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If you’re under age or cannot read things like this as a result of local laws, DON’T! Delete this right now! Otherwise, read on. This story contains content about manipulating someone’s mind, lesbian sex and incense abuse.

This story has examples of ENTIRELY unsafe sex in it. In this day and age, to avoid pregnancy and diseases you REALLY shouldn’t screw around without protection. But this is 100% fantasy, so I can get away with writing about it. Just remember, it doesn’t give you license to go out and do it. It also has nothing to do with real life and would probably never happen.

Further, if you’re looking for a quick.. wham bam.. crappy plotted story, please go look elsewhere. This story has a plot to it and despite being quite sexual in nature it HAS a point but it unfolds slowly.

Lastly, and most importantly. All the characters in here are created from my own mind. They may draw occasionally on inspiration from my own life, but in NO way are they meant to depict anyone in a perfectly accurate fashion, nor state any opinions as to those people.

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This is my second attempt at erotic writing so feedback would be greatly appreciated.



It was Saturday morning and Grace stretched a long, lazy stretch under the sheets. As she reviewed her plans for the day, her hand drifted unconsciously between her thighs and began lightly playing with the hair that covered her mound and lips. She continued her thoughts of the day ahead and let her fingers begin to exploring her lips and clit, still swollen and wet from the previous night’s private pleasures. She smiled as she remembered the orgasms and the fantasies she’d explored, and then winced as she realized that all this pleasure was coming from an act that was so totally wrong.

Spying on one’s neighbor was wrong, pure and simple. Spying on your neighbor’s private sexual moments was doubly wrong and experiencing lesbian arousal in the process made it even worse. Maybe not worse for a lesbian, but certainly worse as far as Grace, a confirmed heterosexual was concerned.

Fortunately for Grace, ever the rational thinker, she was able to channel all those conflicted feelings of pleasure and guilt into her “I’m a voyeur, it’s the spying that turned me on” mental pigeon hole, thereby avoiding entirely having to deal with the possibility that she might be discovering a bisexual or, worse yet, a hidden lesbian side to her sexuality.

Of course, with all these fantasies, pleasurable urges and guilt conveniently assigned to voyeurism, Grace could hardly stop her mind from centering itself on one overriding thought and question. Would the opportunity ever present itself for a return visit behind the privacy fence to spy on Lanie in the throes of sexual abandonment? And, if it did, would she really allow herself to partake of this sinful pleasure once more before her disgust at her own actions would force her to swear off it forever?

Naturally Grace already knew the answer to the second question, even if she didn’t want to admit it to herself. She wasn’t nearly disgusted enough with herself, at this point, to deny herself another look. She knew equally well that, by doing it with clear intent, instead of under the inadvertent circumstances of the previous Saturday, the whole thing would be more than disgusting enough to bring her to the point of saying “enough”.

As she contemplated all these issues, Grace felt her arousal rise and her light caresses on her pussy turned into a more purposeful massaging of her clit. “My God, here I am thinking about how disgusted I am with what I did and what I want to do and all I’m doing is succeeding in turning myself on even more” she thought, as she tossed the sheets aside, spread her legs wider and surrendered once again to her fantasies behind the fence. Her thoughts of the orgasm she witnessed now had completely replaced all other thoughts, leaving only those of Lanie, naked on the bed and lost in pleasure.

Grace’s orgasm peaked, then slowly subsided. She relaxed a moment then arose to start her day. She dressed in loose cotton drawstring shorts, without bothering to first put on panties, providing easy access should the opportunity arise. Along with the shorts, Grace put on a colorful, flowered v-neck button front blouse. It felt good to wear it braless yet; despite not being overly revealing, provided easy access should one of her nipples suddenly need a little tweaking. Looking at herself in the mirror, Grace felt both appropriately modest appearing yet still quite naughty. Satisfied, she turned and headed off to the kitchen for a little breakfast before heading out to the garden.

It was a perfect spring day, warm, but not hot, with just the gentlest of breezes. Grace busied herself with her flowers, but remained ever mindful of the sights and sounds at Lanie’s house. She knew better than to assume she’d get another chance today but couldn’t help listening for any sounds coming from behind the privacy fence that might signal an opportunity for her. She also kept watch for a possible appearance by Lanie.

About an hour into her gardening, out of the corner of her eye, Grace spotted some movement in the living room window of Lanie’s house. She turned casually, or at least tried to make it look that way, and saw Lanie wiping the window sill with a rag while gazing directly at her. Lanie saw Grace look her way, smiled broadly and waved. Grace blushed, smiled and returned the gesture with a friendly but restrained wave. She instantly felt a little tingle in her pussy but tried to ignore it.

