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In good hands

Chapter 5

“...That was amazing, babe. Almost the best way to start off the day. I should spend more time on business trips!” “Don’t you dare! I’m already counting the minutes until you’re back.” How happy Levin was! Chayenne complimented herself, phone sex had been exactly what they needed. Today at least. No way did it help against the aching need that even now burned inside her. She tried to ignore how the room smelled of her excitement in hopes that if she could tear her fingers away from lazily caressing herself the mental images might fade. And please, please take her need with them. “Why haven’t we done this sooner?” His question sounded far away, more an expression of his joy than something he expected an answer to. “Because normally my parents are home, smart guy. I don’t want them to hear!” He laughed: “I think they would not be surprised.” “Maybe,” she tried to change the topic, “but I recall you said something about a meeting?” “Oh! Damn, you’re right! Sorry, babe, I really need to get cleaned up before that!” Belying his rush, his next words turned into a conspiratory whisper: “Maybe I can give you a call tonight though.” For a split-second she bit her tongue to keep it in check. Then she nodded and, since he couldn’t see that, spoke: “I’d love that. But tonight might be bad. Suzanne needs my help.” “I see.” He really tried to sound nonchalant about it, but there was a trace of disappointment still. “Girls night out, is it? She can be glad to have you as a friend.” “Thanks for being so understanding. You’re the best! I love you.” “I love you more, babe. Which is why I should get the annoying business schedule out of the way soon. Talk to you later!”

No sooner had he hung up when she discarded the phone. Her guts were a single clenched mess of guilt. What girls night? Suzanne needed no help, and even if she did chances were she would not need to ask Chayenne of all people! Really, if anything it was the other way around.

The madness of these past couple days—had it really only been that short?—had to stop. It was one thing that she enjoyed getting massages from Wesley, but a completely different thing that she almost…

Wrong. All of it. It was too wrong as that she could allow it to continue.

Luckily, there were options. She’d love to help Wesley and yes, admittedly even now she wanted to be selfish and make him massage her any time he so desired. That was only fair, after all. Her body betrayed her though and so she needed someone else to fill that spot. If he had a girlfriend then he could practice on her instead of Chayenne. And finally she would be able to get his touch out of her head. Or the outline of his hard cock pressing against her naked vagina through a towel.

Fuck, why did she hate losing that? She already had a boyfriend to think about! A boyfriend whom she lied to. All in favor of hooking Wesley up with a replacement for her. Except of course it was not a replacement because there was nothing to replace. There could not be! She was merely a nice cousin setting him up with a nice girl to get into a nice, decent relationship. Yes, naturally that was all it was. Anything else would be plain silly.

Before all of that, however, there was one major flaw in her plan. Suzanne had as of yet still no idea she’d be getting to know Wesley. Which normally was no issue since in any other case Chayenne would have been sure she could interest the other girl in a blind date with ease. This time though it would have to happen today. No matter what, she had to convince Suzanne to come over for dinner with Wesley this same evening after work. It could not wait. Things needed to go back to normal. Before she made a mess again. Or sat in his lap while grinding her wet pussy against his body.

It took her half an hour to get that memory out of her head. And another five minutes to remember to get her fingers out of her panties. Yes, there was no other way. Suzanne and Wesley had to hook up asap!

On her way downstairs she pondered different approaches but none of them seemed sufficient. How was she going to get Suzanne over for dinner, or for that matter how was she going to get them to flirt after days of doing nothing but complain to her co-worker whenever Wesley came up in the conversation? No matter the angle she looked at her situation from, she had already given Suzanne a bad impression of her cousin. And now of all times she needed the two of them to hook up. If it weren’t so painfully urgent the irony of it all might have made her burst into laughter.

