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It Runs in the Family — Chapter 1

Granny Knows Best: Part 1

Author’s Note: All characters depicted in the series are over the age of 18. All scenes of hypnosis and mind control are intended as fantasy for erotic purposes. Enjoy!

“That math test today sure sucked, didn’t it Connie?” Tara turned back to see her friend Connie with her eyes down on the sidewalk, completely lost in thought with her blonde hair hanging down in front of her. She giggled and spun to face her. “Hello, Earth to Connie?”

Connie snapped her head up and blushed. “I was… um…”

“I swear if you keep drifting off into space like that you’ll never graduate,” Tara said with a laugh as she jumped up onto a wooden fence lining the street, balancing herself with complete ease. Connie stared in awe at how graceful the lithe girl was, the star of the gymnastics team for the school. She admired her skill for a few seconds but then her eyes drifted down to Tara’s shapely rear, barely concealed by her skirt. She had to be more careful from now on then, thank god Tara hadn’t realized she’d been too absorbed in watching her ass sway with each step to pay attention.

“So did you think of a college to go to yet, Connie?” Tara easily bounced over a wooden post in the fence, landing on the thin plank of wood with confidence that always amazed Connie.

“Not yet. I mean, I’ll probably just go to whatever school you were thinking of. Can’t leave my best friend all alone,” Connie quickly added, blushing.

“Don’t do that, you should have some more ambition. You can’t just follow me all your life.”

“Well it’s an excellent view,” Connie said under her breath.

Tara spun on her heel, holding her arms out to keep her balance perched on the fence. “What was that?”

“Nuh-nothing,” Connie sputtered, quickly trying to hurry on to Tara’s house.

The truth was that Connie followed her friend Tara home every day like she was a lost puppy. Most days after school they’d wander off to hang out at her house, laughing and playing video games instead of studying the way Tara’s mom wished they would. The high school friends hardly ever went over to Connie’s house, and Tara had started to imagine that her parents must be strict or argue a lot if Connie would stay away as long as possible. Naturally she was a good enough friend to never mention any of her concerns to Connie, instead trying to make sure they had as much fun as they could.

Of course Connie’s home life was perfectly fine. Connie was just much too scared to confess that she hung out there everyday because she was completely in love with Tara. Everything about the sweet girl sent her heart soaring. The cute way her nose scrunched up as she laughed, how when she was being sarcastic she’d roll her bright blue eyes in the sweetest way. Not to mention her lean and toned body regularly starred in Connie’s night time fantasies, masturbating in the bath where her parents wouldn’t overhear her whimpers of delight.

A surprisingly strong breeze swept over the street and before Tara could stop it her skirt blew up to flash Connie her lacy blue panties, hugging her tanned ass cheeks. Connie froze and instantly burned the sight into her memory to use as fuel for her fantasies. Seeing her friend’s ass like that was a thing of beauty, only it seemed to be tilting over. Connie blinked and realized it was Tara who was tilting over, surrendering her balance to try and hold the skirt down and protect her modesty. She quickly ran up and caught the tanned girl in her arms, both of them collapsing onto the pavement in a heap.

Connie’s back was aching, and she was certain she probably scuffed a knee on the pavement, but naturally Tara was giggling away and barely fazed by the fall. Before Connie could even think of standing Tara had bounced up onto her feet and was yanking Connie up by her arm.

“Thanks for catching me.”

“What was I going to do? Let you fall on your ass?” Connie muttered, wincing.

“My hero,” Tara giggled as she planted a kiss on the blonde’s cheek. Connie’s face flushed bright red and she completely forget she’d been injured at all, the pain swept away in a warm rush of pleasure. A smile crept over Connie’s face that she just couldn’t hide and Tara grinned back at her. Suddenly all Connie wanted to do was lean in and kiss her friend hard. Instead of following that passionate thought Connie stood there awkwardly a few moments before Tara laughed and moved away, the moment gone.

“Come on. I’m sure Granny will be able to fix up your knee no problem.”

Filled with regret Connie followed her, wincing now that she could feel the scrape on her knee again. Every so often Connie would think about mustering up the courage to finally tell Tara the truth. The girl was so sweet that even if she didn’t like Connie back she was certain they’d still remain close friends. Then there was the utterly tantalizing possibility that Tara might just be willing to give her a chance at going out together.

But as they walked into Tara’s house Connie wore a miserable expression, knowing full well she’d never manage to confess to her friend. Because whether Tara said yes or no Connie was still left with another problem to deal with. And that problem was in the kitchen, waving to the girls with a bright smile.

