The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Invisible chapter 3

There was a frenzy of conversation, and several guys seemed to be fumbling with their pants at once. “I’m in,” said Tyler in a surprisingly deep voice.

“How do you feel about being naked in front of all these people, Tyler?” said Kim, smiling.

“Well ... they won’t be able to see my dick for long ...” he grinned.

I licked my lips. I didn’t really care who, I just needed more. I knew I needed a cock in my mouth—I was horny for more sexual stimulation, plus in some way I was horny for more ... entertainment, I guess. I was enjoying being the center of attention! It was addictive!

“I think,” Liz spoke up shyly. “I think I’d quite like to see my dick disappear.”

“Mmmm, you sweet angel,” I said. I leapt to my feet and gave her a big hug, kissing her invisibly right on the mouth. I loved my friend Liz so much in that moment! “And I want to give you that!”

I made everyone take a couple steps back, to give me room, and in moments I was kneeling before her, as her beautiful penis came into view. With her shapely legs, and her womanly hips, her cock looked so gorgeous, standing up straight and tall. I took the head tenderly into my mouth, and—“mmmp!” My eyes flew open!

“You’re delicious!” I exclaimed, before popping it back onto my tongue.

“Ah, yes,” I heard Kim say behind me. “The invisibility potion has a strange ... side effect with your taste buds.”

It was the perfect size to fill my mouth, and so I filled my mouth again and again, cupping and squeezing her cute butt with both hands. I can only imagine what it looked like to the others: after several thrusts, her dick appeared again, a sliver of drool stringing a little bridge from its head to ... nothing, an empty space six inches in front of her.

“Omigod!” I squealed. “Girl cock tastes like strawberries!!”

I worked her cock like I had rarely worked a cock before, egged on by her moans and the groans and cheers of the others. Her slender hands were twined in my hair when I finally made her cum, and I gulped down her warm blasts contentedly.

“Mmmm...” I said, licking my lips, and licking my fingers, as Liz collapsed, spent, on the sofa, partly on top of ‘professor’ Jason. “Strawberries and cream ... OK, who’s next?”

One of the theatre kids shuffled forward with his pants around his ankles. “You know, clown cock tastes like candy canes,” he said eagerly.

“Well all right!” I said. And sure enough! His thick stick was like a warm peppermint in my mouth. I gave a long lick to the underside, and I could almost taste the red and white stripes.

“OK, watch this everyone,” I said. “Now you see it.” And I engulfed his cock to the back of my throat. “Nnghh yujhh dhhnntt.” I pulled off it, and waved it back and forth, my hand at the base. “Now you see it... Nnwgh yhh dnnggng.”

I giggled, bathing his candy cane dick with my tongue, and sucked him off while stroking my oozing slit. He came pretty quickly—he’d seemed damned turned on before I even started, for some reason, and so I was still touching myself when I said, “Next!”

I tasted half a dozen cocks, I think, and got most of them to cum, while rubbing my cunt whenever I had a free hand. I never got around to getting off again, though.

Tyler had an impressively long shaft that poked my throat on every thrust, and reminded me of butterscotch. Jason liked having his balls, which tasted like blueberries, licked. Sara’s pussy had a wonderful spice to it, like cinnamon. Pumpkin spice pussy!!

Jane got down on her knees and stroked her husband Dan by hand, guiding his cock into my mouth, then finding the back of my head and pushing me onto him aggressively again and again. She seemed to really enjoy being in control of the moment. When Dan exploded, she grabbed my hair and pulled my head off his cock, directing the spray onto my face. Then, cocking an eyebrow up at her husband, she licked his cum off my cheek.

I should have been exhausted, but I was all wound up, with that shaky energy of an all-nighter. I wanted—no, I needed—to get fucked, but I wasn’t sure if I could ask someone to get fully naked with me. Didn’t know what that would look like, didn’t know if I could ask someone to go that far. Didn’t know if I could ask myself to go that far!

And suddenly, I had an idea. “Kim! Did you say you had some more of that invisibility potion?” She did. “Anyone want to get naked and invisible with me?”

Several raised their hands, but I “volunteered” Tyler pretty quickly. I had the idea he had a really nice physique under his clothes, and I was desperate to see him naked. That, and I couldn’t stop thinking of the way his cock poked my throat, and I wanted it to penetrate down below just as thoroughly. While Kim was pouring him a drink, I looked over and found Sam awake again ... just watching everything with a peaceful, slightly dazed, smile.

“Down the hatch,” said Tyler, and I squinted in his direction just in time to see him gulp down some of the white wine. God, what a hot idea this was! Fucking in front of all these people—and they wouldn’t be able to see it, just hear it!!

After only a couple seconds, he looked at his hand in wonder—and then, suddenly, I could see it too. His hand was vanishing, then his face faded from view, and then he was just an eerie figure of clothes in the shape of a man!

I squealed my excitement, but was sad too. “I can’t see you!” I wailed. “I ... I wanted to see you ...”

Kim understood the problem at once. “Once you touch him, pet,” she said, “you’ll be able to see him. And he’ll be able to see you. Why don’t you go help him take his clothes off.”

Oh! Sure, that made sense!! I leapt at him, and nearly tore off his shirt, and as soon as I touched his chest, I could see it! And mmm it was as beautiful as I’d expected. He and I fumbled together at his belt, dropping his pants, and there, as soon as I took it in my hand, there was his glorious cock again, plump and warm and thickening between my fingers.

