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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 35

Summer Lovin’: Part 3

Coop drifted down the lakeside road on her skateboard, letting the golden rays of the just-setting sun light her way. On the back forest road there was hardly any traffic, and normally Coop loved racing down the winding curves in the road, but today she just weaved back and forth aimlessly between the lanes. Coop knew that she was in a funk, but didn’t have a clue what was up with this weird daze she found herself in. No matter how far she skated Coop couldn’t escape the certainty that she was missing something important. She slapped the pockets of her torn jeans for the tenth time but her phone and wallet were still there. Her helmet was still on her head and she clearly hadn’t forgotten her skateboard. Coop leaned into the next turn through the woods, hoping she’d get the usual roller coaster thrill from the steep drop in the road, but it just wasn’t coming. What the hell was she missing?

For some reason that old lady outside the diner kept popping into her head. The nice one who had talked with her a bit. It was only for a minute. Was it a minute? Coop had set out from the diner later than she usually did. She didn’t even remember skating all that much. But she must have spent time skating, cause she’d barely talked with the old lady, although she’d been super nice. She’d even shown Coop her necklace. That green sparkling crystal—

There was a moment of vertigo as Coop’s eyes saw the reflection of the nearby lake through the green leaves of the woods. That sparkling green all melted and blurred across the whole world, until everything was glittering and beautiful and green and—

Coop snapped back to attention just as her skateboard wobbled. She cartwheeled her arms and barely held her balance. “What is wrong with me today?” she muttered. It wasn’t like she’d smoked a ton of pot before she left to go skating. It was just a little, and it didn’t make her space out like that.

There was no point skating with this strange emptiness inside her. It was time to just head home and chill. Maybe she’d feel normal after a good nights sleep.

This road ran in a circle around the lake, an easy way for people to get to their lakeside cabins, and she was about to take the next turnoff to head back into town. Just as the fork in the road appeared, however, Coop noticed someone walking along the side of the road. A girl about her age, short dark hair. Coop felt her heart jump in her chest, and looked down at herself in bewilderment. The fuck had that been? She’d just gotten a surge of adrenaline out of nowhere. Her body felt jacked up like she saw that she was about to fall off a cliff.

Coop shook her head and tried to get herself under control. Definitely time to head home.

She almost managed to get onto the turn off, but the sound of her wheels on the asphalt made the other girl turn around and Coop saw her face.

The entire world lit up with neon colors. Coop’s vision telescoped, pulling in until the girl’s face was the only thing she could see. Coop’s breath caught, her eyes went wide, and her body lit up with intense warmth like she’d just face-planted into a jacuzzi.

For an instant her mind conjured up an image of the old woman again, the green crystal replaced with a cell phone. She saw this girl’s face on the screen. Coop remembered staring at it, absorbing the picture until it was burned into her memory.

Then the absurd thought vanished, replaced by the sheer certainty in Coop’s head that she’d never seen a hotter girl in her life. Explosions burst all around her as she just stared at the gorgeous chick. Coop broke into a goofy grin, losing all composure. Just staring at her made Coop feel happy and giddy and horny and every great emotion all at once. She practically felt like she was flying as she continued to float towards the hot chick.

In her euphoria she’d completely forgotten that she was on a skateboard. Coop just smiled dreamily at the other girl as she sailed down towards the middle of the fork in the road, then obliviously rode right off the street and into the woods. Coop barely even felt it as her skateboard flew out from under her and she was tossed right into a huge bush.

It was only when she was flat on her back and staring up at the trees overhead that the weird giddy high went away and she felt a lot of aching pain.

“Ow,” was all she could mutter as everything seemed to hurt. Luckily nothing felt broken and the pain was already receding as she sat there and tried to piece together what had happened. That girl couldn’t have been real. Nobody was that hot and perfect.

Then, as if just to disprove her, the girl’s face popped into view above her. She looked scared, a hand over her mouth and concern in her beautiful eyes. “Oh my god, are you okay?”

Happy pink bursts of fireworks went off in Coop’s head, leaving no room at all to be able to think. All she could focus on was that the girl was so hot and perfect and she was so worried that she was hurt, she was so sweet.

“I’m… great…” she finally managed to say with a dopey smile.

“Here,” the gorgeous girl said as she extended a hand. “Let me help you up.”