“Hi there girls,” Tara’s mom chirped happily, the house smelling deliciously of her baking.

“Hey Mom,” Tara said as she planted a quick kiss on her mom’s cheek before running off for the living room. Connie stuck around the kitchen, blushing nervously.

“H-hi Mrs. Silva.”

The older woman gave a clear laugh and waved her hand. “Connie, I’ve told you to just call me Michelle. You’re here all the time anyway so you’re practically family.”

Connie nodded, cheeks red as her eyes roamed all over the kitchen in an attempt not to stare at the beautiful woman. “What are you making? It smells delicious.”

“Why thank you, just some sugar bread for one of those PTA bake sales. Should be almost done now though.” Michelle opened the oven door and bent down to inspect the food, unknowingly giving Connie a clear view of her ample hips. Connie gulped, unable to resist staring. She had the mad urge to come up behind the young mother and run her hands over the lovely curves, but Connie was too terrified to ever try it. It’s not as though she were attracted to older women, Tara’s mom was just too stunning to not fall in love with. Sweet and caring, always ready with a joke to cheer you up. Not to mention perfect curves that made Connie want to purr whenever Michelle would put on particular tight fitting clothes around the house. It was amazing to look between the lithe Tara and her full bodied mother, but the two shared the same cheery personality that left little doubt they were related.

Connie jumped as the front door slammed shut behind Tara’s older sister, marching into the house with an annoyed expression. Unlike Tara, Jane had inherited their mother’s body type, wide hips and large tits that the college girl knew how to accentuate with low hanging jeans and shirts that put her cleavage on display. Connie tried to check out her outfit as she stormed past, clearly too busy to care about her little sister’s friend.

“Hey mom,” Jane muttered, grabbing some snacks from out of a cupboard.

“Jane, dinner will be ready soon so don’t fill up on snacks,” Michelle said with a voice of authority. Jane considered her for a moment before heading off to her room, arms filled with junkfood. Connie realized she was in the doorway, and with her arms loaded up with food Jane didn’t have room to pass. Rather then waiting for Connie to move however Jane turned to the side and pushed past, grinding her ass against Connie as she slipped by.

Connie shivered, trying to make the moment last as she felt the girl’s ample ass rubbing against her. But all too soon Jane slipped away and was gone.

“Jane! Don’t be rude to Connie, apologize for bumping into her.”

“It’s… it’s alright Mrs. Silva,” Connie managed to say, heart racing. God, that was probably the closest she’d come to touching the sexy college girl.

“I don’t know where that girl gets her attitude from,” Michelle muttered, shaking her head.

“Maybe she gets it from her dad,” Connie offered. Mrs. Silva gave her a strange expression, as if Connie had just said something impossible to understand. The young girl shrank back, realizing she might have hit a sore topic. She’d never met Tara and Jane’s dad, he’d apparently left when they were only kids. Now that she thought about it no one in the family ever seemed to mention him.

Then Michelle’s face brightened as if she’d forgotten the entire thing. “Ah well, I suppose it’s just stress from school getting to her.”

“Um… sure. I’m going to go find Tara,” Connie said as she started to hurry off. She was sure she was sweating by now, face flushed with arousal. All Connie knew was that her pussy was soaked as her mind kept running through fantasies of each of the delectable women. Which was the other reason that she kept going over to Tara’s house every day. Connie was also completely smitten with Tara’s older sister Jane and their young mother. There was just something in the family’s genetics that made Connie lust after all of them.

It wasn’t like being attracted to Tara’s entire family diminished her love for Tara on her own, or so Connie would try to convince herself. Her sister Jane just seemed like such a smart, interesting person. Whenever she’d tell them about what she was learning in her college classes Connie would listen with rapt devotion, a dedicated student who was hopelessly hot for her teacher. Most of the time Jane would ignore them though, acting as if hanging out with high schoolers was beneath her, but even that indifference made Connie wish she could do something to earn the beautiful girl’s attention.

Connie was certain Jane had plenty of interested guys at her college, though she still held onto fantasies of the older girl becoming curious about being with another woman, with Connie herself just happening to be close enough nearby that she’d get to help Jane experiment. Sometimes those fantasies would involve Tara getting involved as well, Connie exploring the tanned bodies of the two sisters in a sensual threesome. Naturally it would never happen. The two sisters hardly got along well enough to talk each day, much less sleep with each other.

