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Author’s note: My first submission, more as a writing exercise than anything. Feedback is most welcome, happy reading. . — Rikimaru

In Heat


Tiffany knew more or less immediately she’d been drugged. She knew it was John and she pretty much knew why too. He had a few friends and was on the football team, but was socially awkward. Average in looks, smarts and personality, John was not very noticeable. Indeed, she probably wouldn’t even know his name if he didn’t live a few streets down from her. Probably had never had a girlfriend in his life, even though he really should have by now, being eighteen years old, like her, both seniors at the same high school.

As for why John had picked her to give the pink frosted cupcake to at lunch, she had a few guesses. All four years, Tiffany had been unavailable to anyone, taken by her boyfriend Richard since freshman year. Not that it meant Richard was exactly happy with her—a year older, he was already in college, watching his friends hook up left and right, while she and him had only ever had sex the few times Tiffany would let him, when he had made her feel more guilty about holding out on him than about losing her virginity and acting immorally. All of this was apparently public knowledge to the whole school since Tiffany had made the mistake of confiding her relationship problems and guilty feelings to a few so called girl “friends”. She heard the snickers behind her back from the popular crowd, promiscuous girls and jocks with poor grades, called her ‘prude’ and ‘ice queen’ and of course her favorite, ‘Stiffany’.

There was that, her unattainability. And then of course... all modesty aside, Tiffany was easily one of the best looking girls in school. Tall, skinny, tan, long blond hair, big blue eyes, a chest so large that she had begun to get back aches since sophomore year, she knew she was pretty. But she wanted to be seen as more than just her looks, which is why instead of gossiping, partying and chasing boys she studied hard, took all honors classes and got good grades, participated on the math and debate teams, and even fit cheerleading into her schedule to look well rounded, although she sort of despised it and everything it represented: today for example, there was a game and she had to wear the skimpy cheerleader outfit to class all day long to supposedly show school spirit , which of course was really just an excuse for the other girls to flaunt themselves. And the sad thing was, straight laced goody-goody though she might be, she really was the whole package; Tiffany knew there was definitely some jealousy behind the snide remarks she heard about her in the hallways.

So when John, whom Tiffany had never spoken to before in her life, came up to her in the cafeteria with that frosty pink cupcake, she thought nothing of his nervous demeanor, and the fake casual attitude, his lame excuse that he just bought it from the art club’s bake sale and he didn’t really want it. She just took it and said thanks, then set it on the table and went back to studying her biology book. After awhile, Tiffany realized he was staring at her avidly from a table across the lunchroom, looking hastily away when she noticed him watching. Obviously, he wanted her to eat the damn cupcake. Sighing, she peeled the wrapper back and took a big bite, then gave John a little wave of thanks. Maybe now she could finish studying without an audience. It was actually pretty tasty. Turning back to her book, she focused on the text, finishing off the cupcake in a few more bites.

It was next period in math when she started to feel a little strange. At first, it was just a general warm feeling all over. Ignoring the sensation, Tiffany tried to focus on her teacher, Mr. Miller, lecturing on derivatives and slopes. She bit her bottom lip and started writing down what was on the chalkboard. Five minutes later, she started to feel even hotter, but it was only between her legs that she felt it. Uncomfortably, Tiffany pulled at her skirt and shifted slightly in her seat, then looked down at the notes she’d written. They were completely wrong. Frustrated, she turned her pencil around and started erasing furiously. This wasn’t like her at all to be so distracted during class. What the hell is going on with me, she thought.

Ten minutes after that and it was clear beyond any doubt – Tiffany was totally and completely aroused. Her face felt warm and she kept rubbing her thighs together, which did absolutely nothing to quell the growing heat between them. She knew she was soaking wet down there. Her nipples had become rock hard and sensitive. The rubbing sensation of them against the inside of her bra was maddening. She had never been remotely close to being more turned on in her life.

