The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by The Sympathetic Devil


Chapter 5

In the classroom, the chairs fit the adult women but the desks were tiny; barely big enough for a sheet of paper. The seats tilted upward and we’re just a little too low to the ground so when Lois sat down, she discovered that if she parted her knees just a little bit anyone could look up her skirt. But she decided a little bit wasn’t nearly enough and spread her knees wide instead.

“All right ladies, Dr. Torrent has asked us to teach you all a brief lesson,” Mr. Hernandez said.

Mr. Miller started teaching them history. It was all about the female presidents of United States. Lois was little confused by this. She didn’t think there were any female presidents of United States.

But Mr. Miller said the first female president was Millie Filled-more. She was the last president to wear wigs. Upon the SmartBoard, the black intern put up several pictures of a rather chesty woman showing much more cleavage then Lois would’ve expected in the early 1800s. In each picture the woman was wearing a different colored wig. Pink, green, lavender and silver in all sorts of styles.

Mr. Miller explained how the term “first gentleman” was not applied to President Filled-more’s husband. Rather, that title went to which ever man the president took to her bedchambers first on any given evening. At this time, calling someone “the fifth gentleman” became a common put down in Washington DC circles.

Lois tried to be a good student and learn what Mr. Miller was saying, but it seemed very unusual. She glanced over at her classmates. Teagan also looked confused, but Janelle looked utterly enraptured. Her eyes were wide and she was scribbling down notes without looking at the paper she was writing on. Her eyes were locked on Mr. Miller. Lois certainly couldn’t blame her. Mr. Miller was very handsome. Though not as handsome as Mr. Hernandez, of course. But damn, those arms!

Mr. Miller went on to talk about Theodora “Teddy” Roosevelt. She was apparently famous foregoing about the White House in lacy underthings. It started a trend and lacy lingerie became very popular in the country. One style that the president favored was even dubbed the Teddy in her honor. Again Lois glanced over at Janelle, who was nodding in enthusiastic agreement.

Well, she was a lawyer. Maybe she knew more about this than Lois did. Lois had to admit she was a bit of a bimbo. She started twirling a brown pigtail around her finger.

Mr. Miller explained how the Bush sisters were the first sister team to hold the presidency. The 69th amendment was passed so that the two ladies could run the country concurrently. They were often referred to as Boopsie Bush and Baby Bush to distinguish them and both were known for their healthy growth of pubic hair.

Lois was sure she would’ve heard about something like this before. But Mr. Miller was the teacher. And she wasn’t feeling particularly smart right then.

Then it was Mr. Hernandez’s turn to teach them. Lois gushed when he stood up. He was so handsome! She was totally crushing. She squeezed her bare thighs together and spread them wide again.

“This lesson is on the history of the mature woman in erotic art,” he announced. “The ancient Greeks were obsessed with young men in their art. It was Leonardo da Vinci who first explored the MILF as a subject in his famous painting ‘Moaning Lisa’.

The slide Mr. Hernandez put up of the on the SmartBoard was initially shocking, but then Lois realized that she had of course seen the painting many times. The Moaning Lisa was one of the most famous paintings in the world. The mature Italian woman looked out at you with her eyes half lidded and her breasts jutting, her mouth making an O.

“Although we can only see her from the tits up, it’s quite obvious that she is masturbating. But art historians are conflicted as to what her expression means. Is she at climax or is she still working herself up to that? It’s a subject of endless controversy.”

Lois looked at the famous painting and decided that she was in the raging orgasm camp.

“Dutch painter Johan Vermeer is most famous for his painting ‘MILF with a Pearl Necklace’. See how the gobbets of jism glisten on the neck of this scrumptious mature woman. She smiles a naughty smile out at you and you know she has no intention of wiping it away.”

“James Whistler sparked controversy when he chose to paint a series of erotic pictures of his mother. Known as Whistler’s Mothers, these pictures demonstrate the utility of the little black cocktail dress. For this reason, the paintings are more formally called ‘Arrangements of MILF in black’.” Mr. Hernandez explained.

