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If you’re under age or cannot read things like this as a result of local laws, DON’T! Delete this right now! Otherwise, read on. This story contains content about manipulating someone’s mind, lesbian sex and incense abuse. This story has examples of ENTIRELY unsafe sex in it. In this day and age, to avoid pregnancy and diseases you REALLY shouldn’t screw around without protection. But this is 100% fantasy, so I can get away with writing about it. Just remember, it doesn’t give you license to go out and do it. It also has nothing to do with real life and would probably never happen. Further, if you’re looking for a quick.. wham bam.. crappy plotted story, please go look elsewhere. This story has a plot to it and despite being quite sexual in nature it HAS a point but it unfolds slowly. Lastly, and most importantly. All the characters in here are created from my own mind. They may draw occasionally on inspiration from my own life, but in NO way are they meant to depict anyone in a perfectly accurate fashion, nor state any opinions as to those people.

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This is my second attempt at erotic writing so feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Grace wasn’t sure exactly why it was, but there was something different about Lanie, her next door neighbor. Having lived next door to each other for the past 6 years, they had become friendly but not really friends. Still, Grace saw enough of her as they went about their respective lives to notice the subtle and not so subtle differences over the past few weeks. After all, it was late spring and Grace was spending more time tending to her garden so it was natural she would see more of Lanie this time of year as she came and went and puttered around the exterior of her house.

At 42, Grace could easily pass for early to mid thirties. Years of disciplined skin care, no smoking and plenty of sun block had kept the years at bay. Fortunately the extra 15 pounds she had added in the past 10 years had distributed themselves nicely and accented her already voluptuous body with fuller breasts and a curvaceous figure.

Her shoulder length dark auburn hair nicely framed her ivory skinned face and the combination of the hair and the contrasting skin perfectly highlighted Grace’s hazel eyes. She was beautiful in a classic way and her 19 year old daughter, April, was most fortunate to have inherited her good looks and full figure.

By contrast, Lanie was 8 years younger than Grace at 34, blondish, slender and fit. Grace admired how Lanie was a frequent jogger and kept telling herself she should start on a fitness program before another 10 lbs found their way onto her body.

The most apparent difference in Lanie over the past few weeks was the sudden absence of male suitors coming and going. Usually entertaining at least three times a week, with a wide variety of men, Grace had noticed over the course of the past two weeks, that number rapidly dwindle until she hadn’t seen any male activity for the past 4 days. Grace was no social recluse but she was choosy about the men she dated, preferring quality to quantity. After 15 years of marriage and 5 years post marriage, she wasn’t interested in a relationship for the sake of avoiding aloneness. Instead she simply pushed the desires down and focused on other things to keep her mind of the subject.

To Grace, at least, it seemed that Lanie, on the other hand, treated men strictly as something to enjoy regularly and monogamy was out of the question. At times Grace shook her head in amazement at Lanie’s carefree attitude about men but, at times, she also secretly envied her unabashed enjoyment of all the pleasures life had to offer.

Despite the change in Lanie’s social habits, it didn’t appear to Grace that there was anything noticeably wrong with her, she came and went as usual and seemed to be healthy and in good spirits the times they had encountered each other. In fact, their encounters were the other more subtle change that Grace had noticed. It may have been coincidental but, lately, almost every time Grace was outside, Lanie seemed to appear as well and would say hello or come over and start a conversation about this or that. If Grace didn’t know better, she would have thought Lanie was intentionally coming outside just to say hi to her.

And another thing that seemed a odd as well. Now when they talked, Lanie seemed to be looking at Grace a little differently, not in a bad way but definitely differently. Always outgoing, Lanie was suddenly ready with a compliment on an article of Grace’s clothing, her hair or something. She even noticed Lanie was now wearing a new, exotic perfume or something. It was an enticing musky scent she didn’t recognize but found quite appealing. If Lanie had been a guy, Grace would have immediately thought he was almost flirting with her.

* * *

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The spring sun had warmed the air as it approached noon and Grace had just gone outside and was pulling up a few errant weeds and enjoying the day thoroughly. Saturdays were a chance for Grace to catch up on her household chores and, on a day like today, she liked nothing better than to get outside in the sun and fiddle in the garden.

