The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Runs in the Family

Chapter 33

Summer Lovin’: Part 1

McGowan lake was as beautiful as Connie had always pictured it. Clear blue water stretching as far as the eye could see, all surrounded by lush forest dotted with summer homes along the edge of the lake. There was even a huge dock they had passed in town with stores and restaurants for all the tourists.

The Silvas spent the first weekend of every summer here at the lake house, but it was Connie’s first time being allowed to come. Throughout high school her parent’s had always protested against her going away for a whole weekend, but now that she’d graduated they were finally willing to let her go. (That and some hypnotic persuasion from Gloria, who had already convinced them it was a great idea for Connie to live with the Silva’s, so a weekend away was hardly a challenge.)

Still, it was Connie’s first time and she was blown away by the picturesque landscape. The road they took ran right alongside the lake, and Connie was shocked when they pulled into a cozy looking house right at the water’s edge. As soon as they got out Connie ran right over to the edge of the lake and stood there staring out, breathing in the fresh air.

It was too bad Tara hadn’t come, Connie thought with a sigh. As great as spending the weekend with her best friend would have been, she couldn’t really blame Tara for wanting to stay home with her girlfriend instead. Her and Naomi had been inseparable the last few weeks, and judging form Tara’s rapturous moaning coming from her bedroom it was pretty clear what they were up to.

Connie always loved seeing the awkward blush on Naomi’s face when they came down. Little did she know that the whole family was hypnotically inclined to view sex as perfectly acceptable in the house, which is why Jane and Michelle never so much as batted an eye to all the things Naomi did with her. There had definitely been a few close calls with Naomi spending time at the house, like when Connie had walked into the living room to see Jane masturbating casually while Naomi was in the kitchen. She had frantically dropped Jane into trance and gotten her dressed up just before Naomi came back.

After that incident Connie had to regrettably remove a lot of the fun views on casual nudity and masturbation in the family’s heads, but it was too risky. Naomi already knew about Connie’s perverted fantasies, after all, and if she were to discover that Connie had actually been hypnotizing the family then it would lead to all sorts of problems.

There was always the possibility of hypnotizing Naomi to not notice. Connie could make her oblivious to whatever she did with Jane and Michelle. Or even convince Naomi to join in on being naked and masturbating with the rest of the family for her to watch. If Naomi were programmed like the rest of the family then Connie could even get her to eat Tara out at the dining room table for the whole family to see.

Connie shuddered at the fun thought but she knew it would be crossing a line. She’d hypnotized Noami to help her, and Naomi seemed incredibly happy being able to express how much she desired Tara. Maybe a little too eager to indulge in her desires, although Connie couldn’t fault her for that. Besides, even though she’d been spending so much time over the house Connie had gotten the impression that Naomi was avoiding her. She mostly talked to Tara and the others and hardly seemed to say a word to Connie unless she had to.

Hopefully she wasn’t still weirded out about finding out what Connie was into.

Connie shook her head. There was no use driving herself crazy with worries. She was here on vacation to have fun. And boy did she have big plans.

“Enjoying the view?”

Connie spun around to see Jane smirking at her.

“This place is great! I wish I’d been able to come sooner.”

“It’s okay,” Jane said with her usual air of indifference, but even she couldn’t keep a smile off her face. “Come on and get your stuff inside.”

She looked past Jane and saw that Gloria was already inside the lake-house, checking the place out. Connie didn’t spot Michelle until she got closer and saw that she was still sitting in the passenger seat of the car, having not moved at all.

Jane raised an eyebrow when she noticed too. “Mom, are you coming?”

Michelle jumped in her seat and yelped. She was blushing deeply as she stammered. “I-I’ll be right in. Just- Just sending a text. You can go help your grandma set up.”

Jane groaned and trudged to the lake-house. “Sure, make me do everything. You already made me drive us the whole way here.”

She wandered off to the lake-house, complaining under her breath, and Michelle let out a sigh of relief. Until she noticed Connie leaning against the car and smiling down at her.

“So how are you doing, Michelle?”

Michelle wriggled in her seat.

“Ah, I’m good.”

Connie tilted her head, her smile never fading. “Don’t want to get out yet?”

“Just, um, taking in the scenery.”