“The popularity of the paintings was in no small part because Whistler’s mother was a stone cold fox. But that shouldn’t detract from his skill as a painter. The poses he put his mother in are just as important to the paintings greatness as the hotness of the subject.”

“Here we see Mrs. Whistler in a chair. This series of three paintings makes use of the chair as more than a prop. It is a stand in lover for the horny Mrs. Whistler. See how she straddles it between her strong thighs, mashing her firm breasts against the back of the chair while rubbing her hands along the backside of it. See how in this one she gives the chair a lap dance, rubbing her ass upon the edge of the seat with her hands on her knees, shaking her titties in the slinky black dress. And finally, most famously, see how she sprawls in the chair, upside down, her knees dangling over the back of the chair, her hair fanned out on the floor and her boobs almost completely falling out of the little black dress. The appearance of Mrs. Whistler snatch in this final painting has caused it to be the most famous and the least displayed of all of Whistler’s Mothers.”

Lois so totally wanted Mr. Hernandez to paint her in that position. She would totally mount a painting like that in her office. Everyone would think she was the hottest slut around!

“The French painter Henri Matisse used the style known as Fauvism to paint his famous ‘Cougar with a Hat’. The brightly colored hat on this lovely mature woman stands in stark contrast to her otherwise naked body. See how the splotches of paint still convey the luscious curviness of the cougar in question. The look in her eye tells the viewer that she intends to ride him hard but not lose her hat while she does so.”

Lois felt so much smarter after Mr. Hernandez lesson. She understood it. It made so much sense! And the topic was just so stimulating! She squeezed her thighs together again and opened them wide again and gave a little finger wave to her favorite teacher. He grinned at her and she quivered. She wanted to learn so much more from him! She wanted to re-creates all the famous paintings he had taught her about, letting him pose and paint over and over.

Lois looked to her classmates to see if they agreed with her that this was the best lecture. Teagan and Janelle looked confused. Janelle was shaking her head slightly. How stupid of them! She stuck her tongue out at them both.

Next it was time for Mr. Duncan, the redheaded intern, to teach them English lit. Lois saw Teagan sit up straighter in her chair and stick her chest out, paying much more attention than she ever did with Mr. Hernandez. Stupid bitch.

The title of this lesson was ‘American MILF literature from the Scarlet Letter to 50 Shades of Gray’. Mr. Duncan was cute and all, but not nearly enough to justify the little noises that Teagan started making when he stood up. Lois had a really hard time believing the stuff that he was saying. Quite frankly, it seemed like he was just pulling it out of his butt. It was a nice butt, but she so much preferred Mr. Hernandez’s butt. She tried to take notes on what Mr. Duncan was saying, while discreetly checking out Mr. Hernandez. Her notes weren’t very good by the time she was done, but her little kilt had a noticeable damp spot there between her thighs and running along her butt crack.

“Okay ladies! Notes away! It’s pop quiz time.”

Lois jumped in her seat and squealed. So did Teagan and Janelle. They hadn’t even realized that the principal was there in the room.

“Nobody told us there would be a test!” Teagan complained to Dr. Torrent.

“How can I evaluate your teachers if I don’t test the students?” The principal pointed out.

“But…but…” stammered the chesty administrator.

Janelle looked at Mr. Miller and gasped, her hands to her mouth.

Lois looked apologetically that Mr. Hernandez and mouthed ‘oh no!’. She could handle being tested for herself, but if she got questions wrong and it reflected badly on Mr. Hernandez she would never forgive herself!

“Come on now, ladies,” Dr. Torrent said “If you are students here, and your uniforms say that you are, then you’re going to have to take tests.”

Lois pouted Teagan whimpered. Janelle sighed. But they put their notes away. Dr. Torrent handed out the tests and gave them each a number two pencil. They all look up at their teachers but Dr. Torrent pointed at the three interns and then at the door.

