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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 36

Summer Lovin’: Part 4

Sonia glanced around the beach and felt proud of herself. The little clearing was right on the edge of the lake, nice and secluded. Under their feet was warm soft sand instead of sharp rocks like around other parts of the lake. It was a perfect place to hang out. There was even a ring of smoke-stained stones from an old bonfire, with some logs scattered around to sit. With the sun just setting the spot felt warm and downright romantic. She peeked over at Connie as she walked into the clearing, admiring the way the fading light made her perfect looks even more perfect.

This was the ideal spot for a pair of lovers to get away. Isolation for her and Connie to skinny dip in the water, then a nice, soft beach to retreat to when the water got too cold. And a fire to warm them as they explored each others bodies all night long.

Sonia hummed smugly to herself. She really couldn’t have planned this better.

“Nobody’s here,” Coop stated loudly, shattering Sonia’s perfect moment.

If only these two hadn’t tagged along. Sonia hid her glare as Heidi and Coop followed Connie into the clearing, both girls getting in the way of Sonia making her move. She’d been nervous back when they first picked up Connie, but now Sonia felt more in control since she was clearly the better option out of Heidi and Coop. But how was she supposed to seduce Connie with them hogging her attention?

Connie put her hands on her hips and frowned at the clearing. “This place is pretty deserted.”

“Maybe we’re early,” Sonia suggested. She lowered herself down on one of the logs, leaving plenty of room for Connie to join her. “We can hang out and wait for them to show up.”

“Yeah, let’s make the best of it,” Heidi said, ripping off Sonia’s plan as she plopped herself down on a log on the opposite side of the fire pit and patted the empty space next to her.

Coop shrugged. “It would be better than driving around all night and missing it.” The skater chick had the audacity to ignore the logs and just sat down on the beach, stretching herself out in the sand to show off her athletic body. Sonia felt her face burn with shame. Why hadn’t she thought of that?

Although it felt like sacrilege to sit in the damp sand in her expensive designer jeans. Just sitting on this grimy log was bad enough, but if it was to seduce Connie she’d happily sacrifice her whole outfit.

Connie found herself staring down at the three girls and, clearly outnumbered, sighed in defeat and sat down on an upturned log that could only hold one person. But Sonia noted it was the log closest to her and took it as a victory. Connie leaned back and looked at Sonia. “I thought you said you knew where it was. I don’t see Jane or Aubrey anywhere.”

Sonia shared a panicked look with Heidi. Who were these two now? How much competition did Sonia have?

Connie was a perfect ten. Of course she would have women crawling at her feet. Sonia could barely contain the urge to drop down to the sand and crawl to Connie’s feet now. She’d strip and pose and happily let Connie walk all over her. Any humiliation would be worth it if Connie was the one asking her to do it. No, ordering her to do it.

She realized Connie was staring at her, so Sonia shook herself out of her stupor. Where had that fantasy come from? “Fine, so maybe I don’t know exactly where everyone is meeting up, but that doesn’t really matter since they’re all going to the same place.”

That seemed to satisfy Connie, who cupped her chin thoughtfully. “Aubrey did mention something about swimming to some rock.”

“That’s it right there,” Sonia said proudly, lifting one of her shapely, long legs to point out a squat rock far out in the lake. From their clearing it looked to be a long swim, but Sonia was sure it couldn’t really be that far. “Everyone will be swimming for it, so we can just relax here and wait until we see a group of naked chicks heading for Fingerbang rock.”

Connie snorted out a shocked laugh. “I’m sorry, did you say Fingerbang rock?”

Heidi and Coop both looked surprised to hear that too. Sonia smirked to herself, glad she’d overheard some of the local girls laughing about it in the diner once. As long as she seemed knowledgeable in front of Connie then it didn’t really matter if it was called that or not.

Then Heidi had to go and doubt her. “Who calls it that?”

“Everyone,” Sonia answered confidently, folding her arms and turning up her nose at her doubting coworker. “Technically it’s called Fingerling rock or something, but all the cool girls call it Fingerbang rock.”

“But why?”

Sonia shrugged. “Presumably some girls got fingered there and became legends.”

Connie laughed. “I definitely want to go there now.”

