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In good hands

Chapter 6

All throughout the day Chayenne was a nervous wreck. Whenever she had a calm moment to herself doubt gnawed away at her, paired with pangs of guilt. Just the reason why she invited Suzanne over for dinner today was already enough to eat away at her. She had openly masturbated to the feeling of Wesley against her skin. To his more than obvious bulge pressed against her mouth. While the boy had just talked on and on about breakfast, completely oblivious to how much of a needy whore she was for him. Or how much she had wanted to gobble up that sausage he so unwittingly presented her with right then and there. While she sorted documents and tried to keep a straight face around colleagues and clients when she left the house, she had almost blown her cousin for breakfast just because he touched her.

It was not even a massage.

That really was the worst part, no matter how she twisted things in her mind. It was inexplicable. No reason to be found for her to act so out of line. All these past days—had it really only been a few days since this started?!—there had been a logical explanation. After all, it was normal to maybe get a bit stimulated from a good massage. And Wesley’s devilish hands really gave the best there were. It was highly inappropriate that she would get horny from it to the point of… of grinding her wet pussy against his cock. Or cumming to the memory of selfishly making Wesley touch her wherever he wished. However indecent her behavior might be though, it could be explained. There was a reason! Her body just was that sensitive to the world’s most stimulating massage.

But when he pushed her down to eye level with his bulge merely through the weight of his hand on her head, not even the least bit of pressure, there was nothing to reason away her behavior.

It was downright weird. And whatever it was, she could only count herself lucky that Wesley had been too generous to point it out. Too kind to point out how much of an uncontrollable pleasure addict Chayenne was. At least he had never done more than provide a towel so she would not make a mess.

Which was really thoughtful of him, but at the same time it did not change the fact that things went wrong somewhere.

The sun was setting by the time she finally noticed the messages that had piled up on her phone. Levin. It looked like he had reached out to her whenever he had a free minute to spare. She texted back how hectic work had been today, adding a terrible headache into the mix to convince him. As soon as that was dealt with she would call him. It sounded fake even to her own ears, but she forced herself to be sure Levin would not suspect a thing. Not like he had suspected anything throughout the past few days. Really, she should probably not be as thankful for it, but on the other hand it was great to know how much he trusted her. And after tonight, it would all go back to the way it should be.

Of course for that it was important everything went well between Suzanne and Wesley. “Don’t worry,” the blonde woman assured her while they pulled up to Chayenne’s home, “I’ll give him a fair chance.” Despite herself Chayenne burst into a badly concealed fit of laughter. “What?!” Suzanne’s protest was accompanied with a broad grin. “I never thought badly of him if you recall?” “I never claimed you did.” Which, Chayenne ruefully pondered not for the first time, she really could not claim when she had instead done all the trash talking before. With how she had talked about Wesley before it was close to a miracle Suzanne came along for what was pretty much a blind date at all.

Granted, when she acknowledged how badly the girl wanted a boyfriend more for the bragging rights than anything else it was significantly less miraculous.

But she wasn’t about to push back an opportunity to separate herself from his fingers or the accursed erotic magic they seemed to weave around her. No matter how much her entire body threatened to scream that she was making the wrong decision. Wrong however was certainly the word to summarize all the madness that had happened here this week. She nodded to Suzanne: “Just be nice to him, that’s all I’m asking from you. Believe me, he’ll make it worth your while.” “I doubt that. Though I guess it would be worth it if he’s as good in bed as you make it seem.” All the color drained from her face as she fought for air. “What do you…?” “Oh, c’mon Chayenne! You’re pretty much radiating sex! And,” at that the blonde woman lowered her voice in a caricature of secretive understanding, “your boyfriend is currently out of town as you told me. So it can’t be because of him. Or did he return early maybe?” Her innocent doe eyes never once gave away how much of a poisonous tongue this girl could have sometimes. But two could play that game and if nothing else it seemed there was something Chayenne could use to whet Suzanne’s appetite.

