuntarily. It felt far too real to be anything but a silly joke.

Then she flopped onto her stomach, her back wide open and easily accessible to him. And fuck it, his touch only got better! She couldn’t suppress a surprised moan as along the path his fingers travelled from her head down her neck following her spine to her back all of her stress liquefied to drain out of her. He didn’t even exert any force, just the tips of his fingers sliding across her skin made it flushed and hot with…

With arousal.

She twitched, not from pain but rather the nature of these sweetest tingles as they spread all over her back like a wildfire. The longer he touched her, Chayenne realized, the hotter she became. Yet at the same time whatever magic it was that his hands were working on her sapped any strength. Her body might as well have been a lump of putty for him to knead, there was nothing she could do to make him stop.

Well, or rather she couldn’t even remember what stopping was! Didn’t want to remember it, else he might actually do it. Oh god, he had to keep touching her, please! She’d do anything to make him do it, anything… Except she couldn’t do any single thing right now! The thought should have made her object. All pain was long since gone, the purpose achieved. He should notice and call it quits here. Noticing how her body responded to his efforts should have made her thank him and pull back.


That wasn’t what should happen. It was wrong to get this turned on just from having him loosening some tense muscles, wasn’t it? She wasn’t sure—desperately wanted to be unsure of it—but a traitorous whisper in the back of her mind let her know how wet she got. The weight of her phone in her pocket reminded her of Levin. He was going to call her tonight to make sure she’d had a good day after they parted. She just knew he would. Hadn’t she asked for this massage exactly because she wanted to get it over with and be in her room quickly? In time for a private conversation with her boyfriend, even if only via phone call? It was crystal clear if she thought about it. Even if she wouldn’t get aroused by it, letting any man other than her lover touch her like this while Levin may call any minute, thinking to brighten her night was unmistakably wrong! However good it felt, she would get up now. She had to.

Instead she drooled into the couch, completely absorbed in the way he stimulated her.

“There’s so much accumulated here,” he remarked and she shuddered. Surely he couldn’t… No, there was no way he’d know how much Levin fucked her earlier, was there? “With this much tension, it’s no wonder you need my massage. Your body really craves it.” “Mhmmmmm…” He hit the nail on the head there. It was her work. Stress every day, and on top of that her current loneliness (not like that was any of his business). Anyone would need a good massage when bracing all those things. And his were the goddamn best she ever experienced. Given how she did all those things for hours every day, it could not truly be wrong to spend a few extra minutes like this, could it? He had no idea how right his words were. She needed him to keep this up.

“My touch makes you feel so good.”

She groaned something that would have been a yes if her jaw weren’t too relaxed for that.

“You crave my touch.”

It hardly registered with her how she attempted to reply. Staying awake was already a struggle, who had time to think about speech?

“You’ll let me do this any time I want.”

Was that… was that really how it was?

“My touch makes you feel so good.”

He was right.

And she was so impossibly sleepy.

“Anytime I want.”

Even as her eyes drifted shut, she willed herself to moan in agreement. For some reason, all those things he said rushed past her head straight into her tingling skin, seeping into her vagina from there.

He kept saying even more things. And maybe she replied. Or, well, groaned in reaction. Which here and now was pretty much the same anyway. She didn’t know however. Because despite her best efforts and all guilty conscience about being rude she couldn’t fight sleep off any longer.

* * *