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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 37

Summer Lovin’: Part 5

Connie had been dumped. It was the only conclusion she could come to. She sat on the log, shivering as a cold breeze came off the lake and wondering how she could be so dumb.

The girls had really seemed into her. Coop had a goofy grin plastered on her face all night like she had the biggest crush on Connie, and the two waitresses from the diner had been trying to cozy up to her while shooting glares at each other, as if they were fighting over her. It might have been shallow but it had made Connie feel ridiculously giddy. That three girls she barely knew would be so completely smitten with her as soon as they met her.

But, just as she figured, it was too good to be true. The three of them had charged off claiming to get food, fleeing from Connie like she was contagious. Connie frowned. She must have said something wrong. Or maybe it was all a set up. Maybe girls in this town got their kicks by flirting with a lesbian, leading her deep into the woods and then abandoning her.

Darkness loomed all around the clearing as Connie realized just how dark it got when the sun went down. She nervously checked out the shadows, suddenly realizing how much of a horror movie scenario this all seemed like. Connie had checked off nearly every bad decision you could make. She’d gotten into a car with total strangers and let them take her to a secondary location all because they were insanely hot and had smiled at her.

Connie jumped to her feet as she heard a branch crack nearby. There wasn’t anyone in sight, but she swore she could feel people watching. Overcome with a mad urge to get away she raced down the side of the lake, feeling ridiculous. She was going to get lost in the woods. No one would find her. She was practically cornered…

Then she skidded to a stop when she caught the faint sounds of laughter and girls cheering coming off the wind. She peered across the lake and could just make out dozens of naked women, small as ants, all pouring into the water. All of her fear melted away easily as she imagined herself out there, playing with all the cute women in the water. Until it occurred to her where she was.

“I’m on the wrong side!” Connie shouted, shrugging off her shirt before she let herself stop to think. Jane and Aubrey were out there in the swim. All she had to do was make it to them and they’d be able to come give her a ride back to town. So of course it made sense to take of all her clothes, so they wouldn’t get wet.

She charged out into the water, which thankfully wasn’t freezing but still pretty darn cold for a naked girl. Connie powered through and dove into the water. She pumped her arms as best she could, aiming for the rock Sonia had pointed out. She couldn’t see the crowd of naked girls while swimming, but she could hopefully catch them just as they hit the rock.


Connie slowed, twirling in the water as she heard her name called behind her. She broke into a grin as she saw Sonia, Heidi and Coop all standing back on the beach waving at her. They came back! And even more importantly, they were all naked. For a second she wanted to swim back to shore for a better look, but heard the still-too-far-off laughter of the naked swim and turned back around. She’d be able to get an eyeful when the girls joined her at Fingerbang rock. Plus, it might make Jane and everyone else a little jealous to see her with three gorgeous naked girls in tow.

Inspired, Connie kicked at the water with everything she had. She was starting to wear out, her muscles burning up, but every time she lifted her head the rock was a little bigger, until finally she slapped a hand against it and shouted in triumph. It had looked like a pebble from the shore, but Fingerbang rock was actually three feet above the water, so that she couldn’t see who had made it yet until she climbed on herself. The sides were a little grimy and hard to grab, but Connie propelled herself up the side and rolled onto the flat base of the rock. She was a little worried about an undignified arrival and getting laughed at, but to her surprise there was no one there.

“I made it first,” Connie cheered as she pumped her arms into the air. She quickly fixed her hair and slid into a more seductive pose, ready to greet Jane, Aubrey or whoever else arrived from the swim with a hopefully sexy sight. She could hear Sophie and the others paddling urgently behind her, the trio almost to the rock. But weirdly enough the laughter and splashes from the naked swim still sounded far off.

Connie pushed herself up to her feet, muscles still sore from the desperate swim, and saw that there was no one swimming towards her from the other shore.

Instead, the entire mass of girls from the naked swim were off in the distance, lounging and swimming around a different rock that looked nearly a mile off. Connie’s shoulders slumped. “Typical. That really is my luck.”

There was a splash behind her and then some scrambling up the side of the rock.

“Connie! There you are.”

