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In good hands

Chapter 4

It couldn’t go on this way. By the end of her shift that one thought was literally the only thing Chayenne was sure about. Whatever ‘this way’ even meant. It was wrong. So, so very wrong. She loved herself a good orgasm, of course. But still… She had never cum quite like that. Never that fast. Never that hard. Never from something that innocent and harmless.

Never from anyone other than her boyfriend. Levin, oh sweet loving Levin. He’d send her texts all day, whenever he could shave off time and sneak away from work for a second. One even from inside a meeting. Was she enjoying her day? Should he come back sooner? Had she thought about him in bed? The familiar half-concealed flirting that had always got her heart beating faster.

She didn’t know if she had.

Granted, Chayenne was sure that when she had cum around her fingers screaming hard enough that she’d had to muffle herself with a pillow it had been thoughts of Levin and his cock that pushed her over the edge. She was as sure as could be.

Except that the lingering heat from this morning brought to mind a very different possibility. A possibility that simply had to be wrong. It had to. She just didn’t know for sure if it was.

That was why it could not continue on this way. She couldn’t just let things slip away from her like that. Something had to change. Before… before nothing! What was she thinking would happen if she didn’t change the conditions? That she’d get horny for her cousin? Ridiculous. It was only Wesley.

She wished that realization wouldn’t have her knees shake momentarily. It had happened all day. Whenever she thought or said his name. Whenever she felt reminded of him or the massages he’d been giving her. Every time her body was overcome by a rush of undiluted arousal that had her dizzy for several seconds. And until this began to happen, she had never truly known just how often things reminded her of him.

That Suzanne, not even remotely sensing her predicament, kept trying to make her share her thoughts on the situation her parents had unintentionally left her to deal with did not help. Not. At. All. Chayenne had been consistently torn between harshly telling her co-worker off for sticking her nose where it didn’t belong. Or clamping her mouth shut to somehow maintain control over her vocal cords. Before she would let the entire office hear her reaching climax just from talking about Wesley.

That’s right. Just his name popping up a few times in a conversation—inevitably tied to remembering the things they did—nearly made her cum. She got so frantic that after a while there had been no way but to excuse herself so she could rush to the bathroom. For the first time in her life Chayenne had gotten herself off at work. Because of Wesley. No, of course not. She clearly didn’t come because of him but… but how relaxed her body was! That had to be the reason. Surely biology worked that way. Surely a female body could reach orgasm just from being deeply relaxed.

Surely it was not because of the fact that somehow her body associated his touch with arousal so powerful that it crushed all self-control. Because that, no matter how she looked at it, would be not normal. Not when the guy in question was her relative!

For all the embarrassment and torment it brought her, however, she actually was grateful to Suzanne. Unlikely as it seemed, today could have gone without her noticing the weird change she was going through. With Suzanne’s barrage of questions and the effect those had on her, Chayenne had basically no choice but to acknowledge that her constant arousal at the mention of her cousin was extremely odd. No doubt about it, she was evidently missing Levin far more than she had wanted to admit. As soon as she got home she would lock herself in her room and call him. The sort of call that would leave both of them sweaty and panting afterwards. Not even close to a comparison with embracing him in the flesh, but it would have to do. If his horndog of a girlfriend would tear him away from setting his company up for success she had no doubt which of the two he’d choose. A breakup was the last thing she wanted. With her body in this condition now more so than ever.

Thanks to this less than safe day however she had finally decided that something needed to change. Not the massages, of course. She had promised she’d let Wesley practice on her any time he wanted. Which technically was incorrect because what really happened was that she had worked hard to convince him and make him indulge her! She had begged him for those practices, not the other way around. Psyched him up, even told him to pursue it as a career. She wouldn’t be so whimsical and pull back from it now. The boy had it hard enough as it was.

But she had to do something before he’d notice how she truly felt. Wesley had no clue how she was getting off to the sensations his touch gave her. Why would he? They were family! Only cousins, but still no sane person would even consider any sexual tension between them.