I stripped him naked, and he was beautiful. And I could tell he was seeing me fully for the first time, too. His mouth hung open a little, and his eyes were warm as he said with great sincerity, “Kara, you’re gorgeous.” I blushed, and for a moment there was no one in the world but the two of us. Even in that crowded, warm living room, it was practically true! We were completely naked together, but invisible to everyone standing around us, and I pressed my body against his—standing on tip toes—and kissed him.

He laid me down gently on the carpet, then, with his eyes filled with lust (but still warmth, too) he entered me ... and ogod, it seemed like he was entering me for a looong time. It just kept filling me up! And then he found a rhythm, and he gave me two very loud orgasms with me narrating everything for our listening audience—I found that being unseen freed me up to want to fuck in front of them, but also freed me up enough to, perversely, want them to know what I was doing—before finally bellowing as he shot a huge load deep inside me.

“Oh fuck oh fuck he’s sucking on my titty and it feels so amazing and omigod I can’t believe how thick he is and he’s getting thicker and holy shit Tyler how are you doing that with your thumb and fuck fuck fuuckk he’s cummingggg!!!!”

Well, somehow after that, I was still ready for more. And somehow, after that, I was worried even less about modesty. (I must remember to ask Kim if there are any other side effects. This potion seemed to be stripping my inhibitions away, layer by layer.) I ended up draping myself over the arm of the couch—to help people in finding me—and taking cocks and tongues and pussies at both ends for the next half hour or so. As soon as someone pulled out of my cunt, someone was usually ready to take their place.

And I pleasured everyone orally, I think, by the time I was done—and what a mix of flavors it was, because some of them were coming straight from my pussy, and some of them straight from someone else’s, I think, because, though it was too blurry and I was too distracted to be sure, I think there were other couples and groups getting it on that had nothing to do with me, by the end.

It was kinda cute, too, how everyone wanted me to taste them even for just a minute—just to see what flavor they tasted like, to me. They all seemed to get a kick out of that. For me, it was like sampling every possible topping at a TCBY!

One of the last things I remember before finally passing out—when Kim said, “Back to your chair, Kara, time for you to rest”—was my dear friend Sam saying, “Do you think ... do you think you could do that to me too?”

* * *

I woke the next morning back in my apartment. I looked around, gathering clues, because ... I couldn’t quite remember how I’d got there. I’d gone to a party the night before, but ... I couldn’t remember what had happened there, apart from some fragments. I didn’t feel hungover, which was a relief, since I had evidently had a lot to drink!

I was nude, which was ... unusual. I felt a little sore ... but I also felt warm, contented, loved. Enough that I didn’t feel like I needed to think too hard about where I was sore, or why. I just smiled to myself, basking in good feelings, and decided not to worry about it. And memories of the party would ... probably come back, in time. I shrugged that off, too. I just knew, somehow, that I didn’t have to worry about that either.

I stretched, and felt waves of relaxation, of pleasure, flow through me. I felt better than I had in years! Whatever I’d had to drink last night, I should find more of it! I giggled. I couldn’t seem to stop smiling ... I thought of touching myself before I got out of bed, something I hadn’t been in the mood for for a while, and before the thought was even fully formed my fingers were slipping into my ... down there, and—wow! I was crazy wet ... Had I been having a good dream?

I gave myself a little yummy orgasm, and leisurely, lazily, sucked on my fingers while I groped for my phone. I wondered if anybody had noticed when I’d slunk away from the party—that’s what I usually do, slip out when I get bored, usually before the party really gets going. But I wondered if last night had been different—or even, if I’d embarrassed myself somehow. It was weird to not remember!

Well, I was surprised to find a whole bunch of texts! Usually after a party I might have one at most, because hardly anybody would have even noticed I left. (Or noticed I was there.) But for whatever reason—I must have really made an impression!

I was astonished to see that I’d been invited to three more parties in the coming month! People I hardly knew seemed eager to see me again, and to introduce me to their friends and coworkers! I mean, what the heck? One said I would be the “guest of honor,” and “please come.” And another said that my friend Sam and I would be “sharing guest of honor duties.” How nice! I guess? But what does that mean??

All that was forgotten, though, when I saw the rest of the texts. My friend Liz wanted to go on a date with me—a real live date! “Yes please!” I responded immediately, because even though I had no idea what a couple shy girls would do on a date, I’d been kinda hoping to find out for a while. A guy named Tyler, who I don’t think I know but claimed to have met me the night before, ALSO asked me out on a date! “Um, okay!” I typed, because ... well, why not? I was feeling bold.

And then, while we were texting about where he was going to take me for dinner—in a public place, for safety, I’m not an idiot, you know—my phone buzzed with a call. Kim? I didn’t know a Kim, I thought, but I must have put her name in my phone at some point. I was about to let it go to voicemail, but answered it before I realized what I was doing.

“Ah, good, pet, you’re awake,” a voice like warm honey soothed in my ear. “Do me a favor, now. Touch your forehead for me.” I was about to ask why, but my hand was already on the rise, as if compelled. “And come to me, my pet. It’s my turn to play.”

“I’m sorry,” I started, “I don’t know what you ...”

But then my thumb touched my forehead, and all I heard after that was the buzz.