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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 30

Meeting the Girlfriend: Part 1

Michelle writhed on her bed, gripping the sheets tight as another wave of need hit her. Her pussy was soaked, and she was certain her sweat pants must have had a wet patch for everyone to see. All she wanted to do was touch herself. Or more accurately, fuck herself to an explosive orgasm. But she grit her teeth and forced her body back down to the bed, sweating through the impossible need filling her.

And gave a challenging smirk to Connie, who sat on the other end of the room.

“Is that… all you got?” she panted.

Connie lounged comfortably in her chair, enjoying the show. “Are you really trying to act tough, Michelle? You look so desperate. It’s really adorable.”

“I’m not going to—nngh—give in so easily, Mistress.” As the word left her lips Michelle gasped and shuddered. It felt like hands were massaging every inch of her body, touching everywhere but her pussy. It was exquisite torture, just as Connie had wanted.

“For someone trying to resist you sure do like slipping up a lot. You remember what happens when you call me Mistress.”

Michelle curled her toes and winced, hoping for another dose of hypnotic pleasure, but nothing came. The trigger only worked when she used it herself, just as Connie had set it.

“Go on, say it. You know you want to.”

Michelle whimpered, rubbing her thighs together pathetically.

“Just call me Mistress. Just start fucking yourself in front of me. You know you need it.”

“Thought you… wanted to wait. Keep our… our promise.”

“I am keeping our promise. I’m not going to touch you. But you’re going to put on a fun show for me, like a good sex slave.”

“Fuck,” Michelle moaned, rubbing a hand at her throat. “When I said I’d be your…” She blushed, knowing calling herself a slave would give her the same jolt of erotic need. At this point she could only handle one or two more before she threw away her modesty and fucked herself senseless.

“My what, slave?”

Michelle wriggled back and forth on the bed. “You knooow,” she whined. “I didn’t think… you’d be so cruel about it.”

Connie smirked. “You didn’t think I had it in me?”

“Yes, Mi—” She caught herself. Her body was vibrating, invisible fingertips hovering and ready to overwhelm her. “Yes. I thought you were too shy to try something like this.”

“Does that mean you want me to stop?”

“No,” Michelle cried as she sat up. “I mean—please don’t stop. This is—” Every inch of her body was crackling with pure need. Michelle needed to cum so bad she was about ready to go crazy. Which was why this was so much fun. “I’m loving this. It’s fucking torture, and I can barely control myself. I want… I want to fuck myself so badly.”

Michelle laid a hand on her stomach. Connie’s smile grew as Michelle’s hand crept slowly down towards her sweat pants.

“I want… to let you watch.”

Her fingers slipped into the waist band of her pants.

“Watch me rub my dripping cunt.”

Michelle’s head was spinning. Saying such vulgar things to Connie was wrong, but they both loved it. Was she saying all of this because Connie had messed with her mind, or were these her own filthy thoughts? Michelle had no way to know the truth, and that only made it hotter.

Her panties were absolutely soaked through. A hot steel wire was winding tight in her stomach as the tips of her fingers came just short of touching her clit. She was going to do this. She was going to masturbate for Connie.

Michelle giggled nervously. “I don’t know why I feel so anxious. You said you’ve watched me masturbate before.”

“True,” Connie admitted, “But I either made it so you didn’t see me, or made you forget.”

A hot flush of heat passed through Michelle. She bit her lip. “Why is that so fucking hot?”

Connie gave her a warm smile. “This is the first time you’re going to fuck yourself for me on purpose. Not just around the family, which is a completely normal thing,” Connie hastily added, grateful that the whole family was still casually masturbating without a second thought around each other. “You’re going to get yourself off for my benefit. Just as a way to please your Mistress. Isn’t that right, slave?”

Hand in her pants, Michelle offered a manic smile. “Yes, Mistress.” The hypnotic hands swept across her body, teasing and rubbing and massaging every perfect place. “I’m your sex slave.” The pleasure sunk deeper into her body, and her breath hitched. Her clit was pulsing, but she forced her fingers to stay still, just barely not touching it.