Now Connie put her elbows on the edge of the car door, putting herself level with Michelle. “Ready to beg for mercy yet?”

Michelle set her jaw, looking determined. Then she squirmed in her seat and let out a whimper, her resolve melting completely. Michelle shoved her hands down against her crotch and groaned, “Pleeease, Mistress. It’s too much.”

It was music to Connie’s ears.

Connie had held off for half the drive, waiting until they’d come to a rest stop to surprise Michelle. She suggested that Jane and Gloria gas up the car, then invited Michelle over to the isolated rest stop.

“What is it?” Michelle asked, curious. Then Connie gave her a stern look.

“Follow me. Don’t say a word.”

She spoke with the authoritative voice she’d been working on, and from the way Michelle instantly stood up straighter and quickly followed it seemed to have the desired effect. She lead Michelle to the shady area behind the rest stop. Connie checked that there was no one around to see, then she pinned Michelle up against the brick wall.

“Looks like I got you all to myself. Know what I want to do with you?”

Michelle smiled but only shrugged.

Connie snickered. “You can talk now.”

“I don’t know,” Michelle replied in a quiet but excited voice. Then she added, “Mistress.”

“Well take a guess.”

Michelle shuddered and rubbed her thighs together. “You’re going to fuck me.”

Connie blinked in surprise. That had caught her off guard.

“You think I’m going to fuck you behind a rest stop?”

“No,” Michelle admitted, then smiled. “But you could. I’d let you fuck me anywhere you ordered, Mistress.”

Connie gulped, feeling light-headed and deliriously happy to have a beautiful older woman say that. She shrugged it off and focused.

“You do remember the promise we made, right?”

“That we wouldn’t do anything sexual together until you graduated.” Michelle’s smile broadened. “Which was last week. I’ve spent the last few days waiting and wondering when you’d come to claim me. To really make me your slave.”

Now Connie felt her arms starting to shake. She was trying to be the dominant one, but how could she hear Michelle say that and not get weak in the knees?

She coughed, trying to get back some control over herself. “Well, the way I remember it is that we wouldn’t do anything until I was in college.”

Michelle’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“I remember it pretty distinctly. You said not until I’m in college. And I won’t start classes until September.”

“But… but that’s two months away.” Michelle looked like she was on the verge of tears. “That’s not what I meant to say. I just meant til you graduated. It’s the same thing.”

Now Connie chuckled. “Do you really want to be fucked by me that bad?”

Michelle hissed in a breath and shivered. “Yes.”

It was all Connie could do not to blush and whisper ‘Damn’ to herself. There was something seriously flattering about how badly Michelle wanted her. Which was why it was fun to make her wait and need it even more.

“Who owns you, Michelle?”

“You do,” she answered without hesitation.

“Who controls your mind and body?”

Michelle sighed and smiled. “You do, Mistress.”

“Then it’s my decision when I will decide to fuck you. Maybe I’ll wait until my first day of classes.”

She heard Michelle whimper.

“Or more I’ll fuck you tonight,” Connie said, leaning in and wrapping an arm around Michelle’s waist. She pulled her in close, their chests pressed together. Michelle stared into her eyes, looking delirious and happy. Connie licked her lips. Just another inch and she could kiss her.

“Please,” Michelle begged.

Instead of kissing her like she badly wanted to, Connie moved her head to Michelle’s ear and whispered, “You’ll have to beg a lot more than that. But don’t worry, I’ll be training you all summer to please me.”

“Yesss,” Michelle moaned. Suddenly her arms wrapped around Connie, grabbing her ass in a tight grip.

“Woah!” Connie cried as Michelle lifted her off her feet. To keep from falling over Connie had to brace her legs against the wall, but it left her straddling Michelle and locked in her arms.

“You can take me, Mistress,” the older woman purred in a voice that was anything but submissive. “Fuck me, use me, I’m all yours.”

“Hang on—” Connie tried to squirm out of her grip but Michelle suddenly kissed her, groping her ass openly. Connie moaned into Michelle’s mouth and patted her on her back, trying to order her to stop. Michelle ignored her, though. She spun them around and pinned Connie to the wall instead, kissing her harder and kneading Connie’s ass through her jeans.

