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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 32

Meeting the Girlfriend: Part 3

“Naomi, you- you need to stop,” Connie said quietly, her voice too nervous to hold any authority.

Naomi didn’t respond to her. Instead she slid her pants down to expose her wet pussy. “So hot,” she moaned.

“Seriously, Naomi, stop stripping.”

“But it’s good,” she argued with her entranced voice. Naomi lifted up her shirt and bra, letting her tits bounce free. “I like having you see me naked. Makes my vagina tingle.”

Connie groaned. “Tara’s going to kill me.”

That got a reaction from Naomi. She turned her blank eyes towards Connie, still deep in trance. “Can you bring Tara? I want her to see me naked. Want her to watch me cum.” Naomi purred the last word, back arching as she pumped her fingers deep inside herself.

“Okay that’s enough!” Connie grabbed hold of Naomi’s blanket and ripped it out from under the naked girl, promptly wrapping her up despite knowing that all this movement would snap her out of the trance. Naomi was probably going to wake up furious to find herself naked, and Connie didn’t know how to even begin explaining herself. Except when she checked she found Naomi still hypnotized, swaddled up in the blanket like a burrito.

“I want you to see me,” Naomi pleaded in the monotone voice. She started kicking the blanket away. “It’s hotter when you can see me.”

Connie backed up, wondering what the hell had happened. All she’d done was try to help Naomi, and now she was suddenly stripping and masturbating in front of her.

“Naomi, don’t you think it’s wrong to be naked in front of people?”

Naomi threw the blanket off and sighed happily as she exposed herself to Connie. “Don’t feel bad. Must be good.”

Connie went pale. “Naomi, those bad voices in your head that told you it was wrong to date girls, were those the voices that told you not to do sexual things in front of people?”

“Yes,” Naomi answered easily, plunging her fingers back into her pussy. Her other hand reached up to cup her breast, and Connie gulped, getting way too turned on by all this. Naomi saw her reaction and only started to mindlessly masturbate with more enthusiasm. “The voices always told me naughty things were wrong. Don’t hear them now.”

“Great,” Connie mumbled, dropping into her chair in defeat. Of course those repressive voices would have scolded Naomi for any kind of sexual interest. “Naomi, did you ever masturbate before?”

“Three times. Felt so awful after. Now it feels great.”

“And did you have any sexual fantasies before?”

“No,” Naomi said in a flat voice. “Wrong to desire things.”

Connie hung her head. As great as it was to let Naomi be free to be gay, she’d also taken out the only thing stopping Naomi from descending into hedonism. She was like a dog let off her leash and running around wildly. If Connie didn’t do something to put Naomi’s new sexual freedom in check, who knows what perverted stuff she’d dive head first into?

But first thing was first. Connie had to put a stop to Naomi’s masturbating. Even though she was Tara’s girlfriend, Naomi was also insanely hot, and Connie could only stand to watch so much.

“Naomi, feel soft restraints tying themselves firmly around your wrists.”

Naomi’s pumping fingers slowed, as she looked at her wrists in confusion.

“Now feel them pull tight, pulling your hands away from your pussy.”

Immediately Naomi’s hands flew back, planting themselves next to her head. Naomi looked around, puzzled and frustrated.

Better to be safe than sorry, Connie thought. “Feel the same comfortable restraints grabbing your ankles. Wrapping around your chest and your stomach, tying you down to the bed so you can’t move.”

Now Naomi’s naked body went flat against the bed, so that all she could move was her head. “How is this happening?” Naomi asked, still in trance. What would it take to wake her up?

“You’re still hypnotized, which means I’m in charge.” Now that she was restrained, Connie plucked up the blanket from the floor and threw it over Naomi.

Naomi wriggled against the imaginary restraints, but couldn’t move at all. “I want to masturbate more.”

“Too bad. What I say goes.”

Naomi whined, but smiled. “This is frustrating, but hot too. I’m excited being tied down.”

Connie rolled her eyes. “Try to behave yourself, you horny little deviant.”

Naomi shook her head slowly. “I’m not a deviant.”

“And what were you just doing?”

“Stripping and masturbating while you watched.”

“And that’s definitely out of bounds. You’re dating Tara.”