Heart racing, Sonia leaned towards Connie and gave her best sultry look. “Maybe when we’re there we can see why it’s called Fingerbang rock.”

Across the fire pit Coop scratched her head. “I thought you just said why it’s called that.”

“That’s not what I—” Sonia fumed. Why couldn’t these two clueless girls just get lost and let Sonia have Connie all to herself? When they were alone they could swim out to the rock and then Connie could grab Sonia by the hair and pull her in for a kiss, whispering what a good slut she was and how happy she was making her. And Sonia would melt and moan and beg to be used.

Anything to make Connie happy.

“Happy,” Sonia muttered, her eyes slipping closed.

“What’s that?”

Sonia’s eyes shot open. The others were giving her a look like she was being weird, and Sonia abruptly became aware of how insanely horny she was. “I- I was saying I’m happy to wait here with you.”

Connie smiled and Sonia shivered happily. Then Coop threw up her arms and cheered, taking Connie’s attention away. “Yeah! We can have our own little beach party.”

“That does sound pretty fun,” Connie chuckled, seeming to relax. “Too bad we don’t have any snacks.”

Sonia perked up and grinned. “You’re right. A beach party does need snacks. Heidi, Coop, why don’t you run into town and buy some food?”

Heidi and Coop both flashed her haughty glares. “Why do we have to go?” Heidi snapped. Sonia had been betting on Heidi’s eager to please attitude making her jump up and follow orders. Why did she have to choose tonight to start acting rebellious?

“Because Connie’s hungry and wants snacks,” Sonia answered with a wave of her hand, as if it were obvious. “I’m sure she’d be grateful.”

And just like that Coop and Heidi trembled, their anger vanishing as they blushed. The idea of making Connie happy was so insidious that they actually looked ready to race off into town for food. Even Sonia herself felt a jealous twinge and wanted to be the one to bring back food for Connie and be praised. But she shoved it down, knowing that staying was the better option. While those two lovestruck girls were buying snacks the naked swim would surely start, then it would just be Connie and Sonia together. Naked and wet. Surely by the time Heidi and Coop got back with arms full of snacks they’d just walk in on Connie fucking Sonia’s brains out and realize that they’d been outplayed.

Sonia squirmed on her log, so wet that she’d surely ruined her designer jeans already. It would all be worth it for Connie, though.

Coop was actually on her feet, standing awkwardly as she indecisively fought the urge to go and to stay. Heidi was clutching her log tight but looked ready to bolt.

“You don’t have to go,” Connie said, laughing self-consciously. To Sonia’s dismay Heidi and Coop both seemed to relax. “Seriously, there’s no need to go all the way into town on my account.” Then Connie’s stomach loudly growled.

‘Make Connie happy,’ Sonia thought as she bolted up to feet. She had to get into town first and get her food. Feeding Connie would make her happy. Then she blinked. Shit, what was she thinking? She didn’t even have a car. How was she going to get Connie food now?

Before she could act she noticed Heidi sneaking out of the clearing and heading for her truck.

“Hey!” Sonia yelled a little louder than she intended to. Heidi spun about in surprise as Sonia cleared her throat. “You don’t have to go, Heidi. Just lend me your keys and I’ll drive to town.”

“No, no, I’m happy to get food for C—” She coughed. “For everybody.”

“No, I insist. You already drove us here,” Sonia said as she marched up to Heidi, hand out for the keys.

“Exactly. It’s my car, so I’ll drive.”

Sonia snatched for the keys but missed as Heidi held them up overhead. “Let me do it,” Sonia growled through a thin smile.

“It’s my pleasure,” Heidi snapped back with a firm frown.

Suddenly Coop’s hand appeared from nowhere and yanked the keys away from Heidi. Sonia hadn’t even heard her sneaking up.

“I’ll grab the chow,” Coop said as she started running for the car. “Don’t wait up.”

But Heidi and Sonia were already on her heels, grabbing her by her shirt and tugging her back into them. “I’ll drive,” Heidi yelled, wrestling the keys back.

“I’ll do it! I’d love to get the food,” Sonia snarled as she put Heidi into a headlock and tried to grab the keys.

“I’m getting Connie food,” Coop shouted, practically tackling them both and almost knocking all of them to the floor.

Connie ran up waving her arms overhead. “Woah, woah! Calm down!”

