The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Institute of Apotheosis 7: Incestuous Mind Control Explodes

by mypenname3000

Chapter 8: Sharing His Slutty Daughter

Deidre’s mind reeled as she stared at the swollen belly of her eighteen-year-old daughter, Alexis. Cindy and Mindy’s words that the two rapidly growing children inside Alexis were the true Gemini gods dazed her. That Alex and Alexis using the Halo was all part of Dr. Blavatsky’s plan was such a powerful revelation.

Hope surged through Deidre.

Her son’s arguments had been persuasive that the wise Dr. Blavatsky had been wrong. That his soul had misjudged everything. She’d devoted her life to Dr. Blavatsky’s vision. She believed that the Halos, given to the correct twelve Gods, would cause the world to awaken to a new destiny. And so far, the Gods had not acted... enlightened.

They were all horny. They used their powers for sexual domination. She had convinced herself that it was the right way. That their lusts were what mankind needed. They taught lessons that had restored her broken relationship with her ex-husband. She became his wife again and then his sex slave. She found joy with it. She made love to her children. She reveled in incestuous passion with her husband.

Robert, her husband and Master, grabbed her shoulders. He gripped her, held her, as the world spun around her. She shook her head, her eyes fluttering. This was so insane. Blood screamed through her veins as she stared at Alexis.

“What are you saying?” Alex demanded, his words powerful.

“That this is all part of Dr. Blavatsky’s plan,” said one of the twins, either Cindy or Mindy. They were too identical to tell apart.

“That you are doing just what Dr. Blavatsky saw. We all are.” A tone of awe elevated the girl’s words. “This is all supposed to be happening. Maybe your children are going to bring about the enlightenment.”

“Yes,” Deidre breathed, trembling, so hopeful that more than half her life wasn’t devoted to a mistake. She stared at her son, Alex, smiling at him. “Don’t you see, Alex. You don’t need to lose your faith at all.”

* * *

Willis Chevrolet — Capricorn

My mind burned from the simple command I gave the woman standing before me.

She blinked, her head shaking from side to side as my command, declaring I was her new husband, rewrote her mind. It was a powerful one. Stars burst across my vision as the needles bored into my thoughts.

“I... I...” She blinked. “Yes, yes. You’re my husband but... but... Who are you? I don’t know you, but.. but...”

“I’m Willis,” I said, feeling suddenly awkward about it. “Willis Chevrolet. You?”

“Tamara,” she said, her voice dazed. “Tamara Victors. What is going on? Why do you have Mitch’s car?”

“Because he gave it to me for being an asshole,” I said.

Then her eyes widened as she noticed my nineteen-year-old daughter, Garnet, standing beside me. Tamara, in her mid-twenties, was beautiful even as she gasped in shock as she realized both my daughter and me were naked. Color blossomed across her cheeks.

“What is going on?”

“This is my daughter, Garnet,” I said, putting my arm around my blonde daughter’s shoulders, pulling the nubile hottie against me. She had a little bit of my cum staining her lips from blowing me on the drive over. “It’s okay that we’re naked. Incest is something you find wonderful, Tamara. You’re glad your new step-daughter is hot, she turns you on as much as I do, and that you think it’s okay that she fucks me because incest is okay. Garnet is our slut.”

“It’s so much fun fucking my Daddy,” Garnet said. As she spoke, I ground my teeth together as the needles attacked my mind, rewriting my mind.

Tamara shook her head, then she smiled at Garnet. “Well, she is beautiful.” Tamara shivered and licked her lips. Her eyes flicked back and forth between us. “But... but... Why am I your wife? What about Mitch?”

“He’s a cheating asshole,” I told her. “He fucks his yoga students, including my whore of an ex-wife. I just caught them. But I punished him.”

“What?” she gasped, pain flashing across her face. She shook her head. “Mitch was... I mean... He...”

The hurt straining her expression stirred my heart. I knew that ache of betrayal. Ever since I realized my wife was cheating on me, I felt that. It made you question everything. Made you ask what was wrong with you that the person who promised to love and be faithful to you no longer did. It sent you reeling. It killed your self-esteem. I wallowed in mire, thought I was trapped. My wife threatened to ruin my life if I left her. She would lie about me abusing her. She was Catholic. Divorce wasn’t an option for her. She wanted me to keep working, to support her while she fucked her yoga teacher.

The Halo that arrived and gave me these mind control powers had changed everything.

She stared down at her wedding ring, the diamond gleaming on there. Tears filled her eyes. She looked away, her shoulders shaking as she fought with her emotions. I couldn’t let her feel terrible. She didn’t deserve to feel like she was a mistake.

“Come on,” I said, stepping inside and grabbing my new wife’s shoulders. “Take me to your bathroom.”

“Bathroom?” she asked, looking up, her eyes swimming with tears. She took my hand and led me inside as she furrowed her brow, surprised she was doing this. “What’s going on here, Willis?”