Grace hadn’t been outside more than 5 minutes, when Lanie came through the gate leading to the fenced portion of her back yard carrying a wicker basket containing a few gardening hand tools. She looked in Grace’s direction and waved. “Good morning Grace”, Lanie smiled. Grace looked over at Lanie, smiled and returned the wave. “Same to you”.

Taking that as an invitation to continue their neighborly chat, Lanie turned and headed toward Grace. Grace noticed how Lanie’s tight pastel cotton shorts and thin white tank top, displayed her athletic body proudly, even to the point where her dark areolas and nipples showed clearly through the material of the tank top. This was in sharp contrast to the cut off jeans and white blouse Grace had tied in a knot creating a halter top and exposing a modest portion of her midriff. Stylish, but nor provocative. As she approached, Grace thought how Lanie should dress more conservatively if she ever wanted to find more than a meaningless physical relationship. She pulled a last weed and stood to greet Lanie’s approach.

“Isn’t it a beautiful day today Grace?” Lanie commented. “I love the spring.”

“I love it too”. Grace replied. “It’s nice to be able to spend time outdoors again without bundling up”.

Lanie gave Grace a quick once over with her eyes and smiled. “No kidding! By the way, you look really nice today Grace. That blouse is quite flattering to your figure.” Lanie looked directly at Grace’s ample breasts. Grace felt herself blush more the result of Lanie’s stare than her comment. “Thanks”.

The gentle spring breeze drifted past Lanie towards Grace and once again she noticed that new enticing scent on Lanie. “That’s an intriguing perfume you are wearing Lanie. I don’t recognize it. What is it called?” Grace inquired.

“Oh, you like it?” Lanie replied. “Actually it’s not a perfume. I got this new incense and have been burning it. I guess it’s gotten into my hair and clothes. It’s got a Spanish name I can’t pronounce or remember but I really enjoy it myself. It has a nice sensuous smell, don’t you agree?”

Grace nodded her head in agreement; sensuous was the perfect word to describe the scent.

Lanie smiled, still looking at Grace and continued, “Well, I’ve got some things to take care of in the house, you going to be outside for a while?”.

Grace still felt a little intimidated the way Lanie was looking at her, as if she was admiring the way she looked and looking for something as well, perhaps the right answer. “Yeah, I’ll be working out here for at least another couple of hours.” She replied.

“Great! Maybe I will see you later then.” Lanie commented as she turned and headed back toward the gate to the fence that provided privacy to the patio and back of her house.

“Sure. Take care.” Grace watched as Lanie walked away. She found herself admiring Lanie’s tight behind which jiggled slightly under the cotton shorts, evidence of no panties unless perhaps a thong. “She really is sexy.” Grace thought to herself, understanding better why the men were so attracted to her.

As Lanie reached for the gate handle, she turned and caught Grace following her with her eyes and beamed a delighted smile, turned and walked into the fenced area and closed the gate. Grace felt her cheeks blush and she just knew Lanie knew she was admiring her body.

A little flustered, Grace turned back to her gardening muttering to herself, “What’s wrong with you; staring at her like that? Don’t encourage her.”

Grace continued working in her garden for about half an hour when suddenly a faint sound found its way through the chirping of the birds and the light breeze flowing through the trees and caught Grace’s attention. Grace paused and listened more attentively and sure enough she had heard something and it was coming from Lanie’s house. She listened and again, this time it was a little louder and it sounded like Lanie maybe crying or something. Grace decided to head toward Lanie’s backyard fence, where the sound seemed to be coming from to investigate a little further.

As Grace reached the fence, the sound was more distinct but still Grace wasn’t sure if Lanie was in trouble or what. She just knew Lanie was making strange noises. Some sounded like exclamations, others like moans, none were sounds Grace was used to hearing so she decided she better let herself through the gate and make sure Lanie was alright. Who knows, perhaps she has fallen and can’t move or sustained some kind of injury or illness. Worse yet, perhaps she is being assaulted by an intruder. This thought really makes the hair stand up on the back of Grace’s neck as she entered the fenced area and saw the bedroom window open about 6 inches. Lanie’s voice was coming through the opening.