It felt wonderful, amazing even, but Connie knew where this was going. Michelle was in charge right now. It seemed like she had a natural inclination to be dominant, but Connie knew that Michelle wanted to be the slave with her. This was just an opportunity to prove why she was in charge.

Connie’s arms were pinned to Michelle’s sides so it took a little wriggling but she finally managed to slip a hand free. She reached up and pressed her fingers against Michelle’s forehead. The reaction was immediate. Michelle’s fingers froze, still in a tight grip on Connie’s ass, and her forceful kiss stopped just like she’d been paused.

Keeping her fingers in place Connie pushed Michelle’s head back so that she could look at her. Her body may have gone still, but Michelle’s eyes were alive with struggle. It looked like she was fighting between the desire to give in, or to resist and keep having her way with Connie. So Connie took her choice away.

She furrowed her brow and put on a stern expression. Michelle had jokingly called it her domme face, but Connie had seen firsthand what it did to Michelle. The appearance of a strong Mistress, not to be argued with or denied. Connie might not be that confident of a dominant yet, but she’d certainly learned how to play the part.

“Drop for me,” she commanded. “Now.”

Michelle’s eyes rolled back in her head as a dreamy smile spread on her face. “Yes… Mistress…”

Connie had enough time to smile smugly before Michelle’s arms went limp and Connie was suddenly dropped to the ground, the brick wall scratching her back. She winced and climbed back to her feet, grateful that Michelle was too deep in trance to remember that ungraceful fall.

“Michelle, are you deep and obedient for me?”

“Yes Mistress,” she replied in a monotone voice. Michelle had her arms to her side, standing at attention like a good soldier, although she was staring directly at a blank wall. Connie didn’t see the need to turn her around.

“Why were you trying to take control just then?”

“I was afraid you would wait to fuck me,” Michelle answered honestly, not even trying to hide her intentions. Such a good slave. “I thought if I made you horny you’d want to fuck me right away.” She shivered, a faint sign of emotion coming across her otherwise blank face. It looked like desperation. “I just wanted to finally be your sex slave.”

Connie cupped her chin and paced around her hypnotized slave, mulling it over. Luckily no one had wandered around to see them yet, which gave her time to think.

“Michelle, true or false: Are you my sex slave?”


Well that was frustrating. She thought that Michelle had already submitted.

“Michelle, do you want to be my sex slave?”

“True,” she answered with a dreamy sigh, happiness slipping into her voice.”

Connie scratched at her head, trying to figure out the problem. Then a thought struck her.

“Does a sex slave need to have sex to be a sex slave?”

“True,” she answered again.

“So you don’t think you’re my sex slave until we fuck?”

“True,” Michelle answered, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Connie shook her head. She’d wanted Michelle desperate, but maybe she’d taken things too far with denying her. Or rather, maybe she hadn’t given her the proper incentive. Connie grinned as a solution came to her.

“Michelle, you’ve used sex toys before, right?”


“And when you’re done with them and put them away, do they stop being sex toys?”

Michelle hesitated, empty eyes fluttering briefly. “I don’t understand.”

“Think of a vibrator you’ve owned before. When you’re playing with it, it is a sex toy.”


“And when you finish and put it in the drawer, it’s still a sex toy.”


“You leave it alone and don’t touch it for a week. Does it change and stop being a vibrator just because it isn’t vibrating and getting you off?”

“False. It’s still a vibrator.”

“Say you buy a brand new vibrator, still in the package. Is it not a sex toy just because you haven’t used it yet?”

“False. It is a sex toy.”

“So just because a sex slave isn’t being fucked, would she stop being a sex slave?”

Michelle paused, a smile starting to form on her lips. “False. She is a sex slave.”

“If a sex slave has just submitted to a Mistress but they have not fucked yet, does that mean she’s not a sex slave.”

“False,” Michelle answered, standing up straighter. “She is a sex slave.”

Connie slid beside Michelle, trailing a hand along the front of Michelle’s pants, letting a few fingers slide down to tug on her panties. “Just because a sex toy isn’t being used doesn’t mean it changes. It will always be a sex toy.”

“True,” Michelle answered, voice emotionless but trembling as Connie’s hand slid into her pants.