Coop normally liked to play it cool with the ladies, but her first instinct was to nuzzle her head up against that hand like a cat desperate for some attention. Which was quickly followed up by the urge to have the perfect hand stuffed in her pants so Coop could hump it hopelessly and cum for her. She had to show the girl how sexy Coop found her.

Then she blinked and realized how absolutely insane that idea was. She couldn’t just hump random girls because she found them hot. Coop managed to clamp down on her libido and take the girl’s hand, happy to be pulled up to her feet. She wasn’t going to just pathetically hump the girl’s leg like some horny animal. Unless the girl asked her too. Then Coop knew she’d abandon all modesty and do anything this girl wanted. She’d give anything for a chance to be with someone like her.

The amazingly hot girl looked her over, still concerned. “Are you sure you’re okay? You look a little concussed.”

‘Play it cool,’ Coop thought, and shook her head to clear out the lingering pink fireworks. Her mind still felt slow and happy and ridiculously horny, but at least she could think. She took off her helmet and gave her best smile. “I’m fine, I’m used to crashing all the time. I just, um…”

Coop’s heart jackhammered in her chest, and her pussy felt like it was absolutely dripping. She’d used this line plenty of times. Why did she feel so nervous?

Because she didn’t want to risk messing this up. The girl was so nice and hot and sexy and Coop needed to be with her so bad. She swallowed and pushed through the dry mouth she’d suddenly developed. “I just don’t like falling in front of cute girls. Totally lame, right?”

The other girl giggled, and Coop absolutely lit up. Making her laugh felt like the crowning achievement of her life so far.

“I’m Coop,” she quickly added, throwing out her hand.

“I’m Connie.” Connie took her hand and Coop couldn’t suppress a happy shudder. It felt like her arm was touching one of those round metal electric doohickeys in science class with the lightning all over it. Like lightning was running up her arm and right down to her clit. What would it be like to have Connie touching her tits? Or grabbing her ass? Or her fingers sliding into her wet—

Coop whimpered and clenched her thighs, and noticed Connie raising an eyebrow at her. She was still holding Connie’s hand and quickly let go before she acted any weirder. Coop wondered what was going on. She’d never felt this nervous. Even her first hookup with a girl had been chill. She’d just been sitting at the skate park with her best friend Bethany and asked if she wanted to make out, and Bethany had said sure and they’d made out for like an hour. Girls just seemed to like Coop and were usually up for fooling around. Even when girls said they weren’t interested it was all cool and they still hung out.

But Connie wasn’t like anyone Coop had ever met. She was almost too hot, too sexy, too perfect. It was like standing next to the sun. Her body was burning up with pure horny need and Coop felt like she couldn’t look directly at her. Suddenly she understood all those stories she’d read about people too nervous to talk to a girl.

For the first time in her life Coop had no clue what to do. How was she going to sleep with Connie if just the thought of asking her to hang out made her lock up in terror? Coop couldn’t bring herself to say anything. Connie was gonna lose interest and wander off and Coop was totally blowing this. How did normal people bring up sex and get naked together? The skater chick was completely out of her depth.

Then Connie made a weird face and looked away, and Coop knew that she was shit out of luck. Just as she was sure Connie was about to blow her off, an adorably shy smile crept over Connie’s face before she asked, “So this might sound a little weird but, uh, do you know where the naked swim is?”

“Naked swim?” The words registered in Coop’s head, but trying to picture Connie naked made her mind short circuit. She was too hot to comprehend while she was wearing clothes. Connie naked was like trying to picture the naked body of the goddess of pure hotness.

“Yeah. I’m supposed to meet some friends, but they never actually said where everyone would be, so I was wondering if you were going?”

“Yes,” Coop answered instantly. “I will absolutely go to a naked swim with you. I mean, I’ll be there too. Naked. With you. If you wanna be naked with me. I mean if you—”

Connie was giggling again, and this time Coop saw Connie’s eyes look her up and down. Was Connie picturing her naked? Her awkward stammering dried up in her throat as those pink fireworks blasted apart her thoughts.

“Glad to see I’m not the only one nervous,” Connie said, blushing. “I’ve never done this before.”

Coop grinned. “Same for me. The skinny dipping, I mean. I’ve been naked with girls before.”

“Oh good,” Connie replied, then flushed a nervous shade of red. “I was talking about this being your first time, not the being naked with girls part. Although I’ve been naked with girls too.”

“That’s cool,” Coop’s voice cracked at the exciting hope that Connie was into girls too. “We’ve both been naked with girls.”


“And soon we’ll be naked together.”