As Grace slowly crept toward the open window she became more and more convinced the sounds Lanie was making were more likely from pleasure than pain or trouble, probably the result of a visit by one of the recently absent men.

As she realized this, she began to think that the best thing to do would be to exit the private area as quietly as she came and leave it at that. Still, she thought, “What if I am wrong, what if she is in trouble and I walk away. I would never forgive myself. Perhaps I should just take a quick peek to assure myself she is alright.” She tiptoed closer still to the window.

Suddenly Lanie blurted out, “Oh God, Yes! This feels sooo good!” and any doubts Grace had about Lanie’s safety evaporated. In its place Grace suddenly felt an aroused twinge in her stomach leading down to her clit as it responded to the obvious sounds of sex coming from Lanie’s window. Grace knew she was where she shouldn’t be, despite her sudden pleasant response to the impassioned Lanie and she began to turn to sneak quietly away when she suddenly caught a whiff of Lanie’s incense. She paused and instinctively inhaled the sensuous aroma. Instantly she felt her own arousal grow stronger still. She felt her clit swell and stiffen strongly. It was a wonderful feeling. Grace hadn’t been really turned on in several months and never had felt this way in such an inappropriate situation. Still, there was no denying, she was enjoying the feeling…… a lot.

Grace exhaled quietly and remained motionless except that she turned back toward the open window. Lanie’s moans of pleasure continued. Grace’s began imagining one of her hunky men friends hovering above her prone body, arms holding his body above hers as he slid his cock in and out of her lusting pussy. Then she imagined perhaps Lanie on top and in control and she pictured her grinding herself against her out-stretched lover with his cock buried to the hilt inside of her. Grace was not used to fantasies this vivid but she couldn’t help herself. The sounds of Lanie’s passion, the sensuous aroma of Lanie’s incense and the fact she was eaves dropping on her neighbor in a most inappropriate way all fueled Grace’s arousal. It was all so deliciously naughty and so unlike her normal behavior. Grace inhaled deeply hoping to once again fill her nostrils with that wonderful smell of the incense before leaving. After all, she wasn’t hurting anyone where she was and she was well hidden from view behind the privacy fence. .

The gentle breeze apparently had carried the wafting incense in another direction and Grace smelled nothing but the fresh air of a sunny spring day. Grace remained in place enjoying the sounds of Lanie’s passion. She felt her own arousal continue to grow. She knew what she was doing was wrong but, awful as it was to Grace, that made it even that much more exciting. Still, her morals told her she would have to leave soon, as it was totally wrong, but first she wanted to listen just a little more and hopefully get another whiff of that delicious incense.

The breeze shifted again and once again Grace noticed the smell of incense and inhaled deeply filling her nose and lungs. The aroma was even stronger now and Grace thrilled in the sensuousness of that incredible smell. It was almost like the aroma of the incense (she hadn’t even seen any smoke yet) was like bottled sex. It went straight to her pussy. She felt her arousal suddenly grow more intense till it reached an unfamiliar but entirely thrilling level.. She caught and steadied herself at the delightful pleasure she was feeling throughout her entire body. Still the most intense pleasure was focused primarily on her swollen and fully aroused clit. She had one last thought about how she should leave but it simply felt too good not to stay and listen, as the pleasurable feelings and growing arousal in her pussy and her brain overpowered any sense of guilt she had. She wanted to hear and feel more. She slowly reached her right hand up and caressed her left breast and nipple and thrilled at the feeling it sent racing throughout her body and settling in her already tingling pussy.

Lanie’s passion was obviously growing as Grace continued motionless, except for the teasing of her nipple. She listened intently to Lanie’s lusty utterances. Sometimes, Lanie would simply moan. A moment later, she would utter “Yes!” or “Oh God!”

As Grace crouched listening to Lanie’s passionate sounds, once again the breeze carried just the aroma of the incense toward Grace’s nostrils and once again the moment Grace noticed it, she inhaled deeply thrilling at the passionate feeling the incense drove straight to her pussy. Her hand moved unconsciously from her nipple to between her legs and she pressed against the material of her cutoffs trying to feed the need that grew rapidly within her.