Yet as soon as the familiar front door came into view she was painfully aware how her pulse sped up. She was such a freak, lusting after her own cousin like this! Something had to change before she would do things to him she couldn’t take back. Before she’d make it weird. She really, really did not want to make it weird. He might stop touching her if she did!

Wait, wasn’t that supposed to be a good thing? She didn’t know anymore.

Entering her home had never felt so nerve wrecking. Yesterday she had believed to be on edge when she opened the door, half worried he might be doing indecent things somewhere. Today her biggest worry was that he did nothing like that. If he did misbehave, she could tell him off. If he did, she could get angry and send him to his room. Far away from where his fingers could reach her skin and paint mesmerizing jolts of lust on it… No! As if that would ever happen anyway! Please, what was she, a teenager? She had more control than that! …Hopefully.

He sat in the living room. Three long, frightening seconds she expected to see the TV flicker alive with naked bodies and bad actors talking dirty. Or whatever it was he usually got off to. Not like she wanted to know. What point would be in knowing the things that would please Wesley? Not like he could be paid in services in exchange for more massages… Wait, or could he?

The next moment she shook her head, yanking herself back to reality. No pictures on screen, no bodies embracing each other, not a single sound from the speakers. The weird clenching knot in her stomach didn’t fade. Almost like… That was nonsense, she wasn’t disappointed or anything. This was her lame, disrespectful cousin who ogled anything with a pair of tits. Even if this opportunity ended innocently like that, he’d do something inappropriate for sure. And then she could banish him to his room. While she went to hers to call her boyfriend and rape him through the phone.

With a pair of hormone addled ears able to hear every naughty word of hers through far too thin walls like they’d be aimed at the boy two rooms over.

“Hey”, she called out with what she hoped passed as casual cheer, “What are you up to?”

“Nothing much,” he replied, sounding strangely muffled.

“C’mon, you can tell me, can’t you?”

She went and flopped down next to him on the couch. From up closer it was plain to see why his voice had sounded weird. He was absorbed in reading some books, scribbling down a quick note here and there with one hand while resting his head on the other, his hand half covering his mouth in the process.

He was also wearing glasses. Chayenne had to shake her head a little, that’s how hard the sight was to believe. For inexplicable reasons the glasses gave him a whole other vibe. A bit clumsy arguably, but it was like a first effort in changing his image was there. Where normally he looked plain to the point of invisibility, with the (curiously enough equally plain) frame his face now looked… surprisingly remarkable. Nah, probably not exactly remarkable, since Chayenne had no doubt would she encounter him on the street in passing or while shopping maybe, she’d smile politely but not even think twice about his looks. But… she would notice him even so. In a good way.

Which considering she was in dire need of reasons not to get the hots for her own cousin was seriously an unlucky turn of events.

Wrong! Not exactly unlucky.

She just had to think a bit faster about an idea to break this tension that build between them.

A tension she build by making harmless contact with him sexual. Fuck, just sitting next to him like this she was aware of his presence. Not as another person but rather as… No. Not like that! It couldn’t be. It must not! That… that would be every possible way of wrong.

“Busy learning for classes?”

“Something like that. Though if I’m honest this is more of a private research.”

“For what?”

The question made him look up from the books with an insecure blush. “I mean… You want me to practice on you so much.”

“I do,” she hurried to assure him without even a tiny pause to reconsider, “Any time you want, really.”

“See? So I just want to make sure I know what I’m doing. Find ways to improve and add to the techniques I know. Ways to stimulate nerves and muscles even more effectively. If that makes sense? Make sure I’m really doing the best I can. I don’t want to bore you.”

Just hearing that made her clench her legs, her pussy immediately slick with anticipation. Even better? This unbelievably powerful magical touch of his could still get better?!

“Isn’t it faster to put the theory,” she pointed at the books with a snarl, “into action? I remember hearing humans memorize things faster that way.”

What the hell was wrong with her?! She had to stop this madness. Not encourage him.

“Oh? Now that you say it, I admit you have a point. Would you want to give it a try?”