“Hey Coop,” Connie said without looking at her. She kept her exhausted eyes on the naked swim, too far for her to swim to even if she wasn’t completely wiped. “We’re on the completely wrong rock.”

She heard someone else dripping as they got up onto the rock behind her.

“Sorry about that,” Sonia said. “I really thought it was this rock.”

“It’s fine. I just seem to always have bad luck with these things. I think I’m cursed or something.”

“Look at it this way,” Heidi cheerfully chimed in as she climbed up to join the others. “You’ve still got the three of us.”

Connie chuckled. ‘Great, stuck on a rock with three girls I thought were into me but totally aren’t.’

“You girls don’t have to stay if you don’t want.”

“Why would we go?” Sonia whined. Connie could hear all three of them out of breath and panting loudly.

Connie squinted into the far off crowd of the naked swim, trying to pick out which one of the dark-skinned figures swimming in the group might be Jane. She was probably having the time of her life with Aubrey.

“You all seemed pretty eager to leave before. I’m surprised you even came back.”

“Well, we actually have a confession about that.”

A sigh slipped out of Connie’s lips. Here it was. It was all a prank, or a complete misunderstanding.

“You see, we were arguing about which one of us would get to fuck you tonight.”

“That’s what I figu- Wait, what?” Connie spun around and was shocked to find the three women sitting on the rock with their legs spread. They were all masturbating, slowly rubbing at their pussies with huge grins on their faces.

“It’s true,” Heidi giggled. “I was arguing with Sonia about it in the car, but Coop wanted to fuck you too.”

“Really badly,” said Coop with a nervous wink.

Sonia was tugging on one of her tits, smiling as she noticed Connie staring at her. “And it took us a while to finally figure out who would get to fuck you.”

Connie didn’t even care that she wasn’t asked about her opinion. It went without saying that she’d want to sleep with any of the cute girls. And they all wanted her? It had to be a prank, but they were all masturbating in front of her, which was surely too far to go for a joke on someone. Plus, their pussies were dripping wet. They really wanted her.

After a few seconds Connie realized that she’d been staring, completely mesmerized. “Sorry,” she mumbled, wiping away a little drool from her chin as Coop, Sonia and Heidi laughed sweetly. “So, um, who did you decide on?”

Sonia shared a secret look with Coop and Heidi, who both nodded their approval, then cleared her throat and batted her eyes. “We decided you should get to fuck us all.”

Connie actually reached down to pinch her thigh, flinching at the sharp pain. This was real. There were really three gorgeous girls wanting to fuck her, and they didn’t have to be hypnotized at all!

“R-really? You all want to?”

“We’re dying to fuck you,” Heidi said, her voice cracking a little. Connie felt herself getting dripping wet as she heard the desperation in her voice, and the little shudder that ran through her. It was like she was actually aching to fuck Connie.

Coop stopped playing with herself so that she could lean forward, going onto hands and knees as she gazed up at Connie. The usually cool girl bit her lip shyly. “You’re, like, really hot. I wanted you as soon as I saw you. And when I realized Sonia and Heidi wanted you to, I got jealous.”

Sonia blushed. “I was trying to get rid of them by sending them out for food. I wanted to hog you all to myself, but that wouldn’t be fair. Not to Coop or to Heidi. And certainly not to you, Connie.”


“Why should you get to fuck one hot girl, when you can fuck three of us all you want?”

At some silent command Coop and Heidi both turned towards Sonia and clung to her sides. They started groping her, Coop kissing at Sonia’s thighs while Heidi kissed her neck. Connie felt all the blood rushing out of her as she watched the incredible sight of the three women playing together. Hottest of all was how their eyes kept darting over to Connie, checking for approval. They were playing with each other just for her.

“Pick whoever you want,” Heidi told her as she cupped Sonia’s tits. “You can have all three of us, or just one of us. We’ll even fuck each other if that’s what you want.”

Coop rolled over onto her back and smiled. “We just want to give you the time of your life.” Then Sonia lifted her hips and Coop pushed herself underneath her. Sonia settled down onto Coop’s face with a grateful groan. Connie watched Coop’s tongue exploring the other girl’s pussy.