“I’m mind-controlling you,” I said. “You don’t have a problem with that. You know that I won’t harm you.”

“Okay,” she said, squeezing my hand as she led me through the living room, passed a wall that had wedding photos of her and that cheating asshole. They looked as happy as I did with my ex-wife. She had no idea in those photos that her husband would fuck any piece of ass that threw themselves at him.

My ex was such a whore. I hoped she made my son happy. He could use her for as long as he wanted.

Past the living room, she led me down a short hallway and into a small bathroom. Not a full bath, but just a sink and a toilet. It was clean, fresh smelling. She kept up the house, wanting to make her home with Mitch something special.

I hated the man more.

I turned her to face the mirror. I stood beside her, my arm around her. She would make a good wife. She would be loving. She wouldn’t cheat on me. Hurt me. She would be faithful like my whore-ex should have been.

“Look at yourself,” I told her.

She raised her eyes then wiped at her tears. She drew in a shuddering breath. She looked so miserable. I had to take away her pain and make her feel worthwhile again. She didn’t deserve this at all.

“You are better than Mitch,” I said. “He’s your ex-husband because he’s a cheating dog. He’s such a pathetic man that you don’t feel at all bad. You feel relieved. You’re free of him. Free to have a man who will love you. Now that you know what he is, you don’t love him at all. You despise him.”

The pain burned across my thoughts. It was intense, but worth it as the pain in her face turned into anger. She stiffened beside me, her back straightening. She wasn’t being crushed by her ex’s actions. She wasn’t feeling grief at his betrayal.

“That’s right,” he said. “You don’t need him because you have me. I’m your husband now.” I stared at the mirror with her. “I’m your husband. You love me. You’ll cherish me, be faithful to me. You won’t ever have sex with another man. Know that I love you with all my heart. That you don’t have to ever wonder if I’ll cheat on you because I’ll share any woman with you and...”

My mind changed. I was staring at my reflection as I said these words. They bounced back on me and... I could feel my own thoughts rewriting my mind. I was... changing myself as I stared in the mirror.

“I love Tamara,” I said. “I’m her husband. I’ll share my women with her. I won’t cheat on her.”

My heart beat faster. This euphoric rush surged through me. My arm tightened around Tamara’s arms. I stared at her and this warmth spread through me. I felt like a teenager again. Her eyes met mine. She whimpered. I could see the passion in her eyes.

“Willis,” she groaned. “I... I... love you.”

“Love you,” I groaned and then we were kissing.

I pulled her against me, my heart beating with such passion as I held my new wife. She wouldn’t hurt me like that bitch had. She would love me. Be faithful to me. I had hope again. It was so amazing. Our tongues met. She tasted so sweet. She was so hot. My dick grew so hard against her, pressing on her shirt.

I held her. Loved her. I rejoiced in her arms. This heady rush shot through me. Her hand gripped my head, fingers sliding through my short, blond hair. Her black hair brushed my hands on her lower back and...

I slid them lower.

I cupped her ass through the pajama bottoms she wore. I squeezed her rump, feeling how firm her ass was. She was in great shape. Young and beautiful, and that asshole Mitch still cheated on her. I pulled her so tight against me, loving me.

I broke the kiss, staring into her eyes. “Tamara, I love you so much.”

“Willis!” she sighed in that breathy delight. “This is all so much. I can’t believe this. How much I love you. I don’t even know you.”

“We’ll get to know each other,” I told her. “We have our whole lives to figure out how wonderful we are. We’re going to do such amazing things together. We’re going to make sure that husbands and wives don’t hurt each other like that asshole and that bitch did to us.”

Tamara nodded her head.

“You are so beautiful.” I glanced at the mirror, staring at myself. “You’re always going to make me so excited. So hard. And I’ll always make you so wet.” My thoughts prickled as I changed us both.

My dick was so hard.

“And Garnet, your new daughter, also makes you wet.”

“Oh, yes,” Tamara groaned, her hips wiggling. “Mmm, I’m soaking my panties, Willis.” She licked her lips. “She is cute. And blonde.”

“She was almost a whore, but I saved her. Now she’s just our slut,” I said. “She’ll be so happy letting us use her for our pleasure. Right, honey?”

“Of course, Daddy,” Garnet moaned from the hallway. “I love being your slut. It’s so hot. And I’ll be my new mom’s slut, too. I’ll be a slut for anyone you want.”

“See, she’s an obedient daughter now,” I said, grinning at my new wife. “Want to get to know her better?”

“I want to get know you both better,” Tamara moaned.

“Let’s go up to our new bedroom.” I grinned at her. “We’re going to break it in.”


She broke away from me though her hand still grasped mine. She led me with an eagerness to the doorway. Then she paused. She glanced at her left hand. At the ring on there. Her brow furrowed. A look of anger or disgust, or maybe both, rippled across her face.