Gritting her teeth she decided to humor the girl. “No, no,” she said sweetly with a far away look on her face, “but you see, Levin is that good with only his voice! He can keep me thrashing in the sheets all night long without even being physically there. And just imagine all the things this car has seen before!” Suzanne’s look of sudden shock—and yes, unconcealed jealousy—made all the cheap exaggeration worth it. But that was for naught unless she threw the girl a little piece of bait too. “I can promise you though, if Wesley’s fingers do even just half the wonders in bed that they can do during an innocent hand massage, he’ll send you straight to heaven for months on end.”

“I get he’s your family, but who should believe such blatant bragging?” Even though she said that, Chayenne had not missed the greedy glimmer in Suzanne’s eyes as she had listened. First hurdle dealt with, from the looks of it.

Leaving the car she took a moment while Suzanne walked a few paces to stretch her legs in order to take in the girl’s form. After all, in several ways more important than if Suzanne would like Wesley—as soon as he offered her a massage Chayenne had no doubts she would adore him either way—was that Wesley would like her. There was a brief moment of confusion as she remembered just three days ago she’d have never even considered Wesley might refuse anything that so much as looked female. But then she chased that moronic thought away. Wesley had made her body feel so very good any time he wanted. The least she could do to repay the favor was to hook him up with the sexiest woman she could find.

And Suzanne more than lived up to that. Slender and leggy, but at the same time blessed with pert and noticeable breasts (that Chayenne with a wave of smugness realized were no comparison to her own). Her blonde hair was tied into a bun as it had been all day, her usual business attire consisting of a cream-colored blouse and tight, form-fitting jeans was merely adorned by a brown jacket and a wine-red scarf. If there was anything to regret it was likely that choice. It spelled professional distance more than excited flirt. But Chayenne really did not want to risk her staying home after work. All that said however, Chayenne was pretty sure after one look at Suzanne’s big eyes and plump lips he wouldn’t mind her clothes much either way.

“Alright,” the blonde girl laughed with only the faintest quiver of insecurity in her voice, “let’s get this party started.” “Don’t worry,” Chayenne chimed in cheerfully, “you’ll love him.”

Now all that was left was hoping he’d love her as much.

“Wesley? We’ve got a guest!”

She didn’t know what she thought Wesley would be doing once the two actually arrived. All she knew was that he had not been that thrilled with the prospect of cancelling his plans. It would not have surprised her if he’d listened to his unnerving music again. Or holed himself up in his room. But instead, he poked his head out the kitchen door. “Hey there, you’re just in time. I’m almost finishing up here, so why don’t you head to the table already?” “Don’t mind if we do then.” Suzanne sounded carefree as ever, but as soon as the girls brought some distance between them and the kitchen door she leaned in and conspiratorially whispered: “I thought you were exaggerating, but he really isn’t that pleasant for the eyes.” Despite herself Chayenne felt anger well up inside her. Wesley was no model, but she could look at his hands all day long without getting tired. Or at…

At a lower part of him.

That thought worked like a charm to douse her anger in ice cold composure. “Give it a bit. We only just arrived. And I promise, you’ll leave here thinking that it was worth it.” “If you say so.”

One had to hand it to the girl, the moment Wesley joined them along she was all smiles, joked with him and even gave it some attempts to flirt with the boy. It was a sight to see, really. Be it that she made doe eyes at him, twirling her hair whenever she knew he was looking at her or brushing her fingers over his arm to get his attention whenever he was not. She knew how she needed to do it.

If she wanted to make herself look trashy, that was. Chayenne cringed at every overly obvious pass at him. Something had to be done before Wesley would lose interest.

But apparently not only her thought that way. Even Wesley himself seemed eager to move the evening along. “I was surprised to hear you wanted to meet me,” he leaned into the main topic. “Apparently it was your curiosity for new massage techniques that tipped the scale?” Suzanne managed a bashful giggle, even if Chayenne knew her long enough to spot the relief lurking behind the beaming façade. Gods, the boy flirted like a rock. No, actually most rocks were better at seducing people than he was! But he tried his best and she cheered him on. Moving to his forte might do the trick. Well, yes, it was the only trick she trusted him to have going for him with a girl like Suzanne. But hey, that was worth something, wasn’t it? And nobody knew better than her just how insanely alluring a trick his massages were.