Suddenly Grace realized she wasn’t satisfied just listening to Lanie anymore; she wanted to watch the show as well. She wanted to enjoy, if even for a moment, the sight of a sexy man fucking her neighbor. Kind of like those XXX videos her husband would bring home during their good years, only real. She wanted to see a lust filled naked sweaty man and she needed to see exactly how he was giving Lanie such incredible pleasure. Slowly she moved in front of the window and lifted up until she could peer through the opening and get a clear view of the action.

As Grace’s eyes adjusted to the light in Lanie’s room, she suddenly realized things weren’t at all as she expected. There was no sweaty, naked hunk with a big cock for Grace to lust over. Quite the contrary, Lanie was alone in the room, lying on her bed and masturbating with a passion that Grace had never imagined let alone experienced.

Lanie’s bed was about 4 feet from the window with the head of the bed against the wall to the right and the foot facing the wall to Grace’s left. Grace’s vantage point was about 3 feet beyond the foot of the bed and gave her a clear view of Lanie’s naked body and her right fingers rubbing her clit in a circular motion with genuine urgency. On the lowboy dresser to the right of Grace’s position, Grace could see a think line of smoke dancing upward that represented that wonderful incense she had come to love.

Upon seeing Lanie there, working over her pussy, Grace was filled with a mixture of shock, embarrassment and disappointment. Shock because she expected to see Lanie and a man friend going at it and embarrassment for interrupting something so personal and private. To Grace, spying on Lanie and a lover was not nearly the intrusion of privacy that spying on her masturbating was and disappointment because Grace was all aroused and ready to watch a naked man in action fucking Lanie and that wasn’t going to happen.

Still, despite her shock, disappointment and embarrassment, Grace didn’t turn and leave Lanie alone to her pleasures. Grace remained still and silently watched Lanie working herself over. As the shock began to dissipate, Grace was surprised to realize that watching Lanie please herself wasn’t at all that unpleasant after all. In fact, it looked kind of interesting. No, actually more hot than interesting. Grace focused more closely on Lanie’s actions. She noticed Lanie’s breasts were jiggling as she worked over her pussy. Grace also liked the look on Lanie’s face, both far away yet full of pleasure and concentration. As she continued to spy on her neighbor, Grace found herself getting even more turned on at every thing she saw before her.

With her face peering through the open window, Grace once again inhaled the wonderful incense smell and felt the sexual rush that accompanied it. With this latest rush, whatever arousal Grace was feeling before seeing Lanie naked and masturbating paled in comparison to the arousal that swept over her now. Grace bit her lower lip to silence herself and slipped her hand inside her cutoffs and panties and slid it into the slippery wetness that greeted her. Her clit cried for attention and her fingers obliged, rubbing unconsciously in whatever manner her clit dictated.

Just then, Lanie’s tone changed. Lanie sighed what sounded like a sigh of surrender or knowing anticipation as if to acknowledge that something had suddenly changed for her. Her fingers slowed for a few seconds and she lay breathlessly. Then just as suddenly her fingers began rubbing her clit with increased determination. Her urgency grew and she began urging, “Oh Yeah, Come on.. Come on.. Come on…. Oh Yes” as her orgasm took over. Grace watched as the muscles in Lanie’s legs tightened, then her stomach muscles contracted lifting her head off the pillow and as fingered herself with abandonment. Lanie had a look of excruciating pleasure on her face as she stared down at her fingers and her pussy and jerked forward with the spasms that racked her body.

Grace could feel her own orgasm building to join Lanie’s until suddenly Lanie exhaled loudly and slumped back onto her pillow as her orgasm concluded and released her. Grace caught her breath, afraid to make any noise. Everything was suddenly so quiet she was momentarily shocked out of her bliss by the fear of discovery. She quietly pulled her hand out of from her throbbing pussy and she silently snuck out of Lanie’s yard back into her house.

Once safely inside her house, Grace realized her heart was pounding wildly. She flopped down on the couch and tried to regain her composure and figure out what just happened. Her orgasm had retreated but much of her arousal still lingered under the shock she was experiencing at the moment.

“What in the Hell is going on with me?” Grace wondered. She knew clearly that she’d never ever been that aroused or that out of control. Still, as arousing as it was then, it disturbed her now as the adrenaline coursing through her veins brought her to momentary clarity. For the first time in her life Grace had been brought to a point of almost uncontrollable lust and it happened by watching a woman masturbate no less.