“What are you doing?” Connie asked breathlessly. She leaned in closer to watch.

“I’m a good slave for my Mistress,” Michelle whispered. Now she felt mouths kissing across her body. Invisible lovers were licking at her nipples, groping her ass. It felt like she was the star of an orgy, and the pleasure was so intense she could hardly think straight. “G-good slaves, oh fuckk, make sure t-to put on a good show for their Misssstresss.”

She could barely get the words out. Each mention of slave and Mistress sent her need skyrocketing. Michelle didn’t realize it was even possible to be this horny.

But it was all worth it, to see Connie’s overjoyed smile as she said, “You’re amazing, slave.”

Michelle’s heart skipped a beat, and her clit was buzzing. She couldn’t take any more. “Mistress,” she hissed, ready to surrender completely. “This is for you, Mistress.”

Time seemed to stop as she told her arm to move, for her fingers to finally touch her clit, and give herself over to absolute pleasure.

And then her door swung open.

Michelle yelped and yanked her hand back, just as Tara stuck her head into the room. “Hey, Mom, have you seen Connie?”

Connie and Michelle both froze, grateful that Tara hadn’t looked over to see Connie on the other side of the door. Tara hadn’t seen her mother with her hand in her pants, either, but Michelle couldn’t do anything about the fact that she was sweating, eyes dilated and shaking at the unseen hands and mouths worshipping her body. That were still playing with her and working her up into a frenzy.

“I, uh, I haven’t,” she managed to get out, having to stop herself from groaning as a hypnotic tongue worked its way wonderfully into her ass. She gripped the sheets tight.

Tara made an annoyed grunt. “Where is she? She said she’d hang out with me and Naomi today.”

Connie slapped a hand to her forehead. Tara started to turn to check out the sound, so Michelle said, “Oh that’s nice! What are—” she shivered, “What are you girls doing?”

“Just hanging out at the mall. It’s Connie’s first time really meeting Naomi, so I’m kind of nervous.” Tara crossed her arms and looked away. “You don’t think Connie’s jealous, do you?”

Michelle made a nervous laugh, and quickly clamped down on it to stop it from turning into a long moan as invisible hands tugged on her nipples.

“I’m sure… Connie’s fine. That girl is, nngh, full of surprises.”

Now Tara smiled. “Yeah, I’m just acting crazy.” She took her phone out of her pocket and started dialing. “I’ll just give her a call then.”

“No!” Michelle cried.

Tara froze with her finger above the screen. Now she was looking at her mom as if she finally noticed she was acting off.

“Sorry, I just—just remembered. I heard Connie in the bathroom. She’ll probably be right out.”

“Oh, thanks Mom.”

Michelle relaxed, and she saw Connie let out a relieved sigh too. Until Tara started walking into the room to give her a hug. Michelle tensed up, dozens of hands and mouths groping and teasing her, and the thought of her daughter touching her while she was getting off like this was too wrong… and too hot…

She threw her hands up to ward Tara back. “You shouldn’t hug me. I’m… feeling a little sick. Wouldn’t want you to catch anything.”

Tara immediately jumped back towards the door. “Yeah, I got the gymnastic meet coming up. Can’t get sick now.”

“Can’t have that,” Michelle said, her legs nervously kicking at the sheets as her clit continued to pulse with intense need.

“Feel better Mom.” Tara blew a kiss from the door and quickly fled out of the bedroom.

Connie nearly collapsed from the chair. “Fuck, that was close. Good thinking on pretending to be sick.”

“It’s kind of hard to act when I’m about to explode from being so fucking horny,” Michelle hissed at her. “You couldn’t make the trigger stop when my daughter was around?”

“I forgot she was here,” Connie replied, blushing. Michelle narrowed her eyes, not very convinced.

“Well make sure to put it in. I don’t want… to cum around Tara.”

Connie got up and walked over to her. As angry as Michelle was about nearly being caught, she immediately found her heart racing as her Mistress drew close. “Why do you mind? You girls cum around each other all the time.”