It was John. John and that damn cupcake. He’d given her something, the female equivalent of Viagra, if such a thing existed. Drugged her without her consent. It was criminal. And now… Tiffany could barely stand it. She looked around and saw her fellow classmates, intently paying attention to the teacher as she should be herself. She shook her head hard and tried to force the feeling down, tried to focus on the board, on picking up the pencil and taking down some notes.

Tiffany forced herself to start writing, knew that everything she was jotting down was all gibberish, but no matter… she had to do something, anything to distract herself from the growing intensity inside of her.

She had put her other hand down on her thigh and under the hem of her cheerleader’s skirt before she even realized what she was doing. Unable to stop herself, Tiffany caressed her inner thigh, higher and higher, until she rubbed up against herself through the fabric of her panties, which were soaking wet, as she knew they’d be. She moaned slightly.

The girl sitting next to her, glanced over, a somewhat puzzled expression on her face. Pulling her hand away from herself, Tiffany stood up abruptly.

“Is something the matter, Tiffany?”

Mr. Miller had stopped writing on the chalkboard and was looking over at her with concern. Everyone turned around to look at her.

“Um, no sir,” she answered, flustered. “I just… need to go to the bathroom for a minute…”

“By all means then…” The teacher gestured toward the door, and Tiffany rushed out into the hallway.

The halls were empty and quiet, as students weren’t permitted to be in them during class. She made her way towards the girls’ bathroom quickly, rushing around a corner, when she ran into someone.


He had not really been walking, but rather hanging around the hallway, as though waiting.

“You sick little bastard,” Tiffany said furiously. “Come with me!”

Ignoring the shocked look on his face, she grabbed him by the wrist and hauled him into the girls’ bathroom with him. She took a quick look around and found nobody else was in there with them.

“I can’t be in here!” he protested, looking back toward the door.

“You’re not supposed to be loitering in the hallways either,” she retorted. “And you’re not supposed to go around drugging girls with female Viagra either!”

“What?” John took a step back, with his hands up. “Whoa, whoa, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Oh really? You didn’t put something in that cupcake you gave me?”

She glared at him, breathing hard, and John shifted under her gaze.

“Ok, ok, I did! But it’s just pheromones and they don’t even work!”

“What are you talking about?” Tiffany demanded.

“They’re just pheromones! I got them online. They are supposed to make girls like you, but I tried them on a bunch of girls and they don’t work! I think maybe they make me seem a little less annoying. But that’s it!”

“And that’s it, that’s ALL you gave me?”

“Well… after it didn’t work, I tried mixing some together with some of the other ones in different combinations, and I tried giving those to some girls, but none of it made any difference. I just gave the last of it to you. I’m not even sure which ones I mixed together, I was just trying to use it all up since it didn’t work anyway!

But well… I thought I’d hang around and try to talk to you after class anyway,” he finished lamely.

Tiffany was completely outraged.

“So you’re telling me you thought it’d make you ‘less annoying´ to me? You didn’t think it might do this to me? Turn me into… some kind of animal in heat??”

“What? No!” he stammered. “I mean… it doesn’t do that! It’s not possible!”

“Not possible?” she stormed. “Not possible?”

Tiffany reached under her skirt, pulled her panties down and deftly stepped out of them, then picked them and shook them in front of John’s shocked face.

“What do you think now about how possible it is, huh? Look! Soaked!”

She reached out and grabbed him by the wrist again.

“Not possible? Feel this!”

And she shoved his hand between her legs.

John’s eyes widened as he felt the wetness dripping out of her. In her anger, Tiffany was completely unprepared for the rush of pleasure that came from his touch. She let out a soft moan again.

For a moment they stood there, both in shock. Then John moved his hand against her slowly. Tiffany let out a gasp, as her hips involuntarily moved out to meet his fingers. Slowly he began to rub her. She shuddered at how intense the pleasure was.

Her hand dropped away from his wrist. The other clenched hand at her side fell open and her panties dropped to the floor. She stood there in the middle of the bathroom, with her long legs standing slightly apart, letting John feel her under her skirt, rubbing her dripping wet slit. When he slid a finger inside of her, she moaned again louder, and her hands went up to her large breasts, massaging them through her cheerleader outfit. She threw her head back, eyes closed, breathing hard, her long blond hair trailing down her back, her hips moving as John fingered her. It felt so good, way better than when her boyfriend Richard had ever touched her.