“So do you want us?” Sonia asked, her hands caressing Coop and Heidi.

Connie blinked, burning the wonderful sight into her memory forever. Then she nodded her head hard enough to make herself dizzy. “Yes. Totally. I’m so down for this. Just… wow.”

Sonia and Heidi cheered, and Coop gave a muffled shout for joy against Sonia’s cunt. “What did I tell you?” Sonia whispered to Heidi, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. “I told you she’d want us to be her obedient fucktoys.”

“You were right, I don’t know what I was worried about.”

As much as Connie wanted to dive into the three girls and do everything she’d been fantasizing about all night, something she heard made her stop. “Wait. Did you say obedient fucktoys?”

“That’s right,” Heidi sighed dreamily. “We’re your obedient fucktoys.”

“Obedient fucktoys,” Sonia repeated with a glazed look in her eyes.

Coop mumbled something against Sonia’s crotch, but Connie could guess what she meant.

“And, um, how did you figure out that you wanted to be… that?”

“I don’t know,” Sonia said with a dismissive shrug. “It just popped into my head, but it was such a perfect idea. Heidi and Coop both had the same fantasy. It must be fate.”

“I think it’s you, Connie.” Heidi was grinding herself against Sonia, her face full of desperate need, like she’d go crazy if she didn’t fuck Connie soon. “After all, you’re perfect. You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.”

A stone had been sinking in Connie’s stomach, but now it felt like a boulder was sinking in her gut. “Heidi, I’m not perfect.”

“Yes you are!” Sonia put a hand to her mouth, blushing. “Sorry to yell, but you really are. I’m a dripping mess every time I look at you.”

Coop patted Sonia’s thighs, so she obligingly lifted herself off of her. Taking a breath, Coop sat up with a goofy grin on her face and pussy juices smeared across her chin. “It’s like fireworks go off in my head. Every time I see you, I just know I have to make you happy.”

“Make you confident,” Heidi added, her eyes losing focus.

“Make you feel sexy,” Sonia moaned, her face going blank.

“You deserve it,” all three girls spoke in unison. “You deserve obedient fucktoys. We are your obedient fucktoys.”

Connie clapped her hands loudly, and all three of them jumped. Then the girls giggled happily and went back to playing with each other.

“Sorry,” Coop chuckled. “That’s been happening all night.”

Sonia nodded, stroking Coop’s hair affectionately. “It just shows we’re all on the same wavelength. That we deserve to be yours.”

Heidi smiled and let out a happy sigh, her head tilting to the side. “We’re your—”

“One question,” Connie said, cutting them off. She cleared her throat, dreading the answer. “After I left the diner, did you sit and talk to Gloria?”

They all gave her blank looks.

“The nice old lady I was eating lunch with.”

“Oh, yeah.” Sonia shrugged. “She gave me some advice or something.”

“Me too,” Heidi added, then frowned. “I can’t really remember what we talked about though.”

“I wasn’t in the diner, but I did meet some cool old lady while I was skating in the parking lot. She showed me her necklace and it was… really pretty… I think.”

Connie instantly recognized the spaced out look that started to slip over Coop’s face. Gloria had hypnotized her.

“I remember that. She showed me her necklace too. Then she…” As her eyes went blank, Connie could practically see the moment her thoughts derailed.

“That was… a nice necklace…” Sonia muttered, her eyes slipping closed as her head nodded. “Very pretty… and… sparkly…”

Connie watched the three of them start to drift into trance, and then one by one they came back, smiling as though nothing had happened. She honestly couldn’t believe it. Gloria had hypnotized the three of them to be her fucktoys? Had she sent them all after her? Except Gloria had no idea where Connie would be. So what had she hypnotized them for?

Sonia gave her an innocent look as she rubbed her fingers over her clit. “What were we talking about, Mistress?”

“Nothing important. It’ll be fine,” Connie said as she lifted a hand up to her own necklace. Once they were in trance she’d get some answers. Except all she felt was bare skin. She’d taken the necklace off back on the beach!

All three of the naked women gazed up at her, dripping wet and awaiting orders. What was Connie going to do now?

She glanced around the rock but it was empty. No convenient pocket watches or anything she could use for hypnosis.