“You’ll always be my sex slave, even when I’m not fucking you.”

“T-true,” Michelle gasped, as Connie’s fingers rubbed against her clit. “I will always be your sex slave, even when you’re not fucking me, Mistress.”

“Good slave. So you will wait until I decide we will sleep together, but you can feel satisfied knowing you truly are my sex slave. I want your body wet and needing my touch, but I want your mind to know you’re already mine.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good slave. Now I want you to feel a tongue licking at your pussy.”

Michelle’s hips bucked, her blank face showing no reaction as she let out a faint moan. “The tongue is teasing at your pussy. Not fully eating you out, only running along your lips, probing but not entering, making you want it.” Connie pulled her hands out of Michelle’s pants and brought her fingers up to her lips. She looked Michelle in her eyes. “Every so often it’ll even lick your clit.” She licked the tips of her fingers, getting the faint taste of Michelle’s pussy.

Even deep in trance Michelle’s knees buckled a little and a weak moan escaped her.

“That tongue will tease you until I tell it to stop. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Very good. Now wake up for me.”

Connie propped herself up against the wall to watch, a pleased smile on her face. She was getting much better at being in charge. After a few moments Michelle started to wake, blinking slowly as she came back to herself. And as soon as she did she gasped and bucked her hips again, hands flying to her crotch as she doubled over in surprise.

“Ughh god, what… that’s… so gooood,” she moaned. Michelle looked up at Connie in surprise. “Hypnosis can do this?”

“That’s the tip of the iceberg,” Connie promised. “Just try to be a good girl and not take charge. I want to fuck you too, but I want it to be special when it finally happens. Not the back of a rest stop on the highway.”

Michelle broke into a huge grin, although she still whimpered a little from whatever the phantom tongue was doing to her. “That sounds great, Mistress.”

“Besides, we’re going to have the lake-house all to ourselves this weekend.”

Michelle raised an eyebrow. “I think you’re forgetting about Jane and my mom.”

“I’m very convincing,” Connie smirked. “Trust me. Jane won’t want to stay cooped up anyway, and Gloria will go out doing Gloria things. Which means we can have some fun alone.”

Michelle put a hand over her mouth. “You mean—”

“Maybe,” Connie said, still not certain herself. “I might decide to sleep with you this weekend, or maybe I’ll make you wait a little longer. Either way, what will you be?”

“You’re obedient sex slave,” Michelle said with a little curtsy, then squirmed and gasped. “Fuck, this really does feel good.”

“You know what’ll feel really good?” Connie beckoned Michelle with a finger, and she eagerly slid up beside Connie.

“I’m all ears.”

“Well,” Connie whispered, making Michelle lean in closer. “As soon as we get the lake-house alone I was thinking of bending you over the bed and…” Connie trailed off.

Michelle was panting and squirming, staring at Connie with big eyes. “What?”

Which is when Connie pushed off the wall and started walking away. “Never mind. You’ll just have to find out when we get there.”

She glanced back over her shoulder and saw Michelle pouting, but it was very rewarding to also see how obviously horny and pent up she was. “Tease.” Michelle took a few steps after her then stumbled, a hand flying to her crotch as the hypnotic tongue must have done something fun to get her attention. “Ahh. Don’t forget to turn this thing off.”

“Oh, I’m not turning it off until we get to the lake.”

Connie was barely able to hold back a laugh as Michelle’s jaw dropped. “What? But—”

“That tongue’s gonna keep you wet and ready for me for the whole trip.”

“But- But- what if Jane or Gloria notice?”

Connie shrugged as if that weren’t her problem. “Better play it cool then.”

Michelle’s shoulders dropped and she groaned in despair. But Connie also noticed her nearly humping the air, clearly excited by everything that was happening. Besides, she knew this wasn’t anything Michelle wasn’t willing to do since she’d already set this fun trigger up before they’d even left for the trip. Connie had made sure to put Michelle in trance back at the house, then ran the entire idea by her to see if it hit any of her limits. Michelle didn’t have any objections and stated very clearly that she was wet and looking forward to it, not that she could remember ever agreeing to it.

