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In good hands

Chapter 3

Her guilt returned with a vengeance the moment Chayenne opened her eyes. What the hell was wrong with her, letting a man other than her boyfriend touch her at his leisure? While all she did was drool and think about how deliciously—fuck, no, how horribly, that was the word!—wet it made her? She wanted to banish that thought from her head. Try as she might, though, it was refusing to move in the slightest.

Her cousin had turned her into a horny drooling mess with only his fingers. His massage, damnit, why was it so difficult saying it normally? It wasn’t like he fingered her or something!

Was it?

No, of course he didn’t do that. It took a while for her, but the longer she was awake the more rational thought kicked in. Granted, she could forgive herself for jumping to all sorts of unpleasant conclusions. Wesley was… well, he didn’t exactly have the most respectful attitude around girls’ bodies. Not like he didn’t respect them while talking though.

It had to be the hormones. He was nineteen, not ninety. Of course his body had certain urges. And a guy like Wesley was far from finding a girl to get those things out of his system and mellow down. Which in turn made him lust after them even more. Which made him less likely to find someone. What a vicious circle! Something had to happen. As his older cousin, it might be a good idea to think about plans to break him out of that loop. If he didn’t show his lust as blatantly by undressing everything female with his eyes he might be sorta cute, actually. Not like, hot and sought after. But cute! He wouldn’t have to be alone. Not to mention, after the last few days there was one thing she knew he had secretly going for him. Those devious magical hands of his. Fuck, half her friends wouldn’t mind dating him even if he were a sleazy idiot with fingers like that. In turn for getting their daily massage they might truly be able to be generous and forget it for a while.

She sure knew they made her forget all kinds of things while he touched her.

Her phone buzzed. It wasn’t Levin though. He had indeed called last night. She’d missed it, apparently too deep asleep. After a while he’d just assumed she had already gone to bed and texted her a goodnight message. Sweet, trusting Levin. It made her heart sing that such a guy was her lover.

And that he never even suspected that another guy’s fingers had made his girlfriend aroused.

This time however instead of him it was her parents, sending pictures from their travel. From the looks of it they were somewhere around Europe at the moment. And most importantly all three of them seemed to have tons of fun. Even aunt Grace. Thank goodness. At least it was paying off that she had let her parents bring Grace along.

While she herself stayed behind, alone under one roof with her hormone driven cousin. In hindsight, actually she did want to swap with her aunt. Not like that was even remotely possible at this point, but still…

How odd it was that she woke up in her room only struck her when she swung her legs out of bed. Hadn’t she fallen asleep downstairs? On the couch in the living room? While fully dressed?

How did she get back to her room after that? Or out of her clothes, for that matter? That didn’t make any sense. Unless… No. No, absolutely not. That was impossible. It had to be.

“I must only have been half asleep, or something,” she reassured herself. It was the only logical explanation. The alternative was too strange, too unrealistic. Wasn’t it?

And yet it took several minutes to get the image securely locked away at the back of her head. An image of Wesley, carrying her limp, defenseless body up into her bed and… tucking her in. All the while those skillful fingers of his brushing over her skin. Just imagining it send hot shivers down her spine.

From anger, of course. No way was she allowing herself to be excited by that. Not like it ever happened anyway!

While getting dressed and even while grabbing a bowl of cereal in the kitchen all she could think about was Wesley’s touch. Wrong! She wasn’t thinking about his touch, that would be weird. She was… curious about this trick. That was all. Okay, maybe she was thinking about how it felt a bit.

About how hot it was. About how wet it made her.

It wasn’t her fault. That went without saying. It couldn’t be. In the end arousal was just certain nerves being stimulated. And massages relaxed the body by stimulating certain areas. In fact, during lunch some days at work Suzanne had not been shy to brag about how she frequently would get close to cumming at her local massage parlor. And, well, even that girl wouldn’t exaggerate that much. Would she? So there was nothing weird about it. About getting so turned on from being touched that her brain just shut off. Just a perfectly healthy response to a good massage.

Even if the one giving it was Wesley.

