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It Runs in the Family

Chapter 38

Summer Lovin’: Part 6

Sonia sank to her knees, clinging to Connie’s leg while gazing up at her with pure adoration. Connie gave her hair an affectionate tug, and Sonia mewled like a delighted cat.

“Are you back to being my obedient fucktoy?” Connie asked her.

“Yes Mistress. I remember my place. It’s so wonderful. I exist to serve you.”

“Good fucktoy,” Connie told her. Then she lifted her gaze back to Heidi and Coop, who were still staring with their mouths hanging open. “So I’ll ask again. Who’s next?”

Heidi took a half step back. Her eyes darted around the rock they were on like she was trapped, and yet from her visibly drenched pussy it was clear she was enjoying the excitement. When Heidi spoke her voice was nervous, shaky, but there was a smile on her face. “You actually turned her back.”

“It’s what you asked for,” Connie said with a casual shrug, as if turning a girl into a brainwashed fucktoy was the easiest thing for her. Which is exactly what she wanted to them to think. It’s what they wanted to think, since they’d asked her to do this for them.

“I just… didn’t realize you could actually do it.” Heidi couldn’t take her eyes off Sonia as she kissed at Connie’s thigh, her hand tracing up and down the leg of her mistress. “I thought it would have taken longer to hypnotize her.”

Connie gave them a self-assured smile. “As you can see it took no time at all.”

Now Coop spoke up, fidgeting with her hands in front of her. “But Sonia already had that kiss thing, though. That she kisses you and goes mindless. I remember you giving her that when I was, well…”

“Mindless too?”

Coop blushed. “That. So you can’t just like snap your fingers and hypnotize us.”

“Who says I can’t?” Connie asked, giving them both as serious of a look as she could. “I still own your minds.”

“No, you let us go,” Heidi tried to argue, but Connie held up a hand to hold her off.

“Coop. Heidi. As of this moment are you my fucktoys?”

“No,” the girls admitted.

“But you want to be, right?”

“Yeah,” Coop admitted, licking her lips.

“I do, but that doesn’t mean—”

Connie held up her hand again and Heidi instantly shut her mouth, then blushed when she realized how quickly she’d obeyed. Connie knew that Heidi was just the people pleasing type, but anything that already made her feel obedient was something Connie could use.

“You’re right. At this exact moment you girls are not my fucktoys. And why is that?”

Coop and Heidi shared a nervous glance, waiting until Connie nodded to them that they could answer. “Because you snapped us out of that mind whammy we had,” Coop replied.

Heidi nodded. “Yeah, you let us out of it.”

Connie slowly shook her head, making a show of it. “Close, but you’re a little off. I had you kneeling, pledging devotion to me as your Mistress.”

“It’s so good to be yours, Mistress,” Sonia cooed from her feet. Connie smiled at her but put a finger to her lips, and Sonia closed her mouth so Connie could speak. “As I was saying, you were both my fucktoys. Then I commanded you to not be my fucktoys anymore. And so you aren’t.”

Coop scratched her head. “I don’t think I caught that.”

But Heidi was blushing, her eyes going wider. “So you’re saying we’re only free right now because you commanded it. Not that you let us go.”

“You two are still obediently serving me, just like Sonia is right now.”

Sonia smiled happily at her name.

“Sonia, roll onto your back and masturbate for the girls. Tell them how obedient you are.”

“I obey,” Sonia hastily declared as she rolled over, laying herself out on the rock. She spread her legs so that Coop and Heidi could clearly see her slick pussy lips. Sonia rubbed at her cunt, arching her back and moaning sensually. “I obey Connie completely. I will do anything my Mistress says. I serve her with all my mind, body and soul. I am her fucktoy through and through.”

“See?” Connie said with a smirk. “I told Sonia to be my fucktoy again, and she is. I told you two to not be my fucktoys, and you aren’t. All three of you are obeying me. You simply have different orders right now.” As Sonia gasped in ecstasy Connie chuckled. “And clearly one of you is enjoying her commands more.”