Besides, Connie had even made sure to command Michelle that the tongue would ease off if it became too much. She didn’t actually want Michelle cumming in the car with Jane and Gloria. That would be a hard one to explain, even for her.

And the show was certainly entertaining. Watching an anxious Michelle nearly begging Jane to drive instead. The way Michelle let out a little gasp with every pothole they hit. How she squirmed in her seat the whole way, biting her lip to keep from moaning. It was all great, but the most rewarding part was right now, with Connie smiling smugly down at Michelle in the passenger seat, rubbing her thighs together like she desperately needed to run to the bathroom.

“So are you ready to beg now?”

Michelle put her hands over Connie’s as she took a deep breath. “Please let it stop. I’ve never been so horny in my life. I’m dripping and I’m sure my pants are soaked, and I can’t stop imagining the shame of being caught. The thought of having someone see how wet I am is only making this damn tongue lick faster.”

“And why is that?” Connie asked, smiling the same way a cat would smile at a particularly tasty looking bird.

Michelle dropped her eyes, blushing. “Because it knows I want it. I’m a needy slut who loves the danger of it and the excitement. Oh god I need to cum so bad. Please, Mistress, please let me cum.”

Connie reached up to pet Michelle’s cheek, and Michelle wilted into the touch, smiling with relief. But Connie just smiled and said, “Not yet.”

Michelle shuddered, then nodded. “Y-yes, Mistress.”

“Go take your bag up to your room. You probably do need to change your panties. Then you can come back down and ask again for me to make the tongue stop.”

The desperate look she gave Connie was fantastic. And like a good slave, she nodded and obeyed. Michelle gripped the door handle but lingered in the car, peeking around as if she was afraid to leave. Then she bolted out of the car, ran to the trunk and fled with her suitcase for the lake-house. She was running like there was a tornado heading after her and she had to run for safety. Connie watched her desperate flight and smirked, proud of herself. Then she peeked at the passenger seat and saw a damp stain where Michelle was sitting.

“Damn, she really was wet.”

“What’s wet?” Jane asked, catching Connie by surprise.

Connie spun around as Jane headed down to the car, trying to think of a lie but getting nothing. “Um. I was just saying—”

“Whatever, not like I care,” Jane said with a dismissive wave of her hand as she walked past. Connie shrugged and followed her to the trunk to get her own suitcase. When she reached for her bag, though, Jane planted a hand down on top of the suitcase to stop her from taking it out. Jane gave her a wary glare. “By the way, just because you came along on vacation I hope you don’t expect us to hang out.”

“I wasn’t,” Connie said, meaning it. Her weekend plans actually counted on Jane being scarce.

“Good, cause we’re not going to hang out. So don’t come to me saying you feel lonely cause Tara’s not around.”

Connie put up her hands. “I get it, we’re not going to be best friends this vacation.”

“Good,” Jane said, stepping back so Connie could finally get her suitcase. “Cause I’m going to be hanging out with Aubrey, who’s way cooler than you.”

She just sounded so smug that Connie couldn’t help teasing her. “Sounds like you got a crush.”

Connie wasn’t expecting Jane to go bright red and drop her bag in shock. “I- I don’t!”

“Oh wow, you actually do have a crush on her.”

“No I don’t! I- Why am I even saying anything to you.” Jane huffed and turned to leave. Connie had pledged to avoid using her hypnotic cheat codes to interfere with the girls personal lives too much, but she was way too curious to let this go.

“Jane,” Connie said, putting emphasis on her name. As long as she said their name first they’d obey what they were told thinking it was their own idea, as long as it didn’t violate any of their own internal limits. “Tell me about Aubrey. You can feel comfortable telling me and answering any questions I have.”

Jane stopped. She spun around to face her but had a strange, bewildered expression. She was fidgeting, the edge of her mouth twitching. It almost looked like she was short-circuiting, like a computer with a glitch. Quickly Connie ran back over her words. She could command Jane to talk, but it wouldn’t make sense to Jane for her to talk to Connie about it, which was why she was glitching.

So she hastily added, “Jane, it doesn’t matter if I know because I’m a loser anyway, right? It’s not like I’d have anyone to tell.”

