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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 34

Summer Lovin’: Part 2

“Welcome to Zed’s! My name’s Heidi. What can I get for you?” The waitress was a cheery, short-haired blonde in a blue uniform that Gloria didn’t recognize. Every year she came back to the diner there would be an entirely new staff of pretty girls to take your order. It was one of the reasons this diner was always her favorite.

“I’ll have a Caesar salad,” she told Heidi as she handed over her menu. “What would you like, Connie? It’s on me.”

Connie glanced up from her phone, a sullen look still painted on her face. “Oh. Just water.”

Gloria frowned. The poor girl was still in a mood. Before Heidi could leave Gloria put a hand on her arm to stop her. “Bring her a milkshake. Maybe that’ll cheer her up.”

Heidi lit up with a bright smile. “The milkshakes here always put me in a great mood. One milkshake coming up.”

She hoped that would lift Connie’s spirits a little, but Connie still sat with a hurt frown on her face. Gloria had tried to be delicate, but she decided to face it head on. “What’s wrong, Connie?”

“Nothing,” she said, not very convincingly. Then Connie sighed. “I don’t know. I guess this trip just isn’t going the way I planned.”

“What were you hoping it would be like?”

“I- I don’t know. Just different. I kinda feel like I’m gonna be by myself all weekend.” She glanced up at Gloria and winced. “No offense, Gloria.”

The elderly woman just chuckled. “None taken. The last thing a young girl wants is to be stuck with an old lady on vacation. Were you hoping to hang out with Jane?”

“Not really. I figured she’d be busy. We don’t hang out a lot.”

“Are you upset that Tara couldn’t make it?”

Connie shook her head. “No, I get her wanting to stay with Naomi for the weekend.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

Connie’s lips pressed into a thin line, like she wanted to say something, but then thought better of it. “It’s nothing. I’ll be fine.”

Gloria sat back in the booth, wishing there was something she could do. Maybe she should hypnotize Connie, make her say what was really bothering her? Perhaps if her mood didn’t improve. Gloria just wanted Connie to be happy more than anything.

She heard footsteps approaching and smiled. Maybe a milkshake served by a cute, cheerful waitress would help.

But instead of the smiling Heidi the waitress who walked up was already scowling, as if the idea of walking over here was a huge pain for her. “Here’s your milkshake,” the new waitress muttered as she slammed the glass onto the table, spilling some of the shake. She threw back her long black hair in a huff and planted a hand on her hip. “Can I do anything else for you?” she asked in a disdainful and practiced tone.

“I’m fine,” Connie said quietly.

“Whatever,” the waitress huffed, turning and storming away.

Gloria knit her brows, frowning. “What a rude girl.”

She looked to Connie and was surprised to see that she wasn’t paying attention to her. Instead Connie’s eyes were glued to the dark-haired girl’s pert ass, the skirt of her blue waitress uniform swishing back and forth as she marched right past a table asking for help without stopping. Gloria chuckled.

“She might be rude but I suppose she does have a nice ass.” Connie sat bolt upright in the booth, blushing as Gloria gave her a sly smirk. “I thought you would have been more interested in Heidi. She seems like a nice girl.”

“Well,” Connie said, blushing deeper, “I wasn’t really checking Sonia out for her personality.”


“The waitress. Her name’s Sonia. I read on the tag.”

“You checked out her tits too, then?”

Connie flushed a guilty shade of red.

Gloria barked a laugh. “You should ask her out.”

Connie almost choked on the milkshake. “What? I can’t just ask her out.”

“Why not? You said yourself you’re feeling lonely. You should spend the weekend with a cute girl to keep you company.”

“Like she’d go out with me,” Connie replied, as if it were obvious she’d be turned down.

“How do you know?”

“She barely looked at me. She’s gorgeous. Why would someone like her want to date me?”

Gloria shook her head. Connie’s self-confidence had been soaring these past few mouths, but apparently that only extended to being around the family. When it came to other girls Connie seemed to go back to the shy, nervous wreck she’d been before.