Lois started to tear up at that point and Teagan sobbed. They had no choice but to take the test and it was a hard! Or at least parts of it. The history stuff was a confusing. It seemed like there was more than one right answer to most of the of the questions even, though those answers were contradictory.

But when she got to art history, she breathed a sigh of relief. Those questions made sense! She remembered every single word Mr. Hernandez had taught her. She felt like a total expert on MILF art. Mr. Hernandez was just that good a teacher!

But it couldn’t last forever and eventually she got to English Lit. Most of those questions made no sense at all! Had she even been listening to Mr. Duncan? After staring perplexed for a few minutes she answered “C” for all the questions and went back to Art History. Not that she wanted to change her answers. She just liked reading questions. She wondered if Mr. Hernandez had written them. He must of. They were really good.

“Pencils down!” The principal said. The ladies squeaked, once again startled. But the principal efficiently gathered up their tests and their pencils and then smiled reassuringly and said “Wait here ladies this won’t take long.”

It took forever! It didn’t help that Teagan started going on and on about how easy the last part of the test was. Surely Mr. Hernandez wouldn’t get in trouble for how Lois had done on the other teachers parts of the test, would he? But Janelle and Teagan said they didn’t even remember half the famous painters’ names, the bimbos!

But eventually the ladies stopped talking about the test and started talking about how horny they were. This was something all three could agree on. Lois noticed that Janelle’s hand had disappeared underneath her kilt and Lois didn’t know why it hadn’t occurred to her before to do the same. Soon all three of them were stroking themselves and moaning the names of their favorite teachers.

They all squealed again when Dr. Torrent returned. They had forgotten about the tests, but the stern look on the principal’s face and the shamed look on the interns immediately brought the test back to their minds.

“Well, I can’t say I’m thrilled ladies,” Dr. Torrent said. “On the whole you all got high D’s, which is fine for a cup size but not so good for test score.”

Lois blushed with shame and looked apologetically and Mr. Hernandez.

“But considering the fact that at some point in your visit you all seem to have become sex-obsessed bimbos, I suppose the fact that each of you did manage to pass at least one section of the test is something to be impressed by.”

At this Lois perked up and lifted her substantially more than D-cups a little higher. She was certain she had passed Art History. And that was really all she cared about. She smiled at Mr. Hernandez, feeling redeemed.

“So while I can’t pass you,” the principal continued “I do think you all deserve some kind of reward. So tell me ladies what would you like?”

Lois stood up and pushed the desk behind her. She heard the Janelle Teagan do the same. But her eyes were locked on Mr. Hernandez

“We want to get fucked!” Lois said in unison with her classmates.

Mr. Hernandez smiled at her and Lois melted.

“Well, gentlemen, you’ve certainly earned them,” Dr. Torrent said and Mr. Hernandez stepped forward and undid his pants, lining up with the other two interns.

Lois squealed and scampered up to him, kissing him deeply as her hands busied themselves finding his cock. Once the warm flesh was in her hand she broke off her kiss and sank down to her knees, vaguely aware that her classmates were doing the same with the other two interns.

Almost all of her attention, though, was focused on the warm swelling in her hand. She raised his circumcised cock head up to her lips and kissed it. Mr. Hernandez pecker twitched appreciatively and swelled a little more.

“I am such a horny little slut!” Lois exclaimed and took Mr. Hernandez perfect pecker in her mouth. Mr. Hernandez grabbed hold of her pigtails at the base and encouraged her to go deep. Not that she needed any encouragement. She wanted to suck his dick more than she ever wanted anything in the whole entire life. She was a dick sucking machine and Mr. Hernandez had her by her handlebars!

She bobbed and moaned and gurgled as she slid him in and out, in and out, deeper and deeper into her throat with every stroke. She had no urge to gag whatsoever. Her throat knew, her whole body knew, that this was what it was for.

“That’s it Lois,” Mr. Hernandez encouraged. “That’s my favorite little cocksucker. Oh what a nasty little slut you’ve become. Such a MILFy little schoolgirl. Born to suck dick.”

