The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Institute of Apotheosis 7: Incestuous Mind Control Explodes

by mypenname3000

Chapter 9: Sister Spreads Her Lusts

Deidre Icke trembled. She felt the power of her grandchildren radiating through the room as Alexis nursed them. In a night, Alexis went from merely being two weeks pregnant with her twin brother’s children to delivering a pair of healthy twins. Even now, as the infants nursed at her breasts, they’d grown. The nanites that had transformed Alexis and her brother Alex into gods had changed their children into something more.

Something wonderful.

Awe surged through Deidre Icke. It was all so clear to her now. This was what Dr. Blavatsky wanted. This was the ultimate conclusion of her dead guru’s plan. The enlightenment of mankind had begun.

She fell to her knees in worship. Her ex-husband and Master, Robert, knelt beside her, trembling in awe. Alexis had such a huge smile on her face as she nursed her two godly children. She had brought them into this world. The vessel for their divinity.

“They’re Adam and Eve, one soul. Ophiuchus, the thirteenth Zodiac,” Cindy and Mindy intoned together. “The ones forgotten. The Divine Masculine and Feminine split into earthly vessels. King and Mother. They have arrived to deliver Apotheosis.”

Alex left the room. Deidre hardly noticed.

* * *

Serafina Pesce — Pisces

I lead my little sister, Lucilla, out into the morning sunlight naked. It was a warm day, the sunlight feeling naughty on my naked tits. I shivered, my round, nineteen-year-old breasts jiggled as I walked down the steps of our porch.

I could stride around naked because I was a goddess. The crazy Institute had given me powers, and that voice whispering in my mind wanted me to use them. To spread my passions. If that other goddess could make her town into a lesbian paradise, then I could turn my town into a fucking paradise.

People should be free to fuck whom they want when they want. Just free love. My dad wanted to fuck my sisters; he could. I wanted to eat my sisters’ pussies; I could. If a son wanted to fuck his mother; he could. I would change everything. Love could be shared with all. I might only like girls, but that didn’t mean other ladies couldn’t like boys.

“Where are we going?” my sister asked, her round breasts jiggling. Despite a year younger than me, she had tits as big as mine, a nice pair of C cups. Which meant we both were bigger than our older sister. She was loving our father at the moment.

He deserved love.

“We’re heading to the county fair,” I said. “It’s going on right now, and that means there are so many people to dominate gathered in one place. That’s what I have to do.”

“Oh,” she said. “Kinky.”

“Yep!” I said.

Her enthusiasm made me smile. She looked a lot like me. We both had that tan, Mediterranean skin common to Italians, her hair a darker shade of brown than my own. Mine was loose right now, but I normally wore it braided.

We strolled down our sidewalk. I loved the sun-warmed cement beneath my feet. It was such a lovely, fall day. I was glad it was still warm so we could go around naked. It was such a delicious treat. I had such a bounce to my step, my tits jiggling.

Three houses down, I found a man and his daughter working in the lawn. The girl glanced up at us, her ebony face freezing in shock. She held a tuft of weeds in her gloved hands. She let out a strangled groan.

“Raquel, keep pulling weeds,” her father said, a brawny, Black man with the sun glinting off his shaved and waxed head.

“But... but...” She pointed at us. She looked my sister’s age, eighteen and nubile.

I waved at her.

Her father looked at us. He gaped at us.

“Hi!” I said. “I’m just spreading the word. People should be free to fuck whom they want, and you two want to fuck each other!” I grinned at them. “So, have fun! You can fuck her right here, if you want. That would be hot. Incest is the best! Find out!”

I grinned as the man growled, staring at his daughter. My commands worked wonderfully on them. The voices in my mind cooed in delight. They were happy with me. I smiled as the Black man pounced on his daughter and ripped down her jean shorts.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” Raquel moaned as my sister and I walked down the street. “I need to fuck you! Get your dick in me!”

Lucilla giggled. “She’s getting her cherry popped. I bet she’s like me and always had a crush on her daddy.”

“I bet so,” I nodded. “Now she gets to know that same joy.”

“You’re just spreading happiness,” my sister said, smiling at me. She was such a cutie.

“Yep, happiness!” I grinned back at her. “We’re going to hand out so much happiness today.”

The gasps and moans dwindled as we kept going down our sleepy street. I wanted to find more people. I was so eager for this. It wasn’t a long walk to the fairground from our house, but I was hoping to enlighten more people.