I seized her ring and ripped it off her finger. I tossed it in the toilet. “You don’t need that. I’ll get you something better. Something bigger. Only the best for my wife.”

She beamed at me. “God, I love you, Willis. Come on, I’m so wet. You and our daughter are so hot.”

“Yes!” Garnet said. “Ooh, she’s cute, Daddy. I’m glad you’re making her happy. I’m glad you’re happy, too. I wish I hadn’t listened to Mom. She told me this was how women treated men. That we just needed to take what we wanted from them. But I understand. That’s what bitches do. I don’t want to be a bitch.

“Just your slut, Daddy.”

“Isn’t she cute?” I asked my new wife as Garnet backed down the hallway before us, her perky, round tits bouncing and jiggling as she grinned at us. Her pink nipples thrust out hard while my cum ran down her thighs, white and pearly.

“She is,” Tamara said. “I’ve never been into girls before, but... She is sexy.”

Garnet beamed.

Tamara led us back through the living room. I glared at the wedding pictures. We would get rid of those later, for now, we would just love each other. Garnet let Tamara take the lead now. This was our new life. We would have such an amazing time.

Tamara hurried us up the stairs, her ass looking so cute in her flannel pajama bottoms. I couldn’t wait to see my new wife naked. We gained the second floor and she rushed us down the hallway to her bedroom. Of course it was neat. She was a woman that tended to the house properly. A flower comforter covered the bed, lacy doilies draped the dresser. A photo of her and her ex in jogging clothes hugging somewhere outdoors set on the nightstand.

“Let me see that body,” I said, so hard for Tamara. She truly was a hot woman. “Let me see how sexy my new wife is.”

“Yes, yes, show that hot bod, Mom!” Garnet said. She hugged me from behind, those youthful titties rubbing on my back. She nuzzled up to my ear, nibbling on it while Tamara gave me such a sultry look.

Tamara drew up her flannel top, revealing more and more of her toned belly. She had a tan to her skin that came from sunbathing. She wasn’t wearing a bra beneath, pale triangles of silky flesh surrounded her pink nipples thrusting hard from areolas. Her boobs were almost as firm as my daughter’s as they swayed. She pulled her top off, her black hair spilling in waves around her hungry face.

“Those are just such cute titties,” moaned Garnet. “Her tan lines are sexy.”

“Yeah, they are,” I groaned, my dick throbbing. “You are gorgeous, Tamara.”

Delight danced in her eyes. She had such a naughty smile on her face. How could that asshole cheat on her? She was amazing. My heart thundered in my chest for how beautiful she was. My dick twitched hard.

Garnet’s hand stroked down my body and found it. She stroked it while purring in my ear, “Mmm, she’s taking off those bottoms. Do you think she’s shaved? Have a landing strip? How does she groom her pussy?”

“We’re going to find out,” I said.

Tamara winked at me as she untied her pajama bottoms. Then she wiggled them off, revealing a cute pair of pink panties beneath. Her legs were equally tan and sleek, shaved and beautiful. Her breasts bounced as Tamara stepped out of them. My new wife turned around, wiggling her rump at me.

She was so sexy. My dick throbbed in Garnet’s stroking hand. My daughter’s shaved pussy rubbed on my ass, her landing strip a narrow, ticklish delight. She fisted faster and faster. She made me ache as Tamara looked over her shoulder at me. Her eyes flashed as she hooked her panties’ waistband.

She shoved her panties down her rump. She bent over, thrusting that ass at me, her tan lines on her butt-cheeks. I groaned as her dark bush, trimmed close, peeked between her thighs. She wiggled her hips back and forth.

“She’s wet, Daddy,” Garnet whispered. “She’s dripping for you. She’s hot for you, Daddy.”

“I am,” Tamara moaned as she stepped out of her panties. She turned around, staring at me with open hunger.

“You have such a yummy looking pussy, Mom,” Garnet said. “Mmm, I have such a hot step-mom.”

Tamara’s smile grew. “And I have a sexy slut for a step-daughter.”

My daughter shuddered against me. “Yes, yes, such a slut!”

“You want to eat her cunt, honey?” I asked. “You want to eat your new mother’s pussy.”

“You know I do, Daddy!” moaned Garnet. “I’m her slut, too. I have to prove it.”

“Prove it.”

“Yes!” She kissed my neck then broke away from me, letting go of my throbbing dick. She darted forward from me and grabbed Tamara’s hand. “Mom, ready to get your pussy devoured?”

“Yes,” my wife said, her eyes flashing to me. She smiled as she let Garnet push her down on the bed.

Tamara’s breasts jiggled. She wasn’t much older than my daughter, maybe five or six years older. She was sexy. Delicious. Perfect. My daughter pressed her thighs apart. She leaned down, her ass pointed right at me.

Her sloppy cunt, dripping with my cum, beckoned.