That actually seemed to get through to her. Naomi lowered her eyes. “It didn’t feel wrong. Thought it was okay.”

“Listen, Naomi. Those voices I got rid of were telling you some bad things. But you still have to keep yourself in check. Just because something is hot doesn’t mean you can act on it every time. You’re going to have to come up with your own boundaries.”


Connie stopped, wondering how to explain that. “Okay, you said you found it hot to strip in front of me, right?”

“Yes,” Naomi said with a smile.

“But did you get my permission to do that in front of me?”

Naomi blinked slowly. “I need to ask?”

“Well you’re dating my best friend. It would hurt Tara if she heard that you did something like this in front of me.”

“Oh,” Naomi said in a quiet voice. “And it was wrong to masturbate in front of you too?”

“In this case, yes.”

“Did you find it hot too?”

Connie gulped. “That’s irrelevant. You have to have some restraint and figure out what’s appropriate.”

Naomi nodded. “Okay, Connie.”

“Listen, I know how fun it can be to act out your fetishes, but you can’t indulge in everything you want to do.”

Naomi raised her pierced eyebrow. “What are fetishes?”

“Are- are you serious?”

The punk girl just looked at her blankly. For as rebellious as she looked, Naomi was definitely sheltered.

“Fetishes are like… sexy things that you’re attracted too, but not everyone has them. Different people have different fetishes.”

“Like eating pineapple on pizza?”

Connie slapped her forehead. “No. It’s like…” She looked over Naomi, her hands still held up by her hand. “You said you’re excited being tied down to the bed, right?”

“Yes,” Naomi said eagerly, wriggling in place against her invisible restraints. “Not being able to move makes my heart race. My vagina wet. My—”

“I get the idea,” Connie cut in. “Well that means that you might like bondage. That’s where your partner ties you up while you do, um, romantic things.”

“Oh. That sounds nice.”

“And if you’re into it that’s fine. You just have to be responsible about it. Same with how you liked imagining people seeing you naked. That’s called exhibitionism.”

“Bondage and exhibitionism,” Naomi said, mulling the words over. “I do like them. But I have to be responsible?”

“Yeah. You can’t just run down the street naked. You might enjoy it, but the people who see you might not be into it. Then you’d be forcing them into something they don’t want for your benefit.”

“That makes sense.” Naomi nodded. “I’ll try to be responsible.”

“Good,” Connie said with a relieved smile. “So if you find something that turns you on, what will you do?”

Naomi closed her eyes, thinking hard. “I won’t act on it immediately. I will decide if it is appropriate. And get permission from everyone involved.”

“That’s close enough, I guess.” Connie still wasn’t sure if this would work. At least Naomi wouldn’t turn into a full nudist when she woke up. Besides, if Naomi wanted to be kinky that was fine, Connie just didn’t want to accidentally ruin her life. “You’re fine to enjoy fantasies about things, but not everything you can do in public.”

“So I can fantasize about having sex in public, but not actually do it?”

“Well yeah. Your fantasies can let you enjoy more taboo stuff.”

“Doesn’t taboo mean it’s off limits?”

“For most people, yeah. But sometimes having something be taboo makes it hot.”

“Oh,” Naomi said, her hypnotized face impossible to read. “What kind of stuff is taboo?”

Connie tried to think, but her experiences were pretty limited to her own fantasies. That and she’d just been through a very stressful couple of minutes trying not to fuck up her best girlfriend’s mind. So Connie just blurted out the first stuff to come to her mind. “Sex slaves. Brainwashing. Incest. That kind of stuff.”

Naomi’s eyes went wide. “Incest?”

Connie sat upright, terrified. “I don’t mean with my own family. I mean, like, if two hot sisters did stuff together.”

That seemed to calm Naomi down a little. “I’ve seen that in movies. People like hot twins.”

“Yeah,” Connie said, feeling better. “Like if I saw two sisters like Tara and Jane making out it’d be hot.”

Naomi’s breath caught. In a quiet voice she whispered, “Hot.”

Connie didn’t hear her. “I used to even fantasize about their mom doing stuff with them too.”

“Mrs. Silva? She is pretty.”