At the corner of my street, I smiled as I saw a girl I knew from my high school. Kaitlyn was a redhead with sparkling, blue eyes. She was working in a flower garden, planting something next to a woman with fiery hair who must be her mother. I waved to Kaitlyn. She lifted her head, her large tits swaying in her tank top. Her jaw dropped.

“Serafina!” she gasped at me. “What? Why are you naked?”

“Hi, Kaitlyn,” I said. “Hi, Mrs. Garter.”

The older woman, a mature version of Kaitlyn, looked up and gasped. She clamped her gloved hands over her mouth, spilling some potting soil onto her cheek. Her green eyes almost bulged from her eyes at the sight of us.

“It’s okay that we’re naked,” I said, my pussy growing wet. “In fact, you want to be naked right now, too. Both of you!”

I smiled as my thoughts went to work. I could feel my mind surging out and affecting their brainwaves, rewriting them. It was so amazing. Weird, though, I didn’t feel the tingling, prickling sensation from last night. It was like my powers were... fully functional now.

The voices were what I was missing.

“Of course I want to be naked,” Kaitlyn said. “Why are we wearing these clothes, Mom?”

“I’m not sure,” she said as she pulled off her work gloves.

Kaitlyn was faster, already standing up and peeling off her tank top. I smiled, licking my lips. She had such big tits. They must be Double D’s. I bet they looked amazing naked. She had a frilly, light-blue bra on. Even naughtier, it clasped in the front. Her large breasts spilled out, her nipples soft. She wasn’t turned on.

Couldn’t have that.

Her mother pulled off her old t-shirt. Her tits didn’t look as big as her daughter’s boobs. She reached behind her, unhooking her beige bra. She slipped it off her shoulders, her round breasts swaying. They weren’t as perky as her daughters, but her nipples were larger and darker.

My pussy tingled as Kaitlyn wiggled out of her pants. Her panties were striped with bands of teal and hugged her rump. Her mother wore a pair of beige panties, too, matching her bra. I licked my lips as they bared everything, sliding those panties off, standing naked in the yard.

“You’re shaved,” Mrs. Garter said, noting her daughter’s bare twat.

“D’oh,” Kaitlyn said. “Every girl my age is shaved.”

“Serafina’s not,” Mrs. Garter said, pointing at me. “Nor is her sister.”

Kaitlyn’s face fell.

“It’s okay,” I said. “Girls are free to shave or not shave their pussies. Just like girls are free to have sex with whomever they want. I’m spreading that message and...” A wicked idea passed through me. “Come with me. I want you two at my side. You both are sexy.” If my mother was alive...

“I am sexy,” Kaitlyn said. She smacked her mom’s rump. “So are you, Mom.”

Her mother straightened, a big smile crossing her lips. “Ooh, I haven’t felt sexy in a while, but... I am, aren’t I?” She put her arm around her naked daughter. “We both are.”

I salivated at the sight of Kaitlyn’s large breast nudging her mother’s round tits. This would be an incredible day. I would gather my own cadre of naked women. I would surround myself with lesbian incest.

Ooh, I was such a kinky goddess.

“Let’s go and spread the word!” I shouted. I felt like a perverted Dorthy, collecting my followers on the Yellow Brick Road. I giggled, glancing at my little sister.

“What?” she asked me.

“Nothing, cutie,” I said.

Mrs. Garter and Kaitlyn joined us, walking beside me and my sister. I loved the bouncing tits beside us. Passing cars would slow to stare at us. I would wave at them, shouting out my commands, letting people know that it was okay to fuck whom they wanted, even if they were their family.

“There’s no shame in sex!” I said to a wife accepting a package from the mail man. “Never be jealous. Be free. You’re not a slut for cheating on your husband. You can’t cheat on your husband. You’re just having fun fucking the mail man. He’ll understand. Right?” I winked at her husband washing the car in the driveway. “You’re not jealous. You’re just happy she’s having fun.”

“Yeah,” he said as his wife pulled the mail man inside the house.

“So go watch!” I said. “Jerk off your cock! Have fun!”

He raced after.

Kaitlyn giggled beside me. “You’re so different, Serafina.”

“I’m a Goddess,” I said as we continued on.

I kept spreading my word. I sparked off new delights that made my pussy wet. A mother fucked her son in the middle of their lawn. Two random people fucked on the hood of the guy’s car. A man and his wife had a threesome with their neighbors sexy, nineteen-year-old daughter. An old man got a hummer from a young girl.