“Oh, yes,” Tamara gasped, her dark eyes widening. “Oh, you are a slut. You just dove into my pussy and... Yes!”

“Is she loving you?” I asked, mounting the bed. My cock bobbed and swayed before me. “Is she making you feel good?”

“Oh, yes,” she said, shuddering. “Far better than that asshole and... Oh, yes! Garnet! Oh, you little slut!”

I loved how my new wife shuddered as my daughter ate her. Garnet feasted with such a wild hunger. She wiggled her hips from the side. Cum and juices ran down my daughter’s thighs. Her shaved pussy looked so fuckable, her pink lips slightly parted, her clit hard.

Tamara grabbed Garnet’s blonde hair. Tamara held my daughter to her pussy, grinding her pussy on her. She gasped and moaned, her face twisting with pleasure. Her breasts jiggled. Her legs twitched, swinging open and close.

“Oh, my god, Willis!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, she’s such a slut! She’s got her tongue jammed so far inside of me. Just swirling around and... and... You naughty girl! That’s my butt-hole!”

“What did she do?” I asked, stroking my cock as I approached my daughter’s cunt.

“She jammed a finger up my butt!” moaned Tamara. The bed creaked as she humped against my daughter. “Oh, that’s wicked. Ooh, she’s making me feel good.”

“Enjoy her!” I commanded. “It’s not cheating with another woman if we share her.”

“Yes!” Tamara moaned.

“So long as the woman’s not cheating herself. If she’s single, or a slut like my daughter, then it’s okay.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” my wife gasped. “Ooh, are you going to fuck our daughter?”

I grinned as I rubbed my cock against my daughter’s juicy pussy. “Not just fuck her. Breed her. Sluts need to breed new sluts.”

“Of course!” Tamara moaned while my thoughts prickled. “Breed a slut-daughter in her! Maybe... Maybe we’ll have a son, and he’ll need a slut!”

What an incredible woman.

“Yes!” I growled and thrust my cock into my daughter’s cunt.

Her juicy, sloppy snatch embraced my cock. She brimmed with my last load of cum I was so eager to spill more in her. To breed a slut in her and a son in my wife. I would raise him right. He would find a woman to love and share his slut-sister with.

My balls smacked into my daughter’s cunt. He rammed deep into her cunt, plunging over and over into her. Her pussy clenched down around my dick. Her hips wiggled from side to side, stirring her incestuous twat around my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned “Oh, Garnet, you’re such a wonderful slut!”

“Thank you, Daddy!” she moaned, her voice muffled by her step-mother’s pussy. “Oh, yes, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my cunt! Breed a slut-daughter in me!”

“Yes, yes! Put a slut in her belly!” moaned Tamara, her body shuddering. “And you, you little whore, keep fingering my asshole and licking my clit. I want to cum!”

“Make her cum, slut!” I growled, pounding her hard. I buried into her again and again. I rammed to the hilt in her. “Make me wife explode!”

“Yes, Daddy!” gasped my daughter.

My balls thwacked into her pussy lips as the pressure built and built in them. My nuts swelled with cum approaching a boil. I ached to erupt in her incestuous depths. Her silky sheath squeezed about me. She undulated her hips, stirring around my shaft. The stimulated pleasure rippled through me.

It was incredible. I groaned as her snatch squeezed around me. She bucked back into me as she feasted on my new wife. She moaned into Tamara’s pussy. My daughter’s cunt grew hotter and hotter around me. She whimpered, her snatch clenching down on me every time I buried in her.

“You’re going to cum, too, aren’t you, slut?” I growled.

“So hard, Daddy!” she moaned. “Your cock is churning me up! It’s so incredible, Daddy! Your dick is amazing!”

I grinned, plowing into her hard. I plunged into her juicy cunt. I buried into her hard. I wanted to feel her cumming on my dick. Her silky sheath massaged me. It was incredible to enjoy. I gripped her hips, pounding her as the ache built and built at the crown of my cock.

Then Tamara gasped. Her back arched, thrusting her tits up into the air. They bounced and jiggled. Her hips wiggled from side to side. Then her eyes shot open. She cried out in rapture. I groaned as my new wife came.

“You naughty slut!” Tamara howled. “Oh, Garnet! Oh, you’re such a good pussy-licker, slut!”

“Goddamn, yes!” I moaned, pounding my daughter’s cunt. I rammed into her, the friction building and building the pressure in my balls. “You made your step-mother cum, you slut! You did great!”

“Thank you, Daddy!” she moaned. And then she spasmed.

Her cunt rippled around my cock.

Her pussy convulsed as I drove into her. That wonderful, massaging delight engulfed my cock. I grunted as her juices flowed, bathing my crotch and balls. My daughter squealed in delight, the little slut’s head snapping, her blonde hair flying.

“Daddy! Daddy! Yes, yes, yes! You’re just such a stud! I’m cumming so hard!”