As Grace tried to get a grip on what appeared to her to be the enormity of the situation, she began thinking back on the event, coming quickly to her vivid memory of the sounds and then the sights of Lanie bringing her self to the most powerful orgasm Grace had even imagined. Surely, she had never experienced anything even close to what she had just witnessed.

As she relived the moments in her mind, she suddenly found her arousal once again taking center stage in her consciousness as if saying, “Hey, I wasn’t through”. No longer was Grace reviewing the events that preceded while trying to get a grip on herself, she was reliving them, enjoying them and her clit began aching for more touching. Grace was far to aroused to resist and she put aside her concerns, settled back on the couch as she unbuttoned her cut offs and slid them off. She closed her eyes and slid her hands from her knees up toward her full bush and awaiting clit and began rubbing herself as she filled her mind with the sights and sounds and smells she had just experienced.

Her orgasm wasted no time in returning and Grace let herself go with the biggest and most explosive orgasm of her life and the whole time, the vision of Lanie rubbing her pussy and cuming was all she focused on. After her orgasm subsided, Grace allowed herself to drift off to sleep for a brief nap as the memories of her experience as a new voyeur kept replaying in her mind.

* * *

Sunday morning Grace awoke from a restless sleep, still feeling bothered and aroused from the previous day’s events. Her dreams had been about Lanie and other nameless women and were filled with erotic action.

Grace had managed to put away much of her sexual desires over the past few years since the divorce but suddenly her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of sex and, worse yet, lesbian sex and she was not at all comfortable with it.

In a single moment of curiosity and totally inappropriate voyeurism, she had triggered a dark side of herself that troubled her. It also excited her which was even more troubling. Grace wondered if she was going to be able to put away again what she had let out.

Throughout the morning Grace busied herself with household chores with a more than usual energy, hoping that the activity would somehow distract her from the memories and fantasies. Still, she kept hearing Lanie’s orgasmic cries and kept seeing her writhing naked body in the throes of masturbatory ecstasy. And more than that, she kept longing to smell that exquisite aroma from the incense Lanie was burning. The incense, Grace wondered where she might find some of that incense.

As the morning progressed, Grace moved outside to finish some of the gardening she had left undone as a result of her lecherous adventure. She hadn’t been outside 10 minutes when Lanie appeared from her house in a loose yellow sundress with spaghetti straps. Just seeing her caused Grace to blush as she remembered the last time she had seen her neighbor. Grace nodded and smiled at Lanie, “Good morning.”

Lanie smiled, as she always did and said “Good morning, Grace” back and once again walked toward Grace. Grace tried her best to ignore the tingle in her pussy as Lanie approached.

Instead of walking right up to Grace, Lanie moved instead to Grace’s left causing Grace to turn at a 90 degree angle to face her. It seemed like an odd thing to do to Grace but as a result, Lanie had positioned herself upwind from Grace, allowing the aroma of the incense that had permeated her hair and her clothing reach Grace’s nostrils. Grace inhaled her scent and smiled inwardly as she felt her pussy tingle even more with it’s remembrance of that delicious smell. “Another beautiful day, isn’t it Grace?” commented Lanie.

Grace blinked back to the moment and replied, “Yes, it really is Lanie and you smell so nice again, I really like that scent. I’d like to get some of that incense for myself. Can you tell me where I can find it?”

Lanie smiled broadly and chuckled, “sure, absolutely, I’ll get you everything you need to get some for yourself. It’s heavenly isn’t it? I don’t know about you but I find it really erotic smelling. It actually makes me horny when I smell it.”

Grace felt her cheeks flush even more than before and laughed a nervous laugh, “Well, I don’t know if I would go that far but it is a very sensuous smell.” She was hoping Lanie wouldn’t see through the lie.

Lanie was fiddling with her car keys and suddenly they fell to the ground in front of her. As she bent forward to retrieve them, the front of her sun dress fell away from her chest revealing her beautiful and braless breasts to Grace in their entirety. In fact, as Grace stared at what Lanie was displaying, she realized she could see between Lanie’s hanging breasts all the way to her pussy. There were no panties in sight. Grace felt a sharp jolt of erotic pleasure erupt in her own pussy as she stared at the incredibly sexual sight revealed before her.