With those things buzzing around in her brain it also led her to not notice Wesley was already up and moving around the kitchen before she accidentally bumped into him. “Hey,” he exclaimed. More from surprise over some milk spilling onto his shirt than anything else as far as she could tell, but even so she immediately felt sorry. “Are you alright? Nothing dropped?” His stern expression cheered up and he even patted her head, probably to calm her down before her excitement could get too much: “Don’t you worry your pretty head about it. Nothing happened and I’m just fine. See for yourself.” The words barely registered with Chayenne. Rather than human speech, what radiated through her was an inexplicable heat surging from wherever his hand caressed her. She recognized the sensation and hated how much she loved it. Skin contact. That’s all it was this time and yet her body went into a lust-drunk frenzy. He wasn’t even massaging her. Or doing anything else that would explain why the warmth of his touch had her legs turn to jelly, her own weight (or was it the hand on her head?) forcing her to her knees in front of him. Right on eye level with his crotch.

With the bulge in his pants.

Goodness, was she the one making it so hard? She so very much hoped she was.

No. No, wait, that would be wrong!

She shouldn’t be making his cock hard. She shouldn’t be making any cocks hard other than her boyfriend’s. And whatever happened, she shouldn’t lean forward… or nuzzle that bulge with her face… or part her lips in what was bound to look like an attempt to plant a kiss on it.

Because that would be…

“Wrong.” “Oh? Is something wrong after all?” His surprise and concern were tugging on her heart. She made him worried. Even though he made her feel so good! “Chayenne, can you show me what’s wrong?”

A tiny voice somewhere in a corner of her brain that was not yet melted in the heat of his touch squeaked that his choice of words was suspicious. That she should just say no, get up on her feet and tell him off. That she should leave and banish this incident from her memories.

The rest of her brain drooled over the pretense his honest, innocent worry had given her.

Before she could even think about it her fingers hooked into the waistband of his pants, clumsily yanking and pulling on them before she gave up and resorted to merely stroking him through the fabric. Words. She had to take back some semblance of reason. She had to produce words if only just to show she still could. “This,” she croaked, her voice somehow dry from the mix of excitement and fear about what she saw herself doing, “this is wrong.” He blushed. She didn’t see it, but she heard it in his response: “Please, I’m worried about that! What is wrong with it?” “It’s big.” Thank all the powers above that this wasn’t a massage. She felt compelled to hump, her panties already soaked through and clinging to her cunt as if to hold it back from jumping him. But as long as it was just a single hand softly caressing her head she could talk. She could keep her wits about her.

“Is it really that big?” Insecure as his question sounded, it send a wave of pure fire through her nerves. “I never compared. Can you tell me honestly, do you think this size is big?” She wasn’t going to answer that, goddamit! This was her cousin! Her lanky, nerdy, completely unremarkable cousin! There was absolutely no reason why she should inflate his ego any more than this! Besides, the size wasn’t so much the problem as much rather its current state of arousal!

“It’s big.” That wasn’t what she meant to say! “And smells good!” Neither was that!

“Ahh, and I even took a shower right after getting up,” did it just sound that way or did his voice lose the insecurity in favor of mild mocking? “Does it really smell? Maybe you just say that to make me feel bad. Please, can you make sure?” For a dizzying moment Chayenne believed the pressure from his hand grew stronger. Then she found his bulge gently rubbing against her face and her head went blank. There was too much about this that was wrong.

But really, had she not caused this? After all, she had made him worry like that. In which case there was only one thing to do. Her lips parted, softly kissing his cock… no, of course not. Just the place where it was straining against Wesley’s pants. “It’s good.” She hoped he heard her. “I see!” Every syllable reverberated with carefree joy. “Come to think of it, you came down here to have breakfast, didn’t you?” In her addled state it send a shiver of pleasure through her even as she caught the innuendo in his words. “Wouldn’t this make for the best breakfast ever?” All she could do was mewl into his crotch. “It really looks tasty, doesn’t it?” Another mewl. Strangely, admitting it got easier over time. “Having this for breakfast any time I want would be really great, wouldn’t it?” She wasn’t even surprised when one of her hands slipped between her legs, openly beginning to masturbate while her mouth was only kept from his dick by a layer of cloth. “We would need to make sure it doesn’t get soaked though. Wouldn’t want to make a mess or get things wet, right?” She remembered. She remembered what she had to do so that she wouldn’t make a mess. Or maybe…

Maybe she was just that horny.