Until now her cousin had always struck her as just plain… unremarkable. A boy so utterly average that he would fade into the background and disappear as soon as you didn’t squint to see him. And she knew she couldn’t be the only girl thinking that. He must have grown used to being politely ignored by girls, coming to think that they wouldn’t care even if he ogled them a bit too much. But none of those girls knew what Chayenne had learned about him. None of them knew how his fingers felt on their skin. Or how intensely satisfying it was to have him do his trick on them.

“Good morning!” Wesley walked into the kitchen, joining her for breakfast and almost giving her a heart attack from surprising her.

It clearly wasn’t like she felt caught thinking about something immoral at all!

“Good morning,” she mumbled, glaring at him in what she hoped was stern disapproval. The less reason she gave him to think anything was off, the better. Not to mention checking out his outfit of choice there were a small number of things she could disapprove of, provided she’d not have been this distracted. He was dressed—or his lower half was, at least. She’d thought he wasn’t hot before. But as with all things about Wesley, it wasn’t like he could not look appealing if he tried. She’d never seen him work out or do sports. But there was no denying his muscles were decently well defined even so. It made her imagine what he would look like with only the tiniest bit of effort.

How much more forceful his hands could knead her body if he wanted to.

No! No, no, fucking no! God, hopefully he hadn’t looked at her face just now. What sort of slut would start drooling over a naked guy at breakfast? A half-naked guy. Who was, well… Who was Wesley! And if there was one thing Chayenne was certain she was not, it was a slut.

Even if she loved getting turned on.

Or get so drugged with pleasure that her knees buckled for skilled fingers.

This and that were completely different. Worlds apart.

“Are you feeling alright?” His question made her regret all her thoughts from a minute ago. There was not even the faintest hint of hidden intent in his words, purely concern for her well being. Which in turn meant he had noticed she’d acted weird! “It’s not another headache, is it? You’ve got a lot of those lately.” “No, don’t worry. Those are just from the stress at work. A normal thing.” “Being in pain because of your work shouldn’t be a normal thing for you. Or anyone for that matter.” She chuckled, relieved they could have a perfectly innocent conversation for once. “You have a point, but such is life. You’ll figure that out soon enough.” The sound of what she just said made her cringe inwardly. She never meant to, like, play the age card and talk down to him or something.

“Maybe we should do something about it though. Just to be safe.”

“Oh? How would that work?” He was more focused on his cereal than their talk.

“Maybe…” It was hard to form the words. She didn’t want to mess up and accidentally sound condescending again. She wasn’t in any position to make a demand here. What she wanted was ask for a favor. If only it would feel easier than this.

“I was thinking… Maybe you aren’t as good at your trick as you could be?” Yep, messed it up. Way to go. This was a lot of things, but asking politely was not one of them.

“Possible,” he conceded with no worry at all, “it’s something I would need to practice a lot after all.”



“I mean… If you really insist on it… I could free up some time to let you practice?”

“No thank you.” Wait, what? “You’re really busy after all. I wouldn’t want to take up more of your free time. You’re probably inconvenienced by me just living here already, aren’t you?”

“No, not at all!” What was she to do? Bring that incident of him watching porn in the living room back up now? Or that she didn’t feel right bringing her boyfriend home as long as he was around? Then she’d just be petty. “I’m really happy you moved in with us.” He didn’t notice if she laid it on a bit thick, right? It was just that important that she convinced him!

“It’d likely be really great if you got better at this trick of yours. Think about it, you could make it your job. Get paid for… ” For touching women’s bodies and making them horny. “… for giving awesome massages.”

He seemed to consider her words. “But still, I couldn’t steal your time by having you keep me company.”

“I swear, it’s fine. I’ll let you practice on me any time you want.”

“Any time I want?”

“Yes. Any time you want.”

“Fine then, if it means that much to you. Come here.” He patted the chair next to him. Her heart fell. “Ugh, I know I said ‘any time’, but really… I sorta need to get ready for my job.” “Don’t worry,” he smiled, “only a few minutes. You promised, didn’t you? Any time I want.”

And what was with her own wants?