“If you don’t think she’d say yes then ask out Heidi. She seems cute and nice.”

“I don’t even know if either of them are into girls,” Connie whined. “What’s the point in embarrassing myself?”

“Don’t be that way, Connie. You just have to have a little confidence.”

But that only made Connie stand up from the booth. “Sorry, Gloria, I’m just not feeling very confident right now. I’m gonna walk back to the lake-house.”

And before Gloria could think of anything to say Connie turned and walked out of the diner. Gloria tracked Connie through the window as she wandered down the street towards the woods. She frowned. Connie had made so much improvement. Where was her insecurity coming from?

Gloria had hypnotized the family to help boost Connie’s confidence. She had a crush on the girls and Gloria didn’t see the harm in letting Connie have some fun. Seeing the family naked, and helping them to feel open about sexuality all so that Connie could learn from them. She knew that Connie and Jane where intimately involved, and she suspected Connie had her fun with Tara too. Until Tara had gotten her new girlfriend.

The realization hit her suddenly. She’d always assumed that Tara and Connie would end up a couple that she only viewed Naomi as a temporary part of the equation. But Connie wouldn’t think of Naomi that way. Instead she’d given up on Tara, not wanting to break them up. And Gloria had gleamed from Jane that she wasn’t interested in a relationship, though she enjoyed sleeping with Connie.

So who was Connie meant to pursue romantically now?

Perhaps Michelle? There was an obvious age difference, but they could be good together.

Gloria shook her head and dismissed the thought. Michelle would never be interested in someone Connie’s age. So Connie would need to date a girl outside the family, but Gloria had only built her confidence up around the household. Which meant that Gloria would have to find a new way to make Connie feel confident with other women.

The clattering of a plate hitting the table distracted Gloria from her thoughts, and she looked up to see Sonia had dropped the Caesar salad in front of her. “There. Anything else?”

An idea struck Gloria and she smiled as she inspected Sonia. The girl was about Connie’s age, and very stuck up, but she did have an excellent body. Sonia saw Gloria staring and scowled. “What?”

“Oh nothing, nothing, you just reminded me of a friend of mine.” Gloria played up the dotty old lady act, and she saw Sonia’s suspicion fade into general annoyance.

“Whatever,” Sonia muttered. She started to leave, until she saw the glint of Gloria’s gold necklace as the older woman lifted it up, the green crystal hanging off the end of the chain.

“My friend actually gave me this necklace. It’s very important to me.” Gloria let the gold chain dangle from her fingers, twisting it so the green crystal hit the light from the window just right. The green specks of light danced over Sonia’s face as the girl’s eyes went wider.

“That’s a beautiful piece,” Sonia said, leaning in. Gloria had figured her for a girl who fancied jewelry.

Gloria reached back and undid the clasp, taking her necklace off and holding it up for Sonia to see closer. She put it up to Sonia’s eyes, the movement making the crystal swing back and forth.

“The gem is a very intricate cut. Little patterns placed into the facets of it. If you look close enough you can see them.”

Like a moth to the flame Sonia’s eyes danced back and forth with the crystal, trying to see the hidden patterns.

“Just look closer. Block out all distractions. Embrace the crystal completely to see all the beauty inside.

“Beauty,” Sonia muttered, her eyes focused while the rest of her body began to relax.

“You can just listen to my words. Why don’t you sit down, dear?”

Sonia took a half-step towards the empty seat but stopped herself. There was a twitch at the corner of her lips. “Can’t… sit. Supposed… be working…”

“And do you really want to be working?” Gloria’s voice was full of sympathy, as if working were the hardest thing in the world.

Sonia’s shoulders sagged. “Nooo. Working… sucks…”

“Then take a seat and relax. Let your body relax completely, and never take your eyes off the crystal.”

The waitress did as she was told, slumping into the booth so she sat opposite Gloria. Her eyes were slipping shut, but she struggled to keep watching the crystal.