And just like that Jane relaxed, which felt a little insulting to Connie. “Yeah, I guess it doesn’t really matter if you know. Fine I’ll tell you.” She trudged back to Connie, but even with the hypnotic command she still seemed nervous and reluctant. “Look, I met Aubrey eight years ago and each year our parents come back here to the lake, so we always hung out this weekend. I’ve got the biggest crush on her and I have no idea how to tell her. She’s so hot and cool and I’m just terrified I’ll blow it.”

It was actually kind of cute seeing the usually confident and aloof Jane acting so nervous. It reminded Connie of how she used to act around Tara back when she was hopelessly crushing on her best friend. As mean as Jane acted sometimes, Connie still wanted to help her out.

“If you want my opinion, I don’t think you should just live with that anxiety. Sitting on a crush like that will get to you.”

“Like you’d know,” Jane snapped. She crossed her arms and looked away, but her eyes kept darting over to Connie. Feigning disinterest, Jane asked, “So if I did want your opinion, what would you say I should do?”

Connie shrugged. “Either tell her how you feel or see her hook up with some girl with cool dyed hair who’s great at video games.”

“That’s… oddly specific.”

“I’m just saying. You have to be honest with her. If you never say anything then nothing will ever change.”

“But what if I screw things up? What if she doesn’t want to hang out anymore?” Jane was practically pleading, but Connie didn’t have any answers to give her.

“It’s a risk you have to take,” she said with a shrug. “If you hide the fact that you’re into her then you’re never giving her the chance to say how she’d feel about it. For all you know she could have a thing for you too.”

“Oh please,” Jane said, shaking her head hard enough to make her frizzy hair bounce. “As if she’d ever be interested in me. She’s way too cool.”

“Hey, for what it’s worth you’re the coolest girl I know, Jane. And if Aubrey can’t see that then she’s missing out.”

For a moment Jane actually smiled, and it made Connie feel great that her words could touch her. She still had some lingering traces of a crush on Jane too, after all. But Jane quickly scoffed and turned away, hiding her smile.

“Whatever. It’s not like you really know any cool people anyway.”

“Sure don’t,” Connie said, deciding to throw in the towel. She knew from personal experience how hard it was to work up the nerve to confront your crush and say how you really felt. In fact, if she’d never discovered that Gloria was hypnotizing the family and used that to connect with everyone, she probably would still be doting on Tara and crushing on Jane and Michelle from afar, bottling up all her feelings. Finding out about hypnosis had really changed everything. It had certainly changed her.

She was still contemplating that when a thunderous mechanical roar crashed through the forest road. Connie peered down the road and saw a black motorcycle turning down towards them, the machine growling like a wild animal. The noise was so loud that Connie could feel the vibrations from it rattling in her chest. The rider was hidden behind a black motorcycle helmet as they approached, but from their shape Connie thought it was a woman. Her bare arms were covered in colorful tattoos, and as the rider pulled up Connie noticed flowers in the intricate designs. The woman stopped her motorcycle directly in front of Connie. The rider wore tight blue jeans that clung to her hips, and the white blouse with the sleeves torn off was buttoned low enough for Connie to see that she was very confident about her body, and with tits like that she had every reason to be.

Connie was speechless as the rider took off her helmet, brushing out short chestnut hair. She grinned at Connie, showing off bright blue eyes and freckles dotting her cheeks. “Hey girls,” she said in a smooth, confident tone.

“H-hey Aubrey,” Jane said, her voice cracking. The poor girl looked petrified with a dopey smile on her face. Connie severely hoped that she didn’t looked that lame whenever she’d hang out with Tara.

“That’s Aubrey?” Connie asked Jane. It took everything Connie had not to whistle at the gorgeous girl. “You’re right. She is too cool for you.”

That snapped Jane out of her funk. She spun and glared at Connie. “Watch it!”

But Aubrey just chuckled as she shut off her motorcycle. “Silva might be a bit shy but I think she’s plenty cool.”

Jane burst into a ridiculously happy smile, while Connie just blinked in surprise. She had a hard time thinking of party girl Jane as shy, but then again Jane did have a massive crush on Aubrey. She probably never mentioned any of the other guys or girls she’s hooked up with in all the years they hung out.

“So what happened, Silva?” Aubrey asked, cocking her head towards Connie. “Did you get yourself a cute girlfriend?”