“I love it,” Sonia moaned, thrusting her hips up so there was no doubt about the pleasure she got from obeying. “So good to obey!”

Heidi and Coop watched Sonia masturbating, the girls trembling at the idea that they were still hypnotized, still controlled by Connie, and Connie loved the arousal on their faces. “Right now, right this second, I could command you to be shameless, horny fucktoys like Sonia. Like you were before. And what will your obedient minds do for me?”

Connie reached out and caressed the sides of each girl’s head,. Coop still seemed unconvinced, but her voice waivered. “You want us to be your fucktoys again.”

Heidi, on the other hand, already showed excited fear in her eyes, as if Connie were something powerful, dangerous, otherworldly. “We’d be your fucktoys again.”

“That’s right. Just a few simple words, and you’ll be mine.” Connie put her head between them, whispering seductively in their ears as she enunciated each word. “I could say it right now. Tell you, and you’ll be back to the masturbating, moaning, mindless fucktoys you were just a few minutes ago. Are you ready?”

Coop and Heidi both let out an involuntary moan.

“Touch yourselves first. Rub your pussies and tell me you’re ready to be my fucktoys again.”

She didn’t really have any of the power she claimed. All hypnosis was self hypnosis, after all. She didn’t have to be the unstoppable domme she was pretending to be; she just needed Heidi and Coop to believe it.

Coop’s hand raced to her crotch as she rubbed at her clit, almost grateful for the chance to finally get herself off. “I- I’m ready,” she said, though her nervous energy showed that she was almost ready to believe, but not fully there.

“Ready for what? Be specific,” Connie told them with a wink.

Coop’s fingers circled her clit as she let out a deep groan. “I’m ready to be your fucktoy. Mistress,” she added for good measure.

Connie nodded, then looked to Heidi. The shy girl was more hesitant, but her hand slowly began to drift down her stomach. “I’m ready to be your… fucktoy,” she whispered quietly.

“You know I want to hear it loud and clear,” Connie said, giving her an encouraging look. Then she glanced back at the masturbating Sonia. “Don’t you want to hear Heidi saying she wants to be my fucktoy?”

“Fuck yes,” Sonia cried, sounding near orgasm. She picked her head up to look at Heidi, her fingers never slowing as they roamed back and forth over her pussy lips. “You were so hot, Heidi. So ready to be a fucktoy and do any depraved thing it took to please Connie. You were fearless and sexy and I’d never been so into you. Please be a fucktoy again. I want you to be like that again.”

Heidi’s lower lip trembled with emotion, and there were some faint tears in her eyes. Connie, seeing the tears, nearly lost her nerve and broke her dominant Mistress facade, but then she saw that Heidi was smiling.

“You really thought I was hot?”

“Yesss,” Sonia groaned, shaking and rocking her hips up against her hand as she came hard.

Heidi stared in awe, her hand finally cupping her mound. She let out a whimper, her fingers slowly slipping inside of herself. Then, taking a deep breath, Heidi closed her eyes and in a loud voice declared, “I want to be your fucktoy!”

She blushed as Coop and Sonia both laughed, but it was clearly affectionate. Connie grinned at her, and Heidi managed a smile as she kept touching herself in front of all of them.

“Good girls.”

Heidi and Coop stared at her expectantly.

“So are you going to say it?”

“Say what?” Connie asked, feigning ignorance.

“That we’re…” Heidi rolled her eyes to emphasize what she meant. Then she shut her eyes and said out loud, “That we’re your fucktoys again.”

“Oh I could. And you’d both sink right back into devoted bliss.”

Heidi and Coop were shaking, rooted in place before her. They looked ready to burst. Finally Coop snapped. “Well?”

Connie turned and sauntered away from them on the rock, the lake water glistening with moonlight as she said, “I don’t feel like it yet.”

Heidi’s jaw dropped. “But you said—”

“That I can take you at any time, and I can,” Connie promised her. “I just don’t want it to be that easy.” She sat down beside Sonia, the damp rock cold under her ass. She opened her legs, happy to notice that all three girls were staring longingly at her pussy.