“There. No need to work. You can relax.” Sonia smiled gratefully as her body went limp. “No need to think. You can relax.” Sonia’s eyes glazed over, and Gloria could practically see the gears in the girl’s head grind to a halt. “No need to do anything but relax and obey.”

“Relax… and obey…” Sonia repeated.

“Good girl. Now, do you remember the young girl who was sitting with me earlier?”

* * *

Music was blaring in the condo and drinks were flowing freely. The entire sitting room was stuffed with laughing drunken people, bodies pressed tight together as if there were barely any room left. Michelle was trapped in the middle of the raucous party and felt like she was going to lose her mind.

She was stuck sitting on a white couch, sandwiched between two socialite women she could only vaguely remember from last year. Usually she was drinking along with them, happy to cut loose and forget about being a parent for the weekend. The vacation to the lake-house was almost a chance to relive her glory days, back when she was a carefree girl who could be much sluttier and happier. And as the bass pumped through large speakers and vibrated the couch beneath her Michelle felt that inner slut begging to be set free.

Except cutting loose was something she couldn’t afford right now, because Connie’s tongue was still eating her out in the middle of all of this. She gripped the edge of the couch and bit her lip to keep from moaning as the relentless tongue teased her cunt, running up and down her dripping cunt. If she moaned then everyone here would know. They’d know she was being eaten out. They’d know she was Connie’s sex slave. They’d discover who the real her was.

So she kept it in and kept her thighs clenched tight. Michelle also refused every drink passed her way. If she got drunk now she’d lose all self control. She’d be liable to end up lying on the floor, humping the air and crying Connie’s name while everyone in the party watched.

Michelle shuddered happily at the terrifying thought of being so exposed. Maybe if Connie were here to watch she’d let herself do something so shameless…

But Connie wasn’t here. And Michelle had dressed up sexy expecting it to be just the two of them so she’d left her phone at home. If only she could beg Connie to come and stop the tongue. Or to come and replace the hypnotic tongue with her own. Michelle let her eyes slip closed as she hummed happily at the thought of Connie actually eating her out, just like Michelle had been dreaming about for months.

Michelle gasped as she felt her fingers slide into her pussy. She looked around but everyone was so tight together that she doubted anyone could see her playing with herself. No one could see her…

“Fuck it,” she muttered, her inner slut rejoicing. She was so wet her fingers had no problem working up to a quick pace as she fucked herself. Rather than reducing the impact of the tongue, Connie’s hypnotic tongue started working in tandem with her fingers. As she fingered herself deeper the tongue focused entirely on her clit, circling it round and round, pressing down suddenly to make Michelle go rigid and moan.

She was moaning. Could anyone hear her? Michelle didn’t know. She didn’t care. She wanted to cum for Connie. Needed to cum for Connie.

“Connie,” she whimpered, closing her eyes and imagining that the wonderful tongue belonged to her young Mistress. Connie kneeling between her legs, teasing her clit with such a confident look on her face as she saw what a pathetic mess Michelle was. She was eating Michelle out but there was no doubt who was in charge. She belonged to Connie. She was weak and needy and so pathetic. She needed a Mistress. She needed to be owned and kept in line. She needed… needed…

“Please Connie,” she moaned, louder, feeling the warm bodies pressed all around her as she fucked herself desperately. “Please make me cum.”

The pleasure built, the humiliation of it all soared, and Michelle felt herself about to cum in the middle of the party. She’d cry out and scream in ecstasy. She’d shout Connie’s name so loud that she’d drown out the music. Let everyone hear Connie making her sex slave cum!

But then, just when she felt herself about to climb that peak and orgasm, the tongue suddenly stopped. Her fingers withdraw against her will and Michelle’s eyes shot open in shock. Her body froze in place. Legs spread wide and her cunt completely exposed while party guests milled around her, all seemingly oblivious to what Michelle was doing. And that exquisite pleasure that had built up just drained away, fleeing from her and leaving her feeling empty and starving for more.