“That’s—that’s different.”

“Tell me why,” Connie insisted. She was staring at her intently, curious.

“Because she’d see me… being your slave.” The trigger hit her again, and she was right back on the edge.

For some reason Connie was smirking down at her. “And is that something you don’t want to happen?”

“It’s so wrong,” Michelle muttered. Her hand was back in her pants, but Connie caught her wrist, stopping her from rubbing her clit. Michelle’s fingers clawed desperately to reach, but she didn’t dare break out of the grasp of her Mistress.

“Yes, it’s wrong. But that doesn’t answer my question.”

Michelle trembled. She’d told Connie about the fantasy, and her Mistress seemed almost too into the idea. “If Tara or Jane saw me being a… if they saw me serving you, I’d—”

“Tell the truth.”

In her swirling thoughts, Michelle suddenly found the shameful words so easy to say.

“I’d get even hornier.” Connie let go of her hand, and Michelle frantically rubbed at her clit. “Oh fuck, oh—”

Connie clamped a hand over Michelle’s mouth before she could moan. “Quiet now. You don’t want Tara to hear.”

Michelle whimpered and rubbed faster.

“I’ll go get them out of here. Then you have permission to cum. But you’ve got to do something fun for me later.”

Michelle moaned the word ‘why’ against Connie’s palm.

“Because I didn’t get to have fun. So we’ll finish this another time.” She bent down quickly and kissed Michelle’s forehead. Michelle’s eyes rolled back in delight. “Enjoy yourself, slave. Try to hold off until I get Tara out of the house.”

Michelle’s fingers tried to go still, but even with how obedient she felt to Connie, Michelle found her fingers shaking anyway. She watched Connie go, frustrated and incredibly grateful for everything her Mistress could do to her. She was so happy to have Connie living here now.

She tried to fantasize about being a good, proper slave for Connie. Cooking and cleaning for her. Dressing up pretty to please her. Being tied up, or ordered about. Fucking her in every way she wanted.

That’s what Michelle wanted to focus on.

Instead, her mind conjured up images of Tara standing over her, watching as Michelle fucked herself for Connie’s amusement. Every wonderful scenario as Connie’s sex slave now starred Tara or Jane looking down at her, watching with shock as their mother acted like a slave. But that humiliation she felt only turned Michelle on more. And soon Tara and Jane stopped being shocked. Now they were joining in. Ordering her the same way Connie did. Like a family pet.

Michelle’s fingers couldn’t obey any longer. They started rubbing desperately at her clit.

Now she saw Tara and Jane fucking Connie, while she waited obediently by the end of the bed. It was hot, but not good enough.

Then it was just Jane fucking Connie. And Tara stood naked beside her, both of their heads bowed in deference to their Mistress.

She moaned and kept humping her hand.

All three of them naked and kneeling, as Connie stood over them. Wearing collars, mindless and hypnotized. Belonging completely to Connie. Connie ordering them to fuck, and Michelle obeying without hesitation. Groping her daughters without a shred of shame. Eating out Tara and Jane, too mindless to know it’s wrong. Too obedient to resist. All of them brainwashed slaves serving their Mistress.

Michelle cried out loudly as she came, hating that there was such an obscene fantasy in her head.

But not hating it enough to stop picturing the fantasy as she kept rubbing her clit, working herself quickly to a second orgasm. Then a third. And a forth.

The idea of Connie actually brainwashing them was so impossibly hot. It was only too bad that Connie was much too nice of a girl to ever be into something like that.

* * *

To say that Connie was nervous about meeting Tara’s girlfriend Naomi was an understatement. Though she’d made peace with her feelings for Tara, that didn’t mean things wouldn’t be awkward with Tara’s girlfriend. How much did Naomi know? Did she know anything? What if she didn’t like Connie? What if she was weirded out that Connie and Tara were sharing a room together?

The entire way to the mall Connie had these questions buzzing through her mind, terrified about how things with Naomi could go wrong.