Her fingers pulled her clothes down, laying her cunt bare before going right back to playing with it. On the one hand she was painfully aware that she had no excuse this time. This was the furthest thing from a massage. It wasn’t that she got horny from his touch. She was just that much of a slut for Wesley. And the poor boy didn’t even realize it, talking on and on in that soothing, happy-go-lucky calm voice of his. On the other she didn’t even care anymore. So what if this was wrong? So what if she was openly rubbing her cunt while nuzzling her cousin’s cock through his pants? Fuck, Chayenne felt herself getting close. She had only just cum this morning while on the phone with her boyfriend and yet... And yet this was threatening to push her over the edge again.

“Ah, the toast looks done!” As quickly as he had brought her down here Wesley turned, his hand releasing her head while he busied himself with plates and piping hot slices of toast. “Really, a breakfast like this should be part of every single day, don’t you think?” He was humming a merry tune, entirely focused on the food. But Chayenne knew that when she agreed, there was only one thing in her mind that she could imagine herself talking about.

“I made some for you as well if you’d like?”

“No, I… I really need to get going. Kinda late, isn’t it? Got to get to work.” “Like this?” Even though he never looked at her at these words she all the same blushed in the deepest shades of red with shame while her hands pointlessly tried covering her exposed flesh.

“Of course not. I’ll, um, get dressed.” “Alright. I’ll leave your toast on the table then. You can grab it before you leave the house. Make sure you don’t forget it. I might not be around to eat dinner today.” “What?!” That was a problem. A huge one! He had to be here. She had to invite Suzanne over and set the two up for a date this same day. Before she lost all reason and did things to her own cousin that she would definitely regret.

Especially if Levin ever learnt of them.

“Well,” he looked confused over her intense reaction, “I just thought I would visit a friend. Since it’s a bit of a drive from here instead of my home, it would have to be an overnight stay. But I figured if anything you’d be happy to have some time for yourself for the first time in a while.”

“Look here, mister.” She gave him the best imitation of her mom’s ‘You’re in trouble now’—look that she could manage with her slick lower half bared to the world. “I get you’re missing your friends and had you told me so I could get our parent’s permission, then maybe I would be happy about it. But like this I am responsible for making sure you don’t do something stupid. So you’re not going to go anywhere tonight, did I make myself clear?”

Something like hurt flared up in his face, but he had the decency to swallow whatever undoubtedly rash reply he was about to give and nodded.

“Besides,” she added and willed her tone to mellow out again so she didn’t accidentally go overboard, “we’ll have a guest tonight. She wanted to meet you and I think that works best when you’re actually around. Don’t worry, I am sure you will like her. Meanwhile I will try to get a hold of our parents and ask if you can visit that friend of yours.” “A guest?” Not even bothering to hide his disapproval, huh? Despite that he relented: “I figured I wouldn’t be the only one hoping to have some friends over. But why would they want to meet me?” “I told them about your trick. And that got them curious.” Inwardly she cringed. How often had she blatantly lied to people just this morning? If it continued at this pace she would be setting a new record. It looked like it had been worth the pang of guilt though, because a blush crept up his face as his attitude changed. “I suppose you were praising it a bit to make it that positively convincing. Thanks for that. Looks like it wasn’t half bad for you then, was it?” “You have no idea,” she laughed. And prayed wholeheartedly that he really didn’t.

On her way out the door, however, a decision ripened within her. She was only guilty of a lie if she could not get Suzanne to show up. And thinking about it, the girl was already loving massages to unwind. Not much flattery needed to make it sound like Wesley’s were the best there were either. After all, it was what she truly believed. If any however exclusive professional massage parlor offered something that good she’d have heard of it. If she baited the blonde single woman with a chance to date someone whose hands could do such amazing things to her, Suzanne would swallow it hook, line and sinker. Chayenne fished her phone out and made a call: “Hey Suzanne, it’s me. Are you already at the office? I got to tell you something really amazing! Huh? Nah, I don’t think it can wait. Unless you want another lucky girl to snatch your chance, that is. Oh? Alright, Alright, I’ll tell you all about it when I’m there. See you soon!” Suzanne would love what Wesley could do to her. She simply had to. So that finally things could go back to normal.

To a time where Chayenne didn’t remember the feeling of her cousin’s cock against her lips even as she headed to work.

* * *