“No,” she whined, her body back under control when any chance of orgasm had been ruined. She sat up, looking down at her dripping pussy and wondering what the hell happened. Which is when Connie’s invisible tongue ran up her sensitive pussy lips, making Michelle groan and shake. The tongue went right back to work teasing her, as if she’d never been about to cum at all.

Michelle dropped her head back on the couch, exhausted and panting and never having felt so horny in her life. She’d been so frustrated that she’d completely forgotten. Connie had told her she couldn’t cum without permission. Her body wouldn’t let her cum at all until Connie allowed it, and that devilish tongue wasn’t going to stop until Connie told it to. She was going to be trapped in the agony of being eaten out and edged over and over and over until she got back to Connie.

Michelle tried to climb up to her feet but the crowd was packed together to tight to slip through. Michelle was jostled back and forth like a pinball until she ended up bumped back down onto the couch, back to where she’d started. Suddenly Estelle emerged from the crowd and plopped herself down onto Michelle’s lap, laughing uproariously.

“Isn’t this party great?” she shouted over the music. Estelle wriggled her ass and Michelle felt Connie’s tongue pushing inside her cunt, making her groan needily.

“I need to cum,” Michelle whined. Then blushed when Estelle turned to look at her.

But Estelle just cupped a hand to her ear, confused. “What did you say?”

Michelle was about to make an excuse, but then felt Connie’s tongue circling her clit. She blushed and let out a shakey breath. “I’m a needy slut who needs to cum.”

Estelle threw back her head and laughed. “I love this song too!” she shouted.

A goofy smile spread on Michelle’s face. They couldn’t hear what she was saying. The music was so loud that everyone was just pretending they could hear and carrying on. Everyone was so drunk and preoccupied with themselves that they wouldn’t notice anything.

“I need to dance,” Michelle said as she leapt to her feet, knocking Estelle flat on the floor. Everyone around turned to look but they just laughed as Estelle laughed and got to her feet. Michelle laughed with them, wriggling her hips as Connie’s tongue ate her out in front of everybody.

Michelle threw up her hands. “Who wants to dance!?” Everyone cheered and Michelle felt everyone come alive around them, grinding and shaking against her as she danced against them. “Ohh fuck yes,” she moaned, feeling Connie’s hypnotic tongue eating her out passionately. “Fuck me in front of everyone, Mistress,” she panted under her breath, while everyone danced on obliviously.

She could run to Connie and beg for relief. But Mistress clearly enjoyed having her desperate slut suffer. So she’d stay at the party. Michelle grinned and dipped low, spreading her legs as her cunt practically dripped down her thighs as the tongue ate her out mercilessly. She’d make sure to have one hell of a story to give Connie. Now it was just a question of how long she could stand being eaten out in the middle of the party before she lost her mind completely.

* * *

“So your love life has been unsatisfying?”

“I’ll say…” Sonia answered without emotion, although Gloria was certain if the waitress weren’t in trance she’d have rolled her eyes.

“And what’s the problem?”

“Don’t know… anyone hot enough… to deserve me.”

Gloria turned up her nose a little. “Someone is a little full of themselves. Although you are quite attractive. I suppose you’re allowed to be choosy.”

“Yes,” Sonia replied with a sleepy nod. “I deserve… the best…”

“And you don’t think Connie qualifies?”

“No. Connie’s too… ordinary.”

This poor girl’s standards were too high. Was she hoping a gorgeous super model would fall into her lap? Gloria thought she could do with being brought down to Earth. She was about to say so when she stopped, smiling as a new idea hit her. Instead, why not simply raise Connie up in Sonia’s eyes?

“Sonia, how cute would you rate Connie on a scale of one to ten.”

“A three,” the hypnotized girl said with a shrug.

“Then focus on your image of her. See Connie clearly in your mind. Find yourself admiring her, seeing how beautiful and confident she truly is. And feel Connie rising to a four on your scale.”

Sonia nodded, her blank face betraying nothing.

