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Invisible chapter 2

It only lasted about 30 seconds, until she pulled her thumb away again. I blinked, and smacked my lips absently. “Was I ... I’m sorry, my mind wandered,” I said. “What was I saying?”

“You were just realizing that something was keeping you from being completely invisible.”

“Oh right!!” I stood up and started to take off my glasses—then had a silly idea.

“Flooooating glaaaaasses,” I moaned, carrying them around the room. “Aaaall you can seeee are my flooooating glaaaases...” I carried them around at eye level, making it look like I was over here, now over there, and brought them close to my friends’ faces, or to their boobs, or their crotches ... I was being so naughty, and they were laughing! How freeing to be the center of attention, and simultaneously to not have to worry about anyone looking at me!

Finally I put them down on the coffee table, and took inventory. Anything else? Took off my rings, my one bracelet—I pulled out the hair tie, and shook out my hair. I wasn’t wearing earrings, so ... that should be anything else that would be giving away my position. I looked around at the slightly blurred people around me, and gliiiided around the room silently. I could sense they were trying to follow me around by listening for clues. I squeezed someone’s butt, and made him jump. I giggled. I blew in someone’s ear, and she squeaked.

I moved back to the center of the room, as silently as I could, and stood a moment in thought. What next? The room was nice and warm, I wasn’t chilly or uncomfortable, but my nipples were hard anyway. I pinched one idly as I looked around, and found that it gave me an extra thrill. A lightning bolt shot through me, at touching myself so publicly, though unseen.

I cupped both breasts experimentally, and massaged them, tweaking the nubs. My knees almost buckled. I moved one hand down, down, my belly, touched the fur, explored a little deeper, and ...

I moaned. I know they could all hear it. But it caught me by surprise how wet I was! I was positively dripping! I stroked myself for a moment, biting my lip as I strummed my middle finger deep inside my drenched pussy, then teased my clit.

OK. OK. Stop that. Not now. I balled my fists, getting myself under control. I padded to another part of the room before I spoke again (pretending that that wasn’t me, maybe? Some other invisible girl had made those noises?), because I’d had another idea. A fun, wicked idea.

“Okay,” I called. “Who wants a hug from a naked invisible girl?”

“Me! Me!” So many hands shot up! This was a fun game!! They were blurred, but I could make out that they were enjoying themselves too—even if they weren’t sure quite where to look.

I went to Sara first. She was a dusky, full-figured older woman I’d met tonight, Hispanic I thought. “Open your arms,” I said, and she spread her arms wide. I pressed myself against her, and she enfolded me, pulling me against her bosom. I hadn’t realized how starved for touch I was until she was hugging me tight! It felt wonderful, as she ran her hands up and down my bare back. She moaned, holding me close, and moaned again when her hands found my bottom and squeezed.

“I knew you had a cute butt,” she whispered. “I could just tell.” I giggled.

I hugged several people, one after another, always reminding them to open up and let me come to them—I didn’t want anybody smacking me in the face trying to find me to hug me! Aaron said, “I like warm hugs” in an Olaf voice, so he was next, taking me in his arms gently. I stayed there snuggling for a little while and then, surprisingly, Dan’s wife (Jane? Possibly?) asked for a hug, and we embraced for a moment. I could see she was smiling, now that I was close up. “OK, honey, you too,” she said, and her husband came closer, and they sandwiched me between them. They kissed each other around me, my nude body pressed between them. In other circumstances it would have been quite sexy! Kinky even! Fortunately, it was just some nice clean fun.

I hugged Mark, who had come with one of my girlfriends tonight, and his beard tickled my shoulder in a way it wouldn’t have if I were clothed. He got a little gropey, and I moved his hand away gently ... but a few minutes later, I moved over to Nathan, who I’d had a crush on in school, and I kinda rubbed my butt against his jeans before giving him his hug, so ... was I being a little hypocritical? I didn’t care, I was enjoying myself! I held him real close, and when he puckered his lips, I kissed them real quick. I was feeling so daring!