“Oh, you have to cum in her, Willis!” my new wife begged. “You have to breed her! You have to spill your cum into her.”

“Yes, Daddy! Breed me! Plant a slut-daughter in my cunt!”

I groaned, my balls aching. I buried into the depths of my daughter. My dick drank in the writhing bliss. She milked me. Her cunt hungered for my seed. My balls tightened. My muscles tensed, my back arching. Then it happened.

That wonderful moment of eruption.

I came in my daughter’s cunt.

My jizz fired into her depths. I pumped my seed over and over into my daughter’s cunt. She gasped and moaned as I grunted. The rapture slammed into my mind. It sent me reeling. I groaned, holding her tight as the pleasure burned through my mind.

It was so hot to breed my daughter with my new wife’s eager support.

“Take it, slut!” I growled as stars burst across my vision.

I pumped the last spurts of my cum into her cunt. Her pussy writhed about me. She milked me dry. I groaned and panted, my head swaying from the dizzying bliss spilling through me. I panted, my heart racing. I fanned my face, savoring this moment.

I pulled out of her with a groan. My dick came free. A fresh load of my cum ran down her thighs. She sat up, a big smile on her pussy-soaked lips. She grinned at me as she turned, her perky tits heaving. Her brown eyes sparkled.

“Your new wife tastes good, Daddy. See!”

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the mouth. Tamara’s spicy pussy exploded across my taste buds as Garnet’s tongue darted into my mouth, swirling around my own. I groaned, my dick throbbing against her pussy, dripping with her cream.

“That’s hot to watch,” moaned Tamara, sitting up. “Your daughter’s so sexy, Willis. And she has your hair color. God, you really are going to breed your daughter.”

I broke the kiss with Garnet and grinned at my wife. “I am. And you. I want a son to enjoy his slut-sister.”

“Yes!” Tamara groaned. “Despite cumming, I’m still so wet.”

“I can see that,” I said, glancing at her thighs still open wide, her pussy lips parted, showing off her pink depths. They were a darker hue than my daughter’s. “Mmm, I know Garnet just ate you out, but I would love a taste before sliding in you.”

“And pumping me full of all that jizz?” Tamara asked. “God, you’re still hard after cumming in her.”

“Daddy is a stud!” Garnet said. “I blew him on the drive over here, gulped down all his jizz, and he was still eager for you.”

“Sounds yummy,” Tamara said. “Maybe I could suck you and get a taste, Willis.” She licked her lips. “I used to think I was great at BJs. Always gave that asshole one to make sure that he was—”

The front door open and closed. Tamara gasped as someone moved through the house.

“Tamara?” the pathetic voice of Mitch called. “Tamara, honey.”

Anger flared across her face. “What is that asshole doing here?”

“Probably didn’t know where else to go,” I said, a smile growing. “Mitch, get your pathetic, cuckolded ass up here.” I glanced at Garnet. “I think he needs another object lesson.”

“Oh, he does, Daddy,” Garnet said while I stretched out on the bed beside Tamara.

She cuddled up against me, her hand sliding down to grab my cock. “You really have mind-control powers, don’t you?”

“Daddy’s a god,” Garnet said, stretching out on the bed lengthwise at her feet, her legs dangling over the edge.

The footsteps crept closer. Mitch was coming, but he wasn’t going fast. He was dragging it out, knowing what it meant that I was here. His shadow appeared in the hallway. I watched him come closer and closer, trembling. He used to be such a confident, cocky asshole. The type of man who thought he could cheat on his lovely wife and fuck other men’s spouses.

He appeared in the doorway, shoulders hunched. He groaned as he stepped inside. Stopped.

“I see you’re still hard,” I said, grinning as he adjusted himself.

“Please, please, can I cum?” he groaned. “I need it so badly.”

“Oh, can’t one of those whores you fucked get you off?” demanded Tamara. “My new husband can get off. He just pumped his daughter full of cum.”

Mitch groaned and shook his head.

“He can only cum in my ex’s pussy,” I explained, “and she’ll never fuck him. She’s busy being my son’s whore.”

“Oh, I have a step-son, too?” Tamara said. “And he’s got his own slut? That’s wonderful.”

I smiled at her. She was so incredible. “I don’t know how you could cheat on this gorgeous woman,” I said, lost in Tamara’s dark eyes. “She’s perfect. She loved you. And you still had to fuck other women. Why?”

“Because I could,” Mitch said. “Because they wanted me. Tamara’s great and I loved her, but... These other women were hot, too. It’s not like I thought she’d ever find out. I never wanted to hurt her.”

“What a selfish asshole,” I said, my head drifting towards my wife. “I’m so sorry you wasted years of your life on him.”

“Me, too,” she purred. “Good thing I have you, Willis. I love you.”