“Now up to a five. A six, even. Focusing on how attracted you are to Connie, realizing your initial assessment had been too hasty.”

“Too… hasty…” Sonia whispered, and Gloria could see her cheeks flushing. Sonia started to smile, no doubt enjoying the new image she had of Connie in her head. Connie would certainly enjoy that.

A smile spread on Gloria’s face at the thought. She wanted Connie to be happy. And who wouldn’t be happy at a pretty girl completely smitten with you?

“Connie rises up to a perfect ten now. See yourself with her in your head and what an incredible couple you’d be.”

Sonia actually shivered, her mouth opening into a round O as her eyes went wide. She let out a shaky breath. “Ohhh, Connie,” she actually moaned.

“How does she look now?”

“Perfect. Gorgeous. So… good!” Sonia shuddered, her eyes rolling back in her head. The squeaking of springs caught Gloria’s attention, and she peered over the table at Sonia and was surprised to see her hips rocking in her seat, rapidly picking up speed as she humped the air.

Alarmed, Gloria asked, “Sonia, what are you imagining?”

“Being with Connie,” she groaned, almost drooling. “So hot. Fucking me.” Sonia grinned wide, eyes slipping closed in rapture. It looked like she was ready to cum.

“Stop now.”

Sonia froze immediately, her face locked in silent pleasure.

“Stop imagining that Connie is fucking you and let your body return to normal.” Gloria blushed, peeking around the diner to make sure no one had seen Sonia’s display, but the few patrons were absorbed in their meals and weren’t looking their way. Perhaps she’d been a little too eager to make Connie happy. It was fine if Sonia saw her favorably, but having Sonia think of Connie as some perfect lover might lead to some unnecessary expectations. It wasn’t Gloria’s fault though that Sonia’s mind had taken the dirty route with her suggestion.

“See Connie drop back down the scale, to a nine, an eight, and down to a highly favorable seven.”

Sonia let out a sigh, relaxing again.

“What do you think of Connie now?”

“She’s very pretty. I wished I’d talked to her more.”

That’s what Gloria was hoping to hear. “And if you saw Connie again what would you do?”

“Flirt with her. Talk to her. Try to sleep with her.”

Gloria chuckled. “There’s no need to simply climb into bed with her. Just flirt and see how it goes. If you enjoy yourself with her then you can do whatever you wish.”

“Okay,” Sonia said with a nod, a smile still on her lips. If nothing else her mood seems to have improved.

“Now, next time you see Connie you can—”

“There you are, Sonia.”

Gloria spun in her seat as Heidi walked up, hands on her hips disapprovingly.

“I’ve told you that you can’t rest on the job. You’re going to get us in trouble and—” Heidi paused, before leaning in to get a better look at her. “Sonia? Are you okay?”

“She’s fine dear,” Gloria hastily said with a comforting smile. She waved her hand reassuringly, while snatching up her necklace from the table. “I asked her to sit and talk a minute. She’d just been admiring my necklace.”

The cute blonde waitress pouted. “That’s no excuse for—”

Gloria let the crystal necklace drop, the gold chain catching and swinging the crystal back and forth.

“—leaving me all… by myself… to… the tables… and… coffee…”

Gloria had been ready to go into your usual speech about relaxation, but Gloria was surprised to see Heidi had her eyes glued to the swinging crystal, her train of thought already derailed.

“You must really be drawn in by the necklace,” Gloria said. She wriggled her fingers, toying with the chain to make the crystal dance. Heidi’s mouth dropped, a quiet sigh escaping her as she watched the green crystal closely.

“Yeah, I… I… what… was I saying?”

“That you wanted to relax and go into mindless trance.”

“Oh, okay,” Heidi replied with an accepting smile. “I want to… relax… and go… mindless… trance…”

Gloria dropped the crystal to the necklace and Heidi’s chin dropped to her chest as she promptly fell into trance. “Lucky for me you were so easy. Now go back to your shift as I finish with—” Gloria stopped, considering her. Heidi was cute. And there was always the chance that Sonia wasn’t on shift when Connie would come back. Doubling her odds was merely practical.