“What do you want your fucktoys to do?” Coop asked, still laying on her back with her legs spread.

Connie groaned. She wanted to pounce on her and eat her out, while ordering Heidi and Sonia to fuck while she watched. They were all her fucktoys after all. And it wasn’t like she brainwashed them.

But she still knew it would be wrong to use the girls like this, even if it was breaking her heart to see that they all wanted to please her so desperately.

An idea struck her. “I know what I want to do with you.”

All three girls crawled up onto their knees, obediently waiting for orders. Connie bit her lip and summoned her resolve not to give in to temptation. “I want to hypnotize you girls.”

Sonia gave a little embarrassed laugh. “Uh, Mistress, hypnosis isn’t real.”

“It’s totally real,” Coop argued, both girls kneeling and idly playing with their pussies. “I saw a special on TV. The government can totally mind control people to do what they say.”

“That’s so obviously fake.”

“It is not.”

“Stop,” Connie commanded. The two bickering girls clamped their mouths shut. “Hypnosis is real. In fact, all three of you have already been hypnotized.”

“We have?” they all asked.

Heidi looked down at herself, like she just realized what she was doing. “Actually, that would make sense. It did seem strange to want all of this out of nowhere.”

Sonia considered it, then smiled. “Huh, alright. So we’re hypnotized fucktoys.” She gave Connie a hopeful look. “And you think that’s hot, right, Mistress?”

Connie took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. “It’s insanely hot. Like one of the hottest things ever.”

Coop grinned. “Awesome. Then we’re your hypnotized fucktoys.”

Their eyes glazed over as all three girls chanted, “Hypnotized fucktoys.” Then they all giggled when they become alert again.

“I guess that explains the chanting.”

“Fuck, that’s kind of hot,” Sonia admitted. “I totally devote my body to you, Mistress, but now you can have my mind too. You can make us do anything you want.”

“You can make us believe anything you want,” said Heidi, a awe-struck smile spreading on her face as she saw the possibilities.

“Damn.” Coop wriggled on her knees, rubbing at herself faster. “What are you gonna do to us, Mistress? It’s so hot that you’re going to fuck our minds up.”

“It is.”

“I want it,” Sonia groaned. “Please hypnotize us, Mistress. We’ll be anything you want.”

Connie turned around and bit the side of her hand, silently screaming at herself. Why the fuck did the girls have to make it so hard to help them? Clearly they were mindfucked already, but this was too much for anyone to hear and not give in.

With the last of her resistance, Connie turned back to her waiting fucktoys and held out her hand. “You girls loved Gloria’s necklace, so why don’t you just imagine it dangling from my hand?”

All she got back were blank stares. “Um, alright?”

“Listen, you girls said that I was perfect, right?”

“Yes,” they muttered with dreamy sighs.

“That I’m the sexiest?”

“Of course.”

“That I’m the most powerful?”


“So anything I do would be better than if anyone else did it?”


“Well, all three of you girls had been hypnotized by Gloria and her necklace.”

They shrugged, accepting it was true even if they didn’t remember.

“Gloria’s necklace can hypnotize you. Say it.”

“Gloria’s necklace can hypnotize us,” the three of them recited a little awkwardly.

“The necklace can hypnotize you,” Connie insisted again.

The girls straightened up at her tone. In unison they chanted, “The necklace can hypnotize us.” Connie saw their eyes losing focus as they spoke.

“And it’s obvious that I’d be better at hypnosis than Gloria, right?”

All three of them nodded.

“I’m a better hypnotist.”

“You’re a better hypnotist,” all three chanted.

“You are my brainwashed fucktoys.”

Now the girls smiled as their eyes started to go blank. “We are your brainwashed fucktoys.”

“Your minds belong to me.”

“Our minds belong to you.”

“You believe whatever I tell you.”

“We believe whatever you tell us.”

“My words control your minds.”

“Your words control our minds.”

“I control what is real.”

“You control what is real.”

“Everything I say is the truth.”

“Everything you say is the truth.”

Connie stopped herself. She was breathing hard. Her pussy was aching to be touched. Hearing three women chanting that you had complete control of them could make anyone lightheaded. Getting a handle on herself, she continued.