Connie’s face got redder but she smiled wider. “Yup.”

“And we’ll… yeah, cool. Cool. Can’t wait.”

They stood there smiling at each other for a few seconds as Coop’s heart did happy cartwheels. She was a nervous mess but Connie was going to be naked with her soon. That was like halfway to agreeing to have sex, right? They’d be fucking in no time!

Clearing her throat, Connie looked back and forth down the road. “So which way is it?”

“Which way is what?” she asked, still giddy at the thought of being able to make Connie happy and make Connie feel sexy, it was important to make Connie feel confident and sexy.

“Which way is it to the naked swim?”

Coop just smiled at her for a few seconds, then the words sunk in and she frowned. “Oh. I have no idea.”

“But… you said you were going?”

Now Coop shrugged guiltily. “I kinda decided to go the second you mentioned it.”

“What, you heard I’d be skinny dipping and wanted to join in?”

“Yeah, pretty much exactly that.”

There was something beautiful about the shock on Connie’s face, as if she had no clue how ridiculously hot she was, and then she quickly spun around like she wanted to hide her happy smile. “Okay, so we have to find where the swim is so we can…” She glanced back at Coop and blushed, quickly looking away again. “I’m sure it’s gotta be around here somewhere.”

Coop wished she knew anyone who might know, but she’d only moved to town a few weeks ago and nobody had mentioned a naked swim to her yet. Besides, even if some of her friends might know she didn’t want to risk inviting them and Connie liking them more. It felt a little selfish, but Coop didn’t want anybody else to be Connie’s; she wanted to belong completely to Connie herself.

She blinked, wondering why she’d framed it as belonging to Connie. But as she stared at Connie walking down the road and glancing around in all directions she felt her body yearning to drop to the ground beneath her. She wanted to curl up at Connie’s feet and beg for the chance to pleasure her. Coop would do anything Connie asked. She didn’t care how uncool it sounded: she pretty much just wanted to be Connie’s horny slut all weekend.

Coop shivered at the realization, but while it was certainly unlike her, it didn’t sound wrong. Acting submissive for Connie sounded intriguing, exciting even. What would Connie want her to do? What would Connie make her do? Suddenly Coop wanted nothing more than to let Connie act out all of her fantasies and pent up desires. Anything Connie wanted, Coop would be happy to obey.

“I’ll do anything to make Connie happy,” she muttered dreamily, her eyes half closed as she recited the strange words echoing in her mind. “I’ll be her good slut. Use my body to satisfy her needs. I exist for Connie’s pleasure.”

Connie spun around to her. “Did you say something?”

Startled, Coop straightened up and wondered what she’d said. She’d definitely said something, but for the life of her couldn’t remember. She knew every word was true, weirdly enough. “I don’t know. Must have just been thinking out loud.”

“Well I can’t see anyone around here,” Connie said, hands planted on her hips. “So I guess we can just wander around the lake hoping to run into a bunch of naked girls.”

Coop’s head filled with flashing pink and green fireworks. All Connie needed was her.

“But the lake’s so big,” Coop found herself saying, walking towards Connie. “Wouldn’t it be easier if we just head to the water? If we see the others, great, but if no ones around, then at least the two of us can…”

She trailed off, and from the happy blush on Connie’s face it seemed like she’d been able to finish the thought herself, and liked the idea too. Just the two of them. Just Connie and her slut.

‘I really will be her slut,’ Coop thought, still amazed at the thought but eager to explore. ‘I’ll do anything she wants.’

Connie opened her mouth to answer, but stopped when a pair of headlights appeared around a bend in the road and a truck turned towards them.

* * *

“I still can’t believe you chased her off,” Heidi whined as she steered her truck onto a road heading to the lake, taking them out of town.

Sonia groaned from the passenger seat, rolling her eyes in disgust. “For the last time, I did not chase that hot chick off!”

“You absolutely did!” She stopped herself and took a deep breath, trying to stay composed. Lots of things Sonia did would tick her off, like asking for a ride home every day, or making her wait fifteen minutes after her shift ended so that Sonia could change into street clothes while Heidi was stuck in her waitress uniform until she got home, but this was an offense that Heidi would not let go. “I took their order, and that cute girl was still there. Then you take the milkshake from me to go bring it to her, and when I head back she’s gone. Clearly you did something to piss her off.”

“You think I’d chase away a girl that hot?” Sonia asked, a hand held to her chest in disbelief. “There hasn’t been a cute girl in town in weeks, and let me tell you I desperately need someone to fuck.”