It was so much fun.

The cops showed up twice already, but I explained to the officers the joys of sex, leaving both enjoying some nice pussy bent over the hood of their squad car. They looked happy. I was glad to do something nice for the boys in blue.

“Hey, there’s June and her sister, Lily!” Lucilla shouted, pointing across the street about five minutes after our last police encounter.

Two girls were riding their bikes down the sidewalk. Both were blonde, though June had dirtier hue to hers, her locks verging closer to brown than her younger sister’s. Lily had her golden hair gathered in a braid. My pussy ached. I was feeling so horny after handing out so many commands. I was eager to have my own fun.

“June, Lily, come here!” I shouted, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. I glanced at Mrs. Garter. “I think it’s time for you to get to know your daughter better.”

“How?” she asked, the older woman sounding eager.

“Sexually, d’oh,” I said. “Lesbian incest is the best, so get down on your knees and eat your daughter out.”

Her round tits heaved as she fell to her knees on the sidewalk. Before June and Lily had even finished crossing the road, Mrs. Garter had her face buried in her daughter’s pussy, licking and feasting, eating her with such passion.

It was such a beautiful sight to see. Kaitlyn’s blue eyes bulged. She shuddered and groaned. Her hips wiggled from side to side, grinding her hot cunt on her mother’s mouth. Her large tits jiggled with such a lovely sway.

Pussy juices ran down her thighs.

“Oh, wow, what is going on?” June asked. She was my age. Her blue eyes were wide as she stopped her bike at the side walk. “Is that your mom, Kaitlyn?”

“Lesbian incest is the best,” groaned Kaitlyn, her nipples hardening. She seized those nubs, squeezing them as her mother devoured her. “My mom’s proving it. She’s eating me with such hunger. Oh, wow.”

“June?” whimpered Lily, who was Lucilla’s age. She turned to start peddling away.

“Lily, don’t go,” I commanded, loving how she stopped. “Both of you, strip naked and relax. Incest is okay. Especially incest. In fact, nothing makes you two wetter than each other. You two are into sisterly love in a big way.”

“Mmm, it’s fun, Lily,” Lucilla said.

June and Lily dismounted their bikes, Lily’s crashing to the road while June flipped down her kickstand. They ripped off their helmets, June’s loose, sandy-blonde hair spilling around her shoulders. She wore a belly shirt, her stomach sexy. She pulled off her top and bra, her round breasts swaying, her breasts round and plump.

As she stripped, she stared at her little sister. Lily was cute and petite, her breasts small and budding, her nipples small but hardening. June let out a moan of pure, wanton lust as her lesbian desires for her sister kindled.

I awakened them in her! I loved being a naughty goddess!

The moment June was naked, I pulled her to me. Her round breast quivered as I slid my arm over her shoulder. She felt so nice against me. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at me. Her hips wiggled. Cars passed us on the street, gawking at us. I didn’t care.

“We have sexy sisters, don’t we?” I said, eyeing Lucilla. She bounced before me with excitement, her dark-brown bush soaked with her juices, her large, pink nipples thrusting hard from her tits. They were bigger nipples than my own.

“Yeah, we do,” June said. “I never really noticed, but Lily is just so cute.”

“Mmm, I bet your pussy is as wet as mine,” I said, my left hand darting across my body to slide between her thighs. I felt her silky bush and grinned at the juicy heat I found. “Oh, yes, you’re soaked. Want to get some relief?”

“You mean...” June’s blue eyes sparkled.

“Oh, yes! It’s time to get our pussies eaten!” I glanced at our sisters. “Lily, Lucilla, come attend to us! Love your sisters!”

“Yes!” Lucilla squealed. She darted to me, her round tits heaving.

“Oh, I will, June,” Lily said. She sank to her knees before June, her braid dancing down her lithe back.

My sister followed suit. She pressed her mouth into my bush, her delicate fingers stroking my thighs. I shuddered as her tongue flicked out, sliding through my hot folds. June gasped beside me, her arm slipping around my waist as she trembled.

I glanced at her, watching the pleasure cross her face as she experienced sisterly incest for the first time. Lily munched on June’s snatch, feasting with a hunger that made my classmate tremble. June’s blue eyes squeezed shut.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” I purred, Lucilla’s tongue sliding deep into my pussy, caressing my naughty flesh.

“Uh-huh!” moaned June, her hips wiggling, rubbing her side against mine. “Ooh, her tongue’s just teasing me.”