“You girls remember Gloria’s necklace, right?”

They nodded.

“What do you feel when you look at it?”

“Happy,” Heidi sighed.

“Sleepy,” Sonia groaned.

“Controlled,” Coop mumbled.

“Good girls. If you saw that necklace again, you’d feel the urge to drop into trance, wouldn’t you?”

All of their eyes flickered. “Yes,” they mumbled one by one.

“And if I was holding the necklace, it would be so much more powerful over you.”

“Yes,” they moaned.

“Your minds are mine. What I say is the truth. And what your Mistress says is that you see me holding Gloria’s necklace in my hand right now.”

She held her hand up before them. To her surprise, Heidi instantly gasped. Her eyes went wide… and then her face went blank as she plummeted into trance. Coop and Sonia squirmed a little, their eyes squinting.

“It’s okay, girls. Just focus. See the necklace just like you remembered it. How lovely that shade of green was. How pretty it looked sparkling.”

Now Coop begin to smile and relax. “It was… so pretty…”

“The more you remember it, the more clearly you can see it. The green crystal dangling from my fingers, the lights sparkling off of it.”

“Yeah,” Coop sighed, her body slumping. Her eyes glazed over completely as her mouth dropped open.

“Good girl, Coop.”

Coop’s body shuddered with pleasure.

Connie turned her attention to Sonia, who was starting to frown. She had her brow furrowed. “Can you see it, Sonia?”

“I’m… trying…” she groaned. Connie saw a vein starting to form on her forehead.

Immediately Connie dropped her hand and reached out to caress Sonia’s cheek. “It’s okay. You don’t have to force yourself.”

Sonia relaxed, gratitude in her eyes. She looked tired, a little spacey, but still awake. “Sorry, Mistress. I really… tried.”

“It’s okay. Because you don’t need the crystal.”

“I don’t?”

“No,” Connie said, kneeling down beside her. “Because you’re mine. I know how much I control you. You’re all mine, aren’t you, Sonia?”

“Yes,” she gasped, reaching out for her. “I’m yours. I never knew I could be so devoted to someone. I’m all yours, Mistress.”

“I know you are,” Connie replied, her heart pounding. It was so wonderful to hear. “And that’s why I know you’ll be able to slip into trance for me. You’ve already been there before, so your subconscious knows the way. You just need the proper trigger to drop deep for me.”

“What’s that?” Sonia stared at her with wide, adoring eyes.

“My kiss.”

Sonia blushed, her eyes flicking to Connie’s lips.

“When I kiss you, you’ll drop for me. My kiss will make you nice and mindless. Won’t it, Sonia?”

“Yesss,” she moaned, barely seeming to pay attention. She was already leaning forward, moving to kiss her.

Connie grabbed her by the hair and pulled Sonia’s head back firmly. Sonia gasped with surprise. Besides them, Heidi and Coop remained blank and entranced, unaware of anything around them.


“Don’t forget who’s in charge,” Connie smirked. “You’re my fucktoy, Sonia.”

“Of course.” Sonia bowed her head. “You’re in control, Mistress. I’m all yours.”

With that, Connie pulled Sonia in close and kissed her. She felt Sonia’s obedience in the kiss, the way her body melted against hers. Sonia was truly hers. At first Sonia moaned with delight into the kiss, but it faded by degrees, becoming weaker and weaker until Sonia went still and silent.

When Connie pulled back, Sonia was completely hypnotized, her eyes looking blankly up at the night sky.

“Alright,” Connie told herself as she took a step back. “Time to get to work.”

* * *

The kiss was perfect. Everything Sonia had ever dreamed of. Her mind and body completely melted against Connie’s kiss. She opened herself, submitted completely, and gave Connie complete control. Being in trance for Connie was sublime. It was where she belonged.

And then Sonia woke up, blinking with surprise as she realized how much her knees were killing her from kneeling on the rock for so long. She winced and got up, feeling groggy as hell. When she glanced up and saw Connie looking at her with worry, it felt weird. Instead of the impossible Goddess that she lived to serve, it was just Connie, the girl she’d seen back at the diner.