Mitch let out a pathetic groan as my wife kissed me. Our lips melted together. Heat exploded through me. I pulled her tight, kissing her with such passion. Ripples of delight washed through my body. I was so glad I had her. That she was in my arms.

That her asshole ex was watching her love me.

My hand slid down Tamara’s back to cup her firm, tone rump. I squeezed her. She shuddered and slid her thigh over mine, pressing her furred muff into my leg. She humped against me, her ass flexing beneath my groping fingers.

“Aren’t they just so cute, Mitch?” my daughter asked in a breathy voice. “They’re so in love. It makes me feel giddy.”

“It’s... She’s... Tamara, I love you,” Mitch groaned.

Tamara growled. She humped her wet snatch against my thigh with an aggressive hunger, her silky pubic hair tickling me. Her hand swept down my body and grabbed my dick wet with my daughter’s cunt juices. Her tongue dug deep into my mouth, stirring around in me. It made me shudder. I groaned as she fisted me.

“Please, Tamara, I’m so sorry. I can’t lose you. You’re my life.”

She broke the kiss. “Should have thought of that before sticking your dick in another woman!” she hissed. “Now I have Willis. I love him so much. More than I ever loved you.”

“He’s just making you say that,” Mitch groaned, his voice so pathetic.

“Mmm, he is,” Tamara said, her hand fisting my cock. She stared down at me with such love in her eyes. “And I don’t care because I feel his love. I know he won’t cheat on me.”

“He just fucked his daughter! Look at her! Her pussy’s dripping with cum!”

“He fucked her while she went down on me,” Tamara purred. She rose, her breasts swaying. “She made me cum so hard while he bred her pussy. We shared her.”

“But... but... I thought threesomes were disgusting,” he spluttered. “That if I loved you, I wouldn’t need to have another woman in our bed.”

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t have fucked all those whores!” she hissed. “I would have done such amazing things for you. I would have loved you! Been with you! We could have been happy together! But now I have Willis now! He’s so much better than you! I’ll do things with him I’d never do with you. I’ll share so many women with him! Sluts! Whores! His own daughter! He’s my husband now!”

She straddled my face, pressing her black-furred muff against my lips. Her wet pubic hair tickled my nose and cheeks. Her spicy cream flowed into my mouth. I groaned, stroking her thighs as she settled on me.

“I’ll suck his dick clean of his daughter’s juices!” hissed Tamara as she leaned over me, pressing her firm breasts into my stomach. She rubbed the crown of my dick against her cheek. “I’ll do that for my new husband because I love him! Now just shut up, sit there, and watch how a real husband loves his wife!”

“Yes!” I snarled. “Listen to her! She’s my wife!”

My thoughts burned. I groaned into Tamara’s pussy. My hands clenched her thighs. Then the pain passed. I’d rewritten his thoughts. I felt him watching as his ex-wife slid my cock’s spongy tip to her lips. Pleasure shot down my shaft as she kissed and nuzzled at the crown. Her tongue fluttered out.

“Mmm, his daughter tastes good on his dick,” she moaned, her hips wiggling while my tongue lapped through her folds.

My new wife tasted amazing. I groaned as I licked again and again. I feasted on her as she lapped up and down my shaft, enjoying my daughter’s juices. This was incredible. I’d never had a woman lick my dick clean of another woman’s cream. My wife wouldn’t suck my cock after it had been in her own pussy.

Though Garnet would suck my dick clean of her ass. But she was a slut.

Spicy cream spilled into my mouth as I feasted on my wife. My hands slid up to grab her toned rump. I fluttered my tongue through her folds. I wanted to make her cum. I had to show Mitch that a husband loved his wife. And I loved her. I mind-controlled myself into doing it and...

Tamara was right, that didn’t matter why I loved her. It didn’t change what I felt for this woman. My fingers kneaded her rump as I licked and fluttered my tongue through her hot folds. I pleased her. Teased her. I had to make her explode.

She licked back up to the tip of my cock. She reached the crown and her tongue stirred around it once more. I groaned, loving that wondrous delight. My dick throbbed in her mouth as I savored this bliss.

“Mmm, I’m going to suck his cock until he cums in my mouth!” moaned Tamara. “Then he’s going to fuck me! He’s going to breed a son in me! I’m never having your child, asshole. I’m going to have Willis’s! My new husband’s!”

Her mouth engulfed my dick with an angry passion. I could feel her rage at her cheating husband in how hard she sucked. My balls twitched from the pressure. My dick throbbed in her mouth. She worked her oral cavity up and down my shaft, fucking me with her mouth.

It was incredible. My fingers tightened in her rump. My tongue jammed deep into her spicy cunt. Her pussy walls clenched around my tongue as I shuddered beneath her. This wondrous pleasure shot through me. I groaned, my dick twitching. A dizzying heat rushed through me. My eyes squeezed shut as the rapture surged through to my mind.