Heidi wrinkled her nose. “Don’t be gross.”

“And when’s the last time you got laid?”

“That is none of your business!”

“Oh please, you act all sweet and innocent but it’s obvious you want to fuck that girl too. Why not just say it?”

Heidi wanted to protest, the way she did every time Sonia had to say such crass things, but the thought of that girl from the diner made her throat go tight and butterflies flutter in her stomach. She rubbed her thighs together and hoped that Sonia didn’t notice.

The truth was that she did want to fuck that girl. She wanted to ask her out and hold hands and do sweet romantic things, but she also wanted to have that stunning girl pin her down to the ground and touch her all over, to sit on her face and make Heidi pleasure her.

“Not everybody is as obsessed with sex as you are,” Heidi told her coworker primly, even as the fantasy of her head stuffed between the girl’s legs refused to be banished.

Suddenly Sonia smiled, that snotty cat-like grin she got whenever she was about to be particularly mean to her. Why did she keep giving Sonia rides if they clearly weren’t friends?

Because it’d be rude not to help.

“I think our mystery girl would disagree, especially since she couldn’t take her eyes off my tits.”

Heidi gripped the steering wheel. “She wouldn’t do that.”

“Oh you should have seen her. When I brought up the milkshake and bent over to put it on the table she was staring right at my chest. And as I walked back to the kitchen I could feel her eyes on my ass the whole way.”

It felt like someone was squeezing her chest tight. Had the girl checked her out like that?


That was the girl’s name. Had she said it? Heidi couldn’t remember, but she knew for certain that her name was Connie.

She didn’t think Connie had stared at her body like that, but then it felt weird to try to remember talking to her. Like watching a rerun of a sitcom only to see the cast acting completely different.

For some reason she remembered taking their orders like normal. Heidi could almost swear that she barely paid any attention to Connie.

But she knew that she wanted Connie. That Connie was beautiful and amazing and funny. So clearly she would have just been smitten and flirted with Connie, but Heidi knew she hadn’t done any of that.

Maybe she’d been nervous. Was that why she hadn’t flirted with her at the diner? Was that why she asked Sonia to take the milkshake to Connie instead of going herself? She still couldn’t believe that she’d give up a chance to talk to Connie again and instead sent sexy, perfect Sonia. What the hell was she thinking?

Maybe if she’d taken the milkshake out then Connie would have stared at her ass instead.

God, she really wanted to fuck Connie.

And although she could admit that to herself, Heidi could never let Sonia find out. She’d never stop making fun of her.

It didn’t feel fair sometimes. Why was Sonia fine acting slutty and being sexy, but Heidi felt like she was about to have a heart attack if she thought her shirt was a little too tight or her skirt was a little too short? Anytime she wanted to put on something sexy it felt like everyone would be looking at her and her nerves got the best of her. So she stayed plain and boring and cute.

Maybe Connie would like plain and boring and cute, though.

Or maybe she’d like slutty Sonia and want to fuck her instead.

“All I know is that I call dibs.”

That dragged Heidi out of her worried thoughts, and when she realized what Sonia had said she whipped her head around angrily.

“You can’t call dibs!”

“Well I just did. So I get dibs on the hot girl.”

“You can’t just—”


Heidi snapped her eyes back to the road and pulled the pick up truck to the left, just dodging a tree that she’d nearly gone off the road and slammed into. Their lives safe, Heidi turned back around to Sonia to shout, “I talked to Connie first, so I get dibs!”

Sonia suddenly got a weird look on her face. Almost like she’d just completely blanked out. “Connie,” she muttered, suddenly breaking into a smile. “I should make Connie happy.”

Someone passed a green filter over Heidi’s eyes, and she saw Sonia lit up by shining green light. “I should make Connie happy,” she repeated, not really sure why. She turned back to the road, feeling light headed as her body went on autopilot. All of her thoughts just seemed to stop, but words spilled out of her mouth anyway. “I should make Connie feel confident.”

In the passenger seat Sonia’s oddly monotone voice repeated what she said. “I should make Connie feel confident. I should make Connie feel sexy.”

Heidi gasped happily as her clit throbbed and her nipples ached. She spread her legs wider, the yellow skirt of her waitress outfit riding up. “I should… make Connie feel sexy.”

“Connie deserves to be pleasured,” Sonia told her, and though Heidi couldn’t think her body agreed completely.