The thought of him brought Tiffany back to her senses and her eyes flew open. She took John’s hand and pushed it away from her.

“Don’t you touch me!” she said. “Trying to take advantage of me like this! How would you like it?”

She had then what at the time seemed to be a brilliant idea.

“I’ll show you what it’s like…”

With both hands, she shoved John into the one of the bathroom stalls, him stumbling backwards onto the toilet. Before he could react, she got down on her knees, undid his belt buckle and pulled his pants down. He was already rock hard, with a huge erection. Tiffany grabbed him and started stroking his shaft hard and fast.

“I’ll show you…” she said, her breath coming in ragged gasps. This would be perfect payback, she thought.

John was breathing just as fast, groaning as she pumped him. “Oh, shit… I’m going to cum.”

“No, you’re not.” She gave him two more hard strokes and then let go abruptly. She could see precum oozing from the tip of him. Tiffany got up from the floor and then stood over him, straddling the toilet, John’s legs between her own.

“You see, you pervert?” she said, still breathing hard. “How do you like it, hmmm?”

Standing there straddled over John, his face inches away from her flat, tan stomach, Tiffany ran her hand through the soft blond hair on her glistening mound, and started fingered herself in front of him.

“What did you think anyway, huh?” she asked breathlessly as she pleasured herself. “You think just because you drug me and get me all hot, I’m going to just let you fuck me?

“You think I’m an animal, just because I’m horny I’m going to fuck anyone, like some bitch in heat?”

Tiffany could barely believe the words that were coming out of her own mouth. She had never spoken to anyone like this in her life, but now it was making her even hotter. She started fingering herself harder, the dirtier she talked. It felt so damn good. She could tell John was just about to explode, she was turning him on so much.

“Yea, I could tell you thought that… just because I wanna fuck so bad, I’m going to just turn into a little slut. Mmmm...” she moaned. “Just because my hot, tight little snatch is dripping wet, I’m going to let you stick your hard cock inside of me and fuck me like some filthy, little whore… Oh, shit…”

Reluctantly she pulled her fingers out of herself and looked down at John, at him sitting between her legs with a massive hard on, in complete awe. This was perfect, Tiffany thought. She was completely in control.

“Now you know what it feels like, you sick fuck. Enjoy your blue balls.”

She turned to leave, but John reached out, grabbed her by the waist and yanked her down hard onto his waiting cock. He thrust his hips up and entered her eager, wet pussy as he pulled her down onto his lap. Tiffany threw her head back and cried out.


With John’s cock deep inside of her, Tiffany nearly came right on the spot. But as filled with lust as she was, she tried to keep her head clear. No. This wasn’t what she wanted. It was supposed to be revenge.

“No, you piece of shit…” she said, through gritted teeth.

Tiffany planted her hands on his shoulders and pushed up, flexing her long, smooth legs to stand up off of him.

John kept his hands on her trim, fit waist and pulled her back down even harder.

“Oh, fuck!


She tried to get up again, and again he pulled her back down.

“Uh, uh… Shit… no, you fucker… ahhh.. stop it…”

Again and again, up and down. In and out.

“Mmmmm… stop fucking me… unnh… stop… fuck… don’t…”

At some point, Tiffany had stopped trying to push off of John’s shoulders and instead was feeling them excitedly, running her hands all over them, his chest, his biceps. She had stopped trying to get up and was just using her young, tight body to move up and down, riding John’s dick.

“ Don’t... ohhh, fuck… stop fucking… mmm… fucking me… uh, uh…

Don’t stop… uh.. fuck me… fuck me… mmm…


Tiffany was grinding her hips hard on John’s lap, couldn’t get enough of his cock inside of her. Panting, she put her arms through the straps of her cheerleader outfit and pulled it down around her waist, exposing her heaving, massive tits. She shoved them in John’s face, and he sucked on her hard nipples as she rode his cock, bouncing on his lap.