Shy little Liz seemed to really enjoy hugging an invisible girl too. I think she’s probably as touch-starved as I am—or, as I was! I was rapidly getting my fill for the month!

“I think it really helps me shed my inhibitions!” I said, bouncing over to Kim. “Being invisible!”

“I can believe that,” she purred. “You feel so free, don’t you?”

“Uh huh!”

“And it’s making you horny, too, isn’t it ...”

“It is!! I mean ... Sshhh!!”

I looked around. It didn’t seem like anyone had heard that. OK, anybody else? I was feeling bolder with each encounter. Discovering there were basically no consequences to any wild action was releasing something in me ... I hopped over to a guy named Jason, who reminded me of a professor I’d always found attractive, as he sat on the couch.

“Ohhh sir ...” I cooed, right by his ear, and he almost spilled his drink. “You want to do what with me?” I said in a baby-girl voice. “Why, that wouldn’t be right!”

I straddled his lap, my knees sinking into the couch cushions on either side of him as his eyes went big. “Why, you’re old enough to be my daddy!!” I squealed.

“Oh fuck,” whispered Sara, and I could see she had her hand between her legs. Mark, too, was massaging a boner in his jeans as he watched the invisible girl squirming on Jason’s lap. I knew he could only hear me, and all any of them could see was the older man’s sport coat being pulled open by invisible hands so I could put my arms around him, but I knew he—and all of them—were piecing it together in their imaginations. And loving it.

I pressed Jason’s face between my pert bare boobs. “And what kind of daddy would want to do something like this with his little girl ...” I cooed.

He said something weak and protesting into my chest, though I couldn’t make out what. I laughed and scrambled off him again.

I fled to another part of the room, and paused, panting. What was happening to me? Was I going too far? Yes, probably, I decided. But who cared? I was loving it ... and tonight, nothing seemed to matter ...

“OK, I—I think this has gone far enough,” Sam said weakly. “Aren’t we—I mean, don’t you think she ...”

“Shut up, this is getting good,” Nathan smirked. (Mmm, I wanted to kiss him again.)

“All right, let’s try something else,” said Kim, addressing the room—or the empty air where she thought I was, I couldn’t tell. “Can we make something else disappear?”

“You mean like ... you have more of that potion?”

She half-turned toward my voice. “I do, actually, but I didn’t mean that. Kara, darling, wherever you are ... I think you have the power to make something else invisible, at least for a minute. At least, to make it seem like it disappears ... Let’s see, I need a volunteer.” There was a LOT of interest, it seemed like. People were really enjoying this game! She pointed at a long-haired guy I didn’t know, who had brought a guitar.

“Tyler, I don’t think we’ve played with you very much yet. Your hands are clean, aren’t they? Good boy. Stick out your finger. Kara?”

I moved closer to her elbow, but didn’t say anything.

“Do you think you could make his finger disappear?”

I looked at his finger, outstretched. Ignored the gathered faces for a moment. And thought hard. Could I make his finger disappear? I didn’t know what she meant ... or seem to disappear ... Wait a minute ...

I wrapped my hand around his long musician’s finger, and gasped aloud. My invisible hand made it seem to vanish! Pretty cool! My friends murmured to each other, some with surprise, some in a tone of explaining to others—“It’s invisible! She made the finger disappear! Wooowww...”

“Very good!” said Kim, as I took my hand away, proud of myself. “Can you do it ... again?” she added meaningfully. I cocked my head, then a funny idea struck me. I bent over and took his finger in my mouth.

The crowd’s reaction seemed louder this time. Tyler definitely jumped, a little, feeling my warm mouth engulf his digit. Then, because I was feeling a little naughty, I bobbed my head back and forth a couple times, taking it farther in, then almost all the way out. What that looked like, I have no idea, but my audience seemed to love it.

“All right, I think we’re ready for the next bit. Kara, honey, why don’t you sit down in your chair a moment and rest, while I explain the next game to our friends. That’s a good girl. Now take my hand, dear, and guide my thumb home ...”