Only to discover that Naomi was fairly awesome and they got along really well.

“More enemies coming in from the outside,” Naomi reported, firing her gun into a crowd of alien invaders.

“Frag out,” Connie said as she turned and pressed a button on the side of her gun, launching a plasma grenade into the face of a big alien ogre.

“You two are such dorks,” Tara teased.

Connie knew she had a point, considering they were just playing a shooting game at the arcade, but she and Naomi were at the final level of the space base. Connie had never made it this far before. Unlike Tara, who always died on the first level, Naomi actually knew what she was doing.

Naomi turned around and stuck her tongue out at Tara. “You’re just jealous that you died on the first level when you played.”

Tara made a big show of pouting and crossing her arms. “That was a fluke. That never happens to me.”

“Sure, it doesn’t,” Naomi said as she leaned down towards Tara, who smiled despite herself. “How about we grab some food after Connie and I destroy this space base?”

“Sounds great,” Tara replied, blushing adorably.

Connie couldn’t help but smile as she watched them out of the corner of her eye. The two of them really made a cute couple, despite how different they were. Naomi had green dyed hair, a cool leather jacket, and a piercing in her eyebrow. Definitely not what Connie expected from a girl on the gymnastics squad. But she was nice and funny, and great at video games. So if Tara was happy then Connie was happy for them both.

An annoying alarm started beeping at them. Connie had gotten so wrapped up watching them that she’d forgotten they were playing!

Naomi and Connie whirled around, guns at the ready, only to see a swarm of adorably cute pink aliens floating at them. They looked like cuddlefish, floating lazily in the air towards them.

“Oh shit, Zorps!” Naomi cried in horror.

Connie didn’t get what she was so concerned about, until she fired and the laser blasts in the game just bounced right off of the little squids, sending them fluttering through the air. She panicked and fired wildly, wondering how an enemy so cute could be the toughest thing in the game. They fired wildly and put up the best fight they could, but it was over in under a minute as the Zorps overwhelmed them and game over flashed across the screen.

“Fuuuck,” Connie groaned as she hung up the plastic gun in defeat. “So close.”

“Sorry, I got distracted by my girlfriend.”

Connie saw Naomi giving her a big apologetic look, and laughed. “Lucky for you I consider that a valid excuse.”

The screen flashed to a view of their character, Quarantine Katie, a busty space warrior in a tight green outfit. Every time you got game over they’d play a cheesy clip of her getting captured and taken by the aliens from the level, which has definitely popped up in some of Connie’s masturbatory fantasies, though she would usually imagine Tara in the space outfit. Only in this cut scene Katie looked fine. Then one of the cute pink aliens landed on her head, it’s little tentacles wriggling excitedly as they hugged her head. Two pink tentacles from it’s face stretched down and tapped Katie’s forehead, making the space warrior go rigid. Her eyes flashed pink, and a dazed happy smile spread across her face.

Connie’s jaw dropped as the video game character was hypnotized, lifting her arms up and walking off screen, completely obedient to the Zorp on her head. Connie quickly scanned everyone around her, feeling as if she’d been caught with porn in public, but Naomi just had the same frustrated expression at losing. No one else even batted an eye.

“The Zorps always get me in the end,” Naomi said bitterly.

Connie stood there mesmerized by the sight on the screen, her jaw hanging open like Katie’s was.

“The fuck was that?”

“You never saw the final level cut scene?” Naomi asked.

“I saw the pink alien things in the art for the game, but I didn’t know they did… that.”

“Oh yeah, they mind control anyone they land on, so they turn Katie into a mindless slave for the aliens. Apparently there was a big uproar about violent video games at the time so the designers just decided to have her be brainwashed in the end so it’s, you know, safe for the public.”

Connie gulped, heart racing and very aware of how wet she was in the crowded arcade. “I definitely gotta play this game more.”

“You were awesome,” Naomi said, giving her a high five. “I can’t believe Tara said you were bad at video games.”