“What!? No. No no no. This is just my sister’s friend, Connie.”

Connie knew that Jane was just overreacting, but it still stung a little for Jane to act so bewildered at the thought of them dating. So she decided to have a little fun.

“I’m not her girlfriend,” Connie said with a big smile, putting an arm around a confused Jane’s shoulders. “We just go down on each other sometimes.”

Jane made a gagging sound, her eyes bugging out. But Aubrey had burst into an impressed grin, laughing with her hands on her hips. “Holy shit. Silva, you never told me you had a fuckbuddy.”

“You know, I think fuckbuddy is a great way to describe us, don’t you think, Jane?”

Jane’s mouth was smiling nervously, but her eyes were glaring daggers at Connie.

“Jane, you can tell Aubrey that we’ve fucked.”

Jane threw back her head and groaned. “We fucked one time. Usually we just ate each other out a lot.” Jane blinked, like she was completely caught off guard by what she said. She clapped a hand to her mouth, eyes panicking.

Connie glanced over to Aubrey and saw that her freckled cheeks were blushing red, that smile still very wide and happy.

“You’ve been holding out on me, Silva. We definitely have a lot of catching up to do.” Then Aubrey got a mischievous look on her face. “Unless you two were planning on having some fun first. I could come back.” She took a step back, like she was ready to go, but Connie also saw some hesitation on Aubrey’s face. She was joking, but it was clear she was hoping that the answer was no. Aubrey was testing to see if they were actually together. Maybe Jane had a chance after all.

“That’s tempting, but I’ve got somewhere to be,” Connie said, pushing Jane towards her crush. “So Jane can go down on you instead today.”

At that, Aubrey grinned. “Now that sounds like a fun way to kick off a vacation.”

The sheer shock on Jane’s face made it all worth it. Then Jane laughed nervously. “She’s, ah, she’s just kidding. Obviously.”

“I know,” Aubrey said, making a show of rolling her eyes. “Now come on, Silva. We’re losing daylight.” She patted the seat of her motorcycle and Jane ran over to join her. As she went she glared back at Connie, looking like she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be pissed at her or thank her.

‘You’re welcome,’ Connie mouthed, giving Jane a wink. Then she noticed Aubrey watching her and Connie blushed.

“So Connie, sure you don’t want to join us?” Aubrey asked.

Jane was behind Aubrey, shoving a spare helmet on her head, but stopped to frantically shake her head at Connie.

“I really do have other plans. Sorry.”

“Too bad,” Aubrey said as Jane climbed onto the motorcycle behind her. She was about to kick-start the bike but paused, turning back to Connie. “You are going to the naked swim tonight, though, right?”

“Wait, there’s a naked swim?”

“Jane didn’t tell you? The girls here do it every year. Everyone runs into the water naked and swims out to a big rock and back. It’s a blast.”

Connie saw Jane blushing as she wrapped her arms around Aubrey’s waist. She was sure Jane must love the view.

“If there are a ton of naked girls then I can’t possibly turn that down.”

“Who could?” Aubrey laughed. Then she started the bike and the motorcycle roared as it sped off into the woods, Aubrey and Jane disappearing from sight.

“Good luck, Jane,” she muttered to herself. At least she’d confirmed that Aubrey was a lesbian and a pretty playful one at that. And she’d definitely wanted to confirm that Jane and her weren’t together, possibly hoping that she had a shot. Jane probably could hook up with her if she actually asked. “Guess I’ll have to help her out and go skinny dipping.”

“I could get behind that,” Michelle giggled, making Connie spin around in surprise. Michelle had certainly changed her outfit. She was now decked out in a black dress that came scandalously short at her thighs, and showed off a good amount of cleavage. It even looked like she put on jewelry and make up. Looking her best like she was ready for a night out on the town.

“Wow,” was all Connie could say. Sometimes she forgot just how hot Michelle was. And how lucky she was to have her as a devoted sex slave already. Connie was certainly being spoiled.

Michelle struck a pose, one hand behind her head and another on her hip. “Like what you see?”

Connie smirked. “I’m just amazed that you could do your make up so well while being eaten out.”