Just as quickly as she appeared, Lanie finished dusting the sill, turned and disappeared from view. Grace felt the continued pleasant sensations in her pussy and shook her head in mock disgust as she realized just how much pleasure she got simply by seeing Lanie. “Get a grip, girl” she remarked under her breath.

Grace continued her gardening, even more on guard for any sounds from behind the privacy fence in Lanie’s backyard. She didn’t have to wait long. About 5 minutes later, the peacefulness of the day was interrupted by the sudden sound of music coming from behind the privacy fence. Obviously, Lanie was in her bedroom and had turned up the volume on the stereo, a lot! As quickly as the melody of the woman folk/rock singer had broken the silence surrounding Grace, it just as quickly was turned back down again, not disappearing entirely but lowered to what sounded to Grace like a normal level for someone in the room.

To Grace, this was an invitation, maybe not intentional, but an invitation non-the-less for her to indulge her voyeuristic yearnings. True, she hadn’t heard Lanie’s cries or moans so she couldn’t pretend that she was snooping out of a well intentioned concern for her neighbor. Yet, Grace felt a strong, almost overpowering urge to head over and see what Lanie was doing in her bedroom.

For a moment, Grace resisted, realizing that Lanie was probably just cleaning in her bedroom anyway and, the chance of a repeat of the previous weekend was remote at best, but her need was growing. Besides, even if Lanie didn’t get naked, there was still the chance that she might light up some of that wonderful incense and, for some reason; Grace was really feeling a very powerful desire to experience that amazingly tantalizing aroma again as well. It was actually more like a “need” than a simple “want” to smell it some more.

Her final justification, quickly reached, was that the music would help conceal any sound she might make, so, taking a peek couldn’t possibly hurt. With that, Grace put down her gardening tools, took off her gloves and started quietly for the privacy fence, opened the gate and slipped inside. Then, crouching, she moved toward Lanie’s bedroom window, that once again was opened about 6 inches.

Grace approached the window and positioned herself directly below it. As she sat there, deciding on her next move, she could hear the melody more clearly and listened to the lyrics the woman was singing. It wasn’t a singer Grace recognized but the melody and haunting lyrics, accompanied by Lanie singing along, worked their way into Grace’s mind and she shivered.

Whatever you want
I’ll give it to you
I’ll give it to you slowly
Till you’re just begging me to hold you
Ya whatever you want
Whatever you want
But you’re going to have to ask me

Slowly, Grace lifted herself until she could see enough to see Lanie across the room facing her headboard and away from the direction of the window. Grace continued inching upward until she could see the entire room. Lanie was standing by the bedside table, on the other side of the bed from Grace and was busying herself with something. She was wearing a sleeveless white sundress that was slit well up from the hem and revealed her smooth tanned thigh almost to her hips. .

Grace watched intently as Lanie finished unwrapping something and put it on a ceramic item. As Grace’s eyes adjusted to the light in Lanie’s bedroom, she saw Lanie pick up a lighter and realized the ceramic item was an incense holder and that it was incense she had unwrapped and was about to light. Her stomach fluttered and her pussy got a sharp twinge of pleasurable anticipation as she sensed this was the incense she was longing to smell once again.

Lanie flicked the lighter and touched the flame to the incense, watching carefully as it ignited. Then she pulled the lighter away and watched as the flame continued on the incense for a moment. As the flame steadied, Lanie bent and gently blew the flame out and it was replaced by a steady stream of smoke dancing upward.

Fascinated by the sight, Grace watched as Lanie, instead of standing upright again, positioned her nose above the stream of smoke and inhaled slowly and deeply. The smoke disappeared into Lanie’s nostrils for what must have been 10 seconds. Grace wished more than anything it was she, instead of Lanie breathing in that wonderful, sensuous smoke.

Her lungs full, Lanie held her breath and stood up, eyes closed and her face lifted slightly upward. A dreamy, pleasurable smile came across Lanie’s face and Grace watched as Lanie slowly brought both hands between her legs and began massaging her pussy. The rush of pleasure in Grace’s pussy made her catch her own breath as she enjoyed the sensations.

After what seemed like a very long time to Grace but was really only about 10 seconds, Lanie let out her breath with a sigh, grabbed the hem of her dress and with a single gesture pulled the sundress over her head revealing her wonderfully naked body. Grace could feel her passion grow as her already aroused clit stiffened further and she knew she was getting wet right along with it.