Because if they were not, it would mean the fact that even right here and now she wanted to dive under the table and let his unsuspecting cock massage the back of her throat until he would have to pry her off of him with a crowbar was all on her. It would mean that she was just a dripping, weak slut for him. Any time he fucking wished her to be.

And that would be wrong.

So the secret was all in his massages, of that she was sure. And for a surreal moment she pictured Suzanne’s look after he first touched her. Almost heard the both of them giggle in shared astonishment over how unnaturally sexy his fingers made them feel. Something seemed to snap in her brain. She remembered Levin joking about exhibitionism before. Putting on porn of a sole girl masturbating for the viewer and pretending they were peeking at one of the neighbours on screen. She’d actually gotten angry at that. She wasn’t some moral degenerate that would get off from watching a smart girl act like a filthy whore. And far more importantly, the nerve of her boyfriend to want to look at a different girl while having his fingers, or even more, his cock inside her cunt made her blood boil. She remembered how she acted then and had anyone asked her, she would swear any pledge that her reasons and opinions had not changed.

Horrifyingly enough she remembered all that crystal clear as her posture shifted. She felt her body grow warmer at the thought of him touching Suzanne. Felt burning curiosity at the question if Suzanne would react to his massages the same way as her. Would she see her colleague climb onto a towel on his lap the same way she had done it? Would Suzanne also orgas… No. She couldn’t finish that thought. It was nonsense, it never got that far. Yet. Or ever! But would she feel the same heat consume her? Chayenne suddenly knew she would sit right here and watch every second of it. No matter how far it would go between them. She would burn the sight into her mind.

Why the fuck did that make her wetter?

He smiled and only belatedly did she realize his eyes had been observing her. How long? Why?! She calmed herself and tried to steer the attention away from her. “Suzanne, didn’t you mention how much you would love a massage after a hard long day at work?” The blonde chuckled, playfully skirting around a clear answer: “Isn’t it too late for that? I would feel bad about keeping you up longer than this on a first date.” Damn it. It couldn’t end like this! Without missing a beat Wesley nodded: “That’s fine. Then I have more time for giving you a massage, Chayenne. I’ve already set up the couch and everything.” Praise be to whatever forces were on her side when Suzanne perked up even faster than Chayenne’s lips could form a response: “You’re doing it here in the living room?” He laughed: “Of course. It never takes long. Unless maybe if you would ask nicely. If you like it, I promise, neither of us have to get up early tomorrow so there is plenty of room for extensions. And if you choose otherwise, it won’t be too late to change your mind. So?” Gosh, there it was. For someone who made invisibility a life style his puppy dog stare sure had been honed to nuclear weapon level. Suzanne practically melted under his eyes. “You came all the way here for it. Are you really going to leave without giving it at least a quick try? Even just watching is fine. If you’d rather not have me touch you, you can sit right here as I demonstrate on Chayenne. But leaving without having at least seen it once would be too sad, wouldn’t it?” “Yes,” she relented with a shy blush that struck Chayenne as being genuine surprise, rather than a meek flirt-tactic: “I think if that’s the case I want to give it a try.”

He led her over to the couch. Chayenne held her breath the moment she realized part of it was covered with a fresh white towel. He didn’t lie when he talked about being prepared. Surely the fact that it covered the same spot where she had made a mess before was a coincidence? Surely after all the cleaning she had done there was no stain left to be seen? But even if there were… right now nobody would know? Only Chayenne would be aware of what had happened there before. She, and Wesley. But the young man was completely focused on Suzanne now. A bit too much even. He didn’t forget that he offered to demonstrate on her, right?

The next second she wished she could have slapped herself. Preventing him from doing that was the whole point! That was why she did this whole charade trying to set the two of them up together!