“Okay.” She sat down: “But we better make it quick, or else…” Her speech trailed off the moment his fingertips found and tapped the button that granted her conscious thought. How much would she have loved to claim the moan she let out instead was merely her attempt to keep talking. But who would believe that? The instant his fingers curled to give slow, teasing scritches last night’s arousal was back like it never left.

Almost like every time he did this trick on her it conditioned her body to become even more sensitive to him.

She trembled, her muscles struggling to keep her sitting upright in her chair even as the waves of pleasure his touch sparked in them made her feel limp and heavy. Like a ragdoll. Wherever his fingers touched, it was like they sapped all her strength until she felt herself slowly melt under his hands, hunching over in helpless bliss over the way it made her feel.

So. Fucking. Good!

Not even her eyes were exempt from it, feeling droopy and relaxed the longer his fingers ran through her hair, applying just the perfect amount of force to trigger nerves and sensations her mind was still trying to pretend were impossible.

And still she could see him sitting right across from her. Saw his mouth moving. And realized with a weird fluttery feeling in her gut that she didn’t understand a single word. Hopefully he didn’t mind that she stopped thinking. About what he said. Or anything else, really. She wanted to comprehend what he talked about, really, she did.

But every time a thought so much as pretended to form in her brain the waves of pleasure pouring through her from his hands swept it up and away. Down to her pussy. Her slick, sopping wet pussy. She didn’t understand why in the world this was turning her on so very much!

Natural. It was inevitable and natural to get this wet when touched.

When Wesley touched her like this.


That… That had to be wrong, right? She had a boyfriend. She got hot like this for her lover. Not her totally lame, as-good-as-invisible cousin! Not for Wesley. Or his fucking gifted magic hands!

His hands that set her entire body ablaze with arousal until she was trying to grind her clit against the chair in mindless desperation. She hadn’t even noticed she’d started. When had she begun to do this?

Was now the first time?

…Had she done it last night already?

She didn’t know. Even if the memory had been somewhere in her brain, his fingers would have prodded it downward. Down into the juices pouring from her slit.

Somehow that only made it hotter.

It shouldn’t do that to her, should it? His touch shouldn’t feel like he was massaging her very brain, squeezing thoughts and memories out of it any way he saw fit while pushing in things he deemed desirable. Which of course he didn’t, could not do. That was just silly. And so fucking hot.

Hot enough that it forced her to realize how much she’d slumped in her chair. All the while leaning over more as if to make herself easier accessible for his hands. Her posture had shifted enough that her big pendulous breasts shook under her at every shivering breath, every tremor his curling fingers send through her. She’d only thrown over a random shirt so she was decent for moving around the house. A house with a horny young man. Chayenne had never even considered he might see her in a pose like this today. A dim corner somewhere deep down in her head was active enough still to comprehend that in this pose the loosely cut fabric did nothing at all to hide her body. From where he sat he could stare unhindered right at her large tits as they swayed and bounced underneath her.

She almost came.

This was every definition of wrong. She was almost cumming from letting her cousin gawk at her breasts as long as he liked. While all she did was drool and moan and grind her vagina against her chair.

She craved it. His touch, his lecherous stares, his eyes on her body, on parts no one but her boyfriend should ever get to see. She fucking craved it all with a passion no human body should be capable of feeling.

Was he really staring at her breasts? She hoped he was. Not! He shouldn’t be staring at her tits while touching her! No, that was wrong too, he shouldn’t be staring at her at all.

Was he doing it?

Trying to open her eyes long enough to scan his face was a struggle. Her lids felt heavier than even while she was actually asleep. And she had barely woken up to begin with. But she managed it and saw… nothing wrong. He wasn’t staring at her tits at all. His eyes were on hers all the while, mumbling soothing words that she realized she didn’t need to pay any attention to. All it was doing was to let her know she was fine.

That this was fine.

That it was fine to be on the verge of orgasming to the idea of showing her tits to her lame cousin.

Words fought their way through the murky haze in her head. Levin’s words. How sometimes he avoided looking at her eyes or else he’d be a drooling simpleton for the day. Was that it? Did he talk about a feeling like this? Was that why her eyes would rather close than meet his right now? Because if she kept looking just his gaze on her would become enough to make her feel this way?