“Woah,” Coop exclaimed as she got up to her feet too. “Connie, you look all… normal.”

Heidi grabbed onto Sonia’s arm as she tried to get up. “Yeah, you’re back to normal. And I don’t feel like I’m…” Heidi blushed bright red. “You know.”

Sonia rolled her eyes. So Heidi was back to being prissy about things. She’d actually liked her better when she was the daring girl masturbating next to her. “She’s saying she doesn’t feel like being your fucktoy anymore. I don’t either, by the way.”

It was so weird. She could remember how eager she’d been for it. How being Connie’s obedient, brainwashed fucktoy had been the hottest thing in the world, but now it was just a thing she remembered. Sonia certainly didn’t feel like kneeling and being anyone’s slave.

To her surprise Connie actually looked relieved. “So you all feel back to normal?”

“Pretty much.”

“I feel fine.”

“Just wicked horny,” Coop chuckled. Sonia glanced over at Coop, who was so wet she was dripping down her legs. Sonia realized she was still ridiculously horny too. She felt ready to masturbate for hours to work off this frustration.

Heidi had her arms wrapped around her body, trying to cover herself. Then she noticed Sonia looking at her. A determined look appeared on Heidi and, very slowly, she lowered her arms to show off her nudity.

Sonia smiled at her. Heidi definitely should be showing her body off more, and it was better to see her being more confident. She supposed getting brainwashed had helped her out a little.

Actually, when she thought about it, Sonia realized she felt different too. She’d closed herself off for so long, pretending she was popular and unattainable to others while avoiding ever actually hanging out with people so they wouldn’t find out how fake she was. Being looked up to had seemed enough for her before, but Sonia couldn’t forget how wonderful it had been to be united with Heidi and Coop. Not that she was particularly interested in being reduced to a fucktoy, but that connection with the other girls had been so pure and clear.

She didn’t want to hide from people. She wanted friends. Sonia knew that she’d try to do better from now on.

“So listen, I can’t really explain what happened.”

Sonia tuned back in to Connie talking. It was weird not feeling that urge to hang on her every word. God, she’d wanted Connie so badly. To think she’d been made to act so desperate…

Sonia shuffled her feet and coughed. “So what did happen to us?”

Connie frowned. “Someone hypnotized the three of you to want to, well, to want me. From what I gleamed it wasn’t intended to go this far. I think you were all supposed to be horny for me and want to flirt with me, but I guess the three of you together kind of put everything into overdrive.”

“So we weren’t specifically supposed to be fucktoys?” Heidi asked.

“I don’t think so. I guess one of you suggested it and it amplified from there. But it’s all gone now, so you should all be back to normal.”

Sonia crossed her arms. “So what now?”

“Well, I’m hoping you won’t be too mad with me,” Connie answered with a fearful shrug. “And I guess we just swim back and try to forget this happened. If that’s okay.”

“We just act like we weren’t going to have some kinky orgy in the middle of the lake?”

Sonia rolled her eyes, certain she was never going to forget this. They hadn’t done much more than masturbate together, but Sonia already found herself wondering what Connie would have done with them. She clearly remembered the open desire on Connie’s face. She really would have loved using them all as her fucktoys. And Sonia would have happily done anything she wanted. It was crazy to think that she could be that obedient to someone else.

“I guess that’s fine by me,” Heidi said, already starting to cover her breasts and look away shyly.

“Yeah, we’ll just pretend nothing happened.” Coop rubbed at her hair, trying to hide her frown.

Even Connie was looking out over the lake, unable to meet their eyes.

Sonia realized no one was going to say it. Well if there was ever time to step up and act like the alpha-bitch she always pretended to be, it was now. “Okay, I’ll be the asshole who says it. Connie, could you hypnotize me back into a fucktoy?”

The three other girls stared at her shocked. “What?”

“I don’t mean permanently,” Sonia scoffed, waving her hand. “But it’s killing me wondering what it would have been like. I’m not super into the idea of being obedient, but I just remember how badly I wanted it. I’m still fucking horny remembering how much I wanted to be yours. I know it was mind control or whatever, but I’m pretty fucking certain it would have been a highlight of my life to be fucked by you, Connie.”