“It’s simple enough, really,” the sound of his voice had grown so warm and soft that her brain only registered he had begun the demonstration one sentence behind everything he said. “You’ve been using this head for so many tasks at work. It makes the perfect place to start a massage if you’re meant to relax, doesn’t it?” Chayenne felt her face vibrate as she hummed in deep, wordless agreement. It was unfair. How was he doing this to her? His cursed skillful fingers were on Suzanne’s skin, not hers, and yet just hearing him use the same tone of voice that he always had during their previous massages released the flood gates. She felt her body glow with pure lust and sensual need. Each word of his made the air vibrate and those vibrations reached her even if his hands where on another girl’s body. For a minute or two her brain tried to process the words, but realizing that the mere sound of his voice massaged her as well as his hands were able to overloaded its capacity to think in human speech. By the time her mind understood one sentence five others had slipped in, kneading her ability to think in a way that was every bit as magical as the caresses of his hands on weary muscles. And whatever willpower remained inside her was directed with laser-focus towards Suzanne. She had to love it as much or more as Chayenne did. She had to, or Chayenne would do something that deserved to be wrong. In this moment there was no filter anymore between her and her desires.

And the blonde woman that received his magical touch seemed to feel similarly. Suzanne’s eyes had grown heavy-lidded and taken on a far-away look within moments of being exposed to his touch. But it was her voice that yanked a semblance of attention back to the front of Chayenne’s head. Even if it was the sort of attention that made her pussy feel so horribly empty.

Glossy lips parted for a long breath that hovered somewhere on the line between moan and heartfelt satisfied growl. Her whole body seemed to deflate as tension melted that the woman likely had not even known she felt. Not just the high-strung stride and confidence that edged itself into one’s body through working hours, but even the very will to think or act in any which way.

Chayenne drank in the sight like a fine wine. For the first time ever she could observe with her own eyes what his fingers did to someone. Each of his movements was still so vivid and real in her memory that watching how Wesley’s fingers gently rubbed and stroked Suzanne’s head sent tingling waves of sensation through herself and yet… and yet it was the sight of her friend’s reactions that sucked her in more than anything. With each soft word of his, with each gentle pat or prod, Suzanne melted away more and more to leave a limp, pliable ragdoll in her place. Her expression slackened until it almost looked like she were asleep—if not for a rhythmic rocking that began to send the faintest waves through each limb. Even without confirming it Chayenne knew it was the same as for her. Hips rocking back and forth in a desperate, animalistic attempt to grind her pussy against anything. Even the friction of her own panties against the slick flesh already threatening to be too much as his fingers found nerves or pressure spots or whatever the hell it was that his technique utilized to achieve such a bewitching effect.

“Chayenne, what did you promise me about making a mess?” The words floated through her brain, without a link binding them to time or space. They were hardly a question even, his tone indicating he expected only one possible reply. “Of course,” a voice so unlike her own husked. Meek, but quivering with arousal. She knew exactly what she had to do so that she didn’t make a mess. And since his focus was only on Suzanne, there was no reason to worry about it being weird. The only source of hesitation was the towel. Without one she would make a mess, but clearly she could not climb on the only one in the room. On the one Suzanne used to keep her from making a mess as her very mind and will liquefied to drip out of her cunt. Was it aching as much as her own? Chayenne whimpered as she realized she could not possibly get between the girl and the otherworldly pleasure she received. That would be wrong. At least if she wanted her genius plan of hooking them up to work out well.