“Fucktoy, finger me,” Connie ordered.

Sonia eagerly rolled over to please her Mistress, but Connie noticed that Heidi and Coop’s arms both twitched. For a split second they’d heard the title and responded. Their minds were certainly primed to obey. She lavished in the feeling of Sonia’s fingers slipping inside her tight cunt.

“Heidi, come here.”

Heidi actually yelped in surprise at her name being called, but she hurried over to kneel beside them. She stared at Sonia’s finger gliding in and out of Connie’s pussy.

“Heidi,” she said again, and Heidi looked her in the eyes.

“My pussy can brainwash you. Just the taste will make you mindless and obedient. Every lick will increase what you feel until you’re all the way gone, back into mindless bliss and ready to be my fucktoy again, just like Sonia.”

Heidi absorbed every word with shock on her face, her jaw slack. When Connie finished Heidi let out a shaky breath. She’d held her breath, taking in the suggestion with ease. Now Connie just had to hope she was as good of a hypnotist as she hoped.

“Sonia, let Heidi lick my finger and get a taste.”

“Yes Mistress.” Sonia took her hand away and offered it up to Heidi with a grin. “You’re so lucky,” Sonia told her. “I want to taste so bad, but Mistress hasn’t given me permission yet. But I’m happy I get to let you taste her. I can’t wait til we’re fucktoys together again.”

“Th-thanks,” Heidi mumbled, blushing furiously as she tilted her head down towards the offered finger. Heidi was usually reserved, something Connie could relate to, so she could appreciate how nerve racking it would be to suck a woman’s pussy juices off of another girl’s finger. But to her credit, Heidi opened her mouth and sucked on Sonia’s finger.

Instantly her eyes shot open, her jaw dropping. “Ahhh,” she groaned, nearly backing away. Then her mouth latched back onto Sonia’s finger, sucking deeply as her eyes closed. Sonia giggled.

“That tickles, Heidi.”

Connie watched as Heidi licked her friend’s finger clean, then pulled away with a dull look in her eyes. She was so focused she didn’t even realize that Coop had knelt down beside them until she spoke up.

“How’s it taste?” Coop asked nervously, her eyes darting down to Connie’s pussy.

“Good,” was all Heidi could mumble, her blank eyes blinking slowly. Then she shook herself awake, gasping in surprise. “Holy shit. I really felt it. I tasted you and I just—” Heidi trembled. “It was like my mind turned off.”

“And it’ll get stronger with every taste,” Connie reminded her. She spread her legs further. “So if you want to be my mindless fucktoy again, you should get licking, Heidi.”

“Daaaamn,” Coop exclaimed as Sonia cheered.

“Mistress, that’s so great. I get to watch Heidi worship your cunt and brainwash herself into a fucktoy at the same time. You’re a genius.”

Connie blushed. “Thanks. I thought it would be fun.”

“It’s awesome,” Coop agreed, crowding in to watch. Sonia and Coop stared at Heidi expectantly, and Connie noticed the anxiety brewing in the shy girl.

“Hey,” Connie said, putting a hand on her arm. “If it’s too much you don’t have to do it. I know you’re not back in the same mindset yet. And I guess there is a bit of an audience.”

Sonia and Coop muttered apologies, but didn’t look away.

Heidi shook her head. “No, it’s okay. Honestly, it’s kind perfect. I want to be a fucktoy so I can be brave again.” Her voice had cracked a little on the word fucktoy, still too reserved to comfortably curse. “But facing my anxiety will help me get back to that place. I’d have to be your… your fucktoy, to do this in front of people, so it works that doing so will turn me back to what I was like before.”

“As long as you’re comfortable,” Connie told her, and Heidi gave her a grateful look.

“You can do it,” Sonia encouraged her, and that actually did seem to help.

“Yeah, eat that pussy!” Coop cheered, and Heidi turned bright red. She took a deep breath and crawled down onto her stomach before Connie. Coop and Sonia moved to the sides to watch. Heidi opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, but her eyes were wide with panic and she couldn’t bring herself to move any closer.