This time was even more exciting than her first time spying on Lanie, as Grace realized she was going to get to watch Lanie masturbate once again. It was more erotic to Grace because, this time, she wasn’t there by accident. She was there to watch this very thing and she felt wickedly aroused because of it. Wicked for having the desire to do it and the willingness to actually go through with it and incredibly aroused because it was actually happening.

Lanie tossed the sundress aside and reached down and threw back the covers on her bed, then reached under her pillow and brought out what Grace realized was obviously a sex toy. She’d never used one before but Grace’s husband had showed her pictures and offered to buy her some. She’d politely refused, being too embarrassed to acknowledge her curiosity about them. She trembled at the thought of getting to watch Lanie use the erotic device on herself.

Lanie adjusted her pillows and positioned herself on the bed. Grace noticed, much to her delight, that this time she was more diagonally turned with her feet pointed more towards the window, not entirely, but enough to give Grace a perfect view of Lanie’s pussy, between her spread legs. She watched as Lanie first massaged her pussy and clit, and then reached two fingers deep inside her vagina, bringing them back out glistening with natural moisture. The look on her face was a combination of pleasure and sexual urgency and Grace felt the sensations growing within her own pussy.

Lanie leaned back and, propped up by her pillows for a better view of her pussy, reached over and got the vibrator. Grace could now see it was one of those kinds with the rotating beads inside a shaft and a vibrating appendage for the clit attached to the cock shaped main shaft. As Lanie worked the vibrator into her wet pussy, she uttered a delighted sigh simply breathing a delighted “Ohhh Yessss!” Grace felt a powerful rush of pleasure in her clit and had to reach down and press her fingers, through her shorts, against her needy clit. She felt another, stronger jolt of pleasure shoot through her pussy and barely caught herself before letting out a gasp of astonished pleasure herself.

.As Grace watched Lanie look down at her vibrator and fiddle with the controls; she caught her first whiff of the incense wafting out of the window. She instantly inhaled deeply trying to get every last bit of the elusive scent into her nostrils. As she did, it felt as if the powerful scent was going directly to her pussy, inflaming it and making her want more; more of the scent, more of her touches and more of Lanie.

The hum of the vibrator joined the music, and Grace watched as Lanie rolled her eyes with a blissful look on her face, relaxed back and allowed the vibrator do its thing inside her and on her clit. By now, Grace was so turned on, she quickly released the drawstring on her shorts and slipped her hand inside and began massaging her own swollen clit.

In her entire life, Grace had never been as turned on as she was at this very moment. The combination of her clandestine watching of Lanie indulging her sexual needs combined with the incredibly intoxicating arousal of the incense and further fueled by her fingers rubbing on her clit had her delirious with arousal. There was no thought of leaving, no thought of stopping; just an overpowering desire to remain and watch Lanie bring herself to orgasm and to cum right along with her.

Grace caught another fleeting whiff of incense and, once again, inhaled deeply enjoying the way it inflamed her further, made her crave this experience all the more. For the first time in her life, Grace had completely surrendered to her lust yet, she was so lost in her passion, she didn’t even realize it. She could see the pre-orgasmic spasms hitting Lanie’s stomach muscles and thighs with increasing frequency as a strained look began to register on Lanie’s face. Grace knew her orgasm was building fast and this further encouraged Grace’s orgasm to build right along with it.

Suddenly Grace detected a change in Lanie’s breathing and heard her sigh, that wonderful knowing sigh that signaled the beginning of her orgasm. This in turn triggered Grace’s orgasm as well. She watched as Lanie lifted her head up and looked at her pussy and at her hands and the vibrator as it brought on the orgasmic waves that were causing her stomach muscles to tighten completely.

Then, all of a sudden, as Lanie’s orgasm exploded and Grace’s released as well, Lanie looked up from her pussy and focused her stare directly at the window and into Grace’s eyes and she let out a delighted “Oh, God Yes!” and continued jerking forward as the orgasmic spasms continued, never taking her eyes off Grace. For a moment Grace was frozen in erotic horror. Her orgasm was exploding on her fingers and she was captured by Lanie’s stare and felt herself, at that moment, being drawn helplessly toward it. It was both incredibly erotic and horrifying at the same time.

Then, after what could have been an eternity or just a few seconds, Grace let out a gasp and dropped below the sill of the window, mortified at what had just happened. “Oh my God!. Oh my God!” she mumbled frantically as she stumbled to the gate, across the lawn and hurried inside her house.