“Mhm. Like I know it’s not normal, but I always liked fantasizing about them.” Connie had been staring off, lost in memories, and abruptly came back to herself. Why was she telling Naomi all of this?

Then again, Naomi had just been masturbating in front of her. Hopefully she wouldn’t judge Connie for it.

“You don’t mind me saying that, do you?”

Naomi shook her head. “No. I find it hot.”

Connie blinked, speechless. “You… you do?”

“I haven’t met Tara’s sister, but thinking about Tara doing stuff with her mom is really hot. Very wrong, but being wrong can make it hot.”

“Exactly!” Connie said, leaning in as her excitement took over. Naomi thought it was hot too? She wasn’t alone?

“I picture them kissing, and stripping, and it makes me wet.”

Connie blushed. “Me too.”

Naomi bit her lip, and let out a slight moan. “Is her sister Jane hot?”

“Very hot. With an amazing ass.”

“Good,” Naomi said. Her body shifted slightly under the blanket, but she was tied down, so Connie didn’t worry.

“What, um, what do you fantasize about them doing?”

“Picture them having sex. Tied up.”

Connie chuckled. “You really do like bondage, huh?”

“Never knew, but really hot,” Naomi said in monotone. “Imagining Tara and Mrs. Silva as sex slaves.”

Connie scooted the chair closer, shivering happily. “You get turned on imagining them as a harem too?”

“A harem?” Naomi blinked slowly, her smile growing. “Yes, a harem is hot. Both of them are good slaves. And Jane too.”

“All of them obediently serving their mistress,” Connie said, voice trembling. To hear someone else sharing her fantasies so exactly, it was like a miracle. What would Naomi think if she knew that Connie had actually lived it out, thanks to Gloria’s hypnosis? She clenched her fist, wondering if she should say anything about it.

But then Naomi said, “See them all getting brainwashed. Brainwashed into slaves. Hot because it’s wrong. Brainwashed into incest.”

Connie was shaking with so much excitement that she felt ready to explode. Naomi found brainwashing hot too? How was she this perfect? Even Connie hadn’t been into hypnosis until after she’d seen what Gloria could do with the family. Naomi really was-

A cold hand gripped Connie’s heart. It was enough for her rational sense to cut through how horny she felt.

Sex slaves, brainwashing and incest. Naomi was into all three, the only three that Connie had suggested.

“Naomi, why do you find the idea of sex slaves hot?”

“Because it’s taboo. Taboo things are hot.”

The floor opened up and Connie felt like she was plummeting down. Terrified, Connie said, “Naomi, another taboo is women dressing up in hot dog costumes.”

Naomi writhed on the bed and let out a low, sensual moan. “See Tara and her family, brainwashed to be slaves. Made to wear hot dog costumes. So hot.”

Connie let out a long, defeated sigh. Of course Naomi didn’t magically share her fantasies. She’d just been dumb enough to feed them to Naomi without realizing. “Naomi, stop fantasizing. Listen to my voice and the power in it.”

The smile was wiped from Naomi’s face. She looked over to Connie, going still and listening obediently.

“I want you to focus on the suggestion I gave you that taboo things are hot. Tell me if there is hypnotic influence behind the words.”

“Yes,” Naomi answered immediately. “I believe you. Taboo things are hot.”

“Feel me drain those words of their power. Taking that suggestion away. Weakening those words until they crumble to dust in your mind.”

There was a moment of hesitation as Naomi’s eyes fluttered. But then she passively nodded her head. “It’s done.”

“How do you feel about things that are taboo?”

“They’re meant to be wrong and off limits,” Naomi replied instantly.

“Yeah. How do you feel about the idea of sex slaves?”

“It would be wrong to make someone a slave.” Then she tilted her head questioningly. “Right?”

“You’re right,” Connie said miserably. “You can decide for yourself when you wake up, but I don’t want any of my hypnotic influence affecting your desires. Is there anything else that I affected in your mind with hypnosis?”

Naomi closed her eyes and focused. “No. All other desires are my own.”

“Good.” Connie slumped back in the chair and stared at the floor. At least Naomi was back to normal. It was too good to be true, thinking that Noami would just happen to share her fantasies.