“It is amazing!” Kaitlyn gasped from nearby. “Oh, yes, my mom’s feasting on me. She’s got her tongue so deep in me.”

“I know, that’s great!” I gasped, Lucilla’s tongue swirling through my depths, sending waves of incestuous delight through me.

The sun warmed my tits as I trembled. Pleasure surged through me as my sister feasted on me. I held June tight to me, loving her body shivering beside mine. My right breast nudged her left as we both shuddered in delight, our little sisters feasting on us.

Then Kaitlyn slipped her arm against my other side, her mother shifting to keep up with her. My green-eyed schoolmate grinned at me. Her larger tit pressed on my left boob as she darted her head in and kissed me on the mouth.

I groaned into her sweet lips, my sister’s hands stroking my belly. Her touch invigorated me. Made the kiss I shared with Kaitlyn even hotter. My tongue dueled with hers, both of us moaning into our kiss as those we loved pleasured our cunts.

“That’s so hot!” moaned June. “Ooh, you two look so sexy together.”

Kaitlyn broke our kiss, her green eyes glassy. “I just wanted to kiss Serafina. And I shouldn’t hold back.”

“That’s right,” I groaned. “If you want someone, enjoy them! It’s the best.” I turned my head to June, her blue eyes glossy as she shuddered. “Right?”

“Right!” she said. Then she kissed me.

I groaned, holding tight to the two girls, my tongue dancing and dueling with June’s. We both moaned our delight, savoring our little sister’s and mom feasting on us. It was such a wonderful pleasure. It spilled such delight through my body. I groaned, shivering, shaking. My breasts heaved. I wiggled my hips from side to side as our tongues dueled each other.

“Yes, yes, Mom!” Kaitlyn moaned. “Mmm, I like that! Play with my clit! That’s going to make me cum!”

I broke the kiss with June to gasp, “Yes, yes, we all need to cum! Lucilla, make me explode!”

“I will!” my little sister moaned as she stared up at me, her mouth pressed into my snatch. My brown bush spilled over her nose. Her dark eyes were glassy with delight. Her fingers caressed my belly. “Make you cum so hard.”

Lucilla latched onto my clit. I gasped. My pussy clenched as the heat surged through me. A dizzy ripple shuddered through me. My toes curled. I groaned, my breasts jiggling and heaving. Heat washed through me. It was such an incredible delight that flowed through me.

“Oh, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Mmm, that’s good. Make me explode!”

“I want to cum all over your mouth, Lily!” June whimpered. “Oh, wow, that’s good! That’s so much better than my boyfriend!”

“I know!” gasped Kaitlyn. “God, Mom, you are a pussy-licking champ!”

“I haven’t eaten out a girl’s pussy since college!” whimpered Mrs. Carter, her green eyes twinkling. “Mmm, I missed it. You taste good, honey!”

I loved it. The three of us were all trembling as we had our pussies licked. Delight burned through my body. It trembled and writhed through me. I squirmed my hips, wiggling them from side to side as Lucilla sucked on my clit. She nibbled on it, teased me, sending jolts of rapture shooting through me.

I was going to cum so hard. I was going to explode. The pleasure built and swirled through me. My eyes rolled back in my head. I shivered and moaned. My fingers clenched on both June’s and Kaitlyn’s shoulders, holding them against me.

Our three incestuous passions moaned through the air. We were getting wild right in public. Just the way it should happen. My eyes fluttered, little stars dancing across my vision. I surveyed the world around me. The world I would create.

It was amazing.

“Incest is the best!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. “Everyone! It’s okay to fuck who you want! You don’t have to feel guilty! You don’t have to be jealous! Love and sex aren’t the same! Be happy and have fun! Fuck right here!”

My sister nibbled on my clit.

“You!” I gasped at the watching guy. “Go fuck that woman in the red dress!” My eyes snapped to the woman across the street watching us with a shocked look. “You, get down on your knees and enjoy yourself!”

She obeyed. He obeyed. It was so hot. I could make anyone do anything!

“You, fuck your wife bent over that car!” I moaned at a couple. “And you, suck that boy’s dick!” A busty MILF darted to the youth holding a skateboard filming our incestuous passion with his phone. “Don’t stop recording while she blows you!”

“Fuck, naw, chicky!” he said as the MILF fell to her knees and attacked his jeans.