Fixing up her courage, Heidi slid a hand forward and trailed a finger up along Connie’s pussy lips. Heidi pulled her finger back, the tip now slick with juices, and sucked on it. Instantly her eyes lost focus. Her body relaxed. Her hand fell away as she stared ahead blankly for a moment. Then Heidi slid herself froward and put her face right up against Connie’s pussy. Just as her eyes started to regain clarity and her nerves returned, Heidi took a quick lick out at Connie’s cunt.

The brief touch didn’t do much to get Connie off, but watching Heidi’s eyes roll back happily as the taste seeped into her mind was one of the hottest things Connie had ever seen. Almost on auto-pilot Heidi’s tongue slid out to lick again. The dazed emptiness in her eyes was just starting to fade when the new taste seeped in, and her eyes went blank all over again.

Connie had to fight the urge to squirm as the deliberate, slow licks were driving her wild too. She’d expected Heidi to dive in, to eat her out with feverish devotion until she was cumming in no time. Instead, Heidi seemed to be loving the tantalizingly slow descent into mindlessness. She held herself back, waiting until her mind was almost about to recover from the hypnotic taste before taking another lick to plummet her mind down again. And the effect it was having on Heidi was beautiful, as less and less of her was resurfacing every time. Heidi was methodically whittling away her mind until there was nothing left but blank devotion.

It was so incredibly hot and amazing but Connie was biting her lip and trying not to whimper. She was the Mistress. She couldn’t back down now, not when the girls were clearly loving it. Sonia was rubbing her tits and whispering words of encouragement to Heidi as she lapped at Connie’s cunt, and Coop was wriggling back and forth, a hand tucked between her legs.

Coop! Connie reached out to grab her shoulder, startling her. Connie still had to brainwash her too.

“As for you…”

Coop burst into a huge grin. “What are you going to do to me?” The breathless excitement in her voice was amazing, but it was only when Coop asked that Connie realized she had nothing. She was struggling just to keep her composure with Heidi teasing her pussy like this. How was she supposed to brainwash a girl under these conditions?

She did her best to fight down the panic as Coop kept staring into her eyes longingly. Connie blinked, latching onto the first idea that struck her.

“Stare into my eyes,” Connie said, trying not to sound foolish.

Coop smiled and chuckled. “I am.”

“No, I mean really stare.” Connie straightened her back, doing her best to ignore the dull heat consuming her pussy from Heidi’s work. She put authority into her voice as she declared, “Staring into my eyes will brainwash you. So keep staring, and soon you’ll be mindless like the others.”

Coop shivered, intensity slipping into her eyes as she kept staring. Coop was still awake, but she was certainly attentive. “How will this brainwash me?”

“Because my eyes are like the crystal.”

Just the mention of the crystal necklace made Coop’s face relax, her eyes losing focus for a moment before she snapped back and kept staring into Connie’s eyes.

“My eyes have the same power as the crystal. The same power to relax you. The same power to entrance you. The same power to turn you into a mindless fucktoy.”

Connie couldn’t look away either, but at the bottom edge of her vision she saw Coop’s hands moving, playing with herself as she stared. “Will they really?”

“Yes, Coop. Tell me what enters your mind when you think about the crystal.”

Coop’s smile went slack. “Green. Relaxed. Horny.”

“That’s right. The crystal so wonderful, and my eyes are the same. My eyes have the same green power as the crystal.”

Coop was leaning forward, her hands moving faster, but hearing that last bit made her frown. Eyebrows furrowed, Coop said, “But your eyes aren’t green.”

“Yes, Coop. They are.” Connie stared intensely into the other girl’s face, putting every ounce of confidence and authority into her words. She knew her eyes weren’t green, but in that moment Connie spoke as if she’d always had jade green eyes.

Then Coop gasped, her eyes going wide.

“Your eyes…”

“What about them?” Connie fought back her excitement and kept staring.

“They’re… green now…”

“That’s right,” Connie purred, as she saw Coop’s hands drop to her sides. Emotion was draining from Coop’s face as her smile faded, her mouth dropping half open. “And what do my green eyes do to you?”