The best of all was their mother, Michelle, who Connie was certain must have gotten pregnant with Jane while she was in her teens. Most likely because she appeared so young she tried to behave like a strict, responsible parent, often scolding Jane on her revealing wardrobe choices. Although to Connie it was clear that Jane had inherited the lovely behind from her mother. Even though she’d behave as if she were the controlling mother Michelle would often slip up and forgive her daughters on their punishment, or bake Connie and Tara cookies even though they’re watching a movie when they should be studying. Michelle just couldn’t help her sweet personality sometimes, always caring for others. A personality that seemed to pass on solely to Tara.

And that was Connie’s life day in and day out. Hanging out with Tara like a good friend even though she was desperately attracted to her. Occasionally talking to her mature sister that Connie dreamed of seducing. And the beautiful young mother that Connie knew she shouldn’t be fantasizing about but simply couldn’t resist. Did she have fun hanging out with the Silva family every day? Of course. But it was also torture being surrendered by the sexy woman and knowing there was no chance in hell she’d ever get to have the fun she craved. Still, it was better to feel that panging loneliness every day then being away from them completely.

She plopped down on the couch next to Tara, still awkwardly wrestling with these confusing feelings. Tara hardly noticed the emotional struggle though, she was too engrossed in the video game she was playing to pay much attention beyond the fact that Connie had finally showed up.

“Hey Connie, you were taking a while so I played your life for you.”

“You’d probably do a better job with it then I am,” Connie muttered.

“You do alright,” Tara laughed. “I think you just need a little more ambition. Once you find something you really care about everything will come together for you.”

Connie turned to stare at her friend, silky hair dangling in front of her face as her eyes stared with laser focus at the television. Tara pouted and bit her lip, a cute habit of hers whenever she hit a difficult level. Connie wanted nothing more than to tackle into her friend so she could kiss her hard and never stop. But the fear of Tara rejecting her kept her from acting. That was Connie’s problem with life. She’d already discovered the family she was passionate about loving, but it was wrong of her to want it.

“I see you girls are having fun,” a sweet voice rang through the room, and Tara instantly paused the game to turn around with rapt love on her face.

“Granny! How are you?”

The elderly woman waved a hand, giggling. “Please, Tara, don’t make me feel so old. I’m not that much older then you girls anyway. Just a couple of decades,” she said with a wink.

Even Connie laughed at that. Tara’s grandma lived in the attic, and though she was the only member of the household Connie didn’t fantasize about she was taken with what an interesting woman she was. The old woman had been an actress in her youth and would amaze Connie with stories of films she’d worked on and performances she’d mastered.

“Are one of you girls free? I need a hand with some boxes in the attic.”

Connie looked at Tara but her friend was holding the game controller defensively and flashing a guilty smile. “Would you mind, Connie?”

“Sure, I’ll take care of it. Just don’t beat the whole game without me.”

“No promises,” Tara said with a smirk as she turned back to the game.

Connie followed the elderly woman up to the attic, enjoying the dirty jokes the grandmother told without any hesitation. She had to admit it felt nice dealing with someone in Tara’s family and not worrying about the sexual tension that always kept her on edge. With Tara’s grandma she was actually able to relax and enjoy herself. She almost forgot the old woman had called her up to work for her.

“The boxes are right up here on this top shelf,” she said pointing, Connie following her finger to a large box perched on the highest dresser. Connie dragged a chair over and climbed up onto it, delicately trying to lift the box without dropping it. Or more importantly falling herself. She grunted at the weight of it but managed to keep her balance.

“Uff, what’s in here anyway, Gloria?”

“Just some memorabilia from my performing days.” She took the box from Connie easily, carrying the heavy box as though it weighed nothing. Connie smiled to herself, wondering if the old woman actually needed help in the first place. Most likely she just wanted an audience to show her life story to. Connie didn’t mind though since Gloria was usually pretty entertaining.

“Is this from your movie days or when you were a singer.”

“Oh, I was hardly much of an actress,” Gloria said dismissively, apparently ignoring the three framed movie posters besides her dresser. They did appear to be low budget films, even for the fifties. A western, some musical, and the only one that looked interesting was some adventure film called Slaves to the Snake Goddess, where she’d played the kidnapped love interest.

“No, these are some old posters from my stage acts.” Gloria held one up proudly for Connie to inspect. She was the spitting image of Tara’s mother, dressed in a sleek cocktail dress that accentuated her curves perfectly, hair curled up adorably. Connie was so lost in the seductive image of the performer it took her a moment to read the tagline.

“Gloria Swinton: Mistress of Hypnosis,” Connie read out loud. Then her eyes widened. “Wait, you know hypnosis?”