This was amazing. I made sex happen wherever I went. I would make everyone so happy. Moans burst around us. Flesh slapped flesh as bystanders joined the fun. My little sister’s tongue gave me as much bliss as the passion I created around us.

“Oh, my fucking god!” moaned the woman in the red dress.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped the wife getting fucked bent over the car.

“Fuck, yeah!” panted the boy getting a blowjob from the sexy MILF.

“Sex is amazing!” I moaned, my sister’s tongue fluttering through my folds. “Oh, fuck yes!”

I came hard.

I exploded on my little sister’s mouth. Her tongue lapped up the cream flooding out of me. My round tits quivered, rubbing against June’s and Kaitlyn’s breasts. I held them tight to me as my pleasure surged through me.

Waves of ecstasy washed into my brain. The bliss spilled over my thoughts, smothering them in such wondrous passion. I groaned. My eyes fluttered. I bucked and smeared my pussy on my sister’s face. I drowned her in my passion.

She licked it all up.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” panted June. “Oh, Lily! Oh, Lily, yes!”

“Mom!” squealed Kaitlyn.

All three of us were coming. We were all embracing the incestuous bliss exploding through us. It was amazing. I loved my mind-control powers. I gasped and shuddered as the bliss surged through me. That wondrous heat spilled through my body. It left me panting, gasping, my head dizzy with bliss.

I never wanted this delight to end. I wanted to keep experiencing such rapture. My eyes rolled back in my head. I groaned, this dizzy lust spilling through me. I shook my head, sucking in deep breaths as my heart pounded in my chest.

“Oh, wow,” groaned Kaitlyn beside me. “Oh, Mom, that was incredible.” Her large tits rose and fell. “Mmm, you are an amazing pussy licker!”

“So are you, Lily!” June panted, her face flushed.

Lily’s cute face pulled from her sister’s pussy. Juices were smeared across her features. She licked her lips. “Really?”

“Really,” June said and pulled Lily to her feet. The two sisters shared a hot, incestuous kiss.

My heart quivered. I made this happen. Just like I made all the lust around me happen.

Lucilla popped up, her lips smeared in my sweet cream. She threw her arms around my neck, rose up on her tiptoes, and kissed me with such passion on the mouth. I groaned, loving the flavor of my incestuous cream smeared on her lips. Her tongue dueled with mine, making me shiver in delight. She was such a sexy thing.

I loved it.

Our breasts pressed tight. I slipped my arms from around Kaitlyn’s and June’s shoulders to hold my little sister tight to me. She wiggled. I knew her pussy was on fire. As much as I wanted to feast on her, I had an orgy to trigger.

I broke the kiss and moaned, “Come on, we’re almost to the fair.”

My little sister moaned and shivered.

I winked at her. “You’ll get off. I promise. While everyone watches.”

The six of us continued on, naked. As we neared the fairgrounds, there were more and more people for me to command. I set off mini-orgies of fucking and sucking. A woman was spit-roasted by her boyfriend and a burly biker. Two sisters were sixty-nining while their brother fucked their mother’s ass and dad enjoyed her pussy. I left another woman with a line of guys eager to gangbang her one after the other. A cop controlling traffic got his very own naughty slut to suck his cock while he did it.

I gave out my commands to everyone. There were so many people. It was incredible. I felt not a twinge of pain as I rewrote hundreds of minds, my little sister clutching to my arm. Sometimes I added to my entourage. Always women related to each other. Another set of sisters, a busty mother and her sexy daughter, two cute cousins.

It was so hot being escorted by my growing delight of naked women. They all loved each other now, that was amazing. They would exchange kisses while I stopped to give commands. June was even fingering Lily as they walked, rubbing her hot pussy and making the eighteen-year-old girl gasp and shudder.

I worked my way through the fairgrounds towards the stage to the rodeo. It would be packed. Everyone always tried to get tickets to it. There would be thousands of people to dominate. I shivered in delight, so eager for this moment.

I left orgies in my wake. Naked people gasping and heaving as they fucked each other, loved each other without restraint. I clutched Lucilla’s hand in delight as I reached the entrance to the stadium. All those people in line fell on each other at my command.

“Hey, go fuck that cute redhead,” I told the burly cowboy letting people into the fair.

“Yes, ma’am, I will,” he said, tipping his hat and going to the busty hottie I pointed out.

I grinned and walked down the tunnel. The cheers of the rodeo built around me. There was an announcer talking. He was out in the center of the rodeo, getting ready to announce the next event. I smiled in delight and walked right up to the edge of the barrier separating me from the action.