Once inside, Grace struggled to regain her composure, which was nowhere in sight. Embarrassment and disgust began replacing her initial shock. She could feel the sexual heat in her pussy ignoring her emotional turmoil but she tried her best to repress it.

Her first thought was that she could never step outside her house again. That was followed by her decision that she had to move, at once. She could leave today and, when she got to a new city, or new country, she would sell the house and send for her things. After all, she reasoned, she could never look her neighbor in the face again and she wouldn’t be surprised if Lanie called the cops and had her arrested. She would certainly be within her rights to.

A knock at her back door interrupted her frantic attempts to figure out what to do. She spun toward the door and held her breath. She knew it was Lanie, and possibly the police. How was she going to deal with this? She couldn’t simply not answer; that wasn’t an alternative. Lanie knew she was there. With a tight knot in her stomach and trembling hands, Grace drew a deep breath and summoned the courage to open the door.

On the porch stood Lanie, with no cops in sight, looking sheepish and holding a shoe box sized box. “Oh God Lanie, I am so sorry. I am so ashamed!” Grace blurted out as she broke down and sobbed. She buried her face in her hands as Lanie stepped into the house.

“It’s ok Grace, please calm down” Lanie reached out and put her hand on Grace’s shoulder. “Really, it’s ok”. Grace kept sobbing, the intensity of all the emotions was simply too much for her to handle and they just kept pouring out. “I am awful, Lanie. I’m so ashamed of myself; I don’t know what came over me. I am so embarrassed. I’m so sorry” Grace continued sobbing.

Once again Lanie tried to comfort Grace; “It’s ok Grace, come on, please, relax. In fact, I have to confess, it’s kinda my fault.” This shocked Grace into at least a toehold on composure and she managed to stammer “Your fault? How.. how can that be? I don’t understand.”

“Well, I wanted you to be there watching me and sort of tricked you into it.” Lanie continued.

“Tricked me? What are you talking about? How…. I don’t understand.” Grace’s confusion was growing by the second.

“Let’s sit down and I’ll explain everything.” Lanie insisted. Grace, overcome by everything, meekly complied and took a seat at the kitchen table. Lanie joined her, placing the box on the table. Lanie grabbed a paper napkin from the holder, gave it to Grace and said, “Here, use this, you’re a mess.” Grace smiled weakly and dabbed her eyes till they were dry.

“Ok, just listen and see if you can follow this. You may have trouble believing me but, what I am about to tell you is true, I swear.” Lanie urged.

“Ok” was all Grace could muster and she waited for Lanie to continue.

“That incense you liked so much and asked me about,” Lanie began, “well, you can’t find it in any stores. It is a secret blend of South American rain forest herbs and flowers that only grow in one part of Brazil. It was developed centuries ago by a tribe of Amazon women in order to recruit new members to their tribe.”

Grace furrowed her brow looked at Lanie with a confused and skeptical look as if to say “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

Lanie saw Grace’s expression and interrupted her explanation saying, “I know, I know! You probably think I’ve lost my mind, but think about what has happened over the past weeks and hear me out, please Grace.”

Once again Grace was reminded of her humiliation of only a short while ago and blushed and sobbed, “Lanie, I am so sorry, I can’t believe what I was doing. I don’t know what came over me, I’m so ashamed.”

“Don’t be ashamed, Grace,” Lanie was quick to respond. “That’s what I’m trying to explain, if you’ll let me. It was the incense; it made you want to do it.”

“I don’t understand, how…. how could it….” Grace stammered.

“It turns women on and it turns them into lesbians; I don’t know how it does but it does.” Lanie blurted out. “It sure did it to me!”

Grace looked at Lanie with uncertain amazement. “You’re a lesbian?”

“Totally, completely, like I was never anything else,” Lanie smiled proudly as she said it.

“But… how…. why?” Grace looked puzzled as she tried to grasp what she was hearing.

“I didn’t have a choice,” Lanie explained. “I went to visit my friend Rebecca; you probably remember my mentioning her.” Grace nodded and Lanie continued, “Well she said she wanted to show me something and took me into her bedroom, it was thick with smoke from the burning incense. It was so strong, the first whiff of it went right to my pussy and it felt so damn good, I just kept breathing it in and that was that, I looked at Rebecca and she smiled at me and all I wanted to do was get naked and fuck her, so I did.”

“But.. but it changed you permanently?” Grace asked, she felt fear creeping into her brain but strangely, her pussy pulsed at the thought as well.