Of course he realized her hesitation. “Chayenne,” his voice had an almost dreamlike quality to it. Each tender wave of sound from his mouth sent ripples through reality itself, or so she felt at least. Ripples that massaged her brain in ways his fingers never could. She moaned without restraint for an infinite second, her head tingling from the unknown and yet oh so familiar way of being turned pliable for him. It was almost, just almost like he chuckled as he continued: “Chayenne, you know what to do. Look, your fingers have already begun.” She believed him. Checking would have required taking her eyes off the way Suzanne changed right in front of her. A vision that had her spellbound. Try as she might, she couldn’t take her eyes off the other woman. Or the way his fingers played with her hair as more and more of the blonde woman became his malleable toy. Fuck, how could she ever have believed he lacked self-control? If he ever saw what she saw in this moment… Suzanne radiated carnal desire with every fiber of her limp body. Her eyes had rolled up as if she wanted to watch his touch knead her brain into a squishy, easily reshaped mess. Chayenne almost mimicked her, convinced that if she did she would see Wesley in her mind, observing his fingers smooth out every corner and every fold in her brain until it was a canvas for him to paint with a whole new definition of pleasure. But instead of his fingers in her mind what reached her first was his voice in her ears, sending vibrating shivers of bliss all throughout her as he turned her world upside down with but a single word: “Obey.”

She couldn’t possibly resist.

Before she knew it she had left her chair, moving as close to the towel as she dared. A dizzying moment passed as she tried to question her actions but came up blank. Then she saw his eyes and they wiped all doubt from her head. His voice still echoed in her memory: “Obey.” She smiled as it fully hit her. There was no choice. She had to keep her promise, it was all that mattered. She wouldn’t sit on the towel though—that was too likely to disturb Suzanne. And disturbing her was the one thing she must never do if her plan should succeed. Instead she dropped her clothes into a pile, directly in front of the other girl. Judging by her expression she could have sat down directly on her lap and Suzanne would not have noticed, but no. No going too far. Touching her would be wrong.

Instead she sank to her knees between the other girl’s legs, each breath pumping her full of the heady, floral scent of Suzanne’s own arousal. Wesley’s approval was clear to hear as he spoke. It went way over her head what he said, but she smiled and stroked herself. Understanding his words didn’t matter. Not when Suzanne was the living embodiment of all that Chayenne had felt these past two days. Even if she emptied her head of everything but the feverish aroma of sex in the air, there was no doubt each of his words would fall into place exactly as it was meant to do. Exactly as she did when she obeyed him. She relished the freedom of this unique chance. After this evening she would be free. All would be back to normal. She would let Wesley practice his massages on her any time he wanted and obey him, of course. That was only natural to thank him for showing her this bliss. But finally, finally she could stop getting these wrong thoughts about wanting to jump him until his cock would massage her pussy while he had no clue at all about her depraved, immoral wishes.

Suzanne mewled. It was the first clear sound the woman made since his fingers had settled into their routine and almost—just almost—it broke Chayenne out of her reverie. Blurry flashbacks to her own first massage from him filled her mind, causing her confidence in being invisible to be shaken. What if Suzanne saw her co-worker kneel between her legs now, lasciviously rubbing her slick cunt while playing with her voluptuous tits? How was the poor girl to know she only did that because she had to obey her promise of not making a mess?

But everything fell into place when Wesley nodded sagely: “It’s alright, it’s alright. You can’t help it. All of a body’s holes are so many times more sensitive than the rest. Partially because we so rarely use them as an exclusive source for our sense of touch, partially because they are built to be so very sensitive.” It wasn’t her mind that understood the words, but she couldn’t care as suddenly her pussy felt twice as wet, twice as needy, twice as distracting. She couldn’t stop rubbing. It was just physically impossible when even the faintest sensation down between her legs caused her every nerve to be overloaded with pleasure. Through fluttering eye lids she fought to keep watch. This time he wasn’t touching her, so whatever he did, she had no reason to think it were wrong. Even if it made her look like a cheap slut for him, she was perfectly fine to keep masturbating to the vision of what his hands could turn a woman into. Her gaze was locked onto the tip of his fingers as one of his hands travelled down Suzanne’s cheek. “Aww,” he playfully whispered, “no need to cry, my dear.” Indeed Chayenne noticed a teardrop rolling down Suzanne’s face to linger on her chin. The other woman had been so lost in the moment that she forgot to even blink! With care and a gentle laugh he brushed over her eye lids, closing them for her before his hand began to teasingly follow the curve of her plump lips. The effect was instantaneous. Where before Suzanne had just lightly rocked back and forth, her hips doubled down on their vigorous desire to grind her clit against just about anything that could grant her release. Chayenne knew better than anyone how desperate this must make the other woman. She could feel her own hips hump her fingers mindlessly. Oh goodness no, if anyone saw her like this there would be no talking her way out of looking like she were horny for Wesley.