All three girls stopped, suddenly feeling ashamed of their fighting. Connie didn’t look happy at all. Sonia let go of Heidi and muttered a quiet apology

“Geez, I’m not that hungry,” said Connie, looking relieved that the argument was over. Then her stomach growled loudly again.

“I’ll go,” Sonia shouted, making a break for the truck, with Heidi and Coop close behind.

“Not without me!”

“I’m going to!” Coop called as she dove into the bed of the pick up truck.

Connie stood there staring in disbelief as they all clambered into the truck. “Am I getting pranked?”

Sonia slammed her door shut and glared as Heidi got in the driver’s seat. “Just because your driving doesn’t mean anything. Connie’s gonna love the food I bring back most.”

“Not if I take off without you and leave you in town,” Heidi replied as she stuck out her tongue.

Sonia gasped. When the hell had Heidi started talking back to her like this? A window in the back of the truck opened as Coop stuck her face through. “Just wanted you to know that I’m gonna get the best snacks and then Connie’s totally going to make me her obedient slut tonight.”

“No, I’m going to be her obedient slut tonight,” Sonia hissed back.

Heidi shook her head. “If anyone is going to be her obedient slut it’s…” She trailed off, blinking heavily. “Why… why do we want to be obedient sluts?”

Sonia frowned. “Obviously I don’t want to be an obedient slut. But if Connie wants me to be one I’ll do it.”

“Yeah,” Coop agreed. “Like, it’s not anything I’ve ever thought of doing before. It’s just that Connie wants me to obey and do whatever slutty thing she says, and why wouldn’t I want that?”

For some reason Heidi looked frustrated, balling up her fists until her knuckles were white. “No, that… that doesn’t sound right.” Heidi opened her eyes and looked at her pleadingly. “Sonia, you’d never embarrass yourself in front of somebody like that.”

“Obviously I wouldn’t,” Sonia answered defensively.

“So what if Connie asked you to bend over and spank your ass while calling yourself names?”

Sonia rolled her eyes. “Duh. I’d spank my ass for her and try to come up with the worst names for myself. Like bitch, slut, whore, umm…”

“Fucktoy?” Coop offered helpfully.

Sonia grinned at her. “Ooh, that’s good! I’ll totally call myself her fucktoy while spanking my ass.”

“But that’s not something you’d do!” Heidi suddenly shouted. “I think… something’s wrong with us.”

“So? Who cares?”

Heidi stared at Sonia like she’d grown another head. “Who cares?”

“Yeah, who cares? I’d never call myself a fucktoy for anybody else, obviously, but the thought of doing it for Connie is just—” Sonia shivered and let out a happy moan, not caring if the other girls heard. They knew exactly how amazing Connie was. “She’s amazing. I have to please her. So if she wants me slutty and obedient then I’m gonna be the biggest obedient slut that I can.”

“Me too,” Coop said from the back, smiling wistfully as she no doubt imagined everything she’d do for Connie.

Heidi looked scared and alone. “But—”

Sonia stuck a finger into Heidi’s chest. “Do you expect me to believe that you wouldn’t do it?”


“Just imagine that Connie just told you to strip and bend over. What would you do?”

Heidi opened her mouth, but then the anger faded as her words failed her. “I—”

“Be honest.”

She gulped. “I’d bend over.”

“You’d show Connie your dripping pussy, right?”

Just the thought of it made Heidi shiver. She turned in her seat to face Sonia, her legs spreading and lifting up her skirt enough to flash her panties. Sonia smirked when she saw them absolutely soaked. “I’d show her… my dripping pussy.”

Coop stuck herself into the window as far as she could, getting both arms and shoulders in but not able to squeeze her boobs through. “And while you’re bent over Connie tells you to spank your ass.”

Heidi gasped and lifted her hips up. To Sonia it looked like Heidi had actually just had her ass slapped, as if she could already feel it. The thought made Sonia wish she was being spanked to.

“Say that to me,” she told Coop.

Coop gave her a confused look but did it. “Connie tells you to spank your own ass?”

And suddenly Sonia was there, in her mind bent over naked. She heard Connie’s command and gladly spanked her ass as hard as she could.