“Totally” Lanie replied. “No doubt about it. I’m a lesbian through and through. Plus, the stuff’s addictive. Anyone who has smelled it wants more. I don’t know if that’s true for you, yet, but once you really get a lung full, you’re going to love it so much, you’ll need more forever.

Confusion mixed with a healthy dose of disbelief and some fearful concern was taking over for Grace. This incredible story Lanie was telling almost had Grace forgetting about the overwhelming embarrassment that had preceded this conversation. “Ok then,” Grace chimed in. “If what you say is true and the incense turned you into a total lesbian, like you say it did, then why would you want to try to do it to me?”

There was a moment of silence as Lanie looked sheepishly again at Grace and paused before speaking. “I know what you’re thinking, that I’m horrible, but I couldn’t help myself. It was the incense again.”

Now Grace was getting agitated at this incense nonsense and continued, “Couldn’t help it, what the Hell do you mean by that? How could you not help it? You knew the effect it had on you.. or so you say, why would you want to turn around and do it to someone else?”

Lanie shook her head agreeing with everything Grace was saying, “I know.. I know…. you’re right; but I swear I couldn’t help myself. It was made this way to make the new women want to go out and recruit their friends, to keep the tribe going. It made me want to give it other women and you were the first one to come to my mind.”

Lanie continued explaining, “I mean, it feels so totally awesome, it’s such a turn on, I really wanted it for you too but I did think about the exact same things you’re asking me now, I just needed to share it with you and have you feel the same way. I was just too weak to resist.”

“Yeah, sure” Grace replied in disgust. “You probably didn’t want to resist is more like it.”

“Well, that too” Lanie nodded and smiled a knowing smile at Grace.

“And what you were doing in the bedroom, you staged that on purpose for me?” Grace had a feeling she already knew the answer to that question and, as much as it disturbed her, she once again felt a strong twinge of pleasure rush through her pussy as she asked the question.

“Well, I really was horny and needed to get myself off in the worst way … but.. yeah.. I was really hoping you’d watch me. It made it so much better, so much hotter. Last weekend, I opened the window and made extra noise figuring if you heard it you might come to investigate. I knew if you did and you got even a little whiff of the incense, you couldn’t resist staying and watching. I got so turned on when I caught you out of the corner of my eye. It made me cum even harder.”

Grace felt her pussy swell as her arousal grew. She struggled to push the feelings back down. This was way too weird for that right now.

“And today?” Grace continued.

“Same thing; first I checked to make sure you were outside, then I opened the window in my bedroom and turned up the stereo real loud just long enough for you to hear. I figured, since you came the first time, you’d come back, and I was right. That was such a turn on, looking at you watching me. You were cumming with me weren’t you?” Lanie brushed her hand across her breast and paused to squeeze her braless nipple through the sundress as she spoke and looked at Grace with a seductive smile..

“That’s none of your business,” Grace exclaimed as she felt a rush of sexual arousal mixed with the embarrassment of being confronted with the tantalizing truth of what she was feeling. Grace felt disgust along with her arousal growing but continued, “I thought I was horrible for spying on you; yet, here all along, you were doing everything in your power to tempt me into watching you and,. worse than that , you’ve been trying to turn me into an incense addicted lesbian. I can’t believe you’d be that .. that… horrible! Besides, I don’t think I believe you anyway.”

“Come on Grace,” Lanie tried to calm the situation. “It’s not like I had a choice. Honest, the incense is that powerful. Besides, it feels so wonderful, I honestly thought you’d enjoy it as much as I do. Be honest Grace, you liked it, I know you did, I saw the look on your face.”

A sudden surge of pleasure in Grace’s pussy confirmed Lanie was telling the truth but Grace tried to ignore it. She had never heard of such a thing; a substance so powerful, that it was addicting on the first use. Besides, turning a completely heterosexual woman into a permanent lesbian, simply by smelling a variety of incense was beyond belief. Grace knew, or at least hoped she knew, that this story Lanie was telling wasn’t true. After all, she’d smelled the incense and wasn’t an addicted oversexed lesbian. Maybe Lanie had bought into it but Grace wasn’t about to, even if, at some level of her psyche, the thought was somewhat… intriguing…. compelling even.

Sure, she had gotten turned on watching Lanie masturbate, but that was more voyeurism than anything and it was sure a far cry from complete lesbianism. Besides, right now she had steeled her mind to the point where the last thing she wanted to do was inhale more incense. No matter how seductive and erotic the smell was, no matter how preposterous the story, she wasn’t about to take that kind of risk.