Absolutely not. What she wanted was to have him focused on his books for at least another hour. Meanwhile she could rush to her room!

“I’d love to! Do you feel up to giving me a small sample of your new wisdom?”

“Hmm, we could try that thing I just read about. Lend me your hands?”

Puzzled but intrigued she held them in front of her. “My hands? Why those?”

“Have you ever considered just how many nerves and muscles are in there?” Chayenne laughed: “True, sometimes they can cramp up a- aaahh!” It wasn’t fair! One moment they were talking, the next his fingers found just the right spot to short circuit her brain! Whatever words she had meant to say rolled off her tongue in a single, guttural moan. But he didn’t seem to mind at all, merrily nodding along. “That’s right, isn’t it? These fingers are so busy every day. Transmitting so many sensations obtained from touching things straight to the brain. It’s important to relax them every now and again.” Wow, he sounded really smart right there. If only she could have participated more in the conversation, but as long as he was applying just the right kind of pressure her entire vocabulary shriveled down to the word ‘yes’ and primitive noises.

Then again… there really was no need for her to talk right now.

It made sense, in a way. This was a massage. Talking wasn’t a part of it so much as simply something he did to let her know this was alright. That she could let go completely and just let him do with her as he wanted. Almost… yeah, almost like a doll.

Why the hell was this making her so hot? All he touched were her hands! It literally did not get much more innocent than that. And yet each second of skin contact had her stifle lustful panting.

In stark contrast to her ever growing need, Wesley seemed perfectly calm. Chayenne realized she had misjudged him. Completely. Right here, right now he sat right in front of a girl who pretty much drooled all over herself, grinding her sopping wet vagina against the couch from mere handholding—and despite that he just patiently focused on her eyes, talking to her in that soothing, slow voice of his. Chayenne had believed he would leer at anything with even a hint of cleavage. But there was no denying that this was a prime opportunity for him to perv over her all he wished, except he didn’t do that.

She wasn’t even surprised anymore when she realized the emotion this gave her was regret.

She knew it was wrong. Of course it was. But somehow that just… it wasn’t important. Nowhere near as important as having him look at her breasts. Any time he wanted. That would only be fair, right? After all, she already insisted he should touch her any time he liked. So the least she could do in exchange was let him look at her, right? Not her eyes, even though she had to admit he had beautiful eyes. Even without his touch Chayenne was convinced she’d still be unable to focus on whatever he was saying all this time because his eyes… They were magical. In a way much more so than his hands. Like they were captivating every shred of her awareness, sucking it right out of her head to be consumed by him. Like she was falling into them. Like they turned her into a mindless, drooling simpleton who got turned on by his presence.

Some of what they took returned for the briefest of moments when his gaze flickered down. Not to her body, though. To the couch. “Oh. We better do something about that, huh?” Dazed as she was she forced herself to see what he meant. To feel a cold shiver surge through her. A wet stain. Right underneath her. Her juices leaked right onto the couch! “We should…” He chuckled: “Right.” With one hand he grabbed a towel from a small bag next to him on the ground. He had been prepared for this. The true meaning of that only dawned on her by the time he had already draped the towel over his lap.

He had expected she would make a mess.

He knew how turned on she got every time he did his trick on her. And kept suitable tools nearby to do it anyway. Goodness, he was so sweet!


It… it wasn’t sweet if her cousin knew his touch turned her into a horny mess and rather brought a towel than stop touching her. Or was it? She wasn’t sure. Something felt off about it, like it were normally supposed to be different.

“C’mere.” He patted the towel, indicating she should move onto it. Onto his lap. He was telling her to sit on his lap and keep going.

“No.” She was surprised about the force in her voice—she’d managed an entire coherent word! “I.. That’s not… right, is it?”

“I would have rather wanted to put it under you, too. But how am I supposed to do that with you sitting down? Now come here. You don’t want to get the couch any more dirty, do you?”

She really didn’t want that.

Yet he stopped her right before she could sit down to reach between her legs with his free hand. What the hell?! Even in her dazed state she knew that was wrong!