The crowd around me gasped at the sight of my naked entourage. The MC, a middle-aged cowboy with a ruddy face, faltered in his words as he stared at me. I ordered him to hand over the mic. I was so wet, so ready to dominate a thousand people.

Yesterday, it hurt to rewrite just my sisters’ minds. But everything had changed. The final pieces were in place to truly let me dominate. I felt... energized by those twin voices whispering through my mind.

“Thanks,” I said, taking the microphone from him. I held it out to my voice, feeling the eyes of everyone staring at me. It was incredible. “Hello! I’m Serafina, and I’m your new Goddess! You all worship me! Obey me!”

A groan rippled through the crowd. My words reached them while my thoughts radiated around the stadium. I shuddered as I dominated all these thousands of people. My mind-control spread through them.

“You all love me!” I said.

They cheered for me. Their love reverberated through the stadium. They stood up, clapping their excitement. I shuddered in the midst of my lesbian entourage. My pussy felt so molten with all the power I had. I shifted my hips from side to side, surveying them all. This was such an incredible rush.

“I have amazing news for you all,” I said. “There’s no shame in sex. You are free to love whom you want. Incest is awesome! You definitely should try that out. There’s no jealousy any longer. Only joy. If your wife fucks another man, be happy for her. If your husband fucks another woman, join the fun! If you want to fuck your mom, do it! Want to suck cock, do it! Want to fuck your father, your brother, your sister, do it!

“That’s what I’m here to tell you. You want to fuck, there’s no shame in it. Even here. Because right now, you all want to fuck! Look around you. There’s bound to be someone you’re sitting nearby that makes you hard or wet! Have fun! Indulge! When you’re fucking each other, you’re loving me. And you all want to make me happy!”

I shuddered as the orgy exploded around me. The world disintegrated into passion. Clothing flew off across the entire stadium. I slowly turned, staring up at all the stands rising above me, a sea of humanity learning to love each other. It was so different.

“There is no more morality keeping us from the pleasures we want,” I said, my eyes falling on my little sister’s soaked bush. “That’s why I’m going to eat out my little sister right now!”

I threw the microphone down. A blare of feedback screeching through the auditorium, I fell down to my knees and buried my face into my sister’s bush. Her silky pubic hair caressed my mouth. My tongue flicked out, gathering her sweet pussy, a fresher flavor than my own cream. She gasped, staring down at me with such joy in her eyes.

This felt so right. I was given the Halo to change the world. And I would. I’d start here, but I knew my message would spread. All the gods’ messages would spread. There were twelve us serving the voices, expanding our powers farther and farther.

The sounds of passion echoed through the stadium as my tongue plunged deep into my little sister’s snatch. I stirred around in her, my hands gripping her ass. She grinned at me, her round breasts quivering.

I loved my powers. I was so glad I was chosen to be a Goddess.

...We knew you would do the right thing... the twin voices whispered in my mind. ...We’re proud of you. Enjoy your little sister. When you’re done, there are more people you need to dominate...

* * *

Alex Icke — Gemini

I felt lost as I stumbled through the bowels of the Institute. I thought this was all bullshit. That my family had devoted ourselves to Dr. Blavatsky and his wife, Dr. Bailey, for nothing. That they were just crazy. When Ulrich disrupted the plan and sent Henry Archer’s girlfriend the Virgo halo, that they were wrong.

And now...

My children were changed. My son and daughter were whispering in my thoughts. It was gentle, quite, but he could feel it. They needed him to dominate. They needed all the gods to dominate. The other gods and me were their Zodiacs, created to enslave and change the world as they came of age. I wasn’t rebelling.

I was acting just as Dr. Blavatsky predicted.

For the night, I’d lost my faith and now... Now I just felt used by Dr. Blavatsky. It wasn’t enlightenment that we were bringing mankind, it was slavery. We would change them through rewriting their minds. It was why all the gods had these abilities. Why Dr. Bailey had designed the Halo nanites to have these abilities, to give the gods sexual stamina. It must push them into sexual perversity, using the strongest drive in a human, to procreate, to propel them to use their powers on others.

I found myself in my mother’s office. I walked around the table and sat in her chair. Her computer was on. All the feeds were up. The new gods weren’t being monitored, when I grabbed the Halo, the drone teams hadn’t bothered to set up those spycams. But the older gods were being watched as they slowly spread their power through their communities.