Coop worked her mouth for a few seconds, her empty expression showing barely any thought as she struggled to work out the answer. Then she shuddered, her eyes fluttering. “Brainwash… me…”

“My eyes brainwash you when they’re green,” Connie announced, and Coop nodded. “You’re being brainwashed.” Coop nodded, face frozen and slack with a blank expression. “You are brainwashed.” Coop nodded.

From below Connie heard happy moans. She had to stop herself from looking, and realized she’d almost been in a trance herself. She’d been so focused on Coop she forgot her body existed, but now she felt the cool night air and Heidi’s wet tongue eating her out, properly pleasuring her now with the tongue buried inside of her. And was there another tongue on her clit?

She couldn’t look away yet, not until Coop was finished. So she forced down a moan and focused on Coop’s blank face. “What are you, Coop?”

“Brainwashed,” she answered robotically.

“Are there any thoughts left in your head?”


“And I told you that when you were mindless again that I would make you into a fucktoy. So what are you going to become for your Mistress?”

Coop showed no emotion as she responded, “Obedient fucktoy.”

Now Connie let herself moan, the pleasure rushing straight to her head. “C-Coop.” She cleared her throat. “Let the memories of being my fucktoy back into your head. Become that devoted fucktoy that you were before. It’ll last the rest of the night, until we—” Connie moaned as someone started sucking on her clit. She was nearly about to cum but fought through it. “It’ll last until we get back to shore, and then you can return back to normal. So become my fucktoy. Serve me. Obey me. And be happy!”

Connie couldn’t stand it anymore. She threw back her head and cried out in bliss, her body collapsing back onto the rock as she came. She shut her eyes and lost herself in the pleasure, reaching down to grab at Heidi’s hair. Only she discovered Heidi and Sonia were both between her legs, Sonia working on her clit while Heidi worshipped her cunt deeply with her tongue.

She got a glimpse of both girls blank, mindless, and serving her so obediently. Connie burned the wonderful sight into her mind and came again, shaking hard as she started getting overwhelmed.

Then someone was kissing her, arms wrapping around her lovingly. “Mistress,” Coop muttered, kissing at Connie’s ear. “Thank you for brainwashing me. Having you melt my mind away was so wonderful. I exist to please you. So please keep cumming for us.”

The tongue slid out of her sensitive cunt, and even that emptiness inside her almost made Connie cum again with how worked up she was. “Yes Mistress, please cum for us.” Heidi was grinning, her eyes blank and her chin slick with pussy juices. “Your fucktoys exist only for your pleasure.”

Sonia planted a delicate kiss on Connie’s clit that sent a sharp lightning bolt of pleasure through her body. Connie actually spasmed from the intensity and groaned.

“You brainwashed us so easily, Mistress.” Sonia slid a hand along Connie’s stomach, her muscles shaking beneath the simple touch. Connie couldn’t stop shuddering and spasming from the intensity of it all. She was lightheaded, barely able to think as she stared at the three adoring women around her. The three adoring women she’d brainwashed into becoming her fucktoys.

“Sonia… I—”

“Shh, it’s okay, Mistress.” Sonia quieted her with another kiss on her clit, which made Connie cry out in ecstasy. “You made your fucktoys to serve you. And now we will serve and bring pleasure. Just cum for us, mistress. Let us prove what good fucktoys we are.”

Connie bit her lip, struggling to hold onto her control. Then she fixed her eyes on Sonia and commanded, “Fuck me, slaves. Show me how much you want me.”

Her three fucktoys cried out, “Yes Mistress!” Then they set upon her like crazed animals, and Connie loved every second of it. Heidi and Sonia grabbed her hips and lifted Connie half into the air, spreading her legs wide. Heidi buried her face back into Connie’s cunt, while Sonia moved behind to lick at her ass.

Coop was groping Connie’s breasts, driving her wild. Connie saw the way Coop’s pussy was dripping and just had to taste it. “Sit on my face,” she ordered, and Coop happily jumped to her feet.