She stiffened, realizing that she’d told Naomi all about it. When she woke up, Naomi would remember that she was into it. She didn’t know that Connie had been testing what the family wanted to do with her through hypnosis, but if she mentioned it to Tara it might lead them to realize what’s been going on.

Connie’s first thought was to bury the memory of this trance. Stop Naomi from remembering. Except if she did that, then Naomi might forget about how Connie had helped her. She might forget that she was free to be her own self, and love who she wanted. Whatever fears Connie had about being exposed, she wasn’t so selfish that she’d leave Naomi to a fate like that.

So feeling like there was an axe waiting over her head, Connie announced, “Naomi, I want you to feel the invisible restraints let you go. See yourself back on that beach, laying comfortably in that perfect spot. But you’re standing up now, stretching and feeling wonderfully relaxed and free. You’ll see yourself walking away from that perfect spot, and as you do you’ll begin to wake up from the trance. Remembering—” Connie gulped. “Remembering everything that happened. Letting yourself peacefully wake up from the trance, back to your normal self.”

Naomi’s eyes slipped shut, like she’d fallen asleep. But after a few seconds her arms stretched, she arched her back, and let out a loud yawn. Then she was sitting up blinking blearily with a smile on her face.

“Mhm. That felt amazing. I can’t believe it worked.” Naomi opened her eyes and grinned at Connie. “I seriously can’t believe you can do something like that! It’s—”

As Naomi sat up, the blanket slipped down and revealed her tits. Naomi went beet red and tugged the blanket up over herself.

“Gah! Oh god, I really… Connie, I’m so sorry!”

Connie was blushing too, looking away. “That, uh, might have been my fault. I told you to be free to enjoy yourself and, well…”

Naomi shook her head. “No, that’s my fault. I made you uncomfortable, and I’m really sorry.”

“As long as you won’t do it again,” Connie chuckled.

“The only person I’m stripping for is Tara,” Noami laughed. She suddenly went still, with an amazed smile on her face. “Huh. I really do want to strip for her.”

“You might want to take things slow. I took out the guilt that had been making you feel bad, but you kind of don’t seem to have limits without it.”

“It definitely feels different.” She grinned warmly at Connie. “But I’m grateful. I mean, I felt awful just for wanting to hold Tara’s hand in public. Now when I think of Tara I just feel incredibly happy. I can actually be with her now!”

Connie couldn’t help but smile. “I’m glad. Just make sure you’re good to Tara.”

“I promise,” Naomi replied, nodding her head way too much. “And I’ll take it slow too. I want to figure out all this new stuff I’m feeling. Like that bondage stuff. That was…” Naomi shivered. “I really felt tied up. Hypnosis can do that?”

“It’s pretty handy,” Connie said sheepishly.

“I’ll have to look into bondage more. I’d never felt that excited.” Then she frowned. “Oh, but maybe Tara isn’t into it.”

Connie’s cheeks flushed as she remembered the family orgy last week, how excited Tara had been to be a submissive sex slave. “I think Tara might surprise you. Just figure out your interests for yourself, then try talking to her about it.”

Naomi smiled. “Thank you. Seriously, I haven’t felt this great in… I can’t remember the last time I felt this amazing.”

Connie’s chest swelled with happiness. To think that she’d really helped Naomi that much. “I’m just happy you’re doing better.”

“And sorry again about the whole stripping and masturbating thing,” Naomi mumbled, embarrassed. “Maybe we shouldn’t mention that part to Tara.”

“That might be for the best.”

“I also remember… that stuff you said you’re into.” Naomi saw Connie flinch, and quickly gave her a reassuring smile. “I won’t say anything! Promise!”

“I can’t believe I said all that. I just got caught up in everything.”

“It’s alright. I mean, they’re definitely taboo, but when I found them hot I can see the appeal. I really don’t judge you for having them.”

Connie felt a little better, but still nervously wrung her hands. “Okay, as long as you don’t think I’m weird.”

Naomi shook her head hard. “Nope. You’re really awesome. And I feel like I owe you for everything you did.”

“I think your little show might have been payment enough,” Connie coughed.