I didn’t ask why, but I did as I was told, knowing where her thumb belonged. As soon as it touched my forehead, the buzzing returned, filling my head with a softness and my ears with a low roar as I ceased to have any understanding of the words she was saying.

Other voices cut through the buzz occasionally—

“Oooh, can we make her attracted to clowns? I’ve got my nose and wig in the car.”


—but whatever Kim was saying, I couldn’t make out through the buzz ...

And now I was responding ... Was I speaking, too? I thought my mouth may have been moving, but whatever I was saying was lost in the buzzing as well, so I couldn’t be sure ... It wasn’t anything I needed to pay attention to ...

“OK, I think this has gone far enough,” I could vaguely hear Sam saying, from far away. “Stop this, she’s so sweet and innocent and you’re taking advantage of the poor girl ...”

Kim took her thumb away as she responded, but I kept my eyes closed, knowing I didn’t need to open them yet. “Ah, yes, the dashing knight on the white horse ...” I heard her murmur, still completely in control. “Of course, child. I do apologize. Why don’t you come sit here by Kara, so you can listen closely, and make sure nothing bad happens to her ... You make sure I don’t tell her to do anything she wouldn’t like to do, okay?”

Then I felt her touch on my forehead again, and I didn’t hear anything else for a while, except the warm, melodic buzzing ...

When I opened my eyes again, I was masturbating furiously. One hand was kneading both tits, pinching first one nipple then the other, while the other hand was dancing merrily over and in my dripping cunt and throbbing clit. “Oh god it feels so good!!!” I gasped out.

“What’s that, dear?” Kim asked calmly.

“I’m so—so fucking horny,” I whimpered. “I love being invisible. It’s so freeing. I can do anything I want, and you—you can’t see me. And it’s like—like when I’m naked, I love touching myself ... so being naked in public, it’s like ... it’s short-short circuiting my-my brain like I wanna touch but there’s people around but you can’t see me so I .... uuunnghgh ...”

“Go ahead and enjoy yourself, sweetie. Why not? Why don’t you go ahead and finish yourself off before our next game. It’s not like anyone can see you. Or stop you.”

“Oh fuck fuck fuck ...” I don’t usually swear this much where people can hear me, but something had been released in me. I didn’t have to be the shy little mouse, not right now ... “I need to cum,” I panted. “I’m pinching both nipples, I’m—oww—really hurting myself and it feels so good, my—my cunny is drenched ...” I found I was narrating my approach to orgasm, as if compensating for the fact that people couldn’t see it—which was so perverse! The whole point was, they couldn’t see me! What was I doing?

I looked to my right, and could see that Sam, my wannabe protector, had dozed off in a chair beside me. Oh well. I didn’t need protecting, not really.

I pounded my middle two fingers into my tight pussy, then three, moaning louder the whole time. I switched hands, putting my juicy, wrinkled fingers into my mouth and sucking on them as I stroked my clit with the other hand. Someone groaned.

I became dimly, blurrily, aware of my audience. They could hear me getting close. Hell, they could probably smell me. I could make out that several men and women were touching themselves, adjusting their jeans, or caressing themselves through their shirts. A couple of guys were rubbing each other’s junk, and one of the wives definitely seemed to be groping her husband. I was making everyone horny, and that was so ... intoxicating ...

“Ineedacumineedacum ...” I gasped, and it changed to “imgonnacumimgonnacum imgonnnnnaaaaaacuuummmm....!!!” and then I was screaming and I felt like my whole body exploded.

When I was done thrashing, I sort of slid off the chair and collapsed onto the floor. Sometimes an orgasm satisfies me, or puts me to sleep, and sometimes it’s clearly just the first orgasm, priming me for more. This was clearly one of the latter.

“Ohh fuckk,” I breathed, shuddering. “OK,” I said. “New game.”

I got onto my hands and knees, then rested on my haunches, my bare butt warming my bare feet. I looked around.

“Who wants to see their cock disappear?”

* * *