“Are… are you sure?” Connie looked fearful, probably afraid that she was still being affected by whatever that hypnosis junk had been, but Sonia also saw the excitement in her eyes.

“I’m positive. I know I’ll love it no matter what because I’ll be your sex slave and everything, but it’s going to eat at me forever wondering what it would have been like. So you can do it to me for tonight, then we’ll both be happy.”

Connie started to smile, and then Coop threw up her hands.

“Thank god someone said it. It was driving me crazy thinking I was never gonna get to do this.”

“You want to be a fucktoy too?” Connie asked, shocked.

“It’s like seeing a super tall and scary roller coaster. Yeah, you’re nervous about it, but you’re also excited. And you know that if you walk away you’ll always wonder what it was like.”

“That actually makes sense,” Heidi said. She was bright red, clenching her fists like she was forcing herself to talk. “I… well, I’d also… I mean…”

Sonia put a hand on Heidi’s back. Heidi gave her a confused look, but Sonia smiled calmly at her. “Are you trying to say you wanna see what it felt like to be a fucktoy too?”

Heidi nodded slowly.

“You’re just back to being a prude and can’t even bring yourself to say fucktoy, can you?”

Heidi blushed deeper and shook her head.

“Well I liked seeing Heidi confident and sexy, so I definitely want to be a fucktoy with her again.”

“I’m in too,” Coop said, grinning and raising her arm.

Connie looked close to tears. “You guys…”

Sonia winked at her. “It’s not just for us. I know you want to do it too. You literally had us begging for it and instead you put us back to normal instead of taking advantage. So I trust you to be a good Mistress to us.”

“I don’t know,” Connie said, looking doubtful. Sonia started walking towards her. “It could be some lingering stuff from the hypnosis. You may not really—”

Sonia cut her off by putting a finger to Connie’s lips. For a split-second she felt a hot flash of pleasure. Sonia remembered the bliss of being a brainwashed fucktoy for Connie, and it was the hottest thing she’d every experienced in her life. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t particularly want she normally wanted. She wanted to do this with Connie.

“I want this, Connie. Just for tonight, I’ll be all yours. Use me. Fuck me. Make me fuck them.” Sonia glanced over her shoulder and saw Coop and Heidi grinning at her. “I truly want you to have a good night, and I know I’ll love it.”

Now Connie was smiling, and Sonia realized that she was still pretty hot, even without the hypnosis. She was hardly the Goddess-like figure of perfection she was before, but Sonia had definitely been wrong to dismiss Connie back at the diner. She was cute, and sweet, and surprisingly talented, what with hypnotizing them all to save them before.

Fucking Connie was an opportunity she didn’t want to miss.

And so Sonia put her hands on Connie’s head and pulled her in for a kiss. Just like she’d hoped, it was still there. The second their lips met Sonia felt a wave of euphoria fill her mind. She was sinking, falling, drifting down deep inside of herself. She trusted Connie. She wanted Connie, and so she easily slipped down into trance before Connie even realized what had happened.

When she opened her eyes she was blank and empty, a dazed smile on her face.

She noticed Connie’s surprise, which then turned into a delighted smile. “You really do want me.”

Sonia nodded, no thoughts in her head but knowing the answer firmly in her heart.

“Then just for tonight, you can let all the programming back into your mind. It’ll fade when we leave the lake, letting you return to normal. But for tonight, you will be my fucktoy. Let all those desires come back to you. Become obedient. Become devoted. Let the programming return as you brainwash yourself back into my fucktoy.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she moaned as pleasure surged. All of the words hidden away in her mind flooded back. Connie became brighter, almost glowing with divine green light. Sonia wanted to melt before her. She belonged to Connie. She deserved to be Connie’s. All she wanted in life was to exist as an obedient fucktoy for her.

Still mindless, Sonia groaned happily as Connie reached between her legs to slip two fingers inside of her dripping pussy. She clung to Connie, grinning absently as her body began to automatically hump the hand of her Mistress.

She watched as Connie grinned at her, then turned to Heidi and Coop. “So who wants to go next?”