Naomi blushed, but didn’t seem offended. “I’m glad you liked it, though that should hopefully be the last time I do anything like that around you.”

“Tara’s gonna be very lucky.”

“So, can I have my pants?” Naomi pointed to her clothes scattered on the floor, and they both shared a laugh as Connie handed her clothes over so she could get dressed. They chatted for a bit longer, with Connie helping her understand more about her sexuality as best she could, but soon they were just chatting about school and their interests. By the time Connie was heading out the door and Naomi was waving her goodbye, the two really felt like close friends.

Naomi smiled to herself as she watched Connie go. It had gotten a little awkward, but this really was the best she’d felt in weeks. Maybe even in her whole life. She practically bounced upstairs and drew herself a bath. She still had an hour before her parents got back, and there was something Naomi wanted to try while she had the privacy.

She lit some dust covered cinnamon candles she found under the sink, and settled herself into the wonderfully warm water. Then, when she got comfortable, Naomi slid a hand down between her legs. She waited for the shame or guilt to sink in, but just like in the trance she heard nothing but her body purring in anticipation. The masturbation in the trance had felt distant, like trying to recall the flavor of some food she’d only seen other people eat, but now the sensations were crisp and personal as her fingers explored her pussy lips.

Soon she was wet and squirming, and slid her fingers inside of herself.

“Mhm, Tara,” she muttered, her pussy tingling as she said her girlfriend’s name out loud. She pictured Tara sliding into the water with her, and using her fingers to examine Tara’s pussy too. Would it feel the same as hers? There was so much Naomi didn’t know, but wanted to explore.

She imagined laying Tara down on her bed, both naked and moaning as Naomi lowered herself down between Tara’s legs. In the bath Naomi took her fingers out of herself and brought them to her lips, licking slowly and tasting herself. It was sweet and delicious. In her mind she imagined she was licking Tara’s pussy.

She lifted her head in the fantasy, and found Tara tied down to the bed, grinning as she was restrained. Naomi didn’t know if this was something Tara actually liked, but Naomi knew that she’d loved the experience, and Connie had said fantasies were okay to imagine anything. So in this daydream Tara was wet and excited from being tied down, while Naomi mercilessly ate out her trapped girlfriend.

Naomi moaned happily in the bath, certain that it would be wonderful to experience that herself.

She kept eating Tara out passionately, sitting on her knees and so desperate to be touched herself. She went to move her hands only her wrists were tied behind her back. Naomi was tied up too. It wasn’t something she meant to think of, but it made her clit throb more and Naomi started rubbing at that wonderful button at the top of her pussy that Connie had made certain to tell her about. Now the pleasure was increasing, and Naomi was bound up even more thoroughly, tied up and trapped on her knees. She couldn’t move or escape if she wanted to. Naomi was trapped with her head between Tara’s legs, while her girlfriend was spread eagle on the bed too.

Naomi imagined a delicate hand petting her affectionately, calling her a good girl. It felt so right. Except Tara was tied up like her. And that’s when Noami imagined Connie standing over them, naked and absently rubbing her breasts as she continued to pet Naomi’s head.

Naomi opened her eyes, her fingers stopping. She didn’t mean to fantasize about Connie. Although, it was okay if it was just a fantasy, wasn’t it? They wouldn’t ever do anything like that in real life, which meant it wasn’t wrong to fantasize about her.

Nervous but excited, Naomi closed her eyes and easily slipped back into the fantasy as her fingers resumed dancing back and forth across her pussy lips. Now she and Tara were on their knees, tied down to the floor so they couldn’t move. Connie stood over Tara, her leg’s spread as she held Tara’s head against her pussy. Naomi watched Tara eating Connie out, her fingers pumping even faster in the bath. In the fantasy her hands were tied, but someone else was fingering her. Someone behind her, a woman who mercilessly teased Naomi and Tara at the same time.

And somehow Naomi knew this was Tara’s sister. The one with the great ass she’d never met. Tara was getting fingered by her sister and she was loving it so much even though it was wrong. Just like she was eating out a woman who wasn’t her girlfriend and loved it. Connie was loving it too, as she used Tara’s mouth to get off.