At that Michelle flinched, moaning quietly as she was reminded about the tongue. She bent forward, her eyes instantly desperate. “Connie, you have no idea how wet I am.”

“I’d love to see.” Connie took a few steps back towards the road. “Show me your panties, Michelle.”

Just like she was programmed to Connie tugged her black dress up to expose herself. And Connie immediately saw that Michelle had left the panties behind, showing off her soaked cunt in the middle of the yard.

“Mistress,” she quietly groaned, “What if someone sees?”

“You mean if someone saw you being a slutty, needy slave?”

Michelle shut her eyes and moaned, a little louder. “Yesss.”

“If they saw that you obey me. A good, obedient fucktoy.”

She nodded, her hips starting to rock back and forth as the invisible tongue did it’s work to tease her. “Uh huh.”

“Then imagine if they saw you cum right here in front of me.”

Michelle shuddered, eyes shut tight. “Please Mistress.”

“Slave, I want you to—”

“Michelle!” Someone’s voice rang out.

Connie and Michelle both froze, completely caught. They whirled and saw a woman’s laughing face had popped up over a wall of shrubs from the next property. “You’re here! I thought that was you!”

Michelle frantically slid her dress down to cover herself, but thankfully the other woman didn’t seem to have noticed her flashing Connie. “H-hey, Estelle. We just got in a few minutes ago.”

Estelle ran across the yard in high heels, dressed up like she was a real housewife from a TV show. “It’s so good to see you!” She wrapped Michelle up in a hug and kissed her on each cheek. “And you’re already dressed. Perfect!” Estelle leaned back and shouted, “Everyone, Michelle’s here!”

From the house next door a stream of adult men and women poured out of the house, all dressed up and seeming to be happily drunk already. They all shouted Michelle’s name and ran over to hug her. None of them even noticed Connie, still standing petrified in the yard.

Michelle was drowning in a sea of hugs and kisses as she was engulfed in the group of partying adults.

“So good to see you, darling.”

“You look great.”

“Have you lost weight?”

“You simply have to meet Carla.”

And just as quickly as they came the blob of fashionable day drinkers shuffled away, with Michelle thoroughly caught in their clutches. Michelle looked panicked, turning for Connie but unable to get free.

That snapped Connie out of her daze. “Hey, wait!”

“Don’t worry,” a woman in a leopard print mini-skirt said in a high pitched voice, “We’ll have her back in an hour.” Then all the adults burst into laughter as they headed off down the street, completely ignoring the house next door they’d come from and instead had apparently decided to go to some other party down the road.

Connie stood there, completely bewildered by the scene. The door to the lake-house opened as Gloria poked her head out.

“Did Michelle leave with her friends already?”

“More like she was abducted.”

Gloria barked out a laugh. “They’re always like that. Bunch of parents drinking and laughing while their kids hang out at the lake. Happens every year.”

Connie hung her head. She was really looking forward to watching Michelle cum for her after all that. As well as some other fun ideas she’d had. Seeing Aubrey riding on her bike had certainly gotten Connie’s libido going.

“At least she’ll be back in an hour.” Connie spun as she heard Gloria give that loud, raspy laugh again.

“Don’t wait up. I swear as soon as she heads out with that pack I don’t see her all weekend. We probably won’t get her back until Monday.”

“Monday?” Connie’s hopes for the weekend shattered. If Michelle was going to be stuck with partying adults all weekend then she wouldn’t be able to risk doing anything with her. And Jane had already made it clear she’d be focusing entirely on Aubrey and wanted Connie scarce.

“But if Jane and Michelle are hanging out with people then what am I supposed to do?”

Gloria snapped her fingers. “You can come to lunch with me! I was just about to head to Zed’s diner. They have the best milkshakes. You’ll love it.”

Connie hung her head. Lunch with Gloria wasn’t exactly the stellar start to her vacation that she had in mind. With her shoulders slumped she trudged after Gloria to the car, muttering, “Yaaay, milkshakes. Can’t wait.” Connie knew she wasn’t being fair to Gloria. After all, expecting a weekend full of wild sex might have been a bit unrealistic. Now she was just hoping that something interesting would happen this weekend, but it didn’t look likely.

Hopefully the milkshakes would be good, at least.