Lanie picked up the keys and looked up at Grace as she stood back up. It was only too obvious Grace had been looking down her dress at her naked body underneath. “Oops, sorry there Grace. Didn’t mean to flash you. Did you get a good enough look though? Did you like what you saw?” Lanie laughed.

“Oh God Lanie,” Grace stammered. “I am so very sorry.. I didn’t mean to… I mean… I couldn’t help it… it was just there… it was hard not to see… I am so sorry.”

“Forget about it!” Lanie interrupted Graces fumbled apology. “I was only kidding. Not a bid deal. Really, it’s not like you don’t see the same thing every time you get in the shower, except with more boobs. Besides, it’s not like seeing my naked body is going to turn you on and make you want to run inside and diddle yourself or anything, right?”

Grace looked at Lanie as she finished her sentence and it felt as if Lanie were looking into her… wondering if, or even knowing that was exactly what it had done. “Right.” She Grace managed to get out. Hearing her comment on Grace’s stares had once again caused Grace’s clit to receive another erotic surge of pleasure and Grace wanted nothing more at that moment than to disappear inside her house and pleasure herself, unless it was to ……. She shuddered at the possibility that she might actually want to make love with Lanie.

“Well, gotta run… see ya later Grace.” Lanie said as she turned lightly and headed toward her garage. Grace stood motionless, watching Lanie as she walked away with a happy bounce in her step. She got about two thirds of the way and looked back over her shoulder and remarked, “And don’t worry, I won’t forget to get you information on the incense.” to which Grace could only manage a “Ok, thanks.” Grace watched as Lanie backed her car out of the garage, looked in Grace’s direction one final time smiled and waved, then drove away.

As the car turned the corner and disappeared, Grace finally turned and headed directly into her house and into the bedroom. Seeing Lanie naked under her sun dress, smelling that exquisite incense and hearing Lanie talk about her masturbating, had build Grace’s urgency beyond any rational levels. She needed to get herself off right now! Grace threw off her clothes and quickly positioned herself in her favorite masturbation position, legs spread and her several pillows propping up her head and back. She closed her eyes and filled her mind with images and sounds of Lanie, she pictured her naked under her sun dress and she relived her masturbating and orgasming on her bed. Grace didn’t care at all, at that moment, if it was wrong to be turned on by Lanie. She didn’t care that she had just had a fleeting thought of making love to a woman. All Grace wanted was to cum and Lanie is what was making it happen for her.

As Grace massaged and rubbed and her clit, wet with her own juices, she could feel her orgasm building rapidly and wished that she had some of that incredible incense to make the moment even more enjoyable. That was the only thing that could make it even better. As she surrendered to an explosive orgasm, she actually heard herself grunt, something she had never done when masturbating before. It felt so incredibly good to completely surrender to her lust, even if it was over Lanie.

Over the next few days, the memories and visions of Lanie continued to haunt Grace. Her lust awakened, she found herself being in various states of arousal much of the time. Grace tried various things to quiet the feelings but nothing worked for long. She even drove around town to various shops in search of the elusive but seductive incense but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. Much to Grace’s disappointment, she and Lanie never crossed paths all week long.

With her new found lust, Grace needed to masturbate at least every other day and the only fantasies that worked for her, were those of Lanie. Reliving her voyeuristic spying, looking down her dress or imaging scenarios that wound up with her and Lanie naked together were what was turning her on for now. Grace justified this change in her sexual preferences to the overwhelming naughtiness of her voyeuristic spying and dismissed anything lesbian being involved.

As the weekend approached, Grace began wondering if she might ever get another chance to see more of Lanie. She began to fantasize about a repeat trip behind the privacy fence and about watching Lanie masturbating herself to orgasm again. After all, if she left the window open once, what is to say she might not leave it open again. She knew, deep inside, if she had the opportunity, she would do it again, wrong or not and she even wanted it to happen, more than she cared to admit, even to herself.

By Friday night, Grace was anxious about the following day in the garden. She would be outside most of the day and would be listening ever so carefully for any sounds coming from Lanie’s house.

To Be Continued