Lois shuddered at the complement and came a little bit. She kicked it up an notch and started swirling her tongue as she bobbed her head, gently stroking his balls with her fingertips as she did so.

She began to moan louder and louder around his cock in a horny alto. Beside her, Teagan moaned and slurped in a lower register and Janelle in a higher pitch so that all three of them produced a three-part harmony of salacious felicity.

“You wanted treat little Lois?” Mr. Hernandez asked.

“MLMMM!” Lois affirmed.

“Here you go, little slut,” he said.

Then he was pumping delicious hot sperm into her mouth and she continued to thrust her head forward and back, forward and back as he held tight to her pigtails and fucked her face. Lois quivered with pleasure. He tasted so good!

The only drawback to her delight is that she knew it would be over, at least for a while, as Mr. Hernandez recovered.

But he stayed hard and just kept fucking face. Lois shuddered. He was amazing! He shot two more loads down her throat before he finally used his hold on her pigtails to pull her off. And his cock was still rock hard! Lois stared at it in wonder, her eyes not really capable of focusing as the room spun around her. A gobbet of jizz tried to escape the corner of her mouth but luckily her tongue was working faster than her brain just then and it ushered it back in.

“Bend over the teacher’s desk, Lois,” Mr. Hernandez instructed. “I’m finally going to give that hot cunnie of yours what it’s been begging for since you got here.”

“Eee!” Lois replied, her eyes wide, not even daring to believe it. But Mr. Hernandez helped her to her feet and bent her over the big desk at the front of the room. On the other side of it there was a curvy Asian woman in pigtails being fucked by a beautiful black man. Lois gave her a friendly smile as they were joined by another woman on the front of the desk, resting her tremendous boobs between Lois and the other MILF as a pretty ginger-haired man raised her kilt.

But then Mr. Hernandez slid his cock into her cunnie from behind and Lois stopped even trying to remember who the other women were as she went into an spasm of delight. She was being fucked! Oh at last, at last, Mr. Hernandez was fucking her! Nothing else in the world meant anything!

He pounded and pounded at her and she gibbered ecstatically as her classmates moaned and squeaked and squealed and swore. At some point, all three of the women clasped hands there in the center of the desk. She didn’t know who they were, but Lois felt an intense sisterhood with them. Who else in the whole world could know how incredible it was to be fucked like this!

To say that she reached climax would be an absurd understatement. It would be closer to say that her brain exploded, rebuilt itself from the pieces, and exploded again. Over and over. When at last her lover pulled out, she just lay there on the desk, drizzling from both ends and moaning weakly. She didn’t know who had been fucking her. She didn’t know the women whose drool puddles were slowly oozing towards her own. She didn’t know her own name. And she really didn’t give a fuck. Everything was perfect.

An electronic bell rang out. From somewhere high above, a woman’s voice rang out.

“Lois Hilbert. Janelle Nguyen. Teagan Driver. Please report to the principal’s office.”

Lois blinked. That was her name. Lois Hilbert. She got up on wobbly legs and blinked at the two women she had been sharing a desk with. Janelle and Teagan. Her classmates. Her besties.

“Lois Hilbert. Janelle Nguyen. Teagan Driver. Please report to the principal’s office immediately.” the intercom woman repeated.

Lois looked around in alarm. The Mr. Hernandez was gone. The three of them were alone in the classroom.

“Are we in trouble?” Janelle asked, pointing at the intercom.

Teagan giggled.

“We were fucking in school,” she reminded them. “Probably.”

“Totally worth it,” Lois declared.

Janelle and Teagan giggled and nodded. The three of them shrugged and headed to the principal’s office.

“If we are in trouble, I’ll get us out of it,” Lois assured her classmates. “Dr. Torrent is totally hot for me!”

“I thought you liked Mr. Hernandez!” Teagan said.

“Mr. Hernandez is fuckalicious!” Lois declared. “But I can like more than one guy! «giggle» I’m a total slut!”