Her pussy wholeheartedly believed it.

His hands moved. They wandered deeper.


Where was he going to… Was he going to reach for her tits?

She prayed he would. If he groped her tits, it would stop being a healthy massage. That would be just a horny boy molesting his elder female cousin. It would be wrong. If his hands touched her tits, this wouldn’t be practice any more. If he did, she would get up and walk away. “Breasts…,” a drugged female voice slurred that Chayenne hardly recognized as her own, “…touch! ”

His fingers began to massage her jaw.

Chayenne hadn’t believed her jaw could be any less tense. But the second his fingers ran over all the muscles around her mouth she realized how wrong her assumption had been. Her mouth fell completely open, a gaping wet hole eagerly giving him access. And she was thankful for it. With even just the tiniest connection between her mouth and brain she knew with absolute certainty she would be moaning in a way that no excuse could have justified away. Just as well, if it were any less slack, at this moment she had no idea if she’d been able to keep herself from sucking on his thumb whenever it accidentally caressed her lips for a second. Or four. Something told her that having her suck on his finger would have weirded him out. Wouldn’t it?

“No need to talk,” he smiled and even in her daze it dawned on her some of the stuff he mumbled must have gone unanswered. “We both know you agree, right?”

Maybe the enthusiastic nod she gave was all on her. Maybe it was his hands motioning her head for her. She couldn’t tell the difference and to be honest, she realized there really was none. She agreed. She would happily agree that the sky was red or anything else he said if it made him touch her longer. Even if he took her words away and sapped all the strength in her mouth until it was just a drooling open hole, who really cared? His words were true. And she agreed, knowing that.

…Had that always been supposed to make her even wetter?

It was alright. Only this much wasn’t weird at all. Nothing dubious about it. Her muscles simply didn’t have the strength to keep her mouth closed when he touched her. She didn’t need to look to know his eyes were on hers. To him, this was just practicing a medical trick. Nothing more, nothing less. Solely for the benefit of her well-being.

And fuck, was it helping! She felt better than she had in ages. Every cell in her body was glowing with joy. She craved this. She needed this.

She needed him to touch every part of her. All of her, without exception.

No! Stop! Wrong! She couldn’t need that. That was…

Was it really wrong? He didn’t think this was sexual. If he did, he would take advantage of the situation and stare at her tits, wouldn’t he? It had to be the first real pair he saw, and she knew her tits turned heads even when fully concealed. She also knew he was into girls. Any girl he’d ever looked at would know he was into her. He wasn’t exactly being subtle about it.

Or maybe he would stare at how her hips had gone on autopilot, grinding against her seat hoping to push her that tiny bit over the edge. He liked watching girls get off, or else he wouldn’t watch porn. If anything about this situation were sexual, he would not be able to resist openly staring. But he didn’t do any of that.

So even if it felt a bit wrong, it really was fine. Just nature at work. Not her fault that his touch was driving her dangerously close to cumming. Closer and closer in fact the longer he worked his spell on her. So unbelievably close!

Suddenly his hands pulled back. “Thanks,” his calm voice reached her, “that’s it. Wouldn’t want to mess up your schedule after you were so kind to let me practice on you.”

“Yes. Any time you want,” Chayenne felt the words tumble out of her mouth like someone had put them there for her. She could not think about what she said even if she wanted to, all her brain being occupied with but a single question. Why the hell did he stop now?! She stretched, trying to chase away the bleary heaviness before it would lure her straight back to bed. “I really have to get changed for work now though, or I’ll be late.”

“Of course,” he nodded, “Have a great day.” It felt impolite leaving him just sitting there but she couldn’t be bothered to care. Not now. There were more urgent things requiring her attention. Chayenne hardly took the time to lock the door to her room behind her before yanking the loose fitting clothes off her body, throwing herself onto her bed and dipping a finger into her pussy. Within moments she was bucking, more by sheer reflex than intention biting down on her pillow to muffle her screams as she came.

* * *