For what it was worth, Wesley of all people seemed utterly oblivious to her cravings. A fact that drove her mad with unleashed lust for him. Instead of noticing how her fingers stirred her glistening slit into a frothing mess he merely pushed Suzanne’s mouth open to slide his fingers inside. If it had been anyone else Chayenne might have jumped up and slapped them even now. Even like this. But this was Wesley and so she soaked up every word of his while her eyes burned his massage technique into her empty head. “The mouth is such a fascinating mass of nerves. In addition to touch, it registers so much more information through taste. Did you know that human lips are among the most tactile sensitive body parts we have? I never fully understood why most mainstream massages ignore such a perfectly suitable place to make someone feel bliss. You agree with that. Just look at how eagerly these lips try to cling to my fingers. You want to suck me deeper down your throat. That’s right. This has nothing to do with thinking. It is a reflex. You cannot help it and you have no reason to. It is natural to crave me massaging the inside of your mouth.”

He might as well have talked gibberish. Chayenne’s mind was light years away, breathing in the musk of his hard, warm, bouncing cock pitching a tent in his boxers as she knelt on the kitchen floor, pressing her face against it like a harlot. So close, so unbearably close to finding out what he tasted like. If his fingers were already so devilishly skilled at hitting all the perfect spots, how much better would he be with his dick? “And that says nothing yet about tongues,” he kept on explaining the magic of his touch to Suzanne. Lucky for her that his attention was only on her friend or else he would have noticed she wasn’t paying attention any more. “They are one of the most nimble, skillful muscles in any human’s body. And yet so squishy, warm, wet and pliable. As if made only for licking and pleasuring. Can you believe it?” Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohfuckfuckfuck, yes! Chayenne didn’t just believe her tongue was made to lick, she knew with mind melting certainty it was made to lick his cock even over his pants or under them or really any way he wanted. Or his yummy balls as they dangled in front of her. Or the dripping wet hole of a girl receiving his magical massage. Or really whatever else he told her to lick. Thank goodness right now she could get off to this fantasy as much as she liked because even if he said all this he told it to the girl who was going to become his girlfriend. So he had no time to notice how it made his cousin cum over and over while she imagined everything that she observed to be happening to her. Everything he did to Suzanne and more.

If only she could cum!

She was less than a heartbeat away from it. Every fiber in her body teetered on that dangerous edge. Whatever was building up there, the second the floodgates opened she knew she would be a lost cause. It’d knock her out cold as she saw stars of erupting pleasure send her mind directly to cloud nine. She didn’t know when she’d last felt such a monster of an orgasm approach—except this one took its damn sweet time arriving! She gurgled, barely even registering that her mouth felt strangely exposed and occupied. No time to wonder if that was her tongue from which shimmering droplets of drool trickled down on her quaking tits. Not when she was so close. Closer! Infinitely close to the most violent orgasm her body ever felt!

Before he leaned back, his fingers slipping free from Suzanne’s drool covered lips. “There’s of course still many more ways one could massage a willing hole,” he mentioned so matter-of-factly as if talking about gardening, “but you only consented to a short demonstration, so this is it for now.”

Chayenne’s heart couldn’t take it. It wasn’t fair! What sort of cruel demon would stop here? “But…” Her voice sounded hoarse and dry. She gulped, surprised just how difficult talking had become. The next attempt worked out better already: “But of course she could come back for more, right?” Please, he had to say yes! She had to know that he wanted to see Suzanne again. He blushed, shyly turning his face away. “If she… well, I mean, if she liked the experience? Sure!” How sweet! Chayenne was taken by surprise by the wave of warm pride when she saw him so bashful. Of course, how could she have forgotten? With his usual tendency of avoiding attention there was little chance he would be used to dating! “Don’t worry, cousin,” she giggled while gifting him the most confident smirk she could muster, “this girl will happily cum back for more any time you want her to. That’s got Chayenne’s seal of approval!” Time slowed to a crawl as she gave him a good old thumbs-up for added confidence, only to realize with a shock that her hand was covered near entirely in her own juices. Hopefully he didn’t see!