“Connie deserves to be pleasured.” A hand slid into her cotton panties and started to play with her pussy, and it took Heidi a moment to realize it was her. If she could think she’d be mortified to be masturbating in front of Sonia. But she couldn’t think. She just drove the truck and played with her pussy and said the words, “I will make my best effort to flirt with Connie.”

Next to her a zipper was unzipped, and Heidi idly noticed that Sonia was sliding down her jeans. She didn’t pay attention to her coworker starting to masturbate though, just like she didn’t pay attention to how she was masturbating. Her hand just rubbed and her body just drove the truck as she heard but ignored Sonia moaning happily. “I will make my best effort to flirt with Connie.”

“I will want to sleep with Connie,” Heidi said dreamily, driving the truck with one hand. The entire world was covered in a sparkling green haze. All these truths just came to her, and she accepted them without question.

“I will want to sleep with Connie,” Sonia moaned, grunting between some of the words.

Heidi had to take a right turn, and as her head moved on autopilot to make sure there was no traffic she saw Sonia with her jeans down around her knees, a hand stuffed between her legs. Heidi could feel her own hand moving in slow, measured strokes, up and down her wet lips. Up and down. Up and down. But Sonia was fingering herself desperately, practically humping her hand as she writhed in the passenger seat. Her face was empty, eyes staring ahead blankly while her body bucked and writhed.

“Fuck Connie,” she groaned.

Those words weren’t in Heidi’s head, not like the other sentences she’d been taught, but Heidi didn’t object to them. “Fuck Connie,” she said, letting her fingers slide into her pussy.

Sonia whimpered, and the needy sound made Heidi’s pussy clench hungrily around her fingers. So that was what Sonia sounded like when she was about to cum, her numb mind registered distantly. She’d always wondered.

“Fuck Connie,” Sonia said in a high pitch whine. “Fuck Connie, fuck Connie, fuck Connie, fuck Connie!”

Sonia came, and without warning Heidi came as well. They both shivered in their seats, mouths opening and closing in pleasure while their eyes remained blank and empty. Her foot moved on it’s own to ease down on the brakes, slowing the truck while her arm shook from the climax.

“Fuck Connie,” Heidi whispered to herself happily. She’d do it. As nervous as the thought made her she’d prove to Connie that she was sexy enough to fuck.

“Holy shit,” Sonia muttered as she threw her head back against the seat rest. “So good.”

Heidi started to blink as that glittery green filter vanished from the world. What was Sonia saying was good? She looked over and saw Sonia with her back arched in the passenger seat, her jeans and panties down to her knees and her wet pussy completely exposed. Heidi went bright red, and Sonia suddenly gasped and reached down to yank her pants up.

“Sonia!” Heidi yelled, turning to focus on the road. “I’ve told you I don’t like you getting changed in my truck.”

“I wasn’t!” Sonia cried defensively as she covered herself. “I changed back at the diner.”

“Then why were your pants down?”

“That’s… I was… I was…” Sonia trailed off, and when Heidi peeked over Sonia appeared extremely confused. Then she relaxed and zipped up her jeans. “Yeah, I guess I was changing in your truck.”

“Of course you were. Why else would you have your pants off?” Sometimes Sonia was so scatterbrained.

“I already said I was just changing,” Sonia scoffed. “Why do you have to be such a prude just because you saw my ass?”

‘It wasn’t just your ass,’ Heidi wanted to say, but when she thought of Sonia’s pussy and how wet it was her mind suddenly conjured the words FUCK CONNIE, and then she was imagining Connie’s pussy wet and glistening above her, as Connie straddled her head and then sat down on her face so Heidi could eat out her perfect pussy.

Heidi’s pussy squeezed happily around her fingers, and she smiled as she started to pump them back and forth again to the fantasy. Then her eyes went wide with horror as she looked down and saw her hand stuffed in her panties. With a wet pop she pulled her fingers out of herself and shoved her skirt down.

Why was she masturbating? Why was she masturbating with Sonia in the car? Why was she fucking herself while Sonia had her pants down in the car?

Sonia. Had she noticed? She must’ve noticed. Terrified, she glanced over and saw that, impossibly, Sonia hadn’t noticed that Heidi had been touching herself the whole time Sonia must have been changing. ‘It’s fine, I was just thinking of fucking Connie,’ she told herself, as if that was a good excuse for masturbating in front of others.