“Sonia, stand up. Heidi, take a seat in the booth and relax for me.”

Mindlessly Sonia stood up at attention, while Heidi plopped herself down where Sonia had just been sitting.

“Good girls. Sonia, you will count to ten and find yourself waking up, feeling refreshed and thinking about how attractive you find Connie. You will go about your shift, ignoring me and Heidi at the table. Understand.”

“Yes,” Sonia replied blankly.

“Good girl. Walk back to the kitchen and count your steps.”

Sonia turned and marched away. A trucker at the counter held out an empty cup towards her, which Sonia ignored completely. After another step, though, Sonia stopped and straightened, stretching her arms and looking around in surprise. A smile spread on her face and her cheeks blushed. She hurried off into the kitchen, still ignoring the grumbling trucker as she went.

Gloria felt confident that Connie would enjoy having the waitress fawning on her next time she came in. That would be sure to please her. Although the only thing better than one adoring waitress would be two.

“Now, Heidi, do you remember the girl I was sitting with earlier?” Heidi nodded. “Her name is Connie. Tell me what you thought of her.”

* * *

Gloria sipped her coffee, feeling quite satisfied with herself. Heidi had taken to hypnotic suggestions like she was made for it, and in no time she was blushing as she pictured Connie and admitting that she’d enjoy going out on a date with her. As well as other sexual things, which she was too embarrassed to mention even in trance. A sweet, shy extrovert and a sexy, conceited bully. Connie certainly had her options now.

“Here’s the check,” a cheery voice informed her. Gloria opened an eye and saw Heidi standing over the table with a bubbly smile, rocking on her feet as she peeked around. “I guess your, um, friend didn’t come back yet?”

“I’m afraid I told you she probably won’t be back today,” Gloria said, assuring her for the third time.

Her hypnotic attraction to Connie might be working a little too well.

“Here’s some sugar for your coffee,” Sonia said as she suddenly appeared, wearing what looked like a forced smile as she dumped three pink sugar packets in front of Gloria.

Gloria forced on another smile as she slid the three packets towards the substantial pile of sugar packets already in front of her. “I said I was quite good on sugar, Sonia, thank you.”

“Well we’re all about service here at Zed’s,” Sonia chuckled nervously.

“Since when do you care about service?” Heidi asked her, a suspicious tone to her words.

“Um, gotta go.” A blushing Sonia spun on her heel to leave, but skidded to a stop to smile at Gloria. “Come back anytime. Anytime at all. And bring your friend.” Sonia’s voice cracked on the word friend, and Gloria couldn’t help but chuckle as she slid out of the booth. Heidi cleaned up Gloria’s plate but her eyes seemed to linger on the retreating Sonia, the usually cheery seeming girl suddenly serious.

Gloria supposed she should have expected such young girls to be jealous and immature, but she was sure it was nothing Connie couldn’t handle. She left Zed’s diner still beaming, not having felt this great in weeks. She was just imagining the delighted surprise on Connie’s face to find the pair of girls flirting with her. Even if nothing came of it Gloria was certain it would be good for boosting Connie’s confidence. After all, nothing made a girl feel sexy like having others clearly wanting you.

And if even more girls showed interested in Connie, the more confident she’d become. The happier Connie would become. And Gloria cared deeply about making Connie happy.

Gloria stood there on the sidewalk with a dazed smile on her face as everything just seemed to come to her so clearly. A shape drifted past with a screech of wheels that caught her attention, and Gloria turned to see an athletic looking girl in a reed flannel shirt riding past her on a skateboard. She popped into the air, grinding the wooden board along the railing outside Zed’s, her long hair streaking behind her from under her green helmet. The skater had almost made it to the end when she tilted too far to the left and lost her balance. She toppled off the railing and crashed into the sidewalk, tumbling end over end.

Gloria gasped. “Are you alright?”