“Yes, mistress! Thank you, Mistress!” Coop planted herself down onto Connie’s face, and Connie happily ate out her slave, drinking up her sweet juices as her slaves worshipped her other holes. It all became a blur of pleasure as Connie came again and again, gripping Coop’s hips tight as she lost herself completely.

When she couldn’t stand anymore she ordered the girls to stop. Coop climbed off of her head and the other slaves lowered her ass back down to the rock. For almost a minute Connie lay there on her back, dripping wet and utterly exhausted. And she’d never felt happier in her life. She thought she couldn’t possibly be horny again after all of that, but she took one look at the three girls, her fucktoys, kneeling obediently at her feet and waiting for instructions, and Connie felt her cunt clench hungrily.

“Sonia, fuck Heidi. Teach her everything she needs to know. Coop, eat me out.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Sonia and Heidi replied in unison, as they turned to kiss each other passionately, sharing the taste of their Mistress. Connie rolled over onto her stomach to watch the girls perform for her, while Coop crawled behind her to get in position. Connie hummed contentedly as Coop’s tongue slipped inside of her, and Sonia had Heidi pinned down to the rock with her fingers expertly rubbing at her cunt.

“Tell me what you are,” Connie commanded, suddenly needing to hear it again.

All three girls stopped, wearing broad smiles as they replied together. “Your fucktoys, Mistress.”


Sonia and Heidi smirked to each other. They all took a deep breath and shouted into the night air, “Your fucktoys, Mistress!”

Connie blushed, knowing it was silly. Then in the distance she heard faint shouts, the words unintelligible but the voices were female. Connie glanced over and thought she could make out the blurry shapes of women out at the lake’s edge. Some stragglers from the naked swim?

Suddenly Connie felt a moment of fear. How well did their voices carry? Did anyone see her hypnotizing and playing with the girls?

But then she noticed Heidi standing up, a giant grin on her face. She cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted, “I’m a fucktoy for Mistress Connie and I love it!”

The far off girls shouted back, probably unable to hear a word they were saying.

Sonia was quickly at Heidi’s side, shouting too. “She hypnotized us and fucked us senseless! It’s the most fun I’ve ever had!”

From behind her Connie heard Coop shouting out, “Yeah, and her cunt is super tasty too!”

All the girls broke up laughing, while Connie laid there staring up at them in wonder.

“Sorry Mistress,” Heidi said, wiping away some tears of laughter. “I just couldn’t resist shouting how much fun I was having. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Are you really enjoying yourselves that much?”

Heidi and Sonia smirked at her. “This is the greatest. Honestly.”

“Like I know this won’t be my thing tomorrow,” Sonia added, “But I’m so happy we got to do this. I’m glad we got to be your fucktoys tonight, even if you won’t be our mistress anymore after this.”

Coop playfully spanked Connie’s ass, making her yelp as the other girls giggled. “This has been a blast. I think it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever done.”

Connie smiled at them all. “Thanks, girls. I’m glad we got to do this too. This has honestly been a dream come true.”

“We know,” Sonia said, kneeling down beside her, and Heidi knelt on the other side. “We’re happy to please you, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress. We exist to serve.”

They glanced over to Coop, who blushed. “Honestly, I just want to go back to eating your pussy, mistress. You’re super tasty. Can I keep going down on you?”

“You can go down on me for the next hour,” Connie chuckled, but realized with the giant grin that sprung up on Coop’s face that she probably would go for a full hour.

“That’s no fair,” Heidi whined.

“I get to eat you out for the hour after Coop,” Sonia suddenly added.

Heidi crossed her arms and fumed. “That’s even less fair!”

Connie smirked and planted a hand on either girls arms. “You girls don’t get to decide anything. Good slaves obey their Mistress.”

Both girls went blank, smiling blissfully. “Yes Mistress. Good slaves obey their Mistress.”

“You girls clearly need someone to keep you in line. Now come here.”

Connie pulled the girls in to kiss them and give them more orders. They might only be her slaves until the morning, but Connie was going to make sure her fucktoys were well trained until then.