Still, how could Sonia not have noticed? Sonia was staring out ahead with a wide eyed expression, her jaw actually dropping open. What the hell was more sensational than her coworker getting off in front of her?

So Heidi looked ahead and felt her mind empty and her clit pulse powerfully as she saw Connie up ahead on the road.

“Connie,” she and Sonia whispered in unison, completely entranced.

Then they both shook it off.

“It’s her,” Sonia said with a strange tremor in her voice. Was she nervous? Sonia was never nervous.

Heidi, on the other hand, was even more nervous than usual. “We should… see if she needs a ride.”

“Absolutely.” Suddenly Sonia scowled. “Who’s that with her?”

Heidi hadn’t even noticed the other girl. She was tall and kinda cute, but she was practically invisible beside someone as hot as Connie. “Don’t know. She looks a little familiar.”

“I’ve seen her skating outside the diner.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Do you… think she’s Connie’s girlfriend?”

Heidi’s heart plummeted. She hoped not.

Connie and the other girl ran up to meet them as Heidi pulled over to the side of the road.

“Hi,” Connie said, sounding cute and nervous. Suddenly her eyes lit up. “Oh, you work at the diner!”

A giant goofy grin spread across Heidi’s face. She remembered her!

“H-hi,” Sonia stuttered, her normally cool composure completely gone. She was practically shaking. “Do you need a… a lift?”

“We’re fine,” the other girl quickly said. She had a skateboard tucked under her arm and looked scared. Like she wanted to keep Connie all to herself. Heidi would never say a mean thing about anyone but she was not going to let this bitch keep Connie away from her.

“It’s really no trouble,” Heidi butted in, flashing her sweetest smile. “Where are you headed?”

Connie’s cheeks went red as she smiled nervously. “Um, actually, since you both live here… Do you know anything about the naked swim the local girls do?”

Naked swim? Heidi had no clue about it, but if it involved getting Connie naked…

Heidi couldn’t nod her head hard enough. “Of course we do!”

Sonia shot her a confused look.

“We were just on our way there. Weren’t we, Sonia?”

“Y-yup. That’s, uh, where we’re going. Mhm.” Sonia was pale and sweating like she was under interrogation. She was the cool one; why was she making Heidi do all the work?

“Great,” Connie said with a bright smile, and Heidi wondered if she was happy at the thought of seeing her naked soon. As anxious as she felt Heidi couldn’t wait to strip and let Connie see as much of her naked body as she wanted. “So we’ll jump in the back and you can take us there.”

Heidi resisted the urge to throw her hands up in victory as Connie and the other girl climbed into the back of her pick up. She had to get rid of the other girl somehow. And lose Sonia too. But she’d get to hang out with Connie after almost losing her chance at the diner!

“I didn’t know you knew about the naked swim,” Sonia told her, looking shocked.

“Oh, I have no clue about it. But I’m the boring nerd and you’re the popular chick, as you keep telling me, so I figured you’d know where it was. So where is it?”

Sonia hastily looked away and fidgeted with her fingers.

“You do know where it is, right?”

“I know that some girls do a naked swim,” she answered haughtily. Then Sonia blushed and admitted, “Though I’ve never actually gone.”

“But you go to parties every weekend! You brag about it all the time. Call up one of your friends, I’m sure they know.”

Sonia reached behind her head and started toying with her long black hair. “So all those parties might have been, um, a bit of an exaggeration.”

Heidi stared at Sonia like she was an alien who’d just sprouted antennae. “Have you just been lying about being cool this whole time?”

Sonia scoffed, but it didn’t change any of the guilt in her eyes.

“Do you know anyone we can call who might know where the naked swim is?”

After a few seconds Sonia hung her head and said, “No.”

“Well fuck.” The sun was setting, the light turning red and fading in the distance. Wherever this skinny dipping was happening it would be happening soon. The honest thing to do would be to come clean and tell Connie the truth. Even though she might leave and go off looking for the swim by herself.

Heidi put the truck in gear and started off down the road.

“Where are you going?” Sonia asked. “We don’t know where it is.”

“Well neither does she. So if we don’t see it, then we’ll just make our own nude swim.”

Sonia grinned. “That works for me.”

And just like that Heidi knew that Sonia was going to try and snatch Connie from her. Maybe she wasn’t the popular party girl she’d claimed to be, but Sonia was still hot. If Heidi wanted to snag Connie for herself, she’d have to take some desperate measures. No matter what she was letting Connie fuck her tonight. Of that she was certain.