So fucking good, she thought. I’m going to cum all over this dick soon like a hot little slut.

Somewhere deep inside of her, her last bit of willpower broke across her lusty thoughts. No… You’re not a slut, she told herself. You’re a good girl…

Breathing hard, she stopped moving on his lap.

“What? What’s wrong?” John asked.

With a little groan of both regret and pleasure she pulled him out of her and stood up and turned away. She looked back over her shoulder and said:

“I’m not a slut. I’m a good girl.”

Then she walked out of the stall and stood in front of the sinks.

“Oh come on!” she heard John behind her, angry. “What the fuck!”

She ignored him, trying to clear her head, get control of the situation back. It was ok, she thought, justifying things to herself. I didn’t cum yet… I didn’t let him cum inside of my pussy… I’m not a slut. She thought to herself if Richard would agree with that. She pushed that away. She’d think about it later, after she got out of here before she lost herself completely. She started to pull the top of her outfit back on.

John came out of the stall behind her, grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her forward. She grabbed onto the sink for support, bent over. He spread her long sexy legs apart and buried his cock deep inside of her tight little pussy.


He grabbed a handful of her long, blond hair and held her down as he started ramming her hard. In that instant, whatever bit of restraint that was left broke in Tiffany’s mind. Wordlessly, without protest, she gripped the sides of the sink and started pushing her ass back to fuck his cock, moaning and grunting like an animal.

“You’re a good girl?” John asked, thrusting hard. “You’re not a slut, you fucking bitch?”

“Ohhh... unnh… I am...” She gasped. “I’m a slutty little bitch...”

She looked back at him with her teeth clenched, her big beautiful blue eyes filled with lust.

“Fuck me. Just fuck me and make me fucking cum, you piece of shit.”

John continued slamming her, reaching around and grabbing her big tits. She straightened up and the sight in the reflection of the mirror in front her nearly got her off in and of itself.

Tiffany was looking at herself getting fucked from behind—she really was just a bitch in heat, her tight, young body naked except for the cheerleader outfit bunched around her waist, back arched, giant tits sticking out, bouncing as she worked her hips. Her ass was pushed back, moving to meet each thrust, her hot, wet pussy squeezing his cock, fucking it frantically. Her blond hair glistened with sweat and fell across face, her blue eyes half closed with pleasure, her luscious lips slightly parted, as small, obscene noises escaped her throat.

Look at me, she thought. Why did I fight it? A hot piece of ass like me was made to fuck.

The pleasure was building up inside of her and she knew she was almost there.

“Come on, John”, she whispered urgently, looking at him through the reflection. “Come on. You did this to me. You turned me into a filthy, cock-loving slut. Now fuck your dirty, little whore and make me cum. Make me cum…”

It was all too much for John. While Tiffany begged for it, he shoved his cock up to his balls in her tight pussy and came harder than he ever had in his whole life. As she felt his hot cum spraying inside of her, it sent her over the edge, and she moaned loudly, cumming again and again, pumping her hips hard and pushing her hot little ass back against John’s crotch, her pussy gushing and clenching his dick while she came all over it.

For a few long moments they were still, savoring it. Then slowly John pulled out of her and Tiffany stood up straight, looking at herself in the mirror, their intermingled cum running down her smooth, skinny thighs.

Through the reflection, she could see John pulling up his pants, totally spent. She turned around and looked at him.

“Get the fuck out.” she said coldly. “Don’t you know this is the girls’ bathroom?”

John took one last furtive look at her and quickly walked out.

Tiffany went back to staring at herself in the mirror for a full sixty seconds to make sure he was really gone. Then she took two fingers, reached down and fucked herself hard and fast, panting and groaning, until she came again, watching herself the whole time.

She pulled her fingers out of her dripping wet snatch and looked at them, covered in cum, then at the sink. For a moment, she felt like crying.

Then, one at time, Tiffany stuck her index finger in her mouth, then her middle finger, and sucked all the cum off slowly, closing her eyes to savor the taste. So fucking good…

She reached down for more.