Tara suddenly jumped in and hugged Naomi, clinging to her arm. “I never said she was bad. I just said that I beat her all the time.”

“That’s because—” Connie was about to say that she always let Tara win back then because she was in love with her, but that would be a mistake for multiple reason. “Because I’ve been practicing.”

“Well it’s paying off,” Naomi said as she hastily darted out of Tara’s arms. She headed off deeper into the arcade, scouting around for something else to do. “Okay, Tara, so what game do you want to play? Air Hockey? Skeeball?”

“Actually, it’s almost four already. I’ve got to get going.”

“Oh,” Naomi replied, frowning. “I’m sorry. I got caught up playing with Connie and used up all our time.”

Tara smiled at her and reached into her bag. “That’s fine, I’m happy you and Connie could get along. I was busy too, actually.”

Naomi raised her pierced eyebrow.

“I won you this.” Tara pulled out a pink stuffed animal from her bag, which was actually a plush version of a Zorp from the game. Naomi made a little gasp as she took it, holding it in her hands as if it were the most important thing in the world. Tara blushed. “I saw how much you liked the Quarantine Katie game, so I thought I’d get you one of the little alien guys from it.”

“It’s so cute,” Naomi gushed, hugging it close and still looking at it in wonder.

“I won it on the first try, too,” Tara informed them proudly, hands on her hips.

Connie leaned in next to her and whispered, “So how much did you really spend trying to win it.”

“Nine bucks, shut up,” Tara hissed back.

Naomi looked up at Tara, eyes misty. “I love it, thank you.” She took a half-step forward, but abruptly turned away, her expression changing. “We should get going. You got your appointment to get to.”

Tara happily fell in behind Naomi as they walked out of the arcade, but Connie stayed where she was, watching Naomi closely. What had that weird reaction been? Tara had done something cute and romantic for her, and Naomi had brushed it aside in seconds. Even now the green-haired girl was looking around the arcade, searching for something, and hardly seemed to pay attention to Tara.

Then Tara tried to take Naomi’s hand, and Naomi snatched her hand back like she’d touched a hot stove. Connie watched as Naomi laughed it off with some excuse she couldn’t hear, and Tara just smiled acceptingly.

There was something up with Naomi. Now that Connie was really looking, it was almost like she didn’t want people to see her with Tara. Which made no sense, because Tara would make an awesome girlfriend. Why wouldn’t Naomi want to show off?

And of course Tara was her oblivious self, not even realizing that she was being rebuffed every time she got too close, or tried to show some kind of affection. Connie had promised herself that she wouldn’t interfere, but that was to stop herself from making Tara hers. If Naomi was hiding something, then Tara deserved to know what it was.

Connie caught up to them in the parking lot, the girls waiting by Tara’s car. Tara flashed her a smile and waved. “I was wondering where we lost you.”

“Just had to tie my shoe,” Connie lied.

Which Tara completely bought. She was so trusting, how would she even if someone was lying to her? Connie focused her suspicion on Naomi, like she’d find some clear sign that she was hiding something. But Naomi was just leaning back against Tara’s car, green hair blowing in the wind as she hugged the stuffed pink Zorp close.

“So we’ll hang out tomorrow, right?”

“It’s a date,” Tara gushed.

Naomi’s eyes darted around and saw nobody around but Connie. “Sounds good. Maybe something low key, like just chilling at my house. I’ve barely been getting any sleep with finals and the big meet coming up.”

“Oh no,” Tara said, voice full of concern. “That’s no good. You’ve got to do something to relax.”

“I’ll just play some video games, I’ll be fine.”

Tara made a face, hardly convinced that was the best thing to do. Then she lit up and declared with a smile, “You should let Connie hypnotize you!”

Naomi eyes shot open wide. “What?”

“What?” Connie asked in unison, feeling like a criminal caught red handed.

“Connie knows hypnosis. She did it to me once or twice and it feels super relaxing.”

Looking incredibly skeptical, Naomi turned to Connie. “You know hypnosis?”