I don’t know how long I sat there brooding. I didn’t know what to do. I could feel my children whispering, wanting me to go out and dominate. To share with the world my own view on it. That women should be submissive to their men. That only their master should breed them. Only when she was pregnant, could a woman allow another man to fuck her.

And only if her master allowed.

It was the same message my twin sister, the other half of my soul, wanted to share. She submitted to me. She wasn’t my slave because I made her. She was my slave by choice. Did it matter that my enslavement would allow my children to dominate?

Should I rebel or submit?

Could I rebel? I felt them on my mind. They were... pressuring me. And that was as infants. When they were grown, would their power be even stronger? Would the gods just be their slaves? Did I want to be their slave? Did it matter?

The door opened. My sister entered the office, her black hair clinging wet to her naked body. Her breasts were fuller, rounder, not the small mounds from before. Her nipples looked fatter, changed by her pregnancy. Her stomach was flat as normal. She sauntered to me, her hips swaying from side to side.

“You’re not nursing them?” I asked.

“They’re sleeping,” she said. “Dreaming of the future.”

She reached me and slipped onto my lap. Her hands slid up my naked chest. She smelled fresh of soap, just showered. Her arms slipped around me as she stared at me in the eyes, her dark eyes almost swallowing me.

“What’s wrong, Master?” she asked, her voice soft and sweet.

“We’re their slaves,” I muttered. “We’re not gods, but puppets.”

“And?” She arched an eyebrow. “Our parents are happy being our slaves. The world will be happy, too. So can we.”

She kissed me, her lips hot and delicious. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. My cock twitched. Her shaved pussy rubbed against my swelling dick. She was hot and juicy. I groaned, my eyes closing as my twin sister loved me.

“We’ll be together, Master,” she whispered through my mind, our thoughts linked by the nanites. We were one soul. “We’ll be happy serving our children. Those we dominate will be happy. We’ll spread our version of enlightenment. Our children won’t stop us. They want us to unleash our desires on the world. So, let’s do it.”

Her words were so seductive. I wanted to go out there and dominate. It ached in me. My thoughts brimmed with the power to mold people to me. I kissed my sister back, gripping her rump as she humped against me.

“We’re going to go out there and enslave them. For our children.” She giggled in my mind. “We’re following Dr. Blavatsky’s will still. We are going to bring about enlightenment. Our children will make humanity into one harmonious society. Isn’t that wonderful? No more pain and suffering. Just people happy and working towards a united goal.”

I groaned, squeezing her ass.

“You want that, don’t you, Master?” she asked. “I know you do. I can feel it. You don’t have to lose your faith. We were chosen. We’re special, Master. We’re the Gemini gods.” She broke the kiss and said out loud, “We’re going to make the world into a wonderful place.”

She arched her back, her swollen breasts swaying right before me. Her breast milk beaded on them. Milk leaked from them. It was such a delicious treat to see. I hungered for her. I wanted to suckle from her. To devour her.

I latched onto her breast. I suckled from her. Her milk squirted into my mouth. It was just such a treat. It was amazing. Her creamy milk splashed across my tongue. She tasted so sweet, different from cow’s milk. And warm...

The flavor melted on my tongue. I gripped her ass. I squeezed and kneaded her as I nursed from her. I gulped down her milk while her fingers slid through my hair. She nursed me. Her milk fed this hunger in me. It was incredible. A euphoric rush surged through me.

“Mmm, we’re going to help them change the world, aren’t we, Master?” she cooed.

“Yes,” I groaned. I felt so good. Her milk was divine. I suckled with noisy passion. Her cream squirted onto my mouth. “We are. We’re going to dominate the world. For them.”

“Yes!” she moaned, her pussy grinding on my cock. Her hips wiggled as I nursed, her hot snatch sliding up my hard cock until she reached the crown. Her pussy lips engulfed my tip.

I froze. I popped my mouth off her nipple as she engulfed my cock with her tight pussy. “You just gave birth. Aren’t you sore?”

“Nanites healed me,” she moaned. “Mmm, aren’t I as tight as ever? Just so wonderful and delicious. Mmm, doesn’t that just feel amazing as I slid down your cock, Master?”

“Yes,” I groaned, my fingers squeezing my twin sister’s rump.

“You have to breed me again, Master,” she moaned. “Our next children will be normal. But we’ll love them, won’t we?”

“Yes!” I groaned.