In the truck Sonia bounced in her seat, moaning as she was spanked hard. “Fuck, that’s amazing.”

“What is?” Coop was pouting, looking back and forth between them as if she was left out of an inside joke.

Sonia and Heidi caught each other’s eyes and smiled. In unison they said, “Connie tells you to spank your own ass.”

Coop rocked forward against the window, almost popping through as she cried out in pleasure. “What the fuck was that?” she asked through a grin. “And how do I get that again.”

“Something’s in our heads,” Heidi told them, only now she didn’t look alarmed by it.

Part of Sonia knew she was right. They definitely weren’t acting normal. But then again, who cared? “It doesn’t matter. I want to be Connie’s fucktoy. Actually,” Sonia smiled as she reached down and stroked her hand over her crotch, not caring that the other girls were watching. With a wide smile she announced, “I’m Connie’s fucktoy.”

“I’m Connie’s fucktoy too,” Coop declared. She wriggled her shoulders but couldn’t get her arms back through the window, leaving her stuck. “I’d grope myself too but just imagine I’m fingering myself as I said that,” she chuckled.

For a moment Heidi seemed unsure. Then a dreamy smile passed over her face as she reached down and stuffed a hand into her panties. Heidi sighed with relief as she began to finger herself. “I’m… I’m Connie’s fucktoy.”

“We all belong to Connie,” Sonia told them, feeling proud that she was leading them into obedience. Suddenly she didn’t mind the idea of Heidi and Coop being with Connie. As long as she was above the others she didn’t mind how many girls Connie fucked.

“We all belong to Connie,” Coop and Heidi recited happily. Although Coop was whining with frustration, and Sonia peeked out into the back of the truck and saw her practically humping the air, unable to touch herself.

Then Heidi stopped touching herself and shot up in her seat with a panicked expression. “Why aren’t we with Connie now?”

“We—” Sonia stopped. Why weren’t they doing all this in front of Connie?

“We were getting her food,” Coop mumbled. “Sonia said that’d make her happy.”

“I was just lying to get rid of you two,” Sonia admitted, feeling guilty now.

“Well why are we still here then?”

Instantly Sonia and Heidi burst out of the truck and started running back for the clearing. Sonia heard Coop struggling and stopped. “Heidi, wait!”

Heidi skidded to a halt. “Why?”

“We have to get Coop.” She ignored the disbelief on Heidi’s face as she leapt up into the back of the truck and started pulling Coop free. In a couple of seconds Heidi joined her and together they yanked the stuck Coop free from the tiny window. Without warning Coop wrapped her arms around Sonia in a tight hug.

“Thank you! I thought you would leave me and fuck Connie without me!”

“I’m pretty shocked too,” Heidi admitted. “Weren’t you going to get rid of us?”

Sonia chuckled. “I wanted to do that before, but it’s different now. Now we’re all Connie’s fucktoys. And Connie would be happier with three fucktoys than with two.”

Heidi and Coop smiled at her and nodded. For some reason they now felt like the closest friends Sonia might ever have.

“So lets go to Connie then and tell her the good news that we belong to her.”


The three girls raced back into the woods, surprised to find that the sun had set and the trees were intensely dark now. With a little difficulty Sonia led them back to the clearing, but to their horror Connie was gone.

Heidi clung to Sonia’s arm in a tight grip. “Where’d she go?”

“I’m sure she didn’t go far.” Sonia thought she heard something. “Shh, hang on a second.”

They all lifted their heads and listened, and now they could hear faint voices and cries coming from the other side of the lake. They ran down the beach and saw in the distance moving blobs that could have been dozens of naked girls swimming through the water. From the corner of her eye Sonia noticed a blur, and looked over in time to see Connie running further down the beach. She was naked, and in that instant Sonia felt her mind reeling at the magnificent sight. It was almost too beautiful to comprehend. All she could really focus on was Connie’s red embarrassed face as she charged into the water and started swimming for the center of the lake.

“Wait for us!” Sonia shouted, tugging off her shirt so fast that she heard something rip, but she didn’t care.

Heidi and Coop were tearing off their clothes just as fast. They’d reach Connie and confess that they wanted to be her obedient fucktoys. Wouldn’t she be so happy to hear that?

Together the three naked fucktoys charged into the lake, sharing excited grins.