To her amazement the young girl shot right back up to her feet, chuckling and shaking the dust off her. “I’m great. Just can’t seem to stick the landing. Good thing I got a thick head.” She rapped her knuckles against the helmet. Gloria certainly couldn’t remember when she was young enough to laugh off a fall like that. She supposed she at least knew why the young girls jeans and flannel shirt were so torn up. It gave her a punk appearance, but her smile was warm and friendly.

Did Connie like athletic girls?

Gloria introduced herself and extended a hand.

“I’m Coop,” the girl said, walking over and giving her hand a firm shake. “And you don’t have to worry. I’m a pretty good skater but my mind tends to wander.”

“Can I show you something, Coop?”

“Sure,” she said with an agreeable shrug. Gloria smiled and took off her necklace. She let the crystal dangle from the chain.

“I think I have something that can help your mind stay… focused.”

Coop raised an eyebrow at the crystal. “The necklace will make me a better skater?”

“In a way.” Gloria spun the crystal and set it dancing, light flickering off it’s surface and over Coop’s face.

Coop broke into a broad grin. “Groovy.”

“Just watch the crystal, and let your mind focus…”

* * *

Gloria held up her phone, showing a picture of Connie. “What do you think of the girl in the picture?”

“She seems nice,” Janice replied slowly. Her head rocked from side to side every few seconds, a vacant smile on her face. Seemed to simply be a tic for her in trance.

“And if you saw her, would you try to flirt with her?”

“I don’t think so,” she replied, her elbows resting on the glass display case. The clothing store was devoid of customers. Gloria had been walking past when she saw Janice wiping down the windows and wondered if Connie would enjoy a cute chubby girl like her.

“Why not?”

“I don’t usually like to flirt unless it’s someone special.” Janice’s head rocked from right to left, blank eyes looking to Gloria. “Is she special?”

Gloria grinned. “I think if you see her you’ll find her very special.”

* * *

“Yes, I’ll feel… very attracted,” Tammy the redhead replied quietly, shoulders slumped as she stood beside the dumpster, abandoned garbage bags at her feet. From her blue and black uniform Gloria guessed she worked for the movie theater and was taking out the trash when Gloria had walked past the alley. She barely even remembered hypnotizing Tammy. She had just gotten a glimpse of her very impressive tits straining her work shirt and thought that Connie would be very happy with a busty girl like this.

“It’ll be the most natural thing in the world to want to flirt with her. To make Connie feel happy and wanted.”

“Yes,” Tammy nodded. “Want… Connie…”

“Excellent,” Gloria grinned, eyes wide and excited. “I’m sure Connie will love your tits.”

The redhead let out a happy moan, reaching up to cup her tits. “Connie will love… my tits. Use tits… make Connie happy.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

* * *

Sally shook her head, the hypnotized girl blinking slowly as she answered, “Not interested.”

Gloria actually took a step back, shocked. How could anyone refuse Connie? “Why wouldn’t you want the girl in the picture?”

“Not into girls,” Sally answered. Gloria had nearly forgotten not everyone was into women.

“Very well.” Gloria crossed her arms and frowned. Then she turned to the other one, the brunette who had been buying ice cream from Sally when Gloria had wandered into the ice cream parlor. “And what about you? Are you attracted to this girl?”

The brunette smiled. “Yeah. She’s pretty cute.”

“Good.” Gloria gave a dismissive wave to the girl behind the counter. “You can count to five and wake up, ignoring this girl and myself until we’re done talking. Forget all about this trance as you wake.”

“Okay,” the server replied blankly, walking off towards the back and staring blankly at the rows of ice cream on display.

Gloria rounded on the brunette. “Look at Connie and feel your attraction grow. Tell me what you would do to make her happy.”

The hypnotized brunette’s eyes fluttered. “Ohhh,” she sighed happily. “Mhm. I’d tell her she’s pretty. Buy her something cute.”