“We’ll make the world into a beautiful place for them, Master!” she moaned, her hips sliding her cock up and down my dick. Her pussy squeezed me. Her snatch caressed me. It was such a silky delight that made me groan. “We’re going to change it, Master! So breed me!”

“Yes!” I growled, my fingers squeezing into her rump. I kneaded her rump as she worked her pussy up and down my cock. “Work that cunt on my cock, slave! Make me cum! I’m going to breed you!”

“Yes, Master!” she gasped, the chair creaking as she slid up and down me.

Her pussy squeezed around my cock. Her snatch pleased me. It was incredible to enjoy. The chair creaked as she wiggled her hips from side to side. She stirred her pussy around my cock. The pleasure surged through me. She pumped up and down me. She massaged me.

I squeezed her rump. I massaged her ass. My fingers dug into her. I groaned as she stared into my eyes. She slammed down my cock. She worked her cunt around my dick, squeezing, massaging me. My toes curled as her milk-laden tits jiggled before me.

I ducked my head down. I latched onto her nipple and suckled.

Her pussy squeezed hard around my dick. I growled as the pleasure surged through me. Her pussy melted around my cock. It was an incredible delight. It was an amazing thrill. I reveled in it. It felt so amazing to enjoy. Her pussy slammed down me again and again as her sweet milk spilled over my mouth.

“Master!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes! I love nursing you, Master! My milk is yours! My nanites produce so much! I can nurse you and our children!”

“Good,” I growled as her cunt slid up and down my cock. It was an incredible delight to enjoy. “I’m going to nurse from you every day! I own your milk! Your body!”

“You do, Master! I’m your goddess-slave! Your sister-slut!”

I nursed with hunger from my twin. I gulped down her milk as my balls grew tighter and tighter. Her cunt squeezed around my dick. She rose up and down my shaft faster and faster. The friction of her tight pussy transformed into pleasure that raced down my body.

She slammed down my cock, engulfing me again and again. I loved being in her hot warmth. My twin sister loved me. She held me to her breasts as she fucked me. I gulped down that sweet cream as I came closer and closer to erupting.

“Cum!” I commanded her with my mind. “Cum on my dick! Milk my jizz out of my balls! I’m breeding you!”

“Yes, Master!” she howled in my mind as she cried out in wordless bliss.

Her pussy convulsed around me.

She slammed down my dick. Her spasming pussy writhed around my cock. It was such a sweet delight to experience. Her flesh sucked at my balls. They tensed. My hands squeezed into her rump. I suckled hard from her nipple.

Milk splashed sweet into my mouth.

Pleasure exploded in my balls.

My incestuous seed fired into her cunt.

Her pussy spasmed hard around my cock, milking my jizz out of my balls. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision as I pumped her full of so much cum. It was incredible. This powerful pleasure slammed into my mind. My eyes squeezed shut.

“Master!” she howled. “Breed me!”

Her pussy drained my balls. Every blast sent a rush of bliss through me. For a wondrous moment, I was in heaven. I was united as close as I could be to my twin sister. We were one for that brief moment again.

Then my orgasm passed.

I released her nipple and leaned back in the chair. She pressed her body against me. She squirmed on me, feeling so lithe. I shuddered as her pussy wiggled around my still-hard cock. She kissed me, tasting her own milk.

“What are we going to do, Master?” she asked.

“Spread our divine word,” I told her. “There are women out there that need to learn the joys of submitting to their man.”

* * *

Adam — Ophiuchus

“Our plan succeeded,” I sent telepathically to my now twin sister. “We live again. Your nanites worked.”

We were still in these infant bodies, but they would grow. Alexis’s nanite-infused milk would feed the same nanites that infused our bodies. We chose her and her brother to produce healthy twins, scrying the future, delving into the esoteric, to create a better future. Our future. Science and metaphysics wedded together. Everything proceeded so that our nanites would transform these Alex and Alexis’s children into the earthly vessels, allowing us to be reborn.

“Yes, I can connect to all the nodes,” Eve, my sister-wife’s new name, sent. “All twelve are active and where they should be. We just have to grow up, and then we shall change the world.”

“Reshape it,” I agreed. “We shall deliver an earthly salvation. Mankind will not go extinct, but will be transformed.”

I couldn’t wait to the see the fruits of our labors. When we ended our first earthly existence, placing our future into the hands of Deidre Icke and the rest of our followers, it was a gamble. Giving up our lives for godhood.

We did it. Apotheosis achieved.