“Is that so?”

His gaze wasn’t on her hand. All of his attention was on her eyes as he asked that. Locking eyes with him like this she was even more aware of the echoing word wafting through her head. ’Obey.’

“Yes,” a mouth that barely felt like hers answered demurely, “she will.”

“Geez, thanks for backing me up here.” It was such a relief to see him turn around with the biggest grin on his face. There was already enough guilt for her to carry from wanting to use his massages as a pretense for sucking his cock any time he wanted. Not to mention how she kept her depraved fantasies a secret both from him and Levin! No need to add onto that burden. She was glad that at least her plan of setting him up with a girlfriend to replace her seemed to genuinely make him happy. “Oh, before I forget,” he scratched his head at a loss for ideas, “looks like your friend needs a bed instead of a ride home, huh?” “What?” That came out of the blue! “See for yourself.” Following his gesture she noticed that if anything Suzanne had slumped on the couch even more. The floppy pile that minutes—it could not have been hours?—ago still was her peppy co-worker now snoozed on the couch without a care in the world. Embarrassed she agreed: “Looks like it.” He pondered the options for a second, before shrugging. “Thankfully this couch is comfy enough for one night. Unless you want us to try and carry her upstairs to your room?” Leaving a friend to sleep on the couch was against every ounce of honour Chayenne possessed. Yet as she staggered onto her feet she had to realize her worn out body was in no condition to carry someone up the flight of stairs to her room. “Do you maybe have a spare blanket?” She grimaced at the irony of having to ask him. One had to admit though that he thought nothing of it. “Sure, give me a moment.” With the noise of his steps hurrying up the stairs towards his room she was alone with her unconscious colleague and the traces of her dishonest sense of morals. Her heaving boobs were slick with saliva, her fingers reeked of her arousal and her clothes… well, maybe if she gave them a wash this instant she could prevent them from being blatantly ruined? From one second to the other the full weight of her actions hit her. How could she have believed for even a split-second he didn’t see her rub herself silly for him? She had been staring right at him! Her knees turned into jelly as the consequences of her actions forced themselves into her awareness. Today should have set her free. It should have eliminated the chances of looking like a horny, submissive whore for Wesley.

What tonight achieved was tearing away the mask of illusions she had carved for herself. Forget ‘looking like it’, she was a gushing eager cunt on legs for him! And not because he came on to her or because of some pent-up frustration. Only because of his massages. His cursed, magical, heavenly massages. Panicking, she lunged out of the room. The way to her room was a blur as much from stumbling and crawling on all fours as her legs could not quite yet keep up with her rush as also from the sheer inner turmoil that raged within her. A chaos that only grew as the second her body hit the bed her already slick hand dipped in a straight line back to her clit. All her problems should have been solved. Suzanne and Wesley hit it off better than she ever could have hoped! The weather forecast for tomorrow promised sunshine and roses for a new couple. Perhaps with howling winds of orgasmic screams in the evening from the direction of his room if Suzanne’s greed for earning relationship-bragging rights was any hint to go by. They could go back to only the occasional massage—of fucking course she’d insist that he keep on massaging her any time he felt like it!—and that would be it. No more almost-humping his cock while he had no clue she fantasized about using him like a dildo. No more nightly masturbatory frenzies spent sobbing his name into her pillow. That was the plan!

When in the dead of night neither her fingers nor the memory of his hand on her skin could wring another orgasm out of her anymore, Chayenne admitted her plan had failed. She needed a new one. She needed to escape this attraction, no matter what sort of questionable things she’d have to do to get there. And most of all, she needed to finally be with Levin again. Then all would be better. It had to be.

Because if not, she could already feel the ice getting paper thin under her feet.

* * *