“Connie is an exceptional young girl. She deserves the best. She deserves to be made happy.” Gloria was lost in the warm happy buzzing that filled her head. She could barely hear her own words. She felt exhausted, but every time she saw a pretty girl she just had to make sure they would make Connie happy if they saw her. She deserved it.

“She deserves the best,” the woman sighed dreamily. A hand drifted to her crotch as she started rubbing at her pussy through her black pants, still gazing longingly at Connie’s picture. “Yes, Connie deserves the best. I’d buy her lingerie.”

Gloria smiled. “Yes, that sounds perfect.” Then she shook her head, her eyes clearing a little. “Though, perhaps that’s a bit forward. Why lingerie?”

“Work in… a lingerie store.”

“Oh, that’s alright then,” Gloria smiled and her eyes took on that happy, fervent expression again. “Lingerie would be perfect to make Connie happy.”

“Want to make… Connie happy,” the brunette moaned, unzipping her pants to slide her hand in and pleasure herself. “She deserves it. Make Connie happy with lingerie. I’ll wear sexy lingerie. I’ll wear whatever she wants. Anything if it… it makes… her… happy!” The brunette threw back her head, moaning in orgasm as she dropped to her knees, smiling happily as she groaned Connie’s.

Gloria wore a huge smile. This woman would certainly make Connie happy. Gloria didn’t even know her name. She didn’t need to. If the brunette saw Connie then she’d do whatever she needed to make Connie happy.

The hypnotized brunette stayed on her knees, panting and smiling up at the ceiling as Gloria gave her a few more instructions. All while Sally walked past, the ice cream server ignoring them as she wiped down the glass windows. Gloria had completely forgotten they were in view of the street.

“Oh well,” she said with a smile. “A little risk is worth making Connie happy.”

“Anything… make Connie happy,” the brunette moaned as she started rubbing herself again in the middle of the ice cream store.

* * *

Gloria stood outside the ice cream parlor, enjoying the cool wind and letting the hot sun bear down on her. She licked her ice cream cone, grateful for the cold treat. She’d certainly wore herself out today. It felt like she’d walked all over town. Everything was just a blur in her mind. All she saw was the spinning green crystal and Connie’s smiling face. Oh won’t she be overjoyed the next time Connie comes into town.

But, as eager as she was to make Connie happy, Gloria had to finally throw in the towel. She was beat. She was confident that everything would be perfect for Connie, though. It would be a weekend she’ll never forget.

The growl of a motorcycle got her attention and Gloria turned just in time to see Jane’s friend Aubrey riding up to the curb, with Jane riding behind her and clutching her waist tight. Both girls smiled at her as they took off their helmets and got off the bike.

“Hey Grandma,” Jane said with a wave. “You read our minds. We were just going to get some ice cream.”

“It’s certainly a great choice on a hot day like today,” Gloria chuckled. Jane headed into the parlor, dodging a very frazzled looking brunette woman as she shuffled out.

Aubrey looked up and grinned at the spaced out brunette. “Hey Katie, how’s things?”

But Katie ignored her and walked past, hands stuffed in her pockets. Gloria took another lick of her ice cream and vaguely remembered hypnotizing her in the store. So Katie was her name. What had she even told the brunette? Probably nothing all that crazy.

“Huh, guess she’s distracted,” Aubrey said, hands on her hips as she watched her go.

“Friend of yours?”

“Yeah, she works at—” Aubrey suddenly blushed. “Um, she works in town. I’ve seen her a few times.”

“Oh really?” Gloria gave Aubrey a considering look. So she shopped for lingerie often? She had an excellent figure for it. She’d always seen Aubrey as Jane’s young friend, but seeing her now Gloria seemed to realize that the twenty year old would be quite a catch for any young woman. “Say Aubrey, have I ever shown you my necklace?” Gloria lifted the green crystal from off her neck, already twisting the gold chain to make it spin. “I think a woman like you would really appreciate it.”

As Aubrey leaned in for a better look, Gloria smiled and took another lick of her ice cream cone. She was certain that Connie would be very happy after this weekend.