Suddenly Connie pulled Tara away, smiling down at her. “You love serving your Mistress, don’t you slave?”

“Yes,” Tara moaned, and it was only then that Naomi saw the metal collar around Tara’s neck. And felt a collar around her own neck. She was a sex slave. She was Connie’s sex slave.

In the bath Naomi shivered, moaning as she fingered herself with one hand, and used the other hand to caress her neck, imagining cold metal against her hot skin.

Her Mistress moved over to her now, cunt dripping. “Ready to serve, slave?”

Naomi’s mouth water. She wanted to please her. Just like Tara had. She hadn’t even kissed Tara yet, but she was going to eat out the same pussy that Tara had. An indirect kiss through their Mistress’ pussy. There was something incredibly wrong but oh so fucking hot about that. The idea that she and her girlfriend were only for Connie’s pleasure, that they couldn’t touch each other and could only show their love through how they fucked their Mistress.

She felt Tara’s sister fingering her faster, deeper. Beside her Tara was panting, tied down on her knees, and next to her was her mother. Mrs. Silva was naked and tied up with rope too, staring at Connie with devotion. They all loved serving her.

Because she was brainwashing them, Naomi realized. Her cunt clenched tight around the fingers. Connie grinned an evil grin as she took out her necklace, the green crystal shining with power. She waved it before Tara and Mrs. Silva, and they both went slack, staring and losing their minds.

“You obey me,” Connie instructed, and her slaves nodded.

Naomi nodded in the bath, surprising herself. She saw Connie’s necklace swinging, swinging, and she heard the ocean.

“You are my sex slaves.”

“Yes Mistress,” Connie and Mrs. Silva answered with a blank voice.

“Yes Mistress,” Naomi moaned in the bath, humping up against her hand.

“You serve me,” Connie commanded, now standing back over Naomi. The pussy of her Mistress was right in front of her, with the green crystal swinging back and forth before it. Naomi opened her mouth and licked, tasting that divine pussy as she lost her mind. She gave her mind to her mistress, and watched as Connie brainwashed Tara and Mrs. Silva and Tara’s sister. They were hers, unable to resist, mindless sex slaves brainwashed into loving Connie. Brainwashed into love their…

“Mistress!” Naomi cried as she came hard and sudden. She collapsed against the tub, realizing the water had gotten colder. As soon as she realized what she’d imagined Naomi’s eyes snapped open, shocked at herself. Panicking she leapt up from the tub and opened the bathroom window, breathing a sigh of relief when she saw that her parents weren’t home yet to overhear her moaning.

“What the fuck was I thinking?” Naomi muttered to herself, sinking back into the lukewarm water. It was just the trance she’d had earlier. That fantasy about brainwashing and sex slaves. It had just been Connie’s hypnotic influence. She wasn’t into anything that wrong.

Except Connie had made certain to take that hypnotic influence away, Naomi remembered. She’d set Naomi’s mind back to it’s own desires. But the idea of being tied up was so hot, and being a slave felt so good. Imagining Connie hypnotizing them into obeying her…

Naomi licked her lips and started to rub her fingers over her clit again. It might have just been a fluke fantasy, after all. Maybe she’d gotten it out of her system. The only way to know if she really liked it was to try it again. So Naomi rubbed and pictured herself on a beach, watching as Connie took a pink alien Zorp and placed it on Tara’s head. Watched her girlfriend’s face go blank and obedient as the alien brainwashed her. Tara stripped when Connie told her to. Fucked herself when Connie commanded it. Then Naomi saw Connie coming towards her with another Zorp, placing the little alien on her head. Those small, comfortable tentacles hugging the sides of her head. Wonderful mindlessness spreading and taking all thought away. Naomi’s eyes went blank, and she stripped when her Mistress commanded it. In her mind Naomi saw herself obeying her Mistress. Fucking herself for Mistress. Fucking Tara for Mistress. Fucking Mistress over and over and-

Naomi kept quiet as she came hard this time, but she was left panting and her hair a mess. The bath water was completely cold now. Naomi thought about Connie, thought about her green crystal, and immediately felt herself shudder with desire.

“Oh fuck,” she muttered quietly to herself, and slid down into the water to think. She had a lot to think about now.