“So let me get this straight.” Grace challenged Lanie. “One smell of this incense or, let’s say, one lung full of the stuff and any heterosexual woman will be forever changed into a lesbian. Not bi, not bi curious but a totally horny lesbian and, what’s more, she’ll instantly be addicted to the incense forever and, to top it off, she’ll be compelled to addict other women and turn them into lesbians too.. Does that about sum it up?”

“Yep,” Lanie nodded.

“So, why didn’t you simply invite me over and into your bedroom like Rebecca did with you?” Grace continued with her interrogation. .

“I thought about it,” Lanie responded. “But I wanted you to want to join us and the idea of doing it this way was so much more exciting for me. I just know you’re going to love it as much as I do and will thank me for turning you on to it. Besides, I figured I could always try to find a way to force it on you if I had to. But, right now, I don’t think I have to do that. I’m thinking you’re ready for it. So, I brought you some with me, wanna light it up now and get it on?” she asked with a playful and hopeful look in her eye while patting the box she’d placed in front of her on the kitchen table

“No way!” Grace replied firmly, “I’m not buying any of this and, what’s more, I think you’d better go. I am totally sorry about snooping on you and I am more ashamed of myself than I care to admit but, this is crazy talk.”

“I understand, and I don’t blame you” Lanie said in a half defeated tone as she pushed back her chair and stood up. “But just the same, before I go, lemme show you this.” She opened the box. Inside was a small square of something wrapped in tin foil about an inch square. Grace assumed that was the incense. Beside it in the box was the same kind of vibrator Lanie was using a short while ago, still wrapped in its plastic vacuum wrapping.

“This is the incense,” Lanie said pointing to the tinfoil cube. “Just light it like regular incense then inhale the smoke. You won’t believe how wonderful it feels. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world. You’re going to thank me for it, Grace, I swear. And, I got this for you,” Lanie remarked as she picked up the package containing the vibrator. I love mine and you looked like you were enjoying watching me use it so I wanted you to have one too. Unless of course, you already have one….. “ Lanie paused.

“No, I don’t have one and I don’t want this one either, you can take it all with you.” Grace insisted but, somehow her heart wasn’t in it. A significant part of her wanted to at least keep the vibrator but she was just too embarrassed and upset at everything she was hearing to admit it.

“I understand but, just the same, I’ll leave them both here in case you change your mind. If you don’t want them, fine. I’ll pick them up in a week or two, it’s no problem” Lanie replaced the lid on the box and leaving it on the table, she headed for the door.

Before Grace could voice more objections, Lanie was out the door and headed back toward her house. She paused and turned looking at Grace who stood, flustered in her doorway “And don’t worry; if you want more incense, I’ve got plenty. Just come on over. Bye.” She smiled and waved, then turned and headed briskly back into her home.

Grace watched Lanie disappear inside then closed the door and sat back down at the kitchen table trying to get her mind around everything she’d just heard. As she sat, working things over and over in her head, she unconsciously fiddled with the box Lanie had left behind. The battle lines were being clearly drawn insider her. On one side she had no intention of allowing herself to risk becoming addicted to anything let alone voluntarily be turned into a lust crazed lesbian. That was totally out of the question. On the other hand, her pussy had clenched with anticipation when she saw the vibrator in the box and she could feel her arousal at the thought of using it, even in the face of her total disgust with what Lanie had just confessed.

Grace opened the box and looked inside again. She eyed the incense hungrily remembering how totally she enjoyed the smell and how powerfully and erotically it had affected her pussy. At the physical level she wanted nothing more than to light it and enjoy more of those incredible sensations. The idea that the feelings could be even more intensely pleasurable, as Lanie had promised, made the idea even more tantalizing. If it was that good, she knew it was something she wanted to feel; but not at the price of her identity, not at the price of her will. Nothing was worth that.

Grace needed to calm down and think this through for a day or so. She headed to the bedroom. She was much too worked up to think clearly. She lay down on the bed and tried to calm herself. Instinctively she knew what she needed right now to settle her nerves. Slowly her right hand slid inside her shorts and began to caress her sopping pussy. “I’ll just take care of this, then I’ll be able to think more clearly” she thought to herself as she felt the pleasure rising and her mind drifting off to visions of Lanie using her vibrator and looking straight into her eyes as her orgasms washed over her. Grace let herself go with the rising sensations, hoping that clarity would come at the other side of the approaching orgasms and the nap she hoped would follow.

To Be Continued