“They’re wet.” There was clear disapproval in his voice and she stopped in her tracks. Maybe… Maybe she was the one who made a mistake? “What…?” “Your pants. They are wet. If you sit down like this, you’ll get the towel dirty. We don’t want to get things dirty, right?” Of course! That was the entire point of this after all. Chayenne hurried to nod. “So you have to take them off.” “But… don’t look.” He smiled and she chastised herself for ever thinking he might have ulterior motives. “Naturally. Now take them off so we can keep going.” It took surprisingly much effort to remember how she could slip out of her pants. All the while she was aware of his eyes on her. And of exactly how that made her feel!

Like pure, raw, animalistic desire flowing through her veins. Just by having him look at her she was panting with need, knowing he took in her curves as she slowly moved the fabric down her legs… it almost drove her insane.

“Oh dear,” his dry remark caused her to tremble, “those are not just wet. They are drenched.” Even as addled as she was it didn’t need the finger pointing towards her panties to tell her he meant them. “I will…” Finally call it off, leave him sit there by himself and escape upstairs! “I will take them off. Just please… more.”

“Of course. If it makes you happy, Chayenne. Any time I want.”

Even after she had made a mess he didn’t scold her but patiently would touch her more! How sweet.

Her panties were discarded in a heartbeat as he took her hand once more and guided her onto his lap. “Good,” within moments his fingers found their rhythm again, “we need to watch ourselves after all. Wouldn’t want to miss if it gets dirty, would we?”


“Observation really is such an important thing. Just think of how easy it can be to learn from observing things—like these hands, for example.”

Fuck, what sort of slut was she to ever so much as suspect he was leering at her! He was only thinking of how to improve his massage even now. She was the one making it weird, the one thinking of this as sexual. The one grinding her bare, sopping wet vagina against his towel-covered crotch.

“It’s alright. This much is perfectly fine.”

Right. He was so, so very right.

“But that does not mean it would be fine to skip out on observation. It’s important to watch and truly, physically feel every touch even when only the eyes see it happen. Like everything they see, every single touch would happen right then and there.”

Thank goodness he was happily absorbed in the theory! If he weren’t talking about ‘watching’ or ‘feeling every touch’ so damn much, he might notice that she stopped listening.

Chayenne could feel him through the towel. A clear, well-proportioned bulge.

She was practically humping Wesley’s hard cock over the thin cloth.

Of course he was hard. His female cousin was pressing her exposed cunt right against him while shaking her impressive tits (he better thought they were impressive in turn for getting this free show!) in his face. Really, she would be worried for his health if he were anything but hard right now. And despite that he never once paid attention to the surreal heat of the moment. That set a dangerous thought into her mind. If she was real quiet about it… would he even notice if she came right here on his co... his lap!

She was a single stroke away from finding out.

“That’s the basics, at least. Enough for one evening, don’t you think?”

“Huh? Oh! …Yeah, you’re right. Uhm, I mean… yeah.”

“Chayenne? You sound a bit exhausted. I’m sorry to take up so much of your time, you should definitely rest up soon.”

“Good idea!” With the euphoria of whatever it was his massage did to her fading, suddenly the full absurdity of the situation hit her. “I’ll do that! Go to bed, I mean. Yes. In fact, no offense but I should really go, like, right now.”

He nodded, looking at her with puppy dog eyes that showed not even a faint trace of suspicion. “Then don’t let me stop you. Goodnight!”

Never before had she bolted towards her room like that, but she only stopped to think about that when she felt the sense of security that came from her door closing behind her. No doubt it was bad to do, but the moment she had locked the door to guarantee her privacy she threw herself on her bed, desperately rubbing her cunt to finish what the friction from the towel and his fingers began.

Wesley’s cursed, skilled, dangerous fingers.


When she came, all she could do was sob in defeated arousal. There was no room for denying it this time. No matter how good this felt, no matter how much her body craved it, this had already gone much too far. Something needed to change. There had to be something that could be done. Before… Before nothing. If there was no solution, she would have to make one. And luckily, she knew exactly who could help her.

* * *