“A little,” Connie mumbled nervously, wondering how much Tara remembered. Considering she wasn’t freaking out Tara probably didn’t remember the family orgy they’d had a week ago.

“Connie is great at it. I’m sure she can help you relax. That’s something hypnosis can do, right?”

Connie shifted from one foot to the other nervously. “Well, yeah, but I don’t really know that much.”

“And I’m not sure if something like that would work on me,” Naomi added.

“I probably couldn’t get her under,” Connie said apologetically, hoping Tara would drop it.

Instead, Tara fixed her hands on her hips and gave them a fake smile, while her eyes were dead serious. “Naomi, sweetie, you need to relax. And I’m sure Connie would love to help you out so you’re not stressed.”

Both Naomi and Connie gulped.

“So I’ll head out to my appointment at school, and Connie can head over to your house to try and help you with hypnosis.”

“I actually had something I wanted to do,” Connie said meekly, thinking of a horny and submissive Michelle waiting for her back at the house.

But Tara poked Connie in the chest and sternly said, “You owe me, so you’re going to help my girlfriend.”

“How do I owe you?”

Tara opened her mouth, but then stopped, her thoughts trailing off. “Huh, I can’t remember. I know it was something big I helped you out with. You definitely owe me, for whatever it was.”

Connie’s heart jumped into her throat as she realized Tara was talking about the family orgy they’d had. Tara had agreed to join in to make her fantasy a reality, but even though the memory was locked in her subconscious, Tara was still holding onto the fact that Connie owed her for it.

So before Tara thought too hard and recalled anything, Connie threw on a fake smile and loudly said, “Oh right! That! Yes, I totally owe you. I’d be happy to help.”

“Perfect!” Tara clapped her hands, glad it was settled.

So after an awkwardly quiet car ride Connie found herself sitting in Naomi’s room, the two of them alone and nervously making small talk without actually saying anything. Connie wasn’t certain if she was even capable of hypnotizing someone that Gloria hadn’t already hypnotized before, but Tara hadn’t given her much room to debate. If nothing else it was a chance to get to know Naomi better. And try to figure out why she was acting so strange around Tara.

“I guess we should get started,” Connie finally said, realizing there was no point in putting it off.

“So are you really going to hypnotize me?”

“I’ll try my best, if you’d like me too.”

Naomi nervously toyed with the plush pink alien in her lap, but she nodded her head. “Alright. At this point I’ll try anything if I can get a full night’s sleep again.”

“Then I guess just get comfortable.” Connie watched as Naomi laid herself back on her bed, hugging the stuffed alien like she was about to take a nap.

“How does this work anyway? You got some spinning black and white disc like in the cartoons?” Naomi broke into a grin. “Or are you going to stick the befuddlefish here on my head and make me a mindless slave?”

“Befuddlefish?” Connie asked with a snort.

“It’s what everyone calls them. Way more accurate and a great pun.”

“Well I don’t have anything like an alien. All I’ve got is a crystal.” She took her necklace off and held it out, letting the green crystal dangle in front of Naomi’s face.


“It is. Check out the way the light hits it. Reflecting off the sides, light catching on the edges.”

Naomi humored her and kept her gaze on the crystal, as Connie went into the induction like she’d read from her books. There was a big chance that nothing at all was going to happen. She didn’t have Gloria’s dramatic flair or talent. Naomi would probably just watch for a while, until Connie gave up. She was fine accepting defeat here.

Except that this was for Tara. If Naomi went into trance, she might feel comfortable enough to reveal what her secret was, and why she was behaving so weird with Tara. Was she just stringing Tara along? Was she not all that interested in her? If she wasn’t serious about being a good girlfriend then Tara deserved to know the truth.

Connie sat up straighter, flicking the necklace gently to set the crystal rocking back and forth. Now she was fired up, determined to give it her best shot. She’d help Tara out. All Connie really had to do was make sure she didn’t make some mistake or do anything inappropriate. Not like she could get Naomi to do anything as wild as Tara and her family would do in trance.

“Just focus on the crystal,” Connie said, as she got to work.