“We’re all sluts!” Janelle declared. “Maybe that’s why Dr. Torrent wants us in his office!”

They all giggled at that.

Dr. Torrent welcomed them to his office and from the way he smiled at them and admired their titties, they were confident that they weren’t in trouble. They sat down and spread their knees in case he wanted to look up their skirts.

“So how was your first day at the School for Precocious Youth?” he asked them.

Lois blinked, confused. She looked at her classmates who were just as bewildered.

“But Dr. Torrent, we’ve always been here!” she reminded him. “Like, forever! We’re the three biggest sluts in school!”

“Of course,” he said. “But I’m afraid I need to put you back the way I found you.”

Lois blinked. She was 50 years old and the mayor of their small town wearing a tastefully tailored suit. She looked back and forth at the two middle-aged women beside her. Teagan was starting to cry, big tears rolling down her pudgy cheeks. Janelle’s mouth was hanging open, dumbstruck and shuddering.

“So now I think you ladies have a better understanding of the particular challenges I have here at the school and I was unable to meet you downtown,” the principal said. “Even our graduates don’t have perfect control of themselves and the students are much, much worse. My main challenge with Carlos, Dyson and William is that, while they can handle one person quite handily, when they have to focus on groups—particularly groups of people they’ve just met, they struggle.”

“We… I… They…” Lois stammered, memories of the past few hours bombarding her with new implications now that she was herself again.

She looked back and forth at her companions again. They were emotional wrecks.

“But I truly do appreciate your helping them practice,” the principal continued. “And I think you understand our school better than you would have if I had given you the tour. If it would make you feel better, we could make this an annual inspection. You can schedule next year’s with Sheena on your way out.”

The flippant, dismissive way he said it was too much for Lois. She bolted up and stood with her fists clenched.

“You can’t do this!” she declared. “You can’t just… just… send us away!”

“No! No please!” Janelle begged in a small voice. “I want to be a student!”

“I can’t go back to what I was!” Teagan sobbed. “Please, Dr. Torrent, sir! Let us stay! Let us be horny sluts! Let us be pretty and fuckable!”

The principal sighed and looked at them.

“Well, I really can’t have you be permanent students,” he said. “You’re prominent members of society. If you were to just disappear, it would cause far too many problems.”

“I…I don’t think I’ll even be re-elected!” Lois argued.

“I wasn’t finished!” the principal said sternly and they all three closed their mouths, thought Lois could hear Teagan whimpering softly.

“Good. Now, as I was saying, you can’t be regular students. You need to go back to your jobs and your lives. But I’m thinking my young interns could really benefit from more group work. So how about this: We can start a charter school that gives classes for adult women at night right here at the school.”

“Every night?” Janelle asked hopefully.

“Every school night,” he said. “If you can arrange it. But if this is going to be of any benefit to my interns, it can’t be just the three of you. The whole point of this is that I need them to be able to handle groups. So rather than charge you tuition, you will need to recruit one new student for every week of schooling you receive. That would mean the boys would be working with six of you next week and nine of you the next. We could have a full classroom of MILFy schoolgirls by the next break and if they can handle that, they can handle anything.”

“Oh wow Dr. Torrent!” Lois exclaimed. “That would be fucking amazing!”

She looked back and forth between Janelle and Teagan, who nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

“You’ll need to watch your language back in town, Lois,” Dr. Torrent chided. “But if you ladies do as good a job as I think you’re going to, and study very, very hard, I think you’ll find more and more of your slutty schoolgirl selves showing up outside of our little school.”

“Oh god yes!” Teagan exclaimed.

Lois closed her eyes and started to plan. She could easily get her secretary to accompany her to the school next week. And her sister the next. She needed this Charter School to work and work fast. Because she needed Carlos Hernandez to get permission to start his own school. Some place far away from the shitty little town. Somewhere where she didn’t have to be mayor and could spend every day being whatever kind of slut he wanted her to be.

The End