The old woman let out a hollow laugh. “Do you think they call just anyone Mistress of hypnosis, Connie? I was one of the best back in the day. I could have a complete stranger in trance in a matter of minutes.”

Connie smiled, certain she had to be exaggerating as Gloria often did. The grandmother seemed to sense Connie’s disbelief and frowned.

“You don’t believe me?”

“It’s just a little out there,” Connie admitted. “I’m sure you were a great performer but it’s not like hypnosis is real.”

Gloria’s lined face suddenly became serious, studying the younger girl intensely. To Connie it looked like a woman deciding whether or not to reveal some secret. But that wasn’t likely, Gloria would brag about anything no matter how shocking. Connie and Tara knew far too much about what famous movie stars or singers Gloria had been intimate back in the day. A woman who would reveal all of that surely couldn’t have a worse secret.

“Connie, you’re good friends with Tara, right?”

“Of course,” she answered, suddenly worried. Had the old woman guessed she wanted to be more than friends with her granddaughter?

“And you care about Jane too, right? And their mother?”

Connie gulped. Oh god, had Gloria figured out her shameful secret.

“Y-yes,” she squeaked out.

“And you’d want them to be happy no matter what, yes?”

That took Connie by surprise. “Yeah.”

Gloria took a deep breath, grabbing one of Connie’s hands. “Well, I love my daughter and her kids. I only want the best for them. And that’s why I’ve… well, hypnotized them. Just to make sure they stay on the right track to happiness.”

Connie blinked. “You what?”

“Michelle, Jane, and even Tara. I’ve hypnotized them to do anything I tell them to. Just to keep them from making bad decisions.”

“You’re joking, right?”

Gloria sighed. “Do you ever wonder about why they don’t mention Tara and Jane’s father?”

Connie nodded quietly.

“It’s because they don’t remember him. Better off that way. That man was a drunk and no good for my daughter, and as far as I’m concerned the best thing he ever did with his life was to bring my granddaughters into the world, though I’m convinced that was mostly Michelle’s good work.”

“Wait, so they really don’t remember him?”

“He’s like a blank space in their head. They know there used to be a man there but they’re not concerned with the particulars. As for Jonathan I hypnotized him into believing that the best option for him was to go work on one of those fishing boats in the North Pacific. I think he even got himself one of those terrible reality shows with his boat. Not that I let the girls watch it, of course.”

“You’re serious,” Connie said, hardly able to believe it. “So they really have to do anything you say?”

“I try not to use it much, only in important situations. Like when Tara wanted to quit gymnastics because she was teased by the other girls. I told her to ignore their tasteless jokes and pursue what she loved. And I think Tara’s done quite well for herself.”

Connie thought back to all of the practices she’d sat in to watch Tara work. The other girls in their judgmental clique were always making snide remarks but Connie had been impressed with Tara’s ability to tune it out. Of course with the held of hypnosis it became a lot easier to understand where her iron determination came from.

Gloria smiled, a clear sign she’d thought up some wicked idea. “Perhaps a demonstration would help prove I haven’t gone senile.”

Before Connie could stop her or she came to her senses Gloria had swept away to the attic staircase, peering down to see who was available. “Is anyone up here?”

Connie heard a door open below and Jane’s voice answer back. “I’m here, Granny. What is it?”

“Can you come up here, dear?”

“I’m busy with homework,” Jane protested.

“Nonsense, I can hear you playing your music clear enough from up here. Now come here, young lady.”

“Alright,” Jane muttered, marching up the stairs and joining her. Jane gave a quick look over at Connie standing by the dresser, but didn’t pay her much mind. “So what do you need, Granny?”

“Just a quick demonstration. Jane, do a little dance for me please.”

Jane rolled her eyes but sure enough her body started rocking back and forth slowly to some unseen beat. Connie stared in amazement. Tara had once confided to her that Jane was deathly self conscious of her dancing, somehow feeling embarrassed of her curves. But Connie was immediately turned on by the sight of the curvy girl’s sensual movements.

“I’m sure you can dance better then that. Dance as if you were out with your friends.”

Jane’s eyes went blank for a moment as she froze in place and Connie felt her heart skip a beat. Then suddenly Jane was a flurry of motion, spinning and grinding her hips on an imaginary dance partner. Gloria instantly frowned with disapproval at what dancing had become, but Connie’s face had gone bright red as she felt fireworks going off in her stomach. She’d give anything to run up and take the imaginary dance partners place. In the strange trance Jane would never notice either. Most likely she’d just keep grinding erotically with the same enthusiasm.

“That’s enough dear,” Gloria said much too soon, and the college girl went back to standing there bored like before. She didn’t even seem to notice that she was now panting and sweating from the exertion.

“Anything else you need, Granny?”

“No, Jane. You did great. Now go back to your room and forget this happened.”

Jane nodded, eyes taking on that strange blank look again as she marched downstairs. Gloria turned to see Connie’s open mouthed stare of amazement and took a deep bow.

“Please, hold your applause,” Gloria said with a broad laugh.

“I don’t believe it. You really had her hypnotized!”

“Well, technically she was already programmed to obey me. Hypnotizing someone takes a few minutes, so planting triggers to induce obedience or trance can help speed things along.” Gloria was walking back over to the dresser as she explained, taking her seat and rooting through the box once again.

“It is a struggle sometimes,” Gloria admitted. “I’m so tempted to tell that girl Jane to stop being so mopey, but that would be abusing my power. Can’t let it go to your head, right Connie?”

The young girl nodded, but her mind was lost in dark fantasies where the rest of the family was under her power. Having to do anything she asked, happily obliging her every fantasy. Connie shivered, imagining all the depraved possibilities she could use it for.

Part of her was tempted to ask Gloria to teach her the secret of hypnosis, but she was nearly certain Gloria would say no. Worse, she might be able to figure out exactly who Connie would have in mind to hypnotize and why. If she got rid of Tara’s dad for being a bad husband that easily what would she do with the lesbian who tried to sleep with her granddaughter?

“I guess you really must have been great at it,” Connie said, realizing she hadn’t answered for a few seconds.

Gloria sniffed, putting on an arrogant air. “As I said, I was the best. The only other hypnotist who could come close was probably the woman who taught me. Oh, Bridgette was a bit of a sadist though.” Gloria pulled a framed black and white photograph from the box, running her fingers over it reverently with a faraway expression on her face. “I used to be her assistant first, before she taught me how to hypnotize on my own. Every show she’d put me into trance and make me do all sorts of humiliating things. I used to hate it so much, but I never could leave. She was just too lovely to stay mad at.”

Gloria put the photograph aside and went rooting back through the box. While she was busy Connie carefully picked the frame photo of Bridgette up and stared. The dark haired hypnotist really was a beautiful woman, enormous breasts and sultry lips. The picture of beauty from those old black and white movies. She saw a hand written note at the bottom that left her confused though.

‘Nala Lynpul. You will always remember me fondly and cherish our time together.’

Gloria was still searching the box when she finally found it. She pulled the necklace from the box carefully, dusting off the ruby attached at the end. Such a lovely prop, always capable of hypnotizing her subjects in no time at all. She felt bad about hypnotizing Connie, she seemed like a very nice girl indeed, but she couldn’t risk her saying something to Tara about what she’d done to protect the family. Still, maybe it would be for the best. Connie seemed like a shy girl and perhaps there was something Gloria could do to help her out of her shell. She turned to find the young girl staring at her photo of Bridgette. Smiling, crystal in hand, Gloria was about to speak when Connie cut her off.

“What does this mean? Nala Lynpul?”

Then suddenly reality washed away from Gloria as she entered a deep and lovely trance.

Connie started as Gloria went into a drunken smile, staring absently at her. The shift was so sudden the girl was almost afraid Gloria was having some kind of attack.

“Gloria? Are you okay?”

“I feel great, Mistress,” the old woman answered slowly, happily.

“Mistress?” Connie asked in shock. Then she recognized the strange look in Gloria’s eyes, the same blank expression Jane wore when her grandmother had told her to dance.

“Are- are you in trance?”

“Yes, Mistress. So deep in trance.”

“Then… you have to obey me. Right?”

“Yes Mistress,” Gloria replied happily. “I will obey your every command.”

Connie broke into a disbelieving smile. It worked. Hypnosis was really something she could do. Now all she had to do was figure out how she did it and use it on Tara. And maybe on Jane too. Definitely Michelle. She could order Gloria to teach her how to-

No, there was an easier solution.

“Gloria, will you order your family to do anything I command?”

“Of course Mistress, if it helps to make them happy. Will your commands make them happy?”

Connie suddenly saw a fantasy flash past her eyes. Her lying naked in Michelle’s bed, with all three beautiful members of the family naked and curled up besides her after a long, perfect orgy of delicate tanned flesh. She grinned and answered.

“Oh yes, it’ll make Tara and the others very happy.”

“Then I’ll be happy to control them for you, Mistress,” the grandmother recited, eager to help make her young Mistress’ dreams come true.