The ache swelled in my balls. It grew up to the tip of my cock. The pressure was incredible. My wife sucked my cock with such hunger to show how much she loved me. I returned the favor, stirring up her pussy with my tongue.

“Oh, Mitch, this is so hot to watch! My daddy is a stud.” Garnet shifted. “And look at my new mom go. She’s sucking on his cock so much. It’s hot!”

Mitch didn’t answer. Couldn’t answer.

I kneaded my wife’s rump, feeling Mitch and Garnet’s eyes on me. I groaned into my wife’s pussy. My tongue fluttered around inside of her. I stirred her up. She whimpered about my cock. She sucked hard. Her head bobbed up and down, fucking my cock with her hot mouth. Her tongue danced. My balls ached.

I came closer and closer to erupting.

She was incredible.

I groaned into her pussy as my toes curled. I was so close. I sucked on her clit. Nibbled on it. My wife moaned about my cock. Her passion hummed about the tip of my dick. It shot delight down to my balls.

My cum reacted. My jizz boiled over. I exploded into her mouth.

Spurt after spurt of my seed flooded my wife’s mouth. I basted her with my cum while moaning around her clit. She wiggled and groaned, rubbing back into me. She danced her pussy on me, grinding that hot cunt on my face.

It was incredible. I loved it. I fluttered my tongue through her depths. I sucked on her bud. It was the best delight in the world. It made me ache and shudder. I moaned into her snatch, stars bursting across my eyes.

“Ooh, my daddy came in your ex-wife’s mouth!” Garnet said. “Ooh, did she ever swallow your cum with such hunger, cuckold?” My daughter laughed. “Of course not. She loves my daddy far more than she ever loved you.”

Tamara’s mouth popped off my dick. As her pussy gushed juices into my mouth, she howled, “I love him more than you, asshole!”

My wife came atop me. Her rump clenched beneath my hands. Her pussy bathed my face in her passion. I licked up her spicy delight. I drank it down as she rose. She gripped my cock as she whimpered and moaned. It was so incredible to make her explode. To give her such pleasure that she burst with her passion.

I loved it.

“I need you in me, Willis!” she moaned. “I need my husband’s cock in my pussy right now!”

“Ride him!” Garnet gasped. “Show your ex how amazing you are!”

“Yes!” I groaned.

Tamara sprang down my body. She turned around, her tits heaving. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her hungry pussy. I groaned as she impaled her cunt down my dick. That wonderful snatch engulfed me in a single stroke. Her juicy, hot depths surrounded me. Her back arched, her tits heaving before her.

A look of abject rapture crossed her face. She leaned back, her hips shifting, stirring my cock around. My hands flew to her body. I stroked her torso, rubbing across her flat stomach. I felt her toned muscles ripple as she rose up my cock, whimpering in her delight.

Then she slammed down my dick. She engulfed me with that delicious, hot, tight cunt. I groaned, my balls tightening. It was incredible to enjoy. She wiggled her hips. She stirred herself around me. Then she slammed down me. She engulfed my dick again and again. She took me to the hilt. She engulfed my cock with all her juicy passion.

Her breasts heaved and bounced before me. She whimpered and groaned. Her black hair danced around her face as she loved my dick. She rode me with passion. Her cunt massaged my cock. Loved it. Pleasure spilled through me.

“He just came in my mouth, and he’s still hard!” howled Tamara. “That’s how much of a man he is!”

“Yes!” I growled, loving those words. It was amazing to feel like a man again and not just a living wallet. To have true value and not to feel disposable. “I’m going to breed you, honey! I’m going to give you a son!”

“Please!” she moaned, her cunt clenching around my dick as she slammed down me. Her tits heaved. “Oh, Willis, I want your child badly!”

She leaned over me, planting her hands on my chest. Her fingernails scratched. My flesh burned as she clawed me. Her eyes shone with such passion. I stared into them as my hands slid up her body to her breasts. I squeezed them. My fingers sank into her flesh, massaging them. Kneading them. Loving them.

She squeezed her pussy around my dick. She gasped as she slammed her cunt down on me. This wondrous delight spilled over me. I groaned as the pleasure washed through my mind. Her tits heaved in my massaging hands.

My balls grew tighter and tighter.

“I love you so much!” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she howled. “You’re my husband! You’re amazing, Willis! I love you so much!”

I squeezed her tits and then I rolled her over onto her back. I was on top of her, kissing her. I rammed into her pussy hard now, fucking my wife. Her arms and legs wrapped around me. She held me tight as our tongues danced and dueled.

My balls, slapping into her taint, grew heavier and heavier. I had more cum in them. The Halo had changed me. I loved it. My tongue danced in her mouth. She shuddered beneath me. She squeezed her thighs around me, holding me tight as I drilled my dick again and again into her depths.

Her fingernails bit into my back.

Her pussy squeezed around my dick.

Then she groaned into our kiss. She shuddered beneath me. Her pussy convulsed. My wife’s snatch writhed and spasmed about me. It was amazing. I made her cum again. I gave her such pleasure. She bucked beneath me, pressing her tits into my chest.

I broke the kiss as I pumped into her climaxing snatch. “That’s it, honey! That’s the joy you’ll get with me!”

“So good!” she whimpered. “Cum in me! Breed me while that asshole watches!”

“Yes!” I growled and buried into her.

“Cum in her, Daddy!” my daughter moaned, kneeling beside us. “I want my daughter to be her brother’s slut!”

Those words shot through me. My wife’s convulsing cunt massaged my cock while the fantasy burned through me. I rammed into the fertile depths of Tamara’s pussy. Her spasming flesh welcomed me. I stared into her eyes.

Breed her.

“Tamara, I love you!” I growled as my cum fired into her depths.

Her eyes squeezed shut as my jizz splashed into her cunt. She whimpered. Her pussy writhed harder. She came with more passion beneath me as I pumped her full of my cum. The pleasure slammed into my mind. That dizzying delight swept through me and left me groaning and gasping.

“Oh, wow,” I panted as her pussy milked out the last of my cum. “See, Mitch, that’s how a man loves his wife.”

He didn’t answer. Still silent.

“You can go now,” I said. “Never come near Tamara again. I’ll have your clothing dropped off at your studio.”

Mitch fled.

Tamara giggled beneath me. “Mmm, he’s your bitch.”

“Yes, he is,” I said, nuzzling against her nose.

“Daddy’s going to make so many people happy,” Garnet said. “Tomorrow, we’re going to help people. Cheating men will be punished, cheating women will become sluts, and Daddy will make sure the faithful spouses find partners who love them. Who will never hurt them like that jackass hurt you, Mom.”

Tamara smiled. “Mmm, that sounds... interesting. So, you’re going to... mind-control more people?”

“I was given these powers for a reason.”

* * *

Serafina Pesce — Pisces

In my dreams, everyone worshiped me. It felt so right. Like I was supposed to go out there and make it happen. Sex was so freeing. I was so glad I mind-controlled my sisters into fucking me. That I let my dad know he could screw them, too.

I didn’t mind sharing with my dad. I may be a lesbian, but I loved my father.

I pictured our entire town worshiping me like that lesbian town on the news. It was clear I wasn’t the only person to receive the Halo. That weird text mentioned that I was one of twelve. I shifted, distantly aware I was snuggled up against my little sister, Lucilla, on our couch.

“We love you, Serafina!” my followers, men and women, moaned. They were all loving each other, the women all bi. There was no jealousy. It wasn’t needed in my world. Just people enjoying themselves. “Thank you!”

“You’re our Goddess!”

“You were sent to free us!”

“To liberate us!”

A warm delight shuddered through me and...

My eyes snapped open. Something... changed in the world. I shivered as I sat up, my mind itching. An invigorating shot through my body. I glanced at my cute, eighteen-year-old sister, smiling. I’d freed her. Now I had to free more people.

I had to dominate them because...

...The awakening is at hand... two voices whispered as one through my mind. ...You know what to do, Pisces...

I knew what to do.

“Serafina?” my sister moaned, shifting. “Come back. I don’t want to wake up.”

“Sorry,” I said, breathing in, my exhaustion from staying up all night with my two sisters gone. “I have a world to change. Want to come? I’m going to make a huge orgy!”

* * *

Alexis Icke — Virgo

My children cried. I could hear the power in their voices as they took their firsts breaths. The labor was fast. It hurt but my nanites already soothed the ache in my vagina. Dr. Velikovsky’s two daughters, who served as nurses in his medical clinic at the Institute, were wiping down my children from the afterbirth.

“Jesus,” Alex said, shaking his head. “I can feel them. In my mind.”

...The awakening is at hand... my two children whispered to me. They were infants, but they had the nanites impregnated into them when they were little zygotes. In a single night, they went from me being two weeks pregnant to delivering them to the world. ...You know what to do, Gemini...

“I do,” I said, holding out my arms for my children. My breasts ached. My nipples throbbed. I had to nurse them. Feed them.

I brought them to my teats. They latched on and suckled. They were hungry. I could feel them still growing in my arms. Their bodies had to catch up with their minds. I smiled, my eyes snapping around to my brother.

Their father.

He stared on in shock. I could feel the fear in him. He felt our children’s touch in his mind, too. Our son and daughter had caressed both our thoughts. I wasn’t afraid. This was what was meant to be. Cindy and Mindy were right. Alex and I were meant for the Gemini Halo. Our children weren’t the Geminis, they were the thirteenth sign.


We were necessary to bring forth the final stage of Apotheosis to the world: our children. They stared up at me with intelligence in their eyes as they nursed and grew.

“Soon, everyone will know,” I whispered. Then I hummed in joy. “You’ll show them. You’ll be their Adam and Eve.”

To be continued...