The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by The Sympathetic Devil


Chapter 4

Lois giggled and prattled on as Mr. Hernandez led her through the school hallways. She was just so excited to be there on her first day of school. They arrived at the library.

The librarian introduced herself as Miss Stacked. Her glistening red hair was tied back in a ponytail and she had half-moon glasses and the sexiest little suit Lois had ever seen. She told them that Dyson and Janelle were in the stacks after complimenting Lois on how yummy her tits looked in her new uniform.

When they found them Janelle was atop a ladder wearing her own librarian’s outfit. Looking up, Lois could see up the very brief skirt and see that Janelle had lost her underpants at some point. But she had gained a pair of titties the likes of which Lois never would’ve expected on such a slight woman. Her hair had also grown out quite a bit and was tied back in a ponytail much like Miss Stacked.

Dyson was at the bottom of the ladder holding it steady and enjoying the view. Janelle clearly was intent on letting him see anything he wanted to see, shifting her hips back and forth, forward and back. Lois was impressed at how tidy she kept her bush.

“Have you been impressed so far, Miss Nguyen?” asked Mr. Hernandez.

Janelle looked down and noticed that her audience had grown.

“Oh, hello!” The councilwoman-turned-librarian exclaimed. “Dyson was just showing me that all the naughtiest books were up on the top shelves. If the students want to read naughty books they have to get a librarian to climb up and retrieve them. Isn’t that clever and responsible? Dyson even let me read some of them to him so that I could give my opinion on which ones needed to go up top.”

You look different Janelle,” said Lois. In addition to her much bigger boobies, her eyes seemed a lot bigger. Though that might have been in effect of the big, round-framed glasses she now wore. And her makeup was much more prominent than Lois had remembered.

“I think it’s you that looks different, Lois” the councilwoman said. “Your boobies are even bigger than mine now. And you look 20 years younger!”

Lois frowned they had always been bigger, hadn’t they?

“Has Miss Nguyen seen all that she needs to in the library Dyson?” Mr. Hernandez asked the ebony skinned intern. “I think so. Miss Stacked showed her how her finger-filing system works and she has been up-and-down the ladder several times. Though I certainly wouldn’t mind if she wanted to go up and down a few more,” said Dyson.

Councilwoman Nguyen giggled and tugged at her short skirt making the view up it even easier.

“Well Lois here was hoping that we could speed up the tour a little bit and come to some conclusions,” said Mr. Hernandez.

“Oh!” exclaimed Miss Nguyen from her high perch. “How come he calls you Lois? I’ve been trying to get Dyson to call me Janelle, like, forever!”

Lois giggled and tugged at a pigtail.

“All I had to do was tell him I wanted to be a student here,” Lois explained. “The interns call students and by their first names. But you’ll half to call Carlos ‘Mr. Hernandez’. What should I call you sir?”

“You can call me Mr. Miller, Lois.” said the dark skinned intern.

Lois giggled and curtsied.

“yes sir, Mr. Miller, sir!” she said.

“Woo! Woo hoo! I want to be a student too!” Janelle exclaimed eagerly.

“Then get down from there, Janelle, and let’s see if Miss Stacked has a uniform for you,” Said Mr. Miller.

Janelle climbed carefully down, stopping to readjust her skirt at every rung, and then followed them back to the librarian who did indeed have a uniform that almost fit Janelle.

Lois noted with satisfaction that her own boobies were definitely bigger and that even when Janelle had been stuffed into her uniform and done up in pigtails, Mr. Hernandez still paid more attention to Lois’s rack then he did to the Asian student. If Mr. Miller happened to take more of a fancy to Janelle, Lois supposed she shouldn’t be greedy. If she was Mr. Hernandez’s favorite student, that was enough for her.

“Well, let’s go get the third,” said Mr. Hernandez and he led them out of the library.

He was just such a natural leader. Lois would follow him anywhere. As it happened, he didn’t want her to follow him. He reached an arm around her shoulders and walked beside her, frequently glancing down her blouse. Lois couldn’t have been more proud.

Teagan Driver was in the gymnasium exercising with a long-legged curvy-figured black woman while the redheaded intern looked on from the lowest in a set of bleachers. Teagan had clearly been exercising very hard. She had lost a good 80 pounds, though not an ounce of them in her tits.

The tits in question, which Lois could not deny were bigger than hers and Janelle’s put together, were bulging out of the top,bottom and sides of a white tank top with the school’s logo emblazoned on it in red. The tank top was soaked in sweat, as were the little red shorts she wore that hugged her curvaceous ass and rode high on her hips.

The black woman was the coach. Lois could tell by the whistle that bounced up and down on one massive tit and then the other as the woman vigorously jogged in place clapping her hands above her head and egging the school district administrator to do the same with shouts of " lift those knees! Bounce those titties! Titties are for bouncing!". Other than the whistle, the coach’s outfit was identical to Teagan’s.

“Teagan! Teagan!” Lois exclaimed. “We are going to be students here!”

“I am… I am already… I’m already a student here…” Gasped Teagan not breaking stride for a moment. “That’s why… Coach Hardbody… Is giving me… work out… «gasp»… Extra credit!”

Lois and Janelle looked at each other in horror. Teagan was already a student and was getting extra credit! She was getting ahead of them!

“We want extra credit too!” Both Lois and Janelle said to their escorts. “It’s not fair!”

“Then get on your gym clothes, silly” said Mr. Hernandez handing her a tank top and shorts and a pair of pink tennis shoes.

“Oh thank you!” She said.

Mr. Hernandez was really looking out for her.

Mr. Miller had gym clothes for Janelle as well and the two interns escorted the two would-be-students to the locker room.

“It’s a boys’ locker room, so of course we’ll need to stay with you ladies while you change to make sure none of the male students come in” Mr. Hernandez said.

But Lois didn’t need explanation. She was just glad he was still taking an interest in her. Soon Lois and Janelle were back in the gymnasium alongside Teagan and Coach Hardbody had them doing jumping jacks while the three interns sat on the first bleacher and watch them. With a rack like Teagan’s for competition, Lois knew she needed to put as much bounce into her boobs as she possibly could and soon she was dripping with sweat at the effort.

But it was worth it! Mr. Hernandez was watching very closely.

“Bounce those titties, girls! Bounce them like you mean it!” shouted Coach Hardbody. “Get your heart rates up! Get those tank tops sweatier!”

Lois was exhilarated! She felt so much healthier than she every had before. Happier than she had ever felt before. Mr. Hernandez watching her bouncing tits…her pussy just gushed, soaking the crotch of her little red gym shorts. She felt so great!

“Time for squats!” said coach hard body. “Turn around!”

The three ladies turned around and started squatting showing their asses to the interns. Lois couldn’t see Mr. Hernandez but she just knew he was enjoying the view.

“All right now, twerking girls!” said Coach Harbbody after dozens of squats and Lois instinctively shook her ass violently.

“You call that twerking?” The coach demanded and started smacking Lois’ ass. “Come on now bimbo work that ass!”

Lois tried to shake her ass even harder. But she had never done this before.

“Gentlemen, can you help spot these bimbos?” asked Coach Hardbody.

“Sure “” said Mr. Hernandez “We’re always glad to help.”

Soon Mr. Hernandez was tapping her ass, helping her keep a steady rhythm. She was so grateful. And so horny!

“All right, boob crunches!” said Coach Hardbody once the three new students had shown they knew how to work their asses.

Lois stood up and Mr. Hernandez moved behind her sticking his hands underneath her rack has the coach called out “1! 2! 1! 2!” Lois tucked her head and Mr. Hernandez raised her tits, crushing her face into her cleavage. She loved her titties! She loved Mr. Hernandez hands! She loved his swelling dick pressing against her tight, sweaty ass!

“Okay, face squat time!” the coach announced. “Straddle your spotters, girls.”

Lois hadn’t heard of this exercise but intuitively she knew what to do. As Mr. Hernandez lay down on the gym floor, Lois straddled his face on her hands and knees, rubbing her crotch against his face in rhythm to the coach’s calls. Mr. Hernandez nuzzled her twat through her gym shorts and she gushed and quivered.

“Lap dances!” the coach called out and the interns extricated themselves and went and sat on the first row of bleachers again, but with enough space between them that the new students were able to work. And work they did. Mr. Hernandez felt so hard and so big beneath Lois’ butt! She wanted him to fuck her so bad!

“Two finger plunges!” called the Coach.

Reluctantly, Lois jumped off of Mr. Hernandez lap and returned to her place in line. The coach held up two fingers and showed them how to ease them into their tight gym shorts. Lois felt her hot, wet pussy. It had never been so wet and hungry and two fingers quite easily plunged into her hot hole.

“That’s right you silly sluts” the coach encouraged. “Get those fingers up in those coochies!”

Lois dutifully pushed her fingers in deeper. It was the best workout ever! She looked over to the bleachers and clenched at her fingers when she saw that Mr. Hernandez was clearly enjoying her work out as well. It was actually Janelle who reached orgasm first though. Her high-pitched squealing set Lois off as well, however, and moments after she started screaming out “Oh FUCK!” Teagan started groaning and grunting like a rutting rhino.

Lois had no idea how long she was coming. It felt like days. It felt like she’d never done anything else. The ceiling of the gymnasium seemed to spin around and then fly away. And Lois flew after it, visions of hard brown cock swirling around her head.

When at last she returned to earth, Mr. Hernandez was helping her up from the gymnasium floor.

“Hit the showers, you horny bitches!” Coach Hardbody told them. “What the fuck, I’ll join you!”

And indeed she did, taking them to the showers and showing them where the soap, shampoo and lube was, then stripping off her gym uniform and leaving it in the same pile as Lois, Teagan and Janelle did.

The interns watched, of course. They were just so very responsible. Lois made sure that Mr. Hernandez have a good view of her tits as she soaped them up vigorously, then turned to show him as she did same to her ass. Coach Hardbody started scrubbing down Janelle and Janelle was clearly enjoying it very much. So much so that Mr. Hernandez and the other interns started watching Janelle and the coach. That was no good. But two could play at that game.

She turned to Teagan and her massive tits. No way could the school district official soap up those mounds all by herself. Lois started helping and indeed Mr. Hernandez started watching, as did the redheaded intern.

Teagan squealed as Lois mashed and squeezed at her massive mountains. Lois didn’t think she was bisexual, but as much as she was enjoying this and had enjoyed Miss Wigglebum and Miss Isilet before, she had to wonder.

She plunged her face between Teagan’s boobs and began to motorboat. She kept doing it for quite some time until she had another idea. She pulled her head out from between Teagan’s tits but before she could suggest it, the massively-bosomed woman proposed the exact same thing she had been thinking.

“I’m going to stick my thumb up your bum!” Teagan announced.

Lois just giggled turned around and bent over.

Teagan lubed up her thumb and eased it between Lois’ butt cheeks, finding her sphincter like and, like a little catapillar eating an apple, it slid inside. Lois had never even considered such a thing, but now that it was happening she found that she liked it. She liked a lot.

She let Teagan know by groaning and grunting. Teagan understood and began to vigorously work her thumb around in Lois’ ass. This in turn inspired Lois to announce to everyone in the locker room that she was a horny little bitch. She went on and on about it being a fucking slut. About being a perverted and perforated tramp. About wanting to fuck nasty, hot and hard.

At Lois’ urging, Teagan started spanking her with the other hand and that just made it that much better. She was such a nasty little whore! And she loved it! And Mr. Hernandez loved it! She could tell.

At the last, Mr. Hernandez announced that they really did need to get to class and Teagan pulled out her thumb and thoroughly washed her hands with soap.

Lois rinsed out her ass and the nastiness that had flowed down her legs. She noticed that Janelle was washing the coach’s pussy juice from off of her face as well. She had heard Coach Hardbody roaring out as Janelle gave muffled moans but had been too focused on her own degradation to even notice what was going on beside her.

Once they were all clean and dry, their hair back in pigtails, their short kilts, shiny shoes, and not-quite-big-enough blouses back in place, they thanked the coach for the workout and the extra credit and let the interns lead them out of the gym. Lois floated down the hallway